Chamonix with Sony a7 MkII and voigtlander lenses By David Sineau

Chamonix with Sony a7 Mk II and voigtlander lenses

By David Sineau

I Steve.

There was little snow in chamonix during christmas but nights were great to make photos.

The night color One was made using the sony a7ii with voigtlander nokton classic 40 f1.4. Great was the full moon behind me making sun-like shadows on the mountains without keeping from seing the stars.


The black and white was made using the voigtlander 21 f4.5. This lens might not be the sharpest but I like it in black and wight very Much. Staying open 20 seconds shew us so many more stars, and mountains, and shadows and trees… Looked like the picture disclosed us an unimagined scenery…


Third with the 40 again and circular polarized filter. Full moon, beautifull sun, lovely winter…


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