Daily Inspiration #934 By Hans van Leeuwen

Hello Steve and Brandon

I live in Curacao which is part of the Dutch Kingdom.  On the 1st of January many gather at the beach for a New Years Dive.  Copied from the Netherlands and sponsored by a Dutch soup maker hundreds plunge into the warm Caribbean sea.  Not a big achievement at all, compared to the Dutch editions, often around freezing.  But, in Curacao, it means the 1st party of the year and that was worth going there and shoot with the Leica Q.


Hans van Leeuwen




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  1. All three shots are wonderful. If you’re not already a professional photojournalist, you could be. You have the eye for it.

  2. Love the first image. The second one is good as well, but there is something great about the first.

  3. The first two especially are delicious. First brings to mind the Will Smith film, I-Robot, the second is a classic shallow depth of field with close up, OOF foreground, b&w suits this traditional approach to documentary photography.

    Would be difficult to improve upon given just three images, unless you were in the sea for a water-level perspective perhaps?

  4. In Bulgaria we have a similar celebration . It is called Epiphany on January 6th . A christian cross is thrown in the water and lot of people take the cold bath to take the cross out . The man who gets it out is healthy all year . Nice photos . I think it is really funny that all are wearing hats even in sea hahahah. Especially like the first picture ,nice stand out !

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