Daily Inspiration #942 By Jim Collins

Brandon and Steve,

As many others have remarked your site is an informative and interesting resources for photography – both equipment and images – so thanks for your effort.

My submission for your Daily Inspiration are three monochrome images shot this last Sunday in Manhattan using my Leica 246 Monochrome with 28mm and 50mm lens. I have been using one or another Leica since I was about five years old and my father showed me how to use his Leica IIIc and G.E. lightmeter. Other than a Hasselblad SWC/M no camera other than a Leica has ever felt quite right to my hands and held against my eye. While it took me a while to wander from analog into digital the Leica 246 Monochrome is a lovely combination of digital convenience with analog-like imaging.


The first image (50mm Summilux) – of the Speed Graphic – was taken while in conversation with a wonderful Manhattan character and photographer to tourists. If you visit B and H Photo on Sunday’s or Union Square on Saturday’s you will inevitably see him and if you have a camera in hand you have an instant New Best Friend. He has configured the Speed Graphic with a Polaroid back and a bulb flash unit the better to work his craft – he particularly likes baby photography as new parents are almost pathetically eager to have a photographic memory of the babies’ first visit to New York.


The second photograph (again 50mm Summilux) was taken on New York’s High Line. The cityscape backdrop is painted on the side of a building adjacent to the High Line – really quite an expansive work and conducive to black and white images as it itself is, well, black and white.


Finally, the pizza maker (28mm Summicron) was simply a quick shot through the plate glass window of a pizza shop on 5th Avenue near 23rd Street. Not a particularly striking image per se, but it does a nice job of showing the dynamic range of the Leica 246.


Again, thanks for the terrific effort that is your site and all the best,

Jim Collins

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  1. Interesting images showing the tonality range possible with your camera. FWIW, I find that I can achieve pretty darn wide DR (plus excellent sharpness and detail) with my FujiFilm XT-1 in combination with the Photoshop Silver Effects plug-in. Thanks again for sharing!

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