Daily Inspiration #949 By Jakub

Hi Steve, Brandon,

as your frequent reader, I finally got the courage to send a collection of my pictures for your consideration. I am based in the Czech Republic and a photography amateur since 2010. I like to travel a lot and take pictures as I move around the globe.I recently switched to Fuji and started with the first Fuji X100 model and am slowly moving towards XT1 to expand my gear.

The pictures were taken in late January in Prague, CZ, after 11 hours spent driving in Austria and Germany, so I needed to take a walk in the evening… I took my X100 with me in case I felt in mood to shoot some frames. These three were taken almost from the same spot, under the Charles Bridge, with my camera placed on some stone barrier…

Enjoy and good light to you all!





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  1. Great light and different angles. I too have an original X100, prefer the colours to the later Fujis.

  2. I know that spot. Prague is such a beautiful city! Nice shots. Thanks for bringing back some memories.

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