Daily Inspiration #961. Digital Infrared with a NEX-5n By Javier

Daily Inspiration #961. Digital Infrared with a NEX-5

By Javier

I’ve used almost any kind of camera available: from film to digital, from medium format to smartphones, from big teles to fixed primes, from Leicas and Lomos, and so.

A year ago, my main camera, a Sony NEX-5n, got a scratch in the sensor, impossible to repair. I decided to convert it to infrared as it was the only way to fix it. After playing a little with surreal landscapes and white trees, I stopped using it for a while, as that’s not my kind of photography.

Last summer I went to Bordeaux, France, and I tried using it for street photography. I loved it! Now it’s my main camera, despite having some others.

Digital infrared reminds me a lot to film and lomography: Results are imperfect, unpredictable, and sometimes weird. As I find myself unable to control the shot entirely, I feel more free to experiment, and I’m not obsessed at all with the perfection of the results. Also, skin tones are blended, and faces often turn unrecognizable (specially in B&W), so subjects stop being specific people and they become faceless ghosts, travelling though the frame.

I use the 16-50mm pancake zoom, mostly at its wider end. It’s distorted, corners are not sharp at all, and when shooting color I’ve got a purple patch in the middle of the shot, but I don’t really care about it. In fact, most shots are transferred to the phone, edited and published at the moment: With a 3 years old child always running around by my side, I have to be prepared to make the most of the few time I have to take photos.

Flickr gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ganso-org/


Javier Prieto



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  1. I really like these pictures, and have an old NEX-5R with a scratch on the sensor that I’d been considering something extremely similiar for!
    Can I ask which company you used and what wavelength IR filter you went for on the sensor? There seem to be a lot of choices there. Thanks!

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