Daily Inspiration #966 By Kevin

Hello Steve and Brandon,

My name is Kevin and first of all, I follow your site for years and it’s a great place for reviews and inspiration! Thank you guys so much for your hard work to keep this site alive!

I started with photography when my baby was born, soon, I started to notice, that I like to capture emotional moments. I enjoy it to observe people (family, friends, strangers) and nature and then take a picture in the right moment. I will not go into detail about the gear I use because I think only the pictures and the fun and satisfaction of taking them matter most to me.

Two of the pictures I submitted to you were taken at a very special place in my live. Back when I was 13, my mother, brother and me visited my father in his regimen. When we were there, I realized that something was wrong in the way my father and mother were behaving. This deeply affected me. A couple of days later my father told us that he will divorce my mother and leave us kids because he met another women in his regimen.

So, almost 20 years later, I came back to this special place in my family history. When I got there, all the memories from the past came back and I wanted to express the mood I had back then as a teenager in my pictures.

The other picture I took in my hometown. There, show-jumping course is a growing thing and I was lucky to meet our local legend in this sports when he was practicing.

I hope that my three pictures make it into your daily inspiration column and I am looking forward to helpful criticism.

Thailand you,




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    • Yeah, you’re right, the first one is in Ulm whereas the others were taken at Federsee in Bad Buchau.

    • Thank you! For the first one I used the RX100iii and the other ones were taken mit the Fuji X-T1…

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