Quickshot: Leica Q By Jesse Hsu

My friend and I were walking around west village when the golden sun began its descent. She relaxed on a staircase to catch her breath and turned to look at me.

Shot on Leica Q,

More pictures here: www.jessehsu.com



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  1. An excellent shot.
    As always, it is about geometry and leading the eye which makes it good, and details make is great
    so it is not so much about beautiful focused and warm eyes and strong bare hands, it is about stairs leading us to them, bars framing them and blurred lights for the balance, feeling, humanity of the location.
    Well done!
    One cavity in my eye, no mistake of the artist, I did not like how Q rendered the trees and steel bars in the background.

    • Ivo,

      Thank you for your eloquent response – it’s what I was trying to achieve. My first shot failed since the autofocus latched onto the bars and blurred her face. My second attempt was much better.

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