Quick Shot: One of these is not like the others By Huss Hardan

Quick Shot: One of these is not like the others

By Huss Hardan

There are three golden rules I try to live by:

1.Never get drunk and try to kiss a skunk.
2.Never pick a fight with someone who is missing teeth. They have less to lose.
3.Always always do a double take. It can save you some cash.

“One of these is not like the others”

Minolta CLE, Voigtlander LTM 28mm 3.5, expired Fuji Pro 160S rated at 100 ISO.


Peace out



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    • Hey Reza!
      Yep, same spot! You have a discerning eye for the photographically sublime…
      Kinda hard to find it unblocked and have decent light. What is cool is to now be able to compare your image and mine and see the difference between film and digital.

  1. Nice shot. Love the ‘wow’ colour and the slightly out-there design of what appears to be a wall.

    Here is my rule, so to speak: there is always someone in this world who is richer, stronger, tougher, sexier, kinder, funnier, faster, quicker and smarter than you.

  2. Thank you everyone! Another rule I should have mentioned – never throw away expired film! Just shoot it. The colour from this crusty old roll is glorious.

    Film. It does a body good.


    Peace out

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