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Mar 202017

QuickShot: RX100

By Mike

Hey Steve!

My family and I took a cruise to the Caribbean, which led me to purchasing Sony’s little pocket rocket. I cannot begin to tell you how much research I did prior to making the purchase; agonizing between the Ricoh GR II, Fuji X70 and finally the RX100 and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  Below is a shot after we disembarked our cruise back in NOLA and we were catching a shuttle back to the parking garage. Luckily I was to be in the right place at the right time to capture this image as the sun was rising over the morning fog.

This image is straight from JPEG, edited to taste within Snapseed. I hope to write up a short experience about the RX100 over the weekend for your site as well. IMO, it really is the perfect travel camera and cannot recommend it enough!



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  5 Responses to “QuickShot: RX100 By Mike”

  1. Nice shot! Did you use an original RX100 or one of its newer models?

  2. That is an awesome image.

    No doubt the camera you picked partnered in inspiring the composition.

    This pic demonstrates as well as any could however that, it’s all about the light baby!

  3. I rather agree (and a fascinating shot by the way). I have the RX100iii and shoot only jpegs gently edited in i-Photo. Superb and they can stand quite a lot of cropping. It’s my go to camera especially for size. But I think for travel, I’ll probably opt for the a6000 and the Zeiss 24-105 equivalent zoom – a bit more stretch and headroom.

    • I have the RX100M4 and a6000 with a 10-18 always on it. The RX is on my belt so I hardly notice it. The case is hard leather with a magnetic catch so it’s available in two seconds. I’ve used this setup for several years now and feels like I’m only carrying one camera, but have a 15-70 zoom without changing lenses, which I hate to do. For me this is a sweet spot for the kind of photo work I do when traveling. If I don’t get a picture, I know it’s me and not my setup.

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