Friday Film : A roll of T-max 400 from shooting to sharing By Jerome


Friday Film : A roll of T-max 400 from shooting to sharing 

By Jerome

Hello Steve and Brandon,

In November last year I had the chance with the local photo club to shoot a roll of t-max 400 during a film « Grenowalk » (a shooting walk once a month, each time a different theme ; and the club is from Grenoble, France). I restored the Yashica FR I 35mm reflex camera lent by my step parents, throw a roll of t-max 400 (36 views), and here we go.


Shooting was very enjoyable ; the viewfinder is very big and bright (paired with a 50mm f/1.7), composing and focus are easy, metering very good (confirmed by the images later). Once shot, the film was developed by myself in an associative lab, La Bifurk, where I was taught how to develop and enlarge a 35mm film. Scan was done with a DIY box, where the film is back illuminated with my smartphone and scanned with an Olympus E-P5, the same 50mm f/1.7 used one the Yashika, and a couple of close-up filters, and post processed with Lightroom (curve inverting, contrast, local dodge/burn, spot removal). The t-max is a low grain film, and with pleinty of informations in hightlight and shadow to recover ; PP was easier than I tought.

I am quite happy with the result, I think some images are worth showing, I hope you will enjoy some of them.

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Lots of good images to look at – thank you. But I get the impression there’s also quite a lot of digital PP behind this “film”. I can’t help being curious how the OOC negatives would have printed

    • Thank you John. There is indeed some digital PP, mainly because of the film scanning method I used. One day I may try to enlarge them to see how they print, it’s the next step in the journey.

  2. Yeah, film (b&w) is great, and so are many old(er) film cameras (I have six Nikon slr’s and some Ai(S) primes).

    There was a phase, some years ago, that I was heavily into the C/Y mount. Partly because my firts serious (after a Zenit E) slr was a Yashica TL Electro, partly because the Contax RTS etc always held an attraction for me.

    So I had an RTS, RTSII, two RTSIII’s, a 139Q, an FR, FRII… Great handling cameras, great Zeiss and Yashinon (that 1.7/50 is an affordable star), but they almost all statted to fail on me one after the other, so I sold the remaining functioning ones. It’s only the Nikons now, and they seem to never fail.

    Nice shots, and the pleasure of going throug the process shines through in the article and in the images.

  3. Favourite posts are film posts – Love these images especially NN no 8. Years ago when we were all shooting film there were those who loved grain – others loved a broad tonal range.
    I love your kind of images and realise I must get myself a film camera soon.

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