Daily Inspiration #1033 By Feninger’s Cat

Daily Inspiration #1033

By Feninger’s Cat

Today’s photos were taken on a very old jewish graveyard which used to lie right outside the city walls of old Berlin but nowadays is situated right in the centre of the city. The graveyard was mostly used from 1827-1880 and has seen a lot of abuse by WWII and fascist vandalism. Today it has fallen into what seems a dreamlike state, an urban jungle with lots of history. If you ever visit Berlin i can only highly recommend to visit this peaceful treasure. There is no entrance fee but the site is only opened Mon-Thu and Fri until 1pm.

All photos were taken wide open with a Leica X Typ 113 and edited in Lightroom. If you’re interested in my other photos, have a look at https://www.flickr.com/photos/feiningers-cat/

Thanks for your attention, Regards from Germany,

Feininger’s Cat


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  1. I love those pictures, great shots!
    By the way: which graveyard in Berlin did you visit for these pictures? There are a least 3
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Very atmospheric pictures of the ravages of history.
    Glad the spelling came out right in the end: when I read the title, I said to myself: It must be FEINinger not FENinger!

  3. Sometimes I feel guilty taking pictures in graveyards. But you’ve captured the silent beauty of the grounds. Massachusetts has some good places to visit for such pictures. I even found a fascinating one in Yosemite National Park. I often wonder about the history of the people buried at these sites.

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