Daily Inspiration #1033 By Jens

Daily Inspiration #1033

By Jens

Hi Steve,

My sincere congratulations to your website. I come back to it almost every day. Sometimes I can’t wait for another camera or lens review. I am fully with you that the look&feel of images is most important and test charts are only boring. There has to be some 3D pop and glowing. Shooting film I was always amazed about the results of the Konica Auto S3. It has a hell of a fantastic lens which gives especially faces an incredible 3D sensation.

Since I have moved to digital a few years ago I am still in search for a lens which renders scenes with similar results. In the past there has been quite a bit of coverage about the new Sony A9 in the net and somehow the new Leica M10 got forgotten. Shortly after I had read your Leica M10 review I went to the local Leica dealer for some testing. I was hoping that with the Leica M10 and those incredible Leica lenses I would find what I had missed so far in the digital age. I was not disappointed though the price tag is huge. Then I read your Sony A9 review and saw the picture where the lemons almost jumped out of my laptop screen. This is actually what I am looking for in terms of look&feel of images. The lemon image also reminds me about a test shot I took of tomatoes with the M10 and the Apo-Summicron f2.0 50mm attached to it.


When I was walking around with the M10 taking pictures this guy stopped me since he was intrigued by the camera. After talking a short while he was happy to pose for a portrait.

I hope you enjoy the images (more Leica M10 test shots you can find here).

Best regards, Jens


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