A $15 Skin for the DJI Spark. Install and Flight! (Video)

A $15 Skin for the DJI Spark. Install and Flight! (Video)

By Steve Huff

I am LOVING this DJI spark and have learned so much about it in the last three days. I ordered a skin for it from Amazon recently for $15 and decided to film myself putting it on, to see how easy it was to do. It was a cinch. Here is a video showing how to install THIS SKIN (they come in many designs) and then I take it for a quick test flight around the neighborhood. This Drone is SO MUCH more than a Selfie done and much more than a “toy” as some Mavic owners like to call it. I own a Mavic Pro but this Spark, for me, is more fun to fly. The size is so small, and the video quality, while being only 1080 is fantastic for personal moments and flying. The size is so small, I can take it ANYWHERE. DJI also released new firmware this week that allows to take video while in gesture mode. So now this drone has taken the #1 spot in my home, over the Mavic, which I will reserve for serious work. See how easy this skin is to install below. Not sure how many here own a Spark but it’s a ton of fun in a small package. Have a GREAT weekend! (Yes, I am fully aware of the mis-spelling in the video) ; )

See this cool skin, and video on how to put it on. You can order this skin, or one of the other designs at Amazon HERE. $15. 

If you have been thinking of a drone, and do not want to get too serious with money or features, I highly recommend the spark. You can check them out in Amazon HERE. 


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  1. So for someone who likes to do long hikes in the mountains (so weight is always an issue) and then post videos on YouTube would this work well enough?

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