Double the Range of your DJI Mavic or Spark with a $9 Accessory! See me test it.

Double the Range of your DJI Spark with a $9 Accessory! See me test it.

By Steve Huff

Yesterday I went out to an open field here near my house in AZ to test a $9 accessory for my little (but damn amazing) DJI Spark. This accessory claims to boost the range of your drone, and this model works with the DJI Mavic or Spark by simply fitting over the controller. Usually these kind of things work a little, but it’s hit or miss depending on your location, or where you will be flying. Fly over houses, buildings, wires, etc and you will have interference no matter what. There is a reason why most distance flights you see are done over open bodies of water. No interference. But most of us do not live over water and our drones get severely cut short of their range by all of the dirty noise in the airwaves. WiFi signals, Electrical wires, Metal buildings, cars, etc.

These $9 boosters REALLY WORK! They almost doubled the range of my Spark!

So we are lucky to get 1/6th of the advertised range of our drones in every day real world use. So when I saw this $9 accessory that honestly has been around for a while now, I had to test it.

I took my spark out and flew it until it lost signal with the remote, then after it returned home, and the beauty of these DJI drones is that if you do fly out of range and lose signal, the drone automatically turns around and heads back home! No worry of losing it. Anyway, when it returned I would swap the battery and add the booster. I then flew it out until it lost signal with the booster. How did this little $9 accessory do? AMAZING!

I almost doubled my distance as you can see in the video below:

So for $9, this can really help your DJI Spark or Mavic go the distance or even strengthen your short distance flying with a better signal. I have to say that the DJI Spark and Mavic and Phantom series are so amazingly cool, easy to fly and so easy in fact that even a child can fly it out of the box. With sensors built in to varying degrees to avoid crashes and the return to home features that work very well, these drones are building up to be amazing Ariel photo machines. They are basically flying cameras, and boy are they easy to fly and use.

I love my Spark and sold my Mavic as I stopped using it once the spark arrived. Those who call the Spark a “toy” could not be wrong, it’s a powerful little drone (as long as you have the remote, and are not using the phone to control it) and I take it everywhere with me due to that tiny size. Like they have always said in the camera world “The best camera is the one you have with you”…the same rule applies to drones.

You ca buy those $9 boosters HERE on Amazon

You can buy the DJI Spark at Amazon as well, HERE. But I ONLY recommend the fly more combo as without the remote, the spark is a toy.

My next drone reviews will be testing the DJI Crystal Sky monitor with the spark using a custom bracket to hold it, as well as a new drone that should be arriving to me any day now.

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  1. I’m not into drones at all, but I this was enjoyable. It seems you’re flying in a straight line and keeping the controller pointed at the drone. I’m guessing most people using a drone for real footage would be flying left and right and not just straight out. It would be interesting to see how much extra range the device provided if the controller were not pointed exactly at the drone and as the drone was flying in a more complicated pattern.

  2. How do you maintain visual line of sight to comply with the law when your Spark is 10,000 feet away ? That’s nearly 2 miles!

  3. For the technically inclined these look like a corner reflector. A single element radio antenna like on a drone radiates in all directions. This adds a metal reflector which throws the signal in a given direction. Provided the distance from the antenna to the reflector and reflector size is engineered to be electronically matched to the antenna these can offer signal gain. It must be at the correct distance to work.

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