DJI Mavic Air Unboxing and First Flight! This Drone is Spectacular!

DJI Mavic Air Unboxing and First Flight!

By Steve Huff

See the video unboxing and first test below!

My DJI Mavic Air arrived and I put together a little video for you guys to show you the unboxing, the size next to my Spark and a very quick 1st flight test. Next week I will have 4K footage from this drone, and possibly a side by side with my Spark. For now I just wanted. to unbox it, set it up and take it up in the air to see how it handled vs the other drones in the DJI Lineup. I am happy to say that the Mavic Air, to me, is the most USEFUL drone sold by anyone as of Feb 2018.

It’s small. Not smaller than the spark but because the Air’s legs can fold in, it makes it very easy to travel with. Even easier than the Spark because the Spark legs DO NOT fold in. The Air is just like a Mavic Pro, but IMO, even cooler. The design is fantastic, the new gimbal and cover is wonderful, and the control is as easy as it gets. An 8-year-old could fly this drone easily.

The Mavic Air captures full 4K video unlike the Spark, and it is just beautiful in every way. Even the setup and start-up was QUICK. After the firmware update, took me a few moments (not minutes) to get it up in the air. By comparison, my Spark took me an hour as it had issues with setup. The Air, no issues. It seems DJI just keeps on improving these flying cameras. Again, next week I will get some 4K footage, as in, footage I go out to look for so will be a better representation that the footage here. I will also capture a few photos to see how the quality of the stills are.

Imaging taking this to a place like the Palouse. Would be gorgeous.

The DJI Mavic Air comes in two kits. The Drone and Controller only for $799 or the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED “Fly More Combo” for $999. With the fly more you get a bag, a case for the drone, three batteries, a charger that can charge 4 batteries at a time, prop guards and two extra sets of propellers. I go over everything in the video at the top of this page. Thank you!

You can order the Mavic Pro at AMAZON HERE or you can also buy it from B&H Photo HERE. 



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  1. great straightforward review, thanks to you (and a couple of others) I’m going 1k in the hole for the mavic air lol…your site also helped me throw the switch on the Sony nex 5n a few years ago, which I loved. I’m upgrading from the spark because I want move photographic and video options. I travel a lot and this is a no brainer for those beautiful drone shots that we can get, thanks for the review and take care.

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