Cinematic 4k footage from the DJI Mavic Air at the Domes! Amazing Drone!

Cinematic 4k footage from the DJI Mavic Air at the Domes! Amazing Drone!

By Steve Huff

A few minutes of cinematic footage with the DJI Mavic Air. My initial first look and test can be seen HERE. 

So as you could see in the video above, Debby and I went out during the weekend and flew the new DJI Mavic Air drone, and it is AWESOME! This compact flying camera is absolutely the BEST drone I have flown or used. Sure, there are more expensive drones, LARGER drones (sounds like mirrorless vs DSRL) but for usability and take anywhere performance, the Mavic Air is simply foolproof, beautiful and as easy as a Leica M to use. If you missed my initial 1st look and unboxing and test, see that HERE. Seriously guys, this drone takes me seconds to start up and get in the air. It is easy to fly, easy to get astounding footage with and with the ability to shoot photos or video, up to 4K resolution, this drone can’t be beat. $999 for the fly more combo where you get three batteries, a remote control, quad charger (charges 4 batteries at once), extra propellers, and all of the goodies needed to fly more is what I recommend 100%. I have owned the Phantom 4 Pro, the Mavic Pro, the Spark and now the Air. For me and my needs, the Air takes the prize, without question. IT’s all about PERFORMANCE and the SIZE as well as the usability and ease of use.

It’s tough to believe that here we are today, 2018, and we have a tiny aircraft we can easily fly, shoot 4K cinematic footage with for under a grand. THIS is the future my friends, and for me, it takes my OTHER videos up a notch for sure.  

I am REALLY getting into drones these days and will also experiment with the photo capabilities of this little AIR soon. With a drone like this, we can combine amazing fun with amazing footage. It’s incredible.

OK, so enough raving about this drone. If you have been thinking of getting a serious drone, you must MUST check out the Mavic Air. For the money, it can not be beat. Below is some footage I grabbed over the weekend. Nothing fancy, but this thing can make anything look cinematic. I will say that DJI, IMO, is the Leica of Drones ; ) Enjoy and HAPPY MONDAY!

Buy the Mavic Air at Amazon HERE

Buy the Mavic Air at B&H Photo HERE


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  1. Steve,

    This footage looks amazing! I’ve been into video for personal use even before photography and I really want to by my first drone but I’m hesitant. I realize that the uses with issues make the most noise online but my biggest fear is that my drone falls out of the sky into some unrecoverable place and I have a total loss.

    Was considering a Mavic Air or Spark but I’ve seen some recent complaints about Spark reliability and that DJI’s customer service is terrible.

    Do you have any advice for a beginner?

    • Thank you. I would not have any fear of a drone falling from the sky. I have tested and owned many. Nearly all DJI drones and the GoPro Karma (RIP). None have ever fallen out of the sky, nor have any been hard to fly. Quite the opposite. They mostly fly themselves. ; ) SO much easier than the toy drones sold. I remember a friend of mine waiting a good drone. He decided to speak $200 on a toy drone to see if he liked it. He crashed that drone on day one as they are super hard to fly and keep stable. DJI Drones are not like that in any way. You press the launch button, it flies up a few feet and hovers, ready for you to fly it. It’s impossible to hit anything when using the obstacle detection and you can even press one button and it will return to you and land exactly where it took off. I still have a spark, and never had an issue with it, at all. I would recommend the Air 100%. It’s small, comes with all you need when you buy the fly more combo and if you buy from amazon using prime you do get a 30 day return privilege if it is not what you expected.

      I can not stress enough how easy these are to use. Fly, record, control, etc. They are quite amazing as I remember back when I was 20 or so buying RC airplanes that were so hard to control. I crashed several back then lol. Today I can not imagine crashing the Air or a modern day DJI Drone.

      Good luck and enjoy!

  2. I enjoyed this quite a bit. Thanks for sharing it, Steve. Can you elaborate on the method you used for color grading the footage from the Air? Adjusting video footage like I do for photographs is a mystery to me.

    • Yes indeed. Very easy too. I shot the footage in cinelike color mode, then I used a FREE plug in for Final Cut Pro called “Luster Grade Presets” which are presets for color grading you just plop onto your clips. I used the “EPIC” preset, and customized it to taste. Took me 1-2 minutes for the entire clip. These free presets may be available for other editors, just google “luster grade presets”. They were free!

  3. Nice footage, edit and grade! Haunting score but perfect! I dream of flying in wide open spaces one day (city dweller here)
    Marko, while I am not sure about the Air, I have owned the Pro for over a year now and have flown in sub-20 degree temps with no issues. Your battery life may suffer a bit but warming them up prior to flight helps a ton. Flew yesterday in 12 degree (F) temps and loved it.

  4. Awesome, well done Steve. Unfortunately it‘s still too cold in Germany right now to get my new Mavic Air up in the sky. Your really nice teaser makes me even more unpatient…

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