Jan 212016


VIDEO BAG REVIEW: The Tenba Cooper Series 8 and 13 Slim

It’s that time again…more bags! It seems there is NEVER a shortage of camera bags to house your camera gear. Choices are everywhere and I have seen and tried so many over the years. Some of my faves have been Billingham, Wotancraft, Artisan and Artist, Think Tank, Hold Fast Gear, Fogg, and now TENBA as they have created a VERY attractive bag here in the Cooper series, and the cool part is that these are VERY well made and super functional as well as lightweight and attractive. Will the Cooper be for you? Maybe, take a look at the video below to see more!

More on the Tenba Cooper series can be seen HERE. 


See more on the Cooper at Tenba HERE

Jan 082016

A Look at the Wotancraft Hand Dyed Leather Apple Watch Band (Video)


I enjoy my Apple watch and while I feel it is not the best value in watches it is a cool device that stays on my arm every day. I can check my calories burned, I can see how much activity I have done for the day, I can use it as my phone and speak to anyone on my wrist. I can check my schedules, important dates, notifications, my facebook and twitter and all kinds of cool things. When I bought my Apple Watch I was not thrilled with most of the bands that Apple made available for it, nor was I overly impressed with most 3rd party bands. Then I saw THESE at Wotancraft and I knew instantly I had to get one..

Wotancraft did not have an option on their site to order a band for an Apple Watch but I was informed by  them that any band they sell can be made for an Apple Watch. So if you want o order a watch band from Wotancraft, just tell them the sizes you need for a standard watch or if you want one for an Apple Watch just contact them ahead of the order. They can and will do it ;)

Below is a video I just posted showing my band from Wotancraft.com as well as me fitting my Leica SL and three M Lenses into a Wotancraft Raven bag, which is TINY! Enjoy!

Jan 072016

NEW Zeiss Mobile Phone High Quality Lenses

Looks like Zeiss is entering the mobile phone market! Well, LENSES made for phones that is. Zeiss is promising new high quality lenses that will be above any other phone lens made. IT’S A ZEISS and they look pretty cool in the photo below. Zeiss says these will be available 2nd quarter of 2016, so soon. I look forward to testing these out, and I will as soon as I can get a set to test.

You can see and learn  much more on this system HERE.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 1.01.16 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 1.01.57 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 1.02.05 PM

Dec 102015


New Wotancraft Scout Special Christmas Edition Bag – Get it here.

ONE OF THE BEST camera bags ever made from Wotancraft, the SCOUT has just been made up in a special edition light green Christmas Edition. Besides the Ryker from Wotancraft (see my review here ) the Scout is my 2nd favorite bag from them. Its gorgeous, functional and made to last forever. It’s tough, comfortable to carry and this Christmas edition is easily holding my Leica SL, 24-90 Zoom and a 50 Summilux ASPH, which I am finding to be a perfect SL kit ;) My Ryker does not hold this kit, but the Scout does, and it fits nicely all snug inside of its protective housing.

This bag would be perfect for a Leica M system with 3-4 lenses, and accessories. It could also work with a DSLR or any Mirrorless system out there from Sony to Olympus to Samsung to Fuji. It’s not large but it’s not small, the scout is just right. It doesn’t look like a man purse, instead it is rugged and gives off a sense of adventure. It’s a beautiful bag…


Once you open the top flap you will see a protective cover that keeps your gear from rain or snow. I LOVE This feature of the Wotancraft bags. Zip this open to reveal the inside..


which has even more protection that covers your expensive gear. Flip open the flap and you will gain access to the interior…


Inside is my Leica SL, 24-90 and a 50 Summilux ASPH. I can also fit the charger, sd cards, cables, and my iPad mini in the back.



Everything is of high quality with all Wotnacraft products. The Scout is for those who prefer a Canvas look instead of all leather like the Ryker…



I also received a VERY nice lens pouch from them (HOBBIT LENS POUCH) along with the bag that is above and beyond most lens pouches in regards to materials used and protection. I will use this without question and it will stay with my Scout.


You can order this special limited edition Wotancraft Green Scout Christmas Edition NOW right here at Wotancraft direct. Mine arrived in 3 days and it is LOVELY in every aspect. You can see my review of this bag HERE. Same bag, new special color. 


  • Light green canvas + light colored leather
  • The Wotancraft W.A.L canvas is based on tough Cordura fabric, with underside PU-coated to prevent water seepage, and further treated to look like natural cotton canvas. W.A.L stands for
  • Water-repellant, Abrasion-resistant, and Lightweight
  • Designed for mirrorless system (you can demo with Leica SL or your latest A7 system)
  • Becomes an everyday office / messenger bag once you remove the shock-resistant insert
  • Now on till 2015/12/31, order of Wotancraft camera bag comes with one HOBBIT camera lens / travel pouch as Christmas gift

– photojournalist’s most desired WOTANCRAFT camera bag. Inconspicuous, protective, with a slight touch of WWII military equipment aesthetics

– removable shock-resistant insert that fits mirrorless camera set x2, flash x1, and additional accessories

– padded compartment for 10″ laptop or iPad

– interior flap with zippers (bronze YKK with rustproof coating) ensure dust and rain resistance in ourdoor environments, with upstanding rim to avoid gear scuffing against zipper tooth

– back pocket with leather rain cap (tucked in by default), designed specifically for photojournalists to quickly access field journals

– curved ergonomic shoulder strap pad for maximum comfort when bearing weight, with anti-slippery padding lined underneath

– vegetable tanned full grain cowhide and sheep skin leather parts, with tough rugged skin creases and pores clearly visible

– bag exterior:
31 x 12 x 23 cm
removable insert interior:
27 x 10 x 20 cm
front pockets:
14 x 2 x 16 cm
back pocket:
30 x 15 cm
interior padded compartment:
29 x 23 cm
interior hidden pocket:
18 x 15 cm
shoulder strap:
adjustable between 90-130 cm
bag 0.725 / insert 0.36 / shoulder strap 0.245 kg

– package include:
SCOUT bag x1
padded divider (no cap) x2
padded divider (with cap) x2
adjustable shoulder strap x1
dustproof bag x1
“REMOVE BEFORE ADVENTURE” military ordnance tag key chain x1

Dec 032015

The Sony LA-EA4?

By Bill Spencer


If you have an A7 series camera, looking at one of these has probably crossed your mind at some time. The possibility of using Sony A series lenses as well the high performance older Minolta FA lens for me was quite irresistible. So when I purchased my A7II 9 months ago I quickly followed with the LA-EA4 so I could use my collection of Sony A series lens and some much older AF Minolta ones (which quite frankly are horrible if you have to manually focus them).The LA-EA3 adapter is good for Sony A mount lenses that have a built-in motor as it does not have a motor of its own. It has full electronic coupling betwixt camera and lens – so no good for screw drive lens. I just mention that for the odd person who is new to the system.


The LA-EA4 adapter is not cheap! it is powered from the puny camera battery but strangely does not effect battery life as far as I can tell. Inside contains a semi translucent 45deg mirror which transfers about half a stop of light to a focus sensor array which covers about a quarter the image area with cross type sensors. There is a micro AF adjust but I have never had to use it. The adapter has a motor that has a lot of grunt, is loud, and is fast. The noise means that it is not much good for stealth street stuff. The power and speed means that Sony A lenses work very well. I have the lightweight 70 – 300mm G lens which has its own motor which overrides the adapter unit and is match made in heaven with impressive speed and accuracy all the way from closest focus to long distance even in really low light. The Sony 11 – 18 wide also works rather well using the adapter motor. Full frame is covered down to 15mm (it is an APSC lens). Continuing down to 11mm means you have to crop to the 15mm equivalent, but a minor advantage is that you can get square, landscape and portrait crops of about 18 from 24 megs from the images. The ‘steady shot’ function works seamlessly with Sony or Minolta lenses as does the lens profiling information which is useful. I think all the camera functions still work with the adapter – I have not yet found one that does not but, as you know, there are many and varied options and if you are like me once you have found a decent setup further messing gives way to picture making.

Playing with the A series APSC kit zoom is just ‘OK’ with the option of a cropped image in camera or a heavily vignetted full frame result. losing the half stop as well making it horrible all round.

All the Minolta AF lenses I have tried have worked but they are 20 to 30 years old so can be a bit variable. Both the 50mm F1.7 and 28mm F2.8 are quick and so far have coped with the power of the LA-EA4’s motor. The problem is that when auto focusing the ‘hard stops’ mechanism of the older lenses (at minimum and infinity focus) are not dampened in any way. My favourite lens, a 50mm macro has been literally ripped apart by this characteristic. A 35 – 70 zoom also works well but the weight of the focusing lens group gives it quite a kick as it works. This lens however works even better on my older A65 camera which has a more gentle focusing action.

Alert Squirrel 1/60 sec at F8 ISO-1000 300mm zoom

Alert Red Squirrel

You cannot help but notice there is a big lump sticking down from the adapter that contains the mechanism. It has a tripod mount to use instead of the cameras tripod mount. The lump fouls everything up so the adapter mount is the one to use. I have only tried it a couple of times on a tripod and it works fine. Part of the idea of a steadyshot camera, especially one with 4 stops shadow recovery, is to reduce need for a tripod. The size and shape of the lump has pluses and minuses depending on the lens in use. For me, with telephoto and zoom lenses I think it helps comfort and usability, but with shorter lenses it can become annoying and uncomfortable to the point I now prefer to put on a manual lens and go retro.

Other mechanicals such as the metal mounts are properly tight in use with no play except for the plastic mount Nex lenses which feel like they are going to fall off at any moment. The mount / dismount button is located on the left side and is good for a right-handed person ie press the button with your weaker hand and hold the lens with your better hand. The adapter seems strongly constructed in the ‘plastic fantastic’ tradition, but mine has a stress crack in one corner of the mirror which seems in my imagination to be getting bigger as time goes on. I do not think it is weather proof although I have been caught a couple of times in a sharp shower and suffered no damage.

Chains 1/60 sec F10 at F10 ISO-200 50mm prime


Dust is less of a problem than I thought it would be. The few specks that have settled on both sides the mirror have been easy to get off with blower and a couple of more stubborn ones came away with a soft lens brush. Looking through it with a led torch it is still as clear as new except for the crack in the corner.

I left submitting this discussion until I had installed and used the latest much hyped A7II firmware version 1.2 update to see if anything was added or lost. Mechanically and functionally it has not made a noticeable difference to me. But! If I could roll back to a previous firmware version I would but it is not possible. It may be my imagination but the new uncompressed 14 bit files seem to have a noticeable sharpening mask added and they are huge. The 14 bit uncompressed files (as this it written) will not open into the latest Photoshop or Capture 1 and so far I have had to rely on the Sony software. Setting the ‘camera’ dialogue to ‘neutral’ in the software almost gets rid of the sharpening but not quite. Fortunately Compressed RAW when opened into Photoshop or Photoplus do not seem to be changed.

Spider on clothes peg 1/90 sec at F9.5 ISO-800 50mm macro

spider on clothes peg

Was it worth it? The answer for me is a definite Yes. Just to be able to use the 70 -300G zoom is enough. Shorter primes are a 50 – 50 proposition. For me, manual lenses are often more satisfying and precise. After all I can pre-focus and set my depth of field ahead of time just leaving the final quick tweak at taking stage whilst leaving the camera to sort out shutter speed or ISO as desired. Remember as well the LA-EA3 is worth looking at if you are using the latest firmware update and Sony lenses with built-in motors. Add to that the improved on chip focusing and there is of course that half stop bonus. I would definitely hire or borrow before parting with the cash.



Nov 132015


Hold Fast Gear has announced a new strap, and it looks lovely. Hold Fast makes some GREAT gear..bags, pouches, leather goods, straps, and this one looks to be another fantastic strap from them. I will be ordering one soon (in Red Bison) because I love how they are offering them in various lengths. I am not a fan of short straps, so the ability to order in the perfect length sold me. Below is the blurb from HoldFastGear.com….

“HOLDFASTGEAR.COM has just released a new classic camera strap, the Maven. The Maven Strap is the culmination of HoldFast’s design ethic: classic and uncompromising. Crafted from legendary American Bison leather and lined in cream glove leather, the Maven lives up to its name, offering unparalleled sophistication you can see and feel. HoldFast’s custom brass u-hooks with Bison leather pad allows easy and quick installation without scarring your camera. Can be worn over the neck in front position or cross body.”

More Info Here:




Oct 222015

PRESS RELEASE: HoldFastGear releases the Sightseer Sling Strap

Allright! Here is a new strap release that looks fantastic. I am a big fan of HoldFastGear.com and own two bags of their, some pouches, the money maker strap, a wallet and a few other pieces of their gear and WOW, it si always 100% top notch quality. Made here in the USA, the HoldFastGear products are beautiful, functional and they have converted me to such a fan I extended them an invitation a year ago to be a site sponsor (I do not allow anyone to be a site sponsor, has to be a company I love and respect with products that help photographers) and ever since I have been checking out more and more of their very cool products.



While I love the Money Maker Strap system, I do not use it often as I rarely have 2-3 cameras on me, and while it was made for pros who shoot multiple cameras I was hoping they would release something cool in a single strap, and they just did with this SLING STRAP in their Sightseer range of products. I love that you can add the sightseer pouches onto the strap and make it you own…for whatever the day brings you.

You check it out at their site, click HERE or the image below which is the info that I just received via email. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.48.46 PM

Oct 052015

The new CosySpeed Streetomatic Camslinger bag!


Take a look at the new Indigogo page for the new Camslinger STREETOMATIC bag. A much improved version (IMO) of the previous camslinger bag. I have one here and it looks great, feels great, and holds a bit more all while being super comfy no matter how you choose to wear it (holster style or waist). Your camera is always at the ready with this bag, and the pricing is incredible at under $70 USD.




Below, me using the older version in Las Vegas. 

Be sure to go to the Indigogo page for these guys as they are GENUINE photo enthusiasts. I had the pleasure of hanging with the owner of CosySpeed for a couple of days and Mr. Thomas Ludwig is one of the nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He has stated that if the campaign gets above $12,000 he will go ahead with manufacturing even though the goal is $17,500. As of now, they are only $700 or so from the $12,000 so get over there and read all about it, and if you like it, give $1, $5 or whatever you can! The rewards are great as well.


Sep 112015


VIDEO: New Gear in the House! Hold Fast, Olympus and Voigtlander!

New gear in the house and I decided to make a video giving you guys a quick look at it all!


NEW OLYMPUS E-M10II and 7-14 Pro f/2.8 Lens!


Take a look below!

BTW, The Holdfast Gear can be seen at HoldFastGear.com, the Olympus E-M10II can be ordered HERE and the Voigtlander 35 1.7 Ultron can be purchased HERE. 

Sep 092015


Introducing the Next-Generation Camera Bag for Street Photographers from CosySpeed

Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic

Edertal/Germany, Sep. 6, 2015. The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic by COSYSPEED GmbH of Edertal/Germany is a next-generation camera bag concept combining the speed and convenience of a sling strap with the safety and space of a camera bag. It can be worn comfortably around the hip or like a traditional sling bag over the shoulder. Quick, one-handed access, protection against rain, bumps, dust and views as well as its very high wearing comfort make the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic the ideal camera bag for street photographers and travellers.

COSYSPEED GmbH has teamed up with renowned street photographer Thomas Leuthard (thomas.leuthard.photography) of Switzerland to design a camera bag that fits the needs of street photographers. The company set out to raise US-$ 17,500 on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to produce the first batch of their latest innovation that is going to change the way street photographers carry their gear.


While the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic was initially designed specifically for mirrorless cameras, it is also ideally suited for DSLRs and superzoom cameras. It is made out of durable and water resistant NYLON D600 fabric and comes in blue, khaki or black colours with a built-in rain cover, four department dividers as well as a free FINGERCAMSTRAP. The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic has a fixed belt and moves freely around the waist for maximum comfort.

The black version of the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic is branded Thomas Leuthard Edition, with the signature of the popular street photographer stitched onto the front of the bag. For each edition bag sold, US-$ 10 will be donated to a care project for street kids in Burundi, supervised by German organisation Burundikids e.V. (w​ww.burundikids.org)​. The donations will be used to provide school supplies to 80 children in a centre for street kids in the country’s capital Bujumbura.


For the launch of the new CAMSLINGER Streetomatic, COSYSPEED will be offering the bags at a reduced special price to supporters of its Indiegogo campaign, which takes place from Sep. 1st to Oct. 1st, 2015. The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Blue and The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Khaki will be available for US-$ 55 during the campaign period (retail price:

COSYSPEED GmbH |​G​eschäftsführer/General Manager Thomas Ludwig | Königsberger Straße 5a | 34549 Edertal | Germany www.cosyspeed.com | [email protected] | Tel. +49 5621 / 7525312 | Fax +49 5621 / 7525313
IBAN: DE44523500050002005536 | BIC: HELADEF1KOR | Sparkasse Waldeck-Frankenberg
HRB 11978 | Amtsgericht Fritzlar | St.-Nr. 02523040465 | USt.-Nr. DE290085331

US-$ 69), the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Thomas Leuthard Edition for US-$ 65 (retail price: US-$ 79).


Interior dimensions: 7 x 6 x 4.2 in. (175 x 155 x 105 mm)
Weight: 700 g
Phone pouch: 3.2 x 0.6 x 5.5 in. (80 x 15 x 140 mm)
Accessory pouch: 3.1 x 1 x 5 in. (80 x 15 x 140 mm)
Adjustable belt: 75 – 125 cm (30 – 50 in.), with optional belt extension up to 165 cm (65 in.) Exterior materials: Nylon D600 fabric with PE tiles between inner and outer fabric

Interior materials: Soft fabric

About Cosyspeed

Cosyspeed GmbH of Edertal/Germany is the first company in the world that specialises exclusively in accessories for mirrorless cameras. All products are developed in Germany and are subject to strict German quality criteria. Production is carried out in Germany, Europe, Asia and Africa. Focusing on convenient and functional accessories for the daily routine of photographers using mirrorless cameras, Cosyspeed is concentrating deliberately on the new technology of the future in the area of digital cameras. With the CAMPILLOW, COSYSPEED GmbH is also supporting a development aid project in Burundi/Africa. COSYSPEED is planning to transition into a not-for-profit company in 2016.



I tested and reviewed the original Cosyspeed Camslinger and will have a review sample of the new one soon. The streetomatic seems to be an improved design for street photography, and while the original was awesome for street, the new one appears to not only be better but the price is quite amazing at $69 US. See the video below of me using the original Camslinger in Las Vegas last year!

Sep 082015


One Year Update! The Wotancraft Ryker Bag still going strong!

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 8.39.27 AM

Yep, the Wotancraft Ryker is still my daily bag of choice for when I am out shooting my Sony, Leica or Olympus kit. A little over a year ago I reviewed the Ryker in black, then in brown and ever since I have been using the brown Ryker every day and it looks as good today as it did a year ago. It may be a little more softer but other than that it is wearing in quite nice. This is a bag that will last you for your lifetime in my opinion. It is built to a high quality, it looks amazing and feels amazing and is very functional. All leather, gorgeous interior, and for me, it will hold an A7 body (ant of them) with 2-4 lenses (depending on size) and charger, batteries, iPad mini, etc. I adore this bag and look forward to how it will look in another 5-10 years as it wears in over time.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 8.39.01 AM

See my video below of my one year update with the Ryker! You can see more about it at Wotancraft HERE! You can see my original review of this bag HERE.

Jul 312015

Think Tank Photo introduces new “FLAIR” kits for your Roller bag!

Make sure you have the required amount of FLAIR for your Think Tank roller!

Customize your Think Tank Photo Roller with your choice red, green, orange, or blue wheels, zipper pulls and padded handle wrap. Make your bag stand out or match your favorite colors. Each Roller Flair kit includes the following color-matched items: two wheels; 10 Easy Grip Zipper Pulls; one padded Handle Wrap; and, the Installation Guide. Think Tank is known for having the best wheels. They use a custom rubber compound for smooth, quiet rolling while also putting an emphasis on longevity. Think Tank only uses ABEC-5 sealed bearings to ensure smooth rolling even after years of hard use. Free shipping on all orders!

See details and options HERE!

Roller Flare image 3 Roller Flare image 2

Jul 272015

New Video Monday! JB Designs Grip and Headphones!

By Steve Huff

Hey guys! Today I posted two new videos to my YouTube channel which can be seen below.


One is on the JB Designs grip for  the E-M5 II and I think it is gorgeous. It is a hand-made in the USA wooden base/grip with access to the battery door and all. Perfect fit and style for this camera, and in use it feels amazing. You can browse all of the JB Grips HERE.

See the video…

Also, I did a video on some new Headphones I have been using and testing, and I love BOTH of them…the Master & Dynamic MH40 and the Blue MOFI’s. Check out what I had to say about them in the video below:

Master and Dynamic MH40: AMAZON

Blue MOFI: Amazon


Remember to go to my YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE! ALL NEXT WEEK I will be posting videos from the new Sony A7R..in hand, in action and all kinds of cool stuff. These videos will be uploaded to my YouTube before they make it here, so be sure to subscribe to see them 1st!

See my YouTube channel HERE. 

Jul 202015

Getting a Grip on the Leica Q: The Match Technical Thumbs Up EP-SQ grip Review

By Ashwin Rao

Hi everyone,

I recently had a chance to test out a production proof of the Thumbs Up EP-SQ grip for the Leica Q. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Match Technical’ s Thumbs Up grips, they are mountable on a camera’s hot shoe and provide a nice firm rest upon which to rest the thumb. Many people who shoot Leica cameras, which can be slippery in hand at times, prefer to add these grips to the camera. They act similar to how the film-advance levers of days-gone-by work as thumb rests. I can honestly say that this is a great ergonomic addition to the already fantastic Leica Q, adding that little extra bit of purchase that makes Match Technical’s Thumbs Up grips so popular.


One “criticism” of the Leica Q is that the thumb indent, which Leica astutely placed on the camera’s rear, is a bit too far off to the edge of the camera and creates hand fatigue if solely used for gripping. I definitely found this to be an issue and addressed the issue in part by adding Leica’s own baseplate/grip. The EP-SQ design uses the indent as a method for securing the grip in place, while adding a nice rest that places the photographer’s thumb in a more comfortable position for shooting.



One important added benefit of this Thumbs Up is that its design limits inadvertently bumping the Diopter adjustment dial(adjacent to the EVF), which often does go out of whack without protection. The grip effectively limits access to this dial, which is a good thing, as it prevents shirts or other factors to bump the deal and cause your EVF to be thrown out of focus.



Unfortunately, by mounting the Thumbs Up EP-SQ on your Leica Q, lose access to the hotshoe, but with the Q’s ISO capacities, a flash is rarely needed. This, to me, is a small price to play for the ergonomic benefit of having a better grip on the camera.As an owner of the Thumbs Up Grips for the Leica M8, M9, M240, M246, X1, and Fuji XPro-1, I can confidently say that that Thumbs Up EP-SQ does much of the same for the Leica Q as it does for those cameras….it adds a nice secure grip if one feels that they require more than the Leica’s own offerings.



I personally use the Thumbs Up in conjunction with Leica’s baseplate grip, for a really firm grasp and a camera that’s well balanced for me (not front heavy). However, may prefer to use their cameras with just the Thumbs-Up Grip, and I can confirm that using the camera in this manner feels quite secure as well.

Below are a few more pictures of the grip. I have been a fan of the Match Technical’s Thumbs Up designs for nearly a decade, and I suspect that you too will enjoy the experience of using a Thumbs Up on the Leica Q.


You can find pre-order options for the EP-SQ through Match Technical’s own site, or through many of Leica’s own authorized dealers.


Steve’s Leica Q Review – HERE

Ashwin’s Leica Q Review – HERE

May 202015

The New Ona Leica BERLIN II Bag, NOW in BLACK!

ONA Bags release the Leica themed Berlin bag about a year ago, and it was a very popular bag, selling out in a matter of days. That was a limited edition set but the problem I had with it, and i told ONA at the time about it, is that they should have also released it in Black. Well, now ONA has done just that! The Berlin is now available from Onabags.com for $399 in all black, even has the little Red Dot on the bag. This is a bag designed and made for the Leica M system, and can hold the camera and 2-3 lenses along with some accessories like batteries, chargers, etc.


It’s a handsome bag for sure and if I did not have 10-12 bags here already, I would get one in a nanosecond. At $399 it is priced on the high end but this is a well made bag  that will last you many years if not a lifetime. You get what you pay for! If you are a Leica shooter then you know what you spent for your camera system, this bag is an investment that can protect and house your expensive camera and look gorgeous while doing it.




You can check out the Berlin II (which is also in the tan/brown leather) at ONABAGS.COM



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