May 292016

Hi Brandon & Steve,

It’s been a while since you posted my previous photo the fox ( and i want to thank you for inspiring us and each other trough your website.
I love your reviews (especially the ones with Olympus of course) and the daily inspirations. Its great to see so much talented people here.

The most photo’s i make, are made mostly for myself. I love it!

I like to look and capture moments and portraits. There is something inside a good portrait that makes you want to think, what is he or she thinking about.
It’s the mystery behind the photo that tells te story, and that is exactly something i want to capture.
I hope you like my photo’s. they’re made with the Olympus E-M1 and the 75mm f/1.8, my favorite combo!
Small, fast and just made right.

Thanks again and with kind regards,

Jannes Boonstra




May 272016

Hello again Steve,

Since I have some free time, I just wanted to upload some additional photos that I have taken with my EP5. I have been contemplating whether or not to upgrade to one of the Sony a7 series but for me to transition over to Sony from Olympus would just be unwise. Though very tempting, I just don’t have the time to shoot as often as I would like. Looking back at these photos, It reminded me of how much fun I had shooting with this setup. (EP5 + 45mm and 17mm). Hope you guys enjoy these images!




May 262016

Hello Steve and Brandon,

My name is Kevin and first of all, I follow your site for years and it’s a great place for reviews and inspiration! Thank you guys so much for your hard work to keep this site alive!

I started with photography when my baby was born, soon, I started to notice, that I like to capture emotional moments. I enjoy it to observe people (family, friends, strangers) and nature and then take a picture in the right moment. I will not go into detail about the gear I use because I think only the pictures and the fun and satisfaction of taking them matter most to me.

Two of the pictures I submitted to you were taken at a very special place in my live. Back when I was 13, my mother, brother and me visited my father in his regimen. When we were there, I realized that something was wrong in the way my father and mother were behaving. This deeply affected me. A couple of days later my father told us that he will divorce my mother and leave us kids because he met another women in his regimen.

So, almost 20 years later, I came back to this special place in my family history. When I got there, all the memories from the past came back and I wanted to express the mood I had back then as a teenager in my pictures.

The other picture I took in my hometown. There, show-jumping course is a growing thing and I was lucky to meet our local legend in this sports when he was practicing.

I hope that my three pictures make it into your daily inspiration column and I am looking forward to helpful criticism.

Thailand you,




May 242016

Hi Brandon and Steve,

My name is Rob, I’m from Dordrecht in the Netherlands. I really like reading your website, especially your articles about MFT gear and black and white photography. Now owning a lot of Olympus gear, I made the good intention for 2016 to stop acquiring gear. I went “cold turkey” with G.A.S. and now I have more time to make photos and more money to travel.

This summer my wife Esther and I made a journey of a lifetime. We planned a bicycle trip in Yunnan, China. We started in Kunming and cycled via Dali to Shangri-la on the Tibetan plateau.
The scenery was magnificent, the mountains and the gorges challenging on our bicycles. But the people of Yunnan made the journey unforgettable.

I used my Olympus EM5 and Panasonic 15 mm + 35-100mm lenses.

Keep up the good work.








May 232016

Hello Brandon, hello Steve,

been a longtime follower of your site.

Here´s some images I shot on some recent winter hikes. All taken with my Fujifilm X100s, which has become my main camera for its size and image quality. During long multi day hikes, you can really feel every gram of weight.

You can find me on Instagram
Best regards




May 212016

Hello! I have come to your website quite a few times over the last year while trying to put together a more travel friendly kit than my large Canon gear allows. I was looking through the daily inspiration tab this morning and decided I should submit something my self, so here it is.

My name is Clark and while I enjoy anything that involves having a camera in my hand, my full-time job is actually in an Emergency Room and Ambulance. However, I spend much of my past time doing photography both professionally and just for fun. These three photos were taken with my X100T last year while I was in Kyrgyzstan.

The first one, “Brooms,” was taken in the Osh Market in Bishkek. Infamous for its light fingered patrons I didn’t have a lick of trouble from anyone and returned with all the same things I left the hostel with. 1/600, f8, ISO3200.



The second, “muscles,” was taken while walking through a neighborhood in Bishkek. I don’t speak much Russian, so I just held my camera up as a way of asking to take their picture and this guy jumped up and posed for me. 1/1000, f2, ISO200


The third, “Nom Nom,” was also in the Osh Market. There aren’t all that many big bearded Americans who visit Kyrgyzstan, so this little guy just stared as I walked by. His mom was giving me the hairy eyeball the entire time, but I did ask and she gave me permission to take her sons picture. 1/400, f8, ISO3200.


Clark White

May 202016

Hi Steve, Brandon,

Firstly, thank you for the web site and opportunity it gives us to not only gain knowledge but also to share some of our own photographic experiences and journey.

Back in 2013 I submitted an article about my move from Nikon to Leica; I parted ways with my heavy Nikon D700, 20mm, 24-70 and 70-200 lens in favour of a Leica M9-P and told the story on your website

I’d now like to share my continuing journey. Having moved to a Leica I loved the compact system, small lenses and unobtrusive camera. However, I just didn’t feel at home; I loved the Leica style, size and image quality…….but…… didn’t work for me as a camera, I just couldn’t ‘see’ with a Leica and the occasional lock ups certainly didn’t help. I’d really wanted to get a better feel for people and street photograph and although the camera was well suited, I just didn’t connect with it so after 12 months with an M9-P we parted company.

I knew that I couldn’t be without a camera and therefore took stock of what was available, safe in the knowledge that I didn’t want to go backhoe to the large Nikon body and lenses. So, I settled on a Sony A7. At first I started with a 55mm f1.8 lens then after much deliberation picked up a 24-70mm f4 as well. Whilst it’s certainly not perfect as a system it is definitely getting better and has allowed me a compact, lightweight package to carry around on my travels; this has been an important feature as I’ve been based in Singapore for 6 months. I guess my ideal camera would have more of the manual dials of a Fuji, aesthetic appeal of a Leica and image stabilisation now I’m getting older. Perhaps that’s my own form of Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

I’m upgraded from the A7 to the A7II, and in time will probably go for an A7iiR, or whatever the current flavour is at the time. However, at the moment I’m saving for the move to the Loxia lenses (I’d appreciate readers ideas on lens options, especially for something in the 85mm range) as I feel I should really move from the 24-70 to a set of primes which I can match to the developing Sony A7 range. Anyway, without further delay, here are a few images from my time in Singapore. As I posted some landscape images on my last submission, I’ve opted for some people images this time as when writing this I realised that I’ve changed my own style over the last couple of years. I hope the article may be of interest and just possibly be helpful to others as well. Keep up the good work……..

Best, Peter





May 192016


How to submit a User Report or Daily Inspiration!

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! Many have been e-mailing me lately asking how to submit a review, report or daily inspiration. It’s easy!

If you want to share with a huge photo community right here on STEVEHUFFPHOTO, all you have to do is have your report written up, some images, and then to email them to me at [email protected] with the subject line of “USER REPORT”. You can include links to your website, social media or wherever. Images should be no larger than 1800 pixels wide and no smaller than 680 wide. You will get exposure for your website, blog, or social media. Your report can be on ANYTHING related to photography. A review, an essay, or a personal project. A gadget, gizmo or accessory. A story about your personal journey. What inspires you?

So if you want to submit a report or review email me HERE. 

For a Daily inspiration, just send three fave photos of yours, an explanation of them and what gear was used. Email those to [email protected] as well with the subject line “DAILY INSPIRATION”.

To read more details about submissions, see HERE for User Reports and HERE for Daily Inspirations! 

Thank you all!

May 192016

Three from Me

by David Jones


The Gent covering his face was a street shot taken in a Sheffield cafe in UK. He sat next to me and my family, ordered soup and sat with his head in his hands until his order arrived. It was taken with a Fuji XT1 35mm 1.4 lens. To me its a shot that makes me pleased that I always carry a camera.

DSCF7002 (1) copy 2-2

The shot of the man and baby was taken As I was testing light for another shot I was about to take for a personal project I had been working on. The project was called intimate-inanimate and centered upon individuals and their most personal single possession. This shot was just taken as he held his child whilst I set the lighting. It was taken on Canon 5d mk3 and 85mm 1.8.


The landscape was also taken on a 5d mk3 and was shot In Fleetwood Uk. I was shooting a local press story but the subject was running late so I took my camera for a walk on a nearby beach and found this scene, another reason to always have a camera handy and to look for scenes and subjects you may not be originally looking for.



May 192016

Daily Inspiration #961. Digital Infrared with a NEX-5

By Javier

I’ve used almost any kind of camera available: from film to digital, from medium format to smartphones, from big teles to fixed primes, from Leicas and Lomos, and so.

A year ago, my main camera, a Sony NEX-5n, got a scratch in the sensor, impossible to repair. I decided to convert it to infrared as it was the only way to fix it. After playing a little with surreal landscapes and white trees, I stopped using it for a while, as that’s not my kind of photography.

Last summer I went to Bordeaux, France, and I tried using it for street photography. I loved it! Now it’s my main camera, despite having some others.

Digital infrared reminds me a lot to film and lomography: Results are imperfect, unpredictable, and sometimes weird. As I find myself unable to control the shot entirely, I feel more free to experiment, and I’m not obsessed at all with the perfection of the results. Also, skin tones are blended, and faces often turn unrecognizable (specially in B&W), so subjects stop being specific people and they become faceless ghosts, travelling though the frame.

I use the 16-50mm pancake zoom, mostly at its wider end. It’s distorted, corners are not sharp at all, and when shooting color I’ve got a purple patch in the middle of the shot, but I don’t really care about it. In fact, most shots are transferred to the phone, edited and published at the moment: With a 3 years old child always running around by my side, I have to be prepared to make the most of the few time I have to take photos.

Flickr gallery:

Javier Prieto



May 172016

Hi Steve!

I’m from Australia and started photography about 2 years ago and have been a fan of your website since I first found it about a year ago. The two photos of the beach where taken on a Mamiya RB67 with the 127mm lens, film was Ilford delta 400. The last photo was taken on a Voigtlander bessa R2 with the canon 50mm f1.4 ltm, film was Ilford HP5+. Hope you enjoy the photos.


John Stewart

https:[email protected]/ Only just made this so there aren’t many photos on it but your welcome to have a look :)

08 Ocean Small

Girl on rooftop small

10 Beach Fence small

May 122016

Hi Brandon and Steve.

First off, thank you for your site and the excellent work that you do. I am inspired daily by the work that you post and I hope to return that favor to other viewers on your site. I carry a camera with everywhere I go. I have been shooting mirrorless for the past 5 years. Two months ago I picked up a Ricoh GR 16 MP first generation. I Haven’t touched another camera since it arrived in the mail. In a side by side comparison with my Lumix GX7 with the Leica 15mm, I can just barely tell the difference. The Pano seems just slightly sharper. The GR has a nicer dynamic range and I feel a bit better in low light. All of that aside, it is a fun camera to shoot with and it fits in your pocket.

I thought I’d share 3 of my favorite images so far.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

You can see more of my work at my website:


James Gehrt

Currien in the sun

February Eighth

Hospital Hill

May 102016

Dear Brandon, Dear Steve,

My name is Walter and I live in Austria, As a longtime follower and regularly visitor of your site, I want to thank you both, first of all, for your work and for providing us with all the information and inspiration. And i wish you keep the site going for many further years.

I do photography since many years in all kinds of fields……street, nature, urban architecture and since last year I am infected with Lost Places. It started all out with a lost disco in summer 2015 and since then i have visited more than 30 places in Austria. Mansions, Castles, Factories, Farmhouses, Hospitals, Car and Train Graveyards etc……main issue…..lost.

I love the atmosphere in these buildings and places, I like the way nature reconquers these buildings. If walls could speak they would have to tell us a lot of interesting stories about the buildings and the people that lived and worked in there. Always with me…. my Olympus E-M1 and the M.Zuiko 12-40/2.8 and my 40-150/2.8. I am an Olympus guy. Love the image quality, the sturdiness of the E-M1 and the quality of the lenses. Hope you enjoy the images…..

For more information on my work:……and feel free to leave an entry in my guestbook :) Kind Regards… safe, be happy and don`t let anybody make you afraid. God bless you





May 092016


I want to share my experience when I went to china for a business trip. I am a chinese but I don’t really speak mandarin well. I shoot with my sony a7ii + the gorgeous fe 35 1.4 (yes i bought this lens because of the GAS from steve) The other important thing to mention is: Sony a7ii tracking is very good. Most of my shots were taken when i was walking. YES! it will still track your object and you’ll get your shots in focus, most of the times!

All images are only edited via mobile vsco cam. Most of them are using the e5 filter with a little bit of tweak. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Processed with VSCOcam with e5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with e5 preset
follow my instagram:

Timothy Kwok


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