May 092016

FOR SALE: Leica SL, Luigi Case, Extra Battery, as new in box!


Hey guys! Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! Today I have a camera for sale, which belongs to a reader here. She sent it to me to check out, and offer up here for sale. There are loads of Leica shooters here, and this Leica SL is just like brand new, in box, with a red leather Luigi case and strap as well as an extra SL Battery. I will also thrown in a TENBA Messenger Bag (I have loads of bags here, so happy to give one away) to the buyer.

This Leica SL, which was my pick for Camera of the Year 2015, is a beauty. I tested it out, and it is in perfect condition. It is uber clean, and when it arrived I thought it was new. The owner said she prefer’s her M, and never really used this SL much at all, a few shots. She is now selling to go back to an M.

If anyone is interested, email me and I will give you her contact info. She is selling the SL body, as new in box, unregistered along with the Luigi Case you see here, the strap, an extra battery (TWO total) and the free bag I will throw in. $6800 is what she is asking for the entire set. New, this would cost you $7450 for the body, $220 for the battery, and these Luigi cases are not cheap. Last one I bought was $600. So we are already over $8000 for new. Add the bag and its an extra $200. So $6800 for the lot is very fair. This is a beautiful camera, and the EVF is worth it for the experience alone ;)

So if you are interested e-mail me at [email protected] 

Pics below…












Jan 192016

NOW SOLD: 1940’s Leica Collapsable Elmar 5cm – 9/10

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.57.57 AM


Just wanted to offer up a lens I am selling to all of you here, my readers. It is a special lens to me as I have owned it for years and it is simply gorgeous. It is a screw mount lens but has a thin Screw Mount to M adapter on it, and was on it when I purchased the lens from an older gentleman who was clearing out some of his old Leica gear. Why am I selling? Well, every 3 months or so I have to clear off some thing from my shelves in my office as they start to get overloaded. These days I have one shelf for all of my Sony gear (of which I have the most) and another for Leica and another for Micro 4/3.

This lens, while GORGEOUS..I just never use it anymore as I loved it on my Monochrom which I no longer own. So this is a chance to get a gorgeous perfect copy of this lens. I also have other gear for sale at the bottom of the page, all with fair and aggressive pricing.




I am asking only $200 for this lens and if you are looking for a super compact 50mm lens for your Leica or Sony then this one will give you a classical look. My fave use of this was when I owned a Monochrom. Matched up perfectly to it as you can see in the video below where I used the MM and this lens exclusively. All images you see were shot with this lens:

If interested, 1st one to email me at [email protected] and pay for it gets it. Paypal only, $15 shipping, no fees. So $215 total gets it. This is a lovely copy and yes you can collapse it on an M, I did. I paid $200 for it when I bought it. You can see my little review of it HERE with loads of images.

Also for sale: Leica 90 Elmarit 2.8, latest version before discontinuing it – slide out hood, review HERE. $1250.

Also for sale: Leica 50 Summicron PRE APO  – current normal version w/slide out hood- $1200  – review here

Jupiters have SOLD. Also for Sale: Jupiter 8 and 9 – BOTH for $100 – review of the 8 HERE – SOLD


Jan 102016

Zeiss Sonnar C ZM Lens for sale, As new in box! $680!

SOLD!!! The Sonnar is SOLD!

1st come, 1st serve! This is a 2 week old Zeiss Sonnar C Zm lens (Leica Mount). Works amazing on any Sony A7 body, the Leica M or the Leica SL. You can see my recent report on it here.  This is a very unique lens, and so much different from just about any modern 50 out there. It has the creamy bokeh, 3D pop and creamy color that Zeiss is known for. The lens sells new for $1200, and I am selling it, as new in box, unregistered for $680 as a “reader appreciation” special. Every now and then when I sell a personal lens or camera I offer it at a much lower price than normal, so if you want this one, in black, in box, $680 via paypal will get it ($20 shipping).

If you want it, 1st one to email me and pay gets it. EMAIL ME HERE if interested. 

**I also have a Leica 50 Summicron (pre APO, no 6-bit) in leather Leica case (latest version before APO) for $1250 and a 90 Elmarit 2.8 (latest slide out hood version before it was discontinued) ASPH I am selling for a friend at $1250. I have them in hand and both are a 9 condition. Just no boxes or 6 bit coding. This is actually my 2nd fave 90mm lens next to the $3600 90 APO. $1250 is a steal for this guy**


a few shots with this lens on the Sony A7RII and the Leica SL. 






Jan 092016

The original Leica 50 Summicron on the Leica SL (for sale)

A week or so ago a friend of mine sent me a couple of his M lenses to check out as he is selling them and I figured I would take a look, try them out and show some images here using them, and then offer it for sale here in case anyone is looking for a great buy on a Leica 50 Summicron or 90 Elmarit! Optically, this 50 Cron is the latest version before the new APO. It has the slide out hood but is NOT 6 Bit Coded. I simply set the SL up for this lens in the menu before using it. I shot a few images late night while out with family and was very impressed with how this lens renders on the SL. Same as I remember it from the M9.

I find the older 50 cron to be gorgeous with B&W conversions. It’s a classic design and a small fast 50 that does not break the bank. If anyone is interested in this lens, it is being sold for $1250. I have it in hand and its in beautiful condition with leather case. No box. But the lens is a legend. If interested e-mail me HERE. I also have a 90 2.8 Elmarit for sale for $1250 (this version). This was the last version before being discontinued, and I sold my copy 4 years ago for $2500. Today they are going for much less. My fave Leica 90 next to the APO cron. ;)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Most images below are all at high ISO of 6400 and up on the Leica SL. Some have had film filters added which in turn, added more grain. I also underexposed many of these and had to bring out the deep shadows, so more noise than usual. Other than that, the 50 Cron rendering is as it always has been. Very “Leica”.
















Jul 162015

FOR SALE! Sony A7II, Macbook Air, iPad Mini Retina & More! DEALS!

Was doing some cleaning around my office and found a few things I am going to sell, so figured instead of posting on my local craigslist, why not offer these items up to you guys 1st, at great prices?

1st to pay for each item gets it, I can not and will not hold any of these items. Doing so in the past was a mistake as it leads to lost sales. So if you email about the items be prepared to pay ASAP through paypal. Thank you!

1st up, my personal Sony A7II

I am selling my beloved Sony A7II! Why? Well, the A7RII is on the way and I plan on purchasing it, so this one has to GO! I still have and am keeping my A7s, but the A7II will be replaced with the RII soon. I will sell the A7II, in box, for $1025 shipped, which is a GREAT deal for you guys here. I will also include the custom-made and fit Angelo Pelle case and strap for it but the price then goes to $1300 shipped.

I can accept paypal only, but that adds 2%+ so total paypal for the A7II without case and strap would be $1052, with strap and case, $1328. 

A7II has been SOLD and paid for to M.F.



A 2013 Macbook Air 13″ – 1.8 GHZ Dual Core, 4GB Ram, 128 GB SSD Drive. I used this for my travels since buying it and it has never failed me once! I just upgraded to a Retina Macbook Pro, so this one has to go, and I will let it go CHEAP! $400 plus $25 shipping gets it. Paypal fee add 2%, so lets say $435 shipped. I will only accept paypal, USA only.

The Macbook Air has been SOLD and Paid for to H.M.


iPad Mini 2 Retina Display! This has been used maybe 3-4 times. It has been sitting in my bedside drawer for months, as I just do not use it. So , it has to go. I have the box and a leather case from Apple. Will sell CHEAP for $220 shipped. Paypal adds 2% so let’s say $230 shipped. I will only accept paypal, USA only.

iPAD MINI 2 RETINA has been SOLD and paid for to N.K.


Bang and Olufsen flasgship headphones used twice during travel. Perfect mint condition, in box. These sell for $499 but I will offer them here for $300 shipped, no paypal fee ;) These are noise canceling and bluetooth wireless headphones that sound AMAZING. See the amazon reviews here if you want to see the raves. Then save $200! Paypal only, USA ship only.

B&O HEADPHONES HAVE SOLD and paid for to B.H. 


Dec 242014

My Favorite Camera Shops & Dealers. Ever.

There are so many camera shops, store, internet sites and dealers out there ready to take our cash and send us a new fresh box of happiness. If you are like me, receiving a new package from the Fed Ex or UPS man brings  not only a smile, but a rush of energy, happiness and joy.

I love my cameras and over the last 20 years I have learned WHERE To buy from to get the most hassle free and enjoyable experience, as well as the best deals sometimes.

I always get e-mails asking me “where should I buy XXX camera”? Well, here you go. These shops are also site sponsors because I accepted them as sponsors (I turn down many every year). 

Over the years I have recommended the same dealers here. Those that I have worked with and bought from on many occasions. I have shopped from a few other sources but sometimes have had a negative experience so this is why I only recommend those who I trust and those who have really went above and beyond. I only allow advertisers and sponsors whom I trust and support back and know would never rip anyone off.

Look what the USPS man drug from Ken Hansen. The Leica Monochrom in silver chrome and the new M-P in black. 


Below is a list of whom I buy from, who I have had great experiences with and all of those that I trust and put my name behind when it comes to camera dealers and shops!

1. Ken Hansen – This guy is everything LEICA. He has been a Leica dealer forever and used to own a store in NY. He now works from his home as he is semi-retired but his Leica business is still going strong with many Leica shooters praising his name every day. Ken has become a legend..legendary. I have never in my life experienced anything like Ken from ANY shop, dealer or store, ever. He goes above and beyond and the funny thing is he does not even have a web site, a Facebook or twitter ;) He runs it all from his home via phone or e-mail. He has been with me since day one and you may have seen his ad in the sidebar before. It will be there for the life of the site because if it not for Ken (and a couple of other friends) this site may not have made it!

Ken has new Leica and often times has used items and unique items as well. Just call him at 212-879-3263 or send him an e-mail at [email protected] and let him know what you want, need or are looking for. Most likely, he will have it. Plus, mention my name and you may get a bit of a deal..maybe. I stand 100% behind Ken Hansen.

2. B&H PhotoThese guys are the king of Retail and Online sales. They do MASSIVE volume. I mean MASSIVE. I have been to the store and it is a sight to see. Hundreds of customers at any given time, long lines to check out (but they go fast) and conveyer belts that travel through the store to deliver your goods when you exit. Amazing. They have the best online experience I have encountered. First, if an item is in stock and ready to ship, it says so clearly. If it is not, it clearly states this. No guessing games. They ship same day as well if you order before a certain cut off time. So technically you could order a lens on a Monday morning and have it arrive Tuesday. They also are top notch on their returns, undo nay to Amazon. It is an online automated process, never needing to email someone or call someone for an RA number. B&H Is the king of camera retailers. You can see their site here and they sell all kinds of goodies, not just photo related. They are sort of a giant electronics megastore. I give them a 100%!

3. Amazon Who does not shop from Amazon? Myself and everyone I know shop at Amazon and they are doing amazing things..amazing. Amazon is the future of internet shopping, food shopping and everything in between. I believe in 10 years Amazon will have the most amazing services. You can get anything and everything from Amazon. I have certain household items get delivered every month using their subscribe and save feature and I also buy tons of music (LP’s) and camera accessories such as Gariz cases, caps, batteries, lights, etc. They have anything and everything. Click here for a link to Amazon and see for yourself. Never an issue with them, ever! The return policy and process is painless and simple. You even get a label to print for easy return. My score = 100%!

4.. PopFlash has been around for a long long time and Tony Rose is the man who owns and runs it. He is well-known among Leica shooters but he also sells Fuji, Olympus, Zeiss and many other brands at his online shop. I have purchased Leica lenses, cameras and Artisan and Artist bags and cases from PopFlash and Tony always comes through. They have some superb prices as well and when you see the “used/mint” pricing on some Leica items you may be super tempted to go for it. Check out the site at! 100%

5. CAMERAQUEST – Run by Stephen Gandy this long time Voigtlander dealer has just about anything you could ever want from the brand. There are a few Voigtlander lenses that stick out to me and some I like better than Leica glass! The 35 1.2 II, the 15 4.5, the 50 1.5 Nokton, all superb and all a fraction of the cost of a Leica lens. If you want a great buy and fast shipping on Voigtlander lenses then you must check out CAMERAQUEST! 100%! Check out the shopping site HERE!

So there you go, my fave dealers and vendors. When you want to buy a camera or lens or accessory or ANYTHING, check them out! They are what help to keep this site running!

May 222014


The Wotancraft Ryker Camera Bag Review

This is mainly a video review of the beautiful Wotancraft Ryker bag. I will add some words after the video below:

Not everyone is a camera bag kind of person. Many just prefer to take their camera and one lens out on the street with them and roll. Others like to have choices and bring a bag with a lens or two just in case they want to change it up while they are out. There are hundreds, if not thousands of bags manufactured in the camera world. Some are cheap but functional, some are mid priced and functional and some are high priced and built more for fashion then actual use. I have seen them all from Domke to Crumpler to Fogg to Billingham to Artisan and Artist. I have probably had 60 bags through my house in the past 5 years as many get sent to me for review. Many times they do not even get reviewed (if they stink) and they get thrown to the side and sent back.

Occasionally a bag comes along that I really like. For example, there have been bags from Tenba, Artisan & Artist, Think Tank, Fogg and Ona that I adored. I even enjoyed the Camslinger bag and still do from time to time. But never has a bag come through that spoke to me in the way this Wotancraft Ryker does. In fact, it is the most beautiful, well made, useful and overall nice bag I have ever come across in my life. I prefer it to the Fogg bag that I owned (that was more expensive), I prefer it to the ONA bags I have had (and still own) and I prefer it to just about ANY bag, ever. Why? Well, there are many reasons and I go over them in the video above. What it boils down to is that this is just about as perfect as a camera bag can get for those who want a nice looking, well made leather bag. It is stylish, it is durable and it is comfortable. It holds a Leica and 2-3 lenses as well as an iPad mini and accessories. It feels good across the shoulder and the inside is well padded and protective as well as being pretty snazzy with the purple microfiber lining. The leather is soft and pliable not hard and stiff.

Wotancraft has a reputation for making super high quality hand crafted bags and leather goods. They are not a cheap fly by night operation and this bag is my perfect bag, end of story. I even use it for a video rig I carry around sometimes with a digital recorder and other items. Makes me want a undone in brown, one for my camera and one for my video setup.


The leather is durable but soft as you can tell just by looking at the image above. The protective zipper leather flap protects your goods inside in the event of rain or snow. I have had this bag all over with me and even took it to New Orleans for the last Olympus media trip I went on. The bag still looks brand new. It has so far survived rain, water splashes and being set down on concrete several times. It looks and feels brand new. There was even one point when a beer was spilled on the bag (about 1/4 of a beer). No cloth to stain, no worry of water getting inside, no worry of your camera getting scratched up while inside. There really has not been anything left behind. The iPad pocket is inside and is nice and protected as well with a pocket and all.

The price of the Wotancraft quality does not come cheap. At $379 it is an expensive bag, but one that will last you a lifetime. Again, for me, it surpasses any bag I have owned or come across in quality, design, usefulness, size, weight, materials, and style. Some will say it looks purse (or murse) like, but so do 90% of camera bags. When on and walking around it looks like a shoulder bag. A nice shoulder bag.


At $379 US it is well worth the cost, especially when a Fogg bag will set you back $600+ these days. This bag is perfect for a Leica system or Mirrorless system from Sony, Olympus or Fuji. All will be great for this bag. I have had compliments on it already while traveling. What people have liked is the soft luxurious feel of the bag and the features such as the purple lining and leather flap that protects the inside.

You can order the Wotancraft Ryker HERE.

It was out of stock for over a year and most thought it would not return. It is back, but I have no idea for how long. A brown one should be coming soon as well, but not sure how long away that is. This bag is in the Urban Classic line.



Hello to all! For the past 5 years I have been running this website and it has grown to beyond my wildest dreams. Some days this very website has over 200,000 visitors and because of this I need and use superfast web servers to host the site. Running this site costs quite a bit of cash every single month and on top of that, I work full-time 60+ hours a week on it each and every single day of the week (I received 200-300 emails a DAY). Because of this, I need YOUR help to cover my costs for this free information that is provided on a daily basis.

To help out it is simple. 

If you ever decide to make a purchase from B&H Photo or Amazon, for ANYTHING, even can help me without spending a penny to do so. If you use my links to make your purchase (when you click a link here and it takes you to B&H or Amazon, that is using my links as once there you can buy anything and I will get a teeny small credit) you will in turn be helping this site to keep on going and keep on growing.

Not only do I spend money on fast hosting but I also spend it on cameras to buy to review, lenses to review, bags to review, gas and travel, and a slew of other things. You would be amazed at what it costs me just to maintain this website. Many times I give away these items in contests to help give back you all of YOU.

So all I ask is that if you find the free info on this website useful AND you ever need to make a purchase at B&H Photo or Amazon, just use the links below. You can even bookmark the Amazon link and use it anytime you buy something. It costs you nothing extra but will provide me and this site with a dollar or two to keep on trucking along.

AMAZON LINK (you can bookmark this one)

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You can also follow me on Facebook, TwitterGoogle + or YouTube. ;)

One other way to help is by donation. If you want to donate to this site, any amount you choose, even $5, you can do so using the paypal link HERE and enter in your donation amount. All donations help to keep this site going and growing! I do not charge any member fees so your donations go a long way to keeping this site loaded with useful content. Thank you!


Feb 172014


My favorite ND filter for fast Leica lenses!

Finally! I found THE ND filter to own for my fast Leica glass (Thanks Ken Hansen)! Yes my friends, in the past I have owned many ND filters and I always had to figure out which one I would get. When shooting a Summilux lens or Noctilux lens an ND filter is MANDATORY if you want to shoot your ones wide open where they were designed and optimized to be shot. Over the last few years I have had MANY e-mails come in asking me “which ND filter should I get”..and I am happy to say that the one I own now is hands down my #1 favorite that I have ever owned/used.

It is a made in Germany Heliopan Variable ND filter that gives you a range to work with..from 0.3 all the way up to 1.8 or from 1 to 6 stops. This means you can use this single one ND filter for all of your ND filter needs. From slight brightness to brutal harsh light (like I shot the images in below), this ND filter will give you what you need with a smooth twist of the front ring. When Ken Hansen told me about it I had to give it a shot.


If you are not familiar with the purpose of an ND filter I will break it down for you very quickly.

Let’s say you love shooting your Leica and Noctilux but you love shooting that lens wide open at f/0.95. If it is sunny outside or the light is bright you will not be able to shoot wide open because the shutter speed in your 9 or M 240 only goes to 1/4000s. This means that without an ND filter you will have to stop down the lens to f/4 or f/5.6 or in some situations even f/8.

With an ND filter in place you can shoot that lens wide open as the filter blocks some of the light. With this particular filter you can adjust how much light gets let in and it is marked from 1-10. I tested this filter in the super harsh mid day sun of Phoenix AZ and my filter was usually between #3 and #6 with the Zeiss 50 Sonnar at f/1.5.


Using this filter it allowed me to shoot wide open to retain that classic Zeiss Sonnar look that disappears once the lens is stopped down. I shot the SLR Magic Hyperprime 0.95 M lens a couple of years ago with an ND filter as well, and all of the images shot in that report were with a Leica M9, the images below were shot with an M 240 and the Zeiss.

You can also use an ND filter if you want to shoot at longer shutter speeds, for example, a running waterfall. The ND will block the light to your sensor and allow you to drag out that shutter for as long as you need.

Anyway, this is an amazing ND filter and is the only one you will need for ANY situation. No need for 2-4 ND’s, just one. The build is superb and of very high quality, the ring to adjust the strength of the filter is smooth as silk and this filter is available from Ken Hansen in the two sizes any Leica shooter would need. 46mm (35 Summilux, 50 Summilux) or 60mm (Noctilux 0.95). These filters are NOT cheap but no good ND filter is. I believe this one goes for $260 but I found it to be a very worthwhile investment because it is the last ND I will ever need and will fit any 46mm lens I attach to my camera.


I tested it with the Zeiss 50 ZM Sonnar which also has a 46mm filter thread and the filter presented no issues or problems at all. The Zeiss ZM Sonnar is a very unique lens and when shot wide open at f/1.5 it almost resembles a Noctilux in its rendering. Not quite, but close. The best part is that the Sonnar comes in at around $1100. B&H is back-ordered but Tony at PopFlash has one or two in stock right now (in silver) for anyone looking for this now legendary classic lens.

You can e-mail Ken Hansen here if you want one or have a question. ([email protected]) Not sure how many he has but he did tell me he had a “few” available in 46mm and 60mm filter thread sizes and I recommend this filter 100% for ANY users of these filter size fast lenses (Leica). 

Below are the images I shot with the ND attached, all with the Zeiss Sonnar 50mm ZM and all wide open at f/1.5 at the local Ren Fair here in AZ. BTW, it was almost 90 degrees in mid Feb and the sun was HARSH. AZ mid day sun sucks for taking photos, but I purposely took these at the worst time to test this filter, which did fantastic. 




















Jan 272014

The new Fuji X-T1 has landed, pre-order now!


Expected Ship Date – March 07th, 2014

Pre-order the Fuji X-T1 Body only HERE at B&H Photo – $1299

Pre-order the Fuji X-T1 body and 18-55 kit lens combo HERE at B&H Photo – $1699

PRE-ORDER THE SWEET Fuji 56 1.2 Lens (as seen on the camera above) – $999

You can also pre-order this Fuji at

You can pre-order the X-T1 BODY ONLY at Amazon HERE 

You can order the X-T1 KIT LENS COMBO at Amazon HERE

So here it is! The rumored Fuji X-T1 is 100% true and ready to pre-order now at B&H Photo. From the looks, the design, the specs..this may just be the best Fuji X body to date. The design brings me direct to the Olympus E-M1 and Sony A7. I guess Fuji did not want to be left out of the EVF hump party but that hump means a much nicer EVF, so I welcome it. The manual controls on top remind me of the E-M1 and Nikon Df a bit and yes, this is also a good thing. All around this will be the best performing Fuji X body to date. $1299 for the Body only and $1699 for the Body and Kit Lens. I will be reviewing this as soon as I get my hands on one!


AS MANY OF YOU HERE KNOW…if you WANT this camera then pre-ordering is the way to go. Why? A: You do not get charged until it ships so if you change your mind between now and when it ships you can cancel with no penalty. If you decided you do want it 100%, just keep your pre-order in and you will be one of the 1st to get the camera. This is how I buy all of my new pre-ordering. B: If it arrives and you do not like it or it has issues, yes, it is returnable and NO the stores do not resell it as new, they sell it as an open box discount. But the bottom line is pre-ordering is smart if you know that you do want the camera. If undecided then you just wait to read reviews.

I have a feeling this one will be a big seller for Fuji. Some will call it ugly, some will call it beautiful. Some will say it reminds them of old school design and others will say it is going the way of Olympus and Sony. Either way technology moves on my friends and those of us with severe G.A.S. will unfortunately want to try  this out, especially fans of the Fuji rendering style. The Fuji and Mirrorless rumor sites have been buzzing non stop about this one and hyping it to now end. I hope it can live up to the hype!

I am excited to get a hold of this for stay tuned!




16.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II Sensor

A large 16.3MP APS-C CMOS image sensor is integrated into the X-T1 to provide high image quality and detail. Using Fujifilm’s unique X-Trans bespoke pixel array, the sensor is designed with a randomized pixel pattern to eliminate the need of an optical low-pass filter for reducing moiré and aliasing. By removing this filter from the design, higher image sharpness is possible. Lens Modulation Optimizer (LMO) factors are also taken into account using the EXR Processor II, which helps to automatically compensate for aberrations and diffraction blur in order to produce images with the utmost inherent sharpness.

The X-Trans sensor also works to provide highly effective noise reduction and a clean signal-to-noise ratio. This enables smoother-looking imagery that becomes especially apparent when photographing in low-light situations with an expanded sensitivity range of ISO 100-51200. Additionally, a top continuous shooting rate of 8 fps is possible, for up to 47 consecutive frames, to benefit working with moving subject matter.

EXR Processor II

Aside from benefitting low-light performance, the EXR Processor II also provides quick performance throughout the entire camera system. The camera start-up time is about 0.5 seconds, shutter lag is about 0.05 seconds, and the shooting interval time is about 0.5 seconds. A fast autofocus performance speed of 0.08 seconds is also enabled using the advanced Intelligent Hybrid AF system using both contrast- and phase-detection focusing methods.

Intelligent Hybrid AF and Enhanced Manual Focus

Intelligent Hybrid AF is a quick, responsive autofocus system that employs both contrast- and phase-detection methods to acquire focus quickly in a wide variety of lighting conditions and shooting situations. Clear focus can quickly be attained to aid in catching fast-paced movement more easily. Three focus modes are available (AF-S, AF-C, and M) for greater control over how the X-T1 achieves sharp focus. When working with autofocus, the AF area is divided into a 49-point matrix in order to gain clear focus of any type of subject matter. Additionally, a built-in AF assist lamp is available for aiding the focus system when photographing in low-light situations.

When working with manual focus, two additional features can be employed for enhanced critical focusing in a more controllable manner. By using the phase-detection pixels located on the imaging sensor, Digital Split Image technology is able to assist in acquiring precise focus through the implementation of four striped focusing aids; akin to a rangefinder focusing method, once these stripes have been lined up, sharp focus can be ensured. Also contributing to manual focus accuracy, Focus Peak Highlight has been integrated and enables a more objective system of focusing by way of highlighting sharp edges and lines of contrast, using one of three colors, once they are in focus.

Multi Mode Real Time Viewfinder

An advanced electronic viewfinder has been incorporated into the X-T1’s design to support clear eye-level monitoring along with a host of unique viewing features to better support a more efficient overall workflow. The Real Time Viewfinder is comprised of a 2,360k-dot OLED display and features an exceptionally high magnification of 0.77x, along with a 31° angle of view. This perspective is further complemented by the 0.005 sec. lag time, which smoothly and seamlessly renders scenes and moving subjects.

Beyond the technical aspects of the viewfinder, an adaptable graphical user interface has also been designed to increase efficiency during shooting. Four different viewing modes are available:

FULL: This mode takes advantage of the high magnification ratio of the viewfinder and produces an image that fills the majority of the viewfinder in an unobstructed manner. Shooting information is presented at the top and bottom edges and does not interfere with the image frame itself.

NORMAL: This mode enables you to focus on the composition at hand while still having an in-depth understanding of camera settings and shooting conditions.

VERTICAL: When the camera is held in a vertical orientation, the information display automatically rotates so it is facing upright for easier reading of camera settings. When working in this mode, images can also be reviewed in the vertical orientation.

DUAL: Serving to benefit those working with manual focus, this mode presents a split screen view of the scene where you see both a regular view as well as the Focus Assist View (Focus Highlight Peaking and Digital Split Image) at the same time, allowing you to concentrate on the image composition as well as critical focus accuracy.

In addition to the four viewing modes, the shooting information displayed within the viewfinder can also be customized to suit one’s needs. 19 different settings can be toggled on or off depending on preference.

Classic Camera Design

Featuring a body design reminiscent of SLR film cameras, the X-T1 exhibits a meshing of both analog exposure controls along with intelligent automated technologies. The clean and functional body design incorporates physical shutter speed, ISO, drive mode, AF mode, and +/- 3 EV exposure compensation double-deck precision-milled aluminum alloy dials that pair well with the manual aperture rings found on many of the XF lenses for intuitive exposure setting selection. Depending on individual needs, six customizable buttons, dual command dials, and an easily-accessible Q Menu provide an efficient solution for modifying some of the most frequently used camera settings, such as ISO, white balance, and file settings. For more extensive menu navigation, as well as live view monitoring and image review, a 3.0″ 1,040k-dot LCD monitor is available and features a tilting design to better support working from high and low angles.

Furthermore, the magnesium alloy body also features approximately 80 points of weather sealing to protect itself from dust and moisture, as well as temperatures as low as 14°F, for confident use in trying conditions.

Full HD Movie Recording

Full HD 1080p video recording is supported up to 60 fps, with other frame rates and formats also available. Full-time AF tracking is available during recording with subject tracking capabilities for ensured sharpness when either the subject is moving or if the camera is moving, panning, or zooming. +/- 2 EV exposure compensation is available during recording as well as the use of Film Simulation settings.

An HDMI port enables high definition playback of movies to an HDTV and the inclusion of a 2.5mm input supports the use of an optional external microphone for enhanced sound quality.

Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wireless connectivity is built into the camera and allows for instant sharing of images directly to an Android or iOS mobile device. The Fujifilm Camera Remote app allows you to browse the image contents of your camera from your mobile device and transfer both videos and photos, and the entire sharing process is further expedited by simply pressing and holding the dedicated Wi-Fi button to begin transferring immediately. Remote camera control and monitoring is also supported through the use of the app, which enables Touch AF, shutter release, exposure settings adjustment, Film Simulation modes, white balance modes, macro, timer, and flash controls to all be adjusted from the linked mobile device. Location data can also be embedded into image file’s metadata for geotagging.

Film Simulation Mode and Advanced Filters

Taking advantage of Fujifilm’s vast history in traditional film-based photography, the X-T1 integrates several Film Simulation modes to mimic the look and feel of some Fujifilm’s classic film types. Pulling from their line of transparency films, PROVIA offers natural-looking tones for everyday shooting, VELVIA produces a more dramatic and rich tonality with deeper color saturation, and ASTIA gives less contrast for a softer depiction of skin tones. Mimicking their negative films, PRO Neg. Std. gives smooth image tones that are suitable for accurate color renditions, while PRO Neg. Hi produces a more dramatic feel with the ability to draw color out of a variety of lighting conditions. In addition to the colorful benefits of these Film Simulation modes, there are also monochrome modes that simulate the look of traditional yellow, green, and red black and white contrast filters. A sepia mode is also available for producing an inherently nostalgic look.

Eight Advanced Filters are also available to creatively enhance the look of imagery, and include: High Key, Low Key, Soft Focus, Toy Camera, Miniature, Pop Color, Dynamic Tone, and Partial Color (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple).

Other Camera Features

An in-camera RAW converter lets you record your images in 14-bit RAW and process them prior to computer-based editing procedures. This process enables you to modify the exposure, white balance, and other controls directly through the menu interface. Additionally, for more thorough processing of files, RAW File Converter software is included for RAW image processing on your computer.

Interval shooting is possible with intervals of 1 second to 24 hours for up to 999 frames.

Compatible with UHS-II memory cards for fast transfer speeds during shooting.

Multiple exposure mode gives you the ability to overlay imagery in-camera. When working in this mode, subsequent exposures can be paired and the final appearance can be previewed on the LCD or in the EVF before making the final exposure.

Motion panorama mode allows you to record expansive views up to 360° wide in a seamless, sweeping manner.

The included EF-X8 shoe-mount flash has a guide number of 26.2′ at ISO 100 and provides additional illumination to imagery for photographing in dark conditions. A sync terminal is also available for use of additional optional external flashes.

Four different auto bracketing modes are available: Dynamic Range, Film Simulation, AE, and ISO Sensitivity.

The included NP-W126 battery enables approximately 350 frames to be recorded per charge.

Jan 062014

New Fuji 56 1.2 Lens. An 84mm fast portrait prime!


I have to hand it to Fuji..they sure do know what lenses we want and with the release of their recent 23 1.4 and now upcoming 56 1.2 it is making Fuji even more and more tempting. I am just waiting for the perfect X body before I ever commit to Fuji though they have gotten much better since the original X-Pro 1 was released. Now we have the faster X-E2 and with these new lenses the possibilities are delicious. In my opinion, Fuji has changed the game with their new lens offering, specifically the already mentioned 23 1.4 which will give a 35mm 1.4 equivalent and the new 56. Add in the existing 35 1.4 and you have a perfect set of 35, 50 and 85  – all fast primes that will deliver sharpness, shallow DOF and nice Bokeh.

Now c’mon Fuji..release an X-Pro 2 with a build and responsiveness that it deserves :) 

You can now pre-order the new 56 1.2 lens at B&H Photo HERE at $999. They also sell the 23 1.4 AT $899. sells Fuji now and the 23 1.4 is in stock HERE and the 56 1.2 pre-order is HERE as is the 10-24 pre-order.

PS – I will be doing a full review of the X-E2 and 23 1.4 soon and will review the 56 1.2 as soon as it is released. 

Nov 142013

SOLD! A RARE Leica Mount lens. The 35 1.8 W-Nikkor LTM 


This has now been sold! 

This is a lens that you NEVER see  go up for sale, and when you do they go I guess I should not have said ‘Never” as they do come up from time to time. The last time I saw one for sale was from at $1700..then just over $1500 when the price was lowered. I bought that lens, reviewed it HERE and HERE and then had offers from a few readers to buy it. So I sold it. (how many 35’s does one man need)? Many times I buy things just to write about them, and then I sell them.

It is a fantastic lens. A 35 1.8 that is about the size of a 35 Cron but with a classic look and feel. A 100% unique lens. Works fantastic on the Leica M or the MM. It will also rock out on the Sony A7 and A7r :)

The last one I sold for $1600 without case. This one has the original old school case with it, an M adapter already on it and a Leica rear cap. No front cap but one can be found to fit it easily. You can see it above on my Chrome M. A beauty and with the mix of chrome and black, it fits the camera perfectly.





This lens is clean as a whistle, just as clean as the last one but the focus is spot on with this one. My last one was a teeny bit off.

So with the case, spot on focus and being ultra clean…you would think I would ask $1900. Nope. $1600 takes it.

So if there is anyone out there looking for this lens, it is a beauty and maybe 1-2 come up a year for sale. Very rare, very well made, very small, and a LEGEND!

I can accept credit cards, wire transfer or check (check takes a few days to clear). Ready to ship and ready to mount on your M!


A couple of quick snaps in my yard to show how it renders on the M 240.



Also for sale:

SOLD! A Voigtlander 25 0.95 Nokton Micro 4/3 Mount lens, as new in the box. Used 3 times. $700 firm.

SOLD! Olympus 45 1.8 New in box for Micro 4/3. Unused. Black – $270. Firm. SOLD!

E-mail me HERE if interested in any of it! Last time I posted things for sale they sold within 30 minutes :)

Also, did you guys see these new Leica T shirts? These are the official designs and from Leica. Check them out!


Sep 172013

Cool Stuff for Sale by Me! Bags, Camera, Lenses OH MY! 

As you may or may not know I have a 100% FREE buy and sell forum here on this website and new ads are placed each and every day. Items like Leica M bodies and lenses, classic lenses, film bodies, Micro 4/3, Sony NEX and RX and all kinds of goodies such as bags and accessories. It is a place that has boomed in popularity in the last 2-3 months and many are buying and selling each and every day, right here :)

I have a few things for sale myself and instead of just posting in the Buy and Sell, I figured I would make a full post of it and at the same time remind everyone of the Buy and Sell!

So to check out the buy and sell forum, CLICK HERE

As for what I have for sale..well, I have a few bags that I pulled out of my closet, a rare Nikkor 8.5cm f.2 lens for Leica, and even a NIkon V1 body in black and my original Olympus E-Pl1 from years ago! Take a look below and if anyone is interested in ANY of it, just send me an email HERE. I can accept credit cards/debit cards through Google Wallet and would email you an invoice. If you are interested in any of this email me at [email protected] – 1st come, 1st pay, 1st serve.

So here we go!

UPDATE: All items are GONE!


Think Tank Airport Airstream (2011 Model) – $120 plus $20 ship. Sells for $339 new HERE


I traveled with this bag when I did the Seal tours.  It held all of my gear which was two Leica M9’s, a Noctilux, Summilux, 35 cron, chargers, laptop and much more. This is a bag that can be carried on to flight and stowed in the compartments. It is made for airline travel. It has wheels and is easily rolled through the airport or where you need to go. Massive storage. You can read more about it HERE. At $200 off of the new price you will be getting a like new bag, Pics below of the actual bag. If you want it, 1st one to email me at [email protected] and pays the invoice with a credit or debit card gets it!





Artisan and Artist ACAM-7000 – My travel bag for the last 2-3 years – $150


This bag sells for $349 at dealers such as and Dale Photo. I have used this bag and it has traveled the world with me over the past 2-3 years. It is well used and worn in. Very “comfy”. I have since moved in to a new bag (ONA) and am retiring this one. I feel $200 off is a good buy for an A&A bag, especially one with some Mojo :) It’s not perfect, it’s not new but all is as it should be. Red interior with three sections. Zipper front. Fits my laptop, iPad, and accessories and cameras.lenses.

1st one to email me and say you want it gets it at $150 plus $10 shipping for USPS Priority Mail. EMail me here if interested. My review is HERE




Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 10 and 20

These are new, unused. $30 for either bag plus $10 shipping. Both for $50. Email me HERE if you want them. You can read more about them in my review.





Nikkor 8.5cm f/2 (85mm f.2) all metal and heavy Screw Mount lens (with Leica M adapter included) – $450 plus $15 ship. Review HERE where you can see what it looks like.


This is a vintage and yet LEGENDARY lens. Not so easy to find and when you do, they are usually $600. This is an 85mm f/2 lens for your Leica and I will even include an adapter to use on an M as this is a screw mount lens. Yes, you can use the rangefinder to focus and yes it is a beautiful lens. It is HEAVY as it feels like it is crafted from a solid block of metal. Below are a couple of shots I took with this lens on the M 240.

if you want it, email me at [email protected] :) I am only selling because it is just too heavy so going to a lighter alternative, probably a classic Canon 100. This does NOT come with hood, box, caps or case!




Nikon 1 18-5 1.8 in Silver – $100


This is a killer lens for Nikon 1. I have one in Silver for sale, like new. I am 99% sure I have the box. $100 plus $10 ship! E-MAIL ME IF YOU WANT IT! [email protected]. There is a review by Craig Litten on this site HERE.


and a shot with this exact lens on a V1


Nikon 1 30-110 Zoom – $115 plus $10 ship. 

This is the basic kit zoom for the Nikon 1. This one is new, never used and came in one of the kits. WIll sell for $115 plus $10 ship. The lens is BLACK. No box. This sells new for $249.





Nikon V1 – Black – as new


I have two, one in white, one in black. Selling off one as I am getting to have too many cameras around here (and new ones on the way for long-term review). So am selling  this Nikon V1 which has had maybe 300 shots taken, as new in box, for $240 plus $15 ship. My old review is HERE and the V1 gallery is HERE. E-mail me if you want it! [email protected]


Olympus E-Pl1

The original and the one I used in my original review HERE. It has been in my cabinet all of this time! I tested it and it worked great! NO issues! Black and silver.

Comes with 14-42 Kit zoom. 

$150 plus $10 ship! Email me at [email protected] if interested! NO BOX just camera, battery, charger and lens.  EMail me at [email protected] if interested.





Sep 112013

New Camera pre-order! Panasonic GX7, Sony QX10, Olympus E-M1, Leica C

Many new cameras have been announced in the past week or two, and more are on the way before the end of the year..I think :)

Panasonic has the cool and well received new GX7, Sony has announced some cool and different things in the QX10 and QX100 lens/cameras, a DSLR like $399 Alpah 3000 in e-mount and the new NEX-5T and 16-70 Lens.  Leica has announced a rebadged Panasonic LF1 but it is pretty nice looking, and the LF1 is a great little camera as it is. The Leica gives us the style, design and warranty of a Leica for $200 more with some cool accessories available for it as well. Of course, the big one so far is the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and 12-40 2.8 Pro Zoom Lens. Below are full links to my recommended dealers for pre-orders of all of these new releases. Many of us love to pre-order because it means we get the cameras 1st. Sometimes these hot cameras end up having long wait times for those who do not get their order in early (Leica M 240, Sony RX1R, Fuji X100s). The best part is you can pre-order from the dealers below yet your card will not be charged until the items ship. You can cancel at any time before that if you change your mind.

UPDATE: The new Sony Alpha 3000 is IN STOCK and at $398 it is the best bang for the buck out there. It seems to me Sony will LOSE money on this one to get people into the E-Mount system. This is a high speed, with EVF, APS-C camera that is SMALL but DSLR shaped that will accept E- Mount Lenses, have great low light performance, FAST AF, live view, HD video and all of the normal things we expect, including an 18-55 Zoom lens. All for $398. Amazing. I will be reviewing this SOON but did get to see it this past weekend. $398 is a steal for someone wanting to get into an APS-C sensor camera coming from a P&S and wanting that DSLR style.

So for those who are interested, I have listed the new releases that are coming VERY soon below along with their pre-order links! Later today I will have a review up of a Canon 6D with Canon 85L 1.2 and Sigma 35 1.4. Check back later!


Panasonic GX7:


Pre-Order the body only at B&H Photo

Pre-Order the body/kit zoom at B&H Photo

Pre-Order the Body only at Amazon

Pre-Order the Body/kit zoom at Amazon


Sony QX10 and QX100:


Pre-Order at B&H Photo

Pre-Order at Amazon

Sony Alpha 3000 with EVF and lens, $398 – BEST bang for buck camera on the market, hands down! 


Pre-Order at B&H Photo – IN STOCK NOW!!

Pre-Order at Amazon – IN STOCK NOW!!

Sony NEX-5T – The latest and greatest “5”:


Pre-Order at Amazon – IN STOCK NOW!

Pre-Order at B&H Photo – IN STOCK NOW!

Leica C – compact with built in EVF:


Pre-Order at

Pre-Order through Ken Hansen – email [email protected]

Pre-Order through the Pro Shop

Pre-Order at B&H Photo

Cool Leica C Case at


Olympus OM-D E-M1:


Pre-Order at

Pre-Order at B&H Photo

Pre-Order at Amazon


Olympus 12-40 f/2.8 Pro Zoom:


Pre-Order at

Pre-Order at B&H Photo

Pre-Order at Amazon




Sep 092013


The new Leica C (Type 112) Compact Camera 

Beautiful compact design!

Leica got it RIGHT with this one folks (for a rebadged Panasonic)! A spiffy and attractive compact pocket camera with a 28-200 zoom that looks amazing and has a built-in EVF. Based on the Panasonic Lumix LF1 but with much more style, the new Leica C looks more like an old Leica CM than anything, and that is a good thing. It will be shipping in October and will come in at $699 which is $200 more than the Panasonic version but this is a Leica with an all new design and as usual will have the Leica warranty and come with software. I think the new colors here are very very nice with a black/dark red top and white with a Champaign colored top. Very elegant if I do say so myself.


You can pre-order at dealers like Ken Hansen ([email protected]) or the Pro Shop (561-253-2606) if you want yours at launch next month. :)

This new C Type 112 is a point and shoot style with a small 1/1.7″ 12 MP sensor and a 28-200 f/2-f/5.9 equivalent lens. Full HD video and WiFi/NFC.  Based on the Panasonic LF1 BUT this Leica is much nicer looking and designed by Audi Design. A slew of accessories is slated to hit by December.

I LIKE THIS one just for the design and the fact that it has a built-in EVF. Can’t wait to give it a spin. To be fair, the LF1 is the same but with a matte black finish. I played with one at B&H Photo today and it was actually quite nice. Also played with a Hasselblad Stellar at another store. That was very interesting :)

To those who feel this is you really think LEICA would release its hot rodded customized looking LF1 for the same price as Panasonic? NO. $200 upcharge is quite good for Leica as in the past it has been as high as $500, so $200 is not so bad for the premium for the Leica design and name and warranty.


Below the Panasonic LF1 which comes in at $498




LEICA C – the new line of Leica digital compact cameras

With the Leica C, Leica presents the first model of a new line of Leica digital compact cameras. Featuring a high-performance Leica DC Vario-Summicron 6–42.8 mm f/2–5.9 ASPH. zoom lens and an exceptionally large sensor with a resolution of 12 megapixels, the Leica C guarantees images that are particularly rich in details. Together with this, the fast zoom lens is ideal for an almost infinite number of photographic situations and delivers outstanding imaging performance even in unfavourable light. The Leica C is the first Leica compact camera to feature an integrated Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication) module for the wireless transmission of image data to smartphones and tablet PCs. It also offers a wide range of camera functions, various settings, in-camera processing options and an intuitively simple handling concept for flexible and spontaneous photography. All this, plus its particularly stylish and elegant compact design, makes the Leica C an ideal companion for all occasions where photos are a must.

Its technical features are certainly impressive, but the eye-catching beauty of the Leica C is above all characterised by its slim and stylish form. The elegant looks of this camera are the work of Audi Design, who were also commissioned with the development of the unique range of camera accessories. An unusual colour concept – the Leica C is available in two finishes, light gold and dark red and is complemented by a range of accessories in premium materials that highlight the unique looks of the new Leica compact camera line.

Its Leica DC Vario-Summicron 6–42.8 mm f/2–5.9 ASPH. 7× zoom lens, with a range equivalent to 28 to 200 mm in 35 mm format, is extremely versatile and ideal for every kind of photography from portraits to wide-coverage shots and capturing the beauty of landscapes. Even more creative freedom is provided by a freely programmable ring on its lens. The combination of high-precision optics and a large sensor guarantees outstanding imaging performance and pin-sharp pictures with brilliant, natural colours, clarity and contrast. Thanks to its extremely fast autofocus and a continuous-shooting mode with up to ten frames per second, it captures even the tiniest details.

The Leica C is the first Leica camera to feature an integrated Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Connection) module. This allows the wireless transfer of still pictures and video data to smartphones and tablet PCs via a WLAN connection. To enable this function, all users have to do is download the Leica C Image Shuttle app and install it on their iOS or Android end device. The photographer can then dial into a WLAN connection and the data transfer can begin. Another highlight: WLAN and the app enable remote control of the Leica C from a smartphone or tablet PC – particularly practical for remote-release photography and shooting with the self-timer.

The camera’s full-HD video function opens up even more creative opportunities. The 3″ camera monitor offers photographers complete control during exposure and recording. The camera’s integrated viewfinder is an additional aid to composition and assessment of scenes in brightly lit situations. Videos and still pictures alike can be creatively processed either in the camera or with the Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® professional imaging software supplied with the camera.

Concurrent with the launch of the Leica C, Leica is also extending its service portfolio. This provides particular benefits for Leica C customers, as they can take advantage of a secure image-archiving package as an exclusive starting offer. More details will be announced in the near future.

As the perfect complement to the Leica C’s elegant and stylish looks, Leica now offers a range of specially designed, perfectly finished, premium matching accessories. The range currently features five different models. Every single one of these bags and cases is a unique and fashionable accessory – for example, the Leica C-Clutch, an elegant clutch handbag with carrying strap. In light gold or dark red Alcantara with a sandblasted metal closer, it offers two separate compartments with ample space for the camera and other personal belongings. The Leica C-Twist wrap-around bag is also new. Also in Alcantara and in a choice of two colours, this bag is attached to the tripod bush on the base of the camera and then simply wrapped around the Leica C and elegantly closed with a magnetic clasp. Available in light gold and dark red, the Leica C-Snap and its materials mix of hard plastic and elastic silicone provides optimum protection against scratches and inadvertent knocks. A unique design lends this unusual accessory for the compact camera an eye-catching and personalised look. The Leica C-Pouch is an elegant pouch with a fascinating wrap-around design in black lambskin nappa. The Leica C-Case, an elegant case in black leather with lighter contrast stitching, also offers excellent protection for the Leica C. Thanks to its magnetic clasp, the case can be opened and closed quickly and ensures that the camera is always ready for action within seconds. This case is supplied complete with a matching carrying strap in black leather with lighter contrast stitching. The C-Hand Straps in soft and supple Alcantara in a choice of light gold or dark red complement the collection of premium accessories for the Leica C and guarantee optimum carrying comfort.

The Leica C will be available from authorised Leica dealers starting in October 2013. The Leica C-Pouch and C-Snap accessories will be available from December.

SOLD – Canon 0.95 Dream Lens for sale

 Canon, for sale  Comments Off on SOLD – Canon 0.95 Dream Lens for sale
Jun 122013


Canon 0.95 Dream Lens for sale, two of them :)

UPDATE – My lens has been sold just awaiting confirmation of wire transfer.

Since writing my Canon 50 0.95 “Dream Lens” review I had a slew of e-mails asking me if I was selling it. Well, I did in fact purchase it and I am also selling this rare, unique and beautiful lens for anyone who is interested. First off, if you did not see my review of the lens, click here to see it. I also posted a video that shows this exact lens so you can see the quality of this 50 year old optic. It is free from fungus and haze and is the nicest one I have come across in M mount. This lens has been modified for M mount and is even 6-Bit coded, which was all done by DAG.

The images show what this lens can do, and what it does no other lens can do, not even a Leica Noctilux f/1 or 0.95. This is not a high contrast lens at 0.95, in fact, the files could use contrast enhance in the RAW processing if you want more bite. Color is fantastic with my M 240 as is B&W. The lens is massive but again, this is an f/0.95 lens. A few samples below:





This is a gorgeous lens and does not come up often in the M mount and 6-Bit coded often, especially one that has spot on focus as this one does (on my M 240 and MM, which are both spot on with their RF). They sometimes pop up on e-bay and I saw one there recently for $3800. It all depends on condition. This one is clean and the aperture and focus is smooth, and as I said, spot on. There is no fungus or any kind of damage. It may not be perfect as no 50 year old lens is but this is the best I have seen and it is tough to get a good focusing copy.

If you are interested, send me an e-mail HERE. I am only selling due to finances and other items coming in that I had to buy to review as well as the fact that I would only use this lens a few times per year due to the uniqueness of it. I have two other 50’s coming in the next few days. I know many have emailed me offers for this one, but I deleted those as I was not expecting to sell the lens. This is a chance for someone to get a unique lens. I can accept Check, Money order, Wire or Credit Card through Google wallet with a 2.5% fee. Shipping would be Express next day for $75 (yes, it costs this much to ship Fed Ex next day). E-Mail me for pricing HERE. I expect it to go quickly so 1st come  – 1st to pay – 1st serve.


A reader also has one of these for sale!

A reader who I have bought old lenses from in the past also has one of these for sale at $2500 in M mount but the lens has a crack in it (corner) that he says does not affect IQ. I have not seen images from his copy so not sure about focusing accuracy, etc. If you want you can e-mail him HERE and I am sure he can tell you details and send you images of his lens.


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