Mar 212014

The CosySpeed Camslinger Camera Holster Review

The new CosySpeed Camslinger series of camera bags are here and they are quite unique and different from your ordinary camera bag that slings over your shoulder or chest. The Camslinger series is designed for use on your HIP, just like in the good old wild west days when cowboys wore a six-shooter on the hip. Instead of a gun, the Camslinger bags allow you to store your mirror less camera inside, sort of like a holster, where it is ready to rock and roll at any given moment.


There are some very cool things about these new bags and I am always a fan of “different” and even though there were a couple of small irritations, I found them to be a very enjoyable product. Basically, these bags are are pretty nice and affordable solutions to carrying around a small mirror less system without the weight on your upper body.

The Camslinger comes in two sizes. The smaller 105 and the larger 160. I was able to fit a Leica M and one lens inside of the larger 160 bag. The smaller 105 is meant for smaller cameras and lenses, much like an Olympus E-M1 or E-P5. Think “mirrorless” as this is what the bags were designed for. Small system cameras and a lens or two. For this it works very well. I took out the 160 for a couple of days and it held an E-M10 and 12-40 zoom. It held it perfectly even with the larger zoom and I had it at my hip and at the ready at any given moment.

While at a party a few asked me a question when they saw me: “since when do you wear fanny packs”?


Yep. It does look like a fanny pack and I am not a fan of fanny packs. As useful as they are I am just not the fanny pack kind of guy. With that said, I personally did not feel like I was wearing a fanny pack because I knew what it was and I knew that my camera was there at all times without me even realizing it. The fact is that while wearing the camslinger it literally put no weight on my body. I felt like I was out without my camera but there it was the whole time, on my side. I also had a lens pouch attached holding an additional lens.

These bags are aimed at street shooters and owners of mirror less cameras. I would also aim this bag at wedding shooters as with the accessories you can add to the belt it makes for one hell of a wedding set up (if you do not use large DSLR’s of course).

Would I use these on the street? Possibly… most likely. If I were going to bring one camera and two lenses, sure. If I were going to shoot somewhere that required walking around, for sure. It is so comfortable to use and wear as well as being 100% functional  that it was a pleasure to wear and walk around all day with.


BUT, I do have a couple of niggles..

If you are out and about with this around you then every time you want to sit down (comfortably) you will need to remove it but to be fair, same goes with a traditional camera bag.  Also, sometimes the bag latch is a but tricky to unlatch and latch as it requires a pull out before unlatching (for safety reasons, which is good) but also, with practice it gets easier.

It’s a great concept and the company seems very well planned out with the two sizes, accessories to hold lenses, flash, memory or what have you. It is a complete camera holster system for mirror less cameras.



They also sent me a very nice “cam pillow” which was pretty cool. It came with paperwork describing what it is and how it was made and a picture of the woman who made it along with her story. I really enjoyed that and thought it was a nice touch. I probably will not use it much, if at all, but again, nice touch.




The Camslinger bags could be just what some of you have been waiting for. They are well made, adjustable, easy to wear and use (once you get the hang of the belt) and are a quality product that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

To read much more about them and order them visit CosySpeed HERE.  The USA order page is HERE.

Dec 032013


Tenba Introduces New Classic Bags

Vintage benchmark designs made available to a new generation of photographers

North White Plains, NY – December 3, 2013 – Leading the way in carrying solutions for over 30 years, Tenba announces a reintroduction of three vintage bag designs for a new generation of photographers. The Tenba Classic collection includes three models: the P211 courier bag, the P415 briefcase camera bag, and the Tenba 2 camera bag. These new Classic bags feature the same fine tailoring and uncompromising materials and hardware as when they were first launched up to thirty-four years ago.

The P211 originally introduced in 1979, was the first slim courier camera bag. It features Tenba’s patented lower lens compartment, which allows extra lenses and other gear to be as quick to access as the gear in the main compartment. The P415 came to market in 1986, and was the first truly great camera briefcase. A side zipper allows the bag to instantly double in size to accommodate additional gear when necessary. The Tenba 2 was designed in 1979 as the original minimalist camera bag: just one main padded camera compartment, and two slim pockets front and back.

Each Tenba Classic bag is made with the same materials and hardware as when they were first introduced: high-density nylon exteriors, YKK zippers and clips, genuine leather handles and embossed leather logos.

“These benchmark Tenba bag designs have been highly sought after for their legendary quality, great looks and high performance,” said Peter Waisnor, Marketing Manager of Tenba. “After fielding thousands of requests for these bags from around the world, we decided it was time to bring them to a current generation of photographers.”

Tenba Classic bags began shipping on December 1st at a suggested retail price of $59.95 for the Tenba 2, $89.95 for the P211, and $169.95 for the P415. To find more information about the Tenba Classic bags, and to see a full video demonstration of all Tenba products, visit .







About Tenba

Tenba provides innovative carrying case solutions for professional photographers and filmmakers, and their full equipment arsenal. Tenba introduced the world to soft-sided, professional camera bags in 1977, and has been an innovation and quality leader in the decades since. With so many years of experience in bag development and construction, along with a unique level of closeness and daily connection to the professional imaging community, Tenba is truly dialed-in to both the real-world needs of its customers and the latest in design trends, materials and manufacturing. With its own, U.S.-based, dedicated “bag lab” product development center and manufacturing facilities, both domestic and abroad, Tenba’s resources and capabilities allow the company to create unique and exceptional carrying and transport solutions for serious imagemakers.


Tenba products are designed and marketed exclusively by MAC Group ( in the USA, and are sold by distributors around the world.


Sep 132013


BAG REVIEW: Ona Union Street and The Bowery

It seems like I have been getting a ton of bags in lately for review. Last time it was the attractive and very functional TENBA Mini Messenger. Before that it was the new Think Tank Mirrorless Movers. In previous articles I have shared my love for Artist & Artisan bags.

But today I am going to write about bags that so many others online have written about in the past because these are NOT new bags, but they are DAMN GOOD ones :) These two bags are from ONA.

ONA makes some amazing bags for cameras or whatever gadgets you want to carry and I decided that the Union Street and the Bowery would be two great bags to take a look at because A: Many photographers swear by them and B: They are two bags differing enough in size to where you could own both. One for a larger setup (DSLR) and one for a smaller setup (Mirrorless or Leica M).



The 1st thing that struck me is the colors available. They pretty much ALL look attractive to me. The Smoke, the Black, the Field Tan and even the all leather offerings. But I decided to take a look at the black with the brown leather trim. When they arrived I appreciated the nice packaging and when I saw the bags I was pleasantly surprised at just how nice they really look in person. These are some great looking stylish bags, and made VERY well.

The one thing that disappointed me was that the Union Street and Bowery, while both being Black with leather trim, well, they use different color leather! If someone was buying these as a set for travel (again, one for larger systems and one for smaller systems) it would be nice if they matched since many who will buy these are not only buying them for the build and functionality, but the style as well. These two leather colors were much different with the Union Street being a dark reddish leather and the Bowery being a brown.

So, besides that one niggle, I thought the bags were gorgeous.



I used to own a Billingham Hadley Small about 5 years ago and really liked it but today I would choose a Bowery as I really enjoy the design and build and feel. It is perfect for a Leica M and 2-3 lenses. It also comes in at $119, so it is not crazy expensive (though it looks and feels like it should be)

The Union Street is LARGE. I carried a Canon 6D and 85L along with a Sigma 35 1.4 and Sony NEX-7 and added my 13″ Macbook Air. it was HEAVY and today, 3 days later, my back is thanking me for that. Three days carrying that load around can really do a number to a man who is 43, almost 44 :)

So the Union Street would also be good for a Leica M system, a few lenses, a laptop computer, chargers, cables, SD cards, etc. It will hold it all for travel and if you want to look good while traveling, the Union Street will help you with that goal. I had several compliments on it while traveling all week from people just saying “nice bag” to those asking me what it is and where to get one. Some will thing it looks “purse like” and that is the problem with many fashionable camera bags. Some do indeed look like a “MURSE”, but hey, I am confident in my manhood and had no problem carrying around these bags, lol. They were GREAT.

So if you are looking for a great looking and functional bag, the ONA bags may not beat out the Tenba messenger in function but they look a little slicker carrying around your gear and are VERY well made with canvas and nice thick leather accents.

You can buy the entire line of ONA bags at B&H Photo HERE


Aug 172013

The Tenba Mini Messeger Bag Video Review


Hello and happy weekend to all! Last week I talked a little about this messenger bag from Tenba “The Mini Messenger”. I ordered one in Brown from and have had it for a couple of days now. I am pretty happy with the bag and it is larger than I thought. This bag will take the place of my aging and ratty Artisan and Artist bag I have taken all over the world over the last few years as it can hold more and is made better. It may not have the low-key appearance but it looks like a messenger style bag and it is VERY functional, up there with Think Tank bags. I find it stylish, well made, comfortable and it can hold 2-3 cameras, lenses, my macbook air 13″, my iPad mini, chargers, SD card holder and more. Everything I need. My new travel bag, the Tenba Mini Messenger.


Below is a video review of the bag so you can see it and all it offers. Is it right for you? Only you can answer that! But it is available at, B&H Photo or Tenba Direct.

Aug 142013

The New Tenba Messenger Mini Camera/Laptop Bag


I am liking what I see in the video below by Tenba on their new Messenger bag that will hold your photo gear and laptop while having some pretty cool features such as waterproof bottom (so if you have to sit your bag down on a wet surface it will not soak inside the bag) and compartments and the overall design (as well as the wide color selection). I have spoken with Tenba about getting a sample to review as it seems like a GREAT travel bag. I love my Fogg bag but it does not hold much besides my camera and lens and it costs 5X the amount of this Tenba bag. My very nice Think Tank “Mirrorless Mover” has somehow found its way to my Son for his Nikon V1 setup.

I like these Tenba bags because even the smallest MINI Messenger will hold a macbook air or iPad and the brown would look pretty sharp in my copper Mini Cooper :) Take a look at the video below and you can also check it out on their website to see all of the cool colors available.

The Messenger comes in three sizes: Mini, Small and Large 

and Look at all of the colors on Amazon :)


B&H Photo also sells these and the reviews are fantastic, so I may end up just ordering one :) If so, I will do a video review as soon as I give it a spin.


May 242013

Try a Think Tank Retrospective Bag for FREE, and if you like it, pay for it!

Think Tank Photo has an awesome promo running right now on their popular “Retrospective” bags. These are high quality bags chock full of functionality. I reviewed one of them a while back HERE with a video review. Great bags but maybe you are not sure if they would work for you? Well, the great news is now you can try one for free. You simply follow THIS link, read the details (which I am posting below) and place your order. When you get the bag you get to try it for 30 days. If you like it, keep it and Think Tank will charge you after 30 days. If you do not like it, just send it back before the 30 days and you will never be charged. Truly risk free.



What is the Test Drive program and why are we doing this?

Our Test Drive Program gives you two full weeks to test the product in real-world circumstances, giving you a risk-free opportunity to determine if it’s the right bag for you before you buy.

We depend on photographers to give us ongoing product feedback. Your input on our products influences current product updates and future product development. By offering this program, it allows our products to be thoroughly tested in the field by photographers in the widest variety of circumstances and environmental conditions. If you decide to return the bag, then all we ask that you provide us with feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the product to better fit your needs.

If you decide to keep the bag, we will then charge your credit card in approximately one-month after you’ve placed your order.

Note: ATM/Debit cards are not accepted. If you purchase a Test Drive product with a debit card, your account will be charged immediately.

When is the Sign Up Period?

The Test Drive program will run from May 15, 2013—June 15, 2013 or while supplies last.


May 082013


The new Think Tank Mirrorless Mover Bags – Video Review

You can buy these great affordable bags direct from Think Tank Photo HERE

Take a look at the video review below of the entire line of Mirrorless Mover bags. These include the 5, 10, 20 and 30i. 

Hello to all and Happy Wednesday! It is mid-week and flying by as usual, especially for me as I always have new gear flying in and out of my house, lol. Today I have the brand new set of camera bags from Think Tank Photo, the Mirrorless Mover series. This series consists of four different size bags for your mirrorless or even Leica camera system. They are specially made for the small size/high quality camera market and these bags are all high quality in construction, have loads of features and are some of the most well thought out bags I have seen. They look great, feel great, have metal hardware and quality zippers. A magnetic folding front flap and most models have an iPhone/Smartphone holder as well as SD card pockets. They all feature a “raincoat” in case you get in a wet situation and the best part is they are pretty much dirt cheap in cost for what you get. Priced from $35 to $70 you get quite a bit for your money here and these are highly recommended by me. In fact, these now get my “Best Buy” pick for your mirrorless camera bag needs. Nothing beats them for the price, nothing. While not “Luxury Bags” with leather trim and fancy looks, these bags are much more functional in design and use, which is where it matters.

The 30i, the largest and most functional of all the bags, under $70!


When I did the video review at the top of this page I had no idea how much these were going to sell for as they were not launched yet. I assumed the largest and most functional 30i bag would be $149. It is under $70! This bag will even hold your iPad safely and snugly inside along with your camera, 3-4 lenses, charger, batteries, cards and phone. It is also the choice for Leica users as the 30i is “Leica Size” and easily holds your M and a few lenses with accessories. All in a good-looking and super functional design for under $70.

You can see more info or buy these great affordable bags direct from Think Tank Photo HERE

Nov 072012

The best camera bag for any Mirrorless or Leica M system! Think Tank Retrospective 5

So I was looking back at all of the camera bags I have tried over the years..from cheap but functional Crumpler bags to fancy Billingham bags to very fancy FOGG bags. Artist and Artisan has also been around my shoulder (and still is) but there is one bag that was just made in a way that reeks of functionality and quality when it comes to small mirrorless or a Leica M system. Plenty of room for a camera and up to 3 lenses along with accessories and an iPad mini. The bag is small, discreet, looks cool and has a comfy strap.

This bag is NOT new and most sites wrote about this one a loooong time ago (even me) but just wanted to give it some love again as it is a fantastic bag that does just about everything right. I made a new video for it below so you can see it on me and hear my explanation as to why it is such a deal at $137.

You can go direct to Think Tank for one, or B&H Photo.  It is also available in Slate Blue.

Below is the new video I posted yesterday to my YouTube channel! Enjoy!

Jun 052012

Great cheap goodies for your lenses – Soft micro lens pouch is a GREAT buy.

I had to let you guys know about these as my buddy Todd makes and sells these and I have been using them for the past month or so and LOVE them. They are called the “Micro Lens Pouch” and are made for smaller camera systems and the lenses that we pay so dearly for. The is a great way to protect your glass and offers much more protection than just throwing them in a bag. I have the 3 pack here and the small fits a Leica summarit or summicron type of lens, the medium fits my Panasonic 25 1.4 or equivalent size and the large even fit a Leica Noctilux. The lenses are super soft with great cushion and protection. The great thing is you can buy all three for $29.95 and they are sold at Amazon, and shipped by Amazon.

While Todd makes and sells these I am not writing this because I know him or because he paid me (he did not). I am writing about them because I feel they are truly a great buy. Ive been using them almost daily for a while now and they have held up well for me and even helped protect my little 50 Summarit when I dropped it out of my bag.

You can buy each size separately or the get the three pack of various sizes for $29.95

The three pack can be found Here on Amazon

You can also just buy the Small, Medium, or Large for just over $10 each. Highly recommended!

Also available in a 2-Pack, small and medium!

BTW, I might as well add a plug for the 2012 Photo Cruise since the guy who makes these pouches is also going to be joining us ! I still have a few cabins remaining and if anyone is interested I need to know before July 1st! Check out the cruise page here, but imagine a full week on the seas and photography at every stop! Of course guests are welcome and can participate in all shooting! Will be a blast and free lens pouches for all :)

and…Don’t miss the street strap!

The street strap is also a very cool strap that I have attached to my new black Fuji X100 and it is a black cloth strap that looks similar to the A&A Silk cord strap, but this is not silk and it is longer so you can wear it around you. This is also on Amazon and shipped by Amazon so no dealing with 3rd party vendors. I like this strap and I also like my Barton strap and A&A strap! Just like with bags and cameras, all personal preference. But if you have been wanting a nice black strap that is comfy and long enough to strap around your body when carrying your camera this one is great. You can check it out on Amazon HERE.

May 152012

Your best B&W CONTEST! Win a new Wotancraft City Explorer “Paratrooper” bag!


Hey guys! It has been a while since I had a contest here and decided it was time to put one up again. I have had this bag sitting here in my house for a couple of months and not being used so decided it should go to someone. I could sell it but I could also give it away and with all of the news of the Leica Monochrom camera coming in August, why not have a Black & White photo contest? Should be fun! So I am giving away this lovely Wotancraft City Explorer Paratrooper bag.

SUBMIT YOUR BEST B&W photo starting NOW!

This one is easy and simple. You can submit one and only one photo to me for this contest. The rules are below:

  • Photo must be Black & White and no larger than 1800 pixels wide horizontal or 680 pixels wide vertical.
  • Photo can be digital or shot on film. No extensive PP is allowed (changing the photo) but light PP is (levels, contrast, sharpen, conversions)
  • Photo can be of anything, just make it your favorite B&W shot that you have taken!
  • This contest is open to everyone, worldwide
  • You can send image starting NOW through June 15th and I will post a top 10 on the site on June 20th.
  • When submitting include your name and address in the e-mail so if you win, I know where to ship the bag.
  • Send ONE image only and make sure to follow the size rules.

That is it! I decided that I will choose the top 10 and I will use polling again to choose the winner. These are the rules so if you do not agree with them, do not enter :) 

So if you want to win this bag, you can send in your submission starting NOW to me at [email protected]. Good luck!


Mar 212012

The Wotancraft City Explorer “Paratrooper” Camera Bag

Last week I showed you a quick look at the Wotancraft “Paratrooper” camera bag and today wanted to show you a closer look via video. This bag came from and is part of the “City Explorer” line of bags. It is unique due to the way you open it up to access your gear, which is from the front instead of the top. The bag is high quality and made extremely well so no worries in that department. I carried the bag around for a week with an M9P and SLR Magic 50 T0.95 which is a huge setup and it fit just fine. The bag is tough, stylish and looks great with its leather accents. The cost of this one is $229 but would last you a lifetime.

I would suggest this bag for Micro 4/3 shooters, Sony NEX shooters, Fuji X shooters, etc. Even an M9 with one or two lenses would work and you have plenty of room in the bag with all of the pockets for storage of memory cards, light meters, batteries, film, even chargers.

You can check out the entire line of bags at the link HERE but be warned, their website seems to be slooooow. I still prefer the Fogg bags for my daily use and my Artisan & Artist when I travel but for those seeking a small bag solution, this one is high quality and the price is in the same ballpark as the Billingham models.

One cool thing about this bag is that you can actually wear it around your waist like a fanny pack if you do not like straps around your body. There is a hidden strap in the back of the bag that pulls out to go around your waist. You can then remove the shoulder strap quickly and easily.

Dec 222011

A Businessman’s Bag by Dave Murphy

Dave’s website is at

So, you are a businessman and also a photographer?  Or you are a photographer who also runs a business?  Or maybe you are just a guy who wants a bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag.  Either way, you need a bag that is smart, savvy, looks crisp and is equally at home in the office, at a commercial client meeting, or on the street shooting.

You looked at a bunch of bags.  You looked at the Billingham Hadley line.  Lovely bags, true, but only the Hadley Pro actually has a handle and, as a businessman, you know that there are times (especially when greeting people) when it’s helpful to be able to get the bag off your shoulder and simply hold it.  As a photographer you know that having weight on one shoulder all day can also be an issue.  As a traveler you know that having a bag on your shoulder as you walk down the plane isle is guaranteed to bang into everyone already seated. Yes, a handle is a nice feature to have.  But, if you are like me, maybe the Hadley Pro is just a tad small for you?

Maybe you looked at some terrific all leather briefcases like Jack Georges.   Solid, rugged, and utterly business.  But, oh my, at about 6 pounds empty it is very heavy.  I carried one for 15 years and it is only now showing its age — and so am I.  As a businessman and a photographer, I simply don’t want something that heavy anymore.  That is one reason why I shoot with a Leica M9 whenever I can.  Why carry a small, light camera if your bag is going to weigh in at 6 pounds empty?

Because of the weight of leather, you, like me, may also be thinking that you need canvas.  But you also know that you need a design that will look a little dressed-up too.  Enter the Mulholland Brothers Waxed Canvas Anglers Bag in tan or olive (also available in all leather if you still wish to go that route).

The Bag

I just bought this bag in tan a couple of months ago (note: the current bag has been changed a little – the buckles are silver tone and mine are gold… there may be other changes that I am unaware of…. write Mulholland if you have questions).  And, yes, I know that at $345 it is quite pricey for a camera bag but not out of line for a briefcase.  You may also want to add an insert like the  Domke or Billingham and that will add even more to the cost (I use the Domke).  But, once that is done, you can easily carry your photographer stuff and your business stuff in one terrific, light, convenient package.   Oh, and while we are talking about cost, do keep in mind that at $345 this bag is about $100 more expensive than the Hadley Pro but actually about $200 cheaper than a similarly sized Fogg bag.

The bag itself is light and well-made (as you should expect for a bag of this price).  Since it is a briefcase, there is no padding (hence the need for an insert, just like the Hadley line).  The shoulder strap is comfortable and adjustable but mine does not have a shoulder pad (the Mulholland site mentions a “padded” strap now but I am uncertain what that means).   Without a pad, the strap does have a tendency to slip a little while on the shoulder – a definite downside.

Turning to the front of the bag, the front straps secure with snaps.  The handle on the top is comfortable and will begin to conform to the hand after some break-in.   There are two large front pockets (secure with a snap) and a large interior main compartment.  Inside, there is also a place to put business cards and pens and a hook for your keys.  On the back there is a terrific metal zippered compartment that easily holds an iPad or some paper files.  What’s more, where as the Billingham Hadley Pro has a top flap that covers the sides (to help keep rain out), the Mulholland has cut the sides of the bag at the top to actually fold into the interior a bit (and this too will help keep rain out – although the Billingham does seem a more surefire bet in this regard).

How big is this Bag?

I currently own the Jack George briefcase linked above and the Mulholland’s exterior size is MUCH smaller that that bag.   For those of you that own the Domke F-803, it the Mulholland is a little bit longer, a little bit taller and significantly thicker (by several inches).  That extra thickness is the key to this bag – the Length and height are not really that big (so the bag looks and feels “small”) but since it is a lot thicker than something like the F-803, it can hold a LOT more.

So, what fits in the bag?  

As mentioned, this is a small bag on the outside but it is huge on the inside.  What fits, you ask?

How about a 15” Macbook Pro (and charger), an M9 (and battery charger) with a 50mm Summicron lens attached and a 35mm Summicron in a case, a spare Leica battery, a small paper notebook, AND an iPad in a thin back/front case (and charger), cell phone (and charger), keys, spare pair of glasses or sunglasses, SD cards, USB sticks, business cards, pens, a couple of snack bars, a “frequent traveler medicine kit” (aspirin, decongestant, Band-Aids and ear plugs for noisy hotel neighbors) passport, airline boarding passes, receipts, and some miscellaneous office papers that every businessman has.  Oh, if you really want to tilt the bag towards photography, toss in an Olympus EP-2 body with a 20mm f/1.7 Panny attached and spare battery — it will hold that too!

While I haven’t tried it, my guess is that you might be able cram a small travel umbrella in there too or maybe a pair of gloves or a winter scarf.  Get the picture?  It holds a LOT of stuff – just about everything you need as a businessman and Leica photographer – or as a Leica photographer and businessman. 

Now lets be clear:  you are not going to be able to take your M9, a 15” laptop, an iPad, all the chargers and two 4” wide 3-ring binders of full of paper.  Folks, if you still need all those hundreds of pages of paper files, this bag won’t be happening for you.

Is this bag for you?

Well, there is no perfect bag for everyone.  But, if the price is right for you, you should consider the Mulholland if you want a light-weight bag that is as much a briefcase as a photo bag and is equally at home in a business meeting, a photographer meet-and-greet, or being stealthy on the street.  The bag is new to me and only time will tell if this is the workhorse I hope it to be.  Bottom line: If you are looking to be a businessman and a photographer at the same time, this just might be your bag.



Sep 202011

Upcoming Reviews and News – Pentax Q arrives!

Hello to all! It’s Tuesday at about 7:22 am and I am awaiting a couple of packages today from UPS. It seems that at least once a week something gets delivered to my door and it is always a fun time seeing what is inside. Today I know what is coming and I expect it to be very very cool. One of the packages will contain the new Pentax Q camera and lenses, viewfinder, etc. I will be doing a complete review on the tiny Q system which has intrigues me since it was announced. This small sensor camera system has a couple of things going for it for sure, and that is small size and great build.

B&H has the cameras in stock now in white and black. I will be reviewing it with the 47mm equivalent kit lens, the fisheye and the 100mm equivalent Toy Lens. I do feel that the price seems high at $799 for having such a small sensor. This is only $100 less than an Olympus E-P3 setup and $100 more than a Sony NEX-5n kit. I will post a first look in the next couple of days but will be heading to Chicago on Thursday so I will be sure to carry the Q with me everywhere.

The Classified Buy Sell ads

Also, the classified section on the site is ROCKING! LOTS of great buys have been posted lately and I saw yesterday that a brand new unused Leica M9P in black was posted. If anyone wants a new one, check out the ad HERE. You can see all of the ads HERE, and even place your own! Sell your gear quickly and easily!


FAST & PRIME – A brand new premium hand made case/carry solution for your Leica M

So you think your Luigi case is nice? Wait until you get a load of this BRAND NEW system for carrying your Leica M9 from Part holster, part bag, part case. All three in one. This new system is all hand made from the best leather and each piece is even induvidually numbered. I was lucky enough to snag #1 and will be showing it off in a world premiere exclusive review/unveiling right here on the site. I have been in contact with the owner for quite a while now as he crafted my case and he has just launched the site HERE. I will be showing you my fast & prime M9 case via video and photos in the next two days and will be using it at the Chicago meet up/workshop.

From the looks of it, this is a GREAT design full of functionality and each system comes with the case/holster, neck strap, hand strap and lens case. Basically, no need for a bag when you want to go out with your M9 and two lenses. It will all fit around you or your waist with easy holster access to your M9. Now all I am going by his his description and photos but mine arrives today so I will let you guys know all about it ASAP. One thing is for sure, this is one functional design unlike any other out there today. Stay tuned!


What else is on the way? Olympus 45 1.8, Olympus Mini Pen (possibly), Ricoh GXR M unit and GRD IV…

I have other reviews in the works after I return from Chicago and am still waiting for my copy of the Olympus 45 1.8 which was supposed to be in my hands two weeks ago! It should arrive in the next week or so and I will be reviewing that on the E-P3 or Olympus E-PM1, the TEENY TINY MINI Pen which after holding one appears to be the smallest interchangeable lens camera to date. I’m not a huge fan of teeny tiny and feel the gorgeous E-P3 is a perfect size but many are loving it so I may do a review on it for those interested.

Other cameras that will be arriving to me soon are the Samsung NX200, the Ricoh GR Digital IV, the Ricoh M mount unit for the GXR, and of course…the Sony NEX-7.

So there will be lots coming up over the next few weeks along with Daily Inspirations, Guest Reports and Articles and reports from the Chicago event this weekend!

Aug 092011

The Fogg B-Laika Camera Bag Video Review

Hey ho, lets go! It is Tuesday and just realized I never posted the Fogg B-Laika bag review video I did yesterday nor did I let many of you know of the E-P3 video samples I posted in the review a couple days ago. So here they are! Oh, and my rocking’ intro music for the bag review is a one time thing, so don’t get too excited :) I know you will want to get up and dance so feel free. Lol.

The Fogg B-Laika Luxury Camera Bag – The best of the best (if that is your thing)

You can buy this bag at


and I added this to the Olympus E-P3 review to show the video quality and the Jello effect in some of the shots. I did find out if you DISABLE Image Stabilization then the video does NOT have the Jello Effect. I have to say, I am still shooting the E-P3 with the 12mm and it is one hell of a combo. I will be posting a “Crazy Comparison” tomorrow between it and the M9 and 24 Summilux! Woohoo!

Jul 202011

Think Tank Photo Retrospective 5 Camera Bag Video Review

Bags. You either love them or you hate them, and finding the right one can be a PAIN in the ass sometimes. I have gone through MANY bags and while I had one or two that I loved and that worked for a while, I always seem to find another that could be better for my needs. Being a passionate photographer is cool, but being a gearhead can sometimes be a curse :) One cool thing that came from all of my bag hunting is this little bag from Think Tank Photo…the Retrospective 5.

It’s a small(ish) messenger style bag that comes in Black or Pinestone color, both of which look really nice. The bag has so many compartments for all of your gear and extras but at the same time, stays small and compact..and soft. I hate big stiff bags and this one is nice, soft ,and somewhat floppy. I love the big flap that folds over the front as well as the velcro silencers and all of the room. Think Tank really did  their homework here as this bag has just about everything you will need for any small camera system like the Leica M, Olympus PEN or Fuji X100 and accessories.

I can easily fit an M9 with 50 Summilux attached along with a 50 Noctilux and 35 cron, a couple of batteries, some SD cards, and if I wanted to, my charger and cables. Lots of room, but the bag remains pretty small.

This is my new “around town” bag and I will keep my larger Artisan & Artist bag for traveling. At $129, you can’t go wrong. You can buy direct from Think Tank HERE as it’s always in stock.

I made a short video below so you can see the bag with all of its pockets and space. I used a GoPro HERO to record the video as I am experimenting with it right now and plan to use it for some upcoming technique videos. Enjoy!

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