Jan 042012

From Steve: Coming later today is another edition of “Q&A Wednesday” but for now I’d like to share with you some of the most inspirational images I have seen in a while. I have known Peter for years now and his images always go right to my heart and soul as he truly does capture “Life’s Little Moments”. Enjoy!

Dear Steve,

In follow-up to my previous contributions “Life’s Little Moments“, “The M9 for Sports” and “All I know about photography in 25 words” , I wanted to make another contribution to your fine website.

These were taken over the past year and I hope they continue to convey my philosophy of image creation, that is, “seeing and capturing the beauty of life’s little moments.”

I’d be honoured if you posted them.

Either way, I wish you (much deserved) ongoing success for 2012 and beyond!

Your friend,

Peter | Prosophos.


and one more image for Jan 2012!
Mar 302011

Dear Steve

Here are a couple of portraits of my mother, which I took on a recent visit. She is 85 years old and suffers badly from a number of ailments. Nevertheless she keeps on smiliing. These two shots were taken whilst we were chatting and having fun. They make me happy. I hope they cheer up others two. We have lots to live for and we should all make the most of what we have.

Both images were taken with an M9 and 50mm Summicron. I also used a Metz flash bounced off the wall behind me to provide some fill for her face. The Leica is a non threatening camera and works really well for informal portraits such as these. With the Metz flash it is a little more imposing and unwieldy, but without it these shots would simply have not worked!

Have a happy day!!

Keith Greenough

Mar 272011

What makes a photograph a “classic”?

By ~6

Email conversation between me and ~6 this morning…

Steve– “TOO BAD I MISSED THE FOCUS……would have been a classic shot”.

`6– “No, no, no, no…..it is perrrrrfect that you missed focus! Also, the ‘dust/scratch/vignette’ pp is perfect for this photo. It looks so authentic and in my opinion you should post it as an example of what makes a, to use your word, “Classic” photograph. It is nothing about focus, nothing about digital versus film and it is nothing about the gear. It is about one thing…the photographers ability to ‘stop time’, to capture emotion! Alternatively, post it and let me say it as some people (there’s always one) might think you’re being self-praising, not that, that would stop me mind you. I could write an essay on this picture alone and it is perhaps my favorite of the whole tour because it tells me so much and leaves me to imagine even more. It is perfect Steve and I want a print.”

Above is a section of an email correspondence between Steve and myself.

I asked steve to let me write this for a few reasons. The first being that he sent it to me with the title ‘Shame I missed the focus….would’ve been a classic’. The second reason being that it may come off as being ‘self-praising’ if he were to use the appropriate words to describe what I feel is one of his greatest photographs ever. Lastly, it is a shining example of what makes a lasting ‘Photograph’ and not a ‘file’.

Without question, this will turn out to be the photograph that I will hang on the wall of my studio when I return home. Not only to remind me of this tour, but also to serve as a memory of this stage of my life with everything and everyone that was around it at the time. It is what I will look at when I’m old and grey (please God) because my feeling is that more than the incredible, best ever photographs that Steve took of the rest of the band, crew and myself, yes, more than those iconic images of me performing in my prime, this one photograph will perhaps be the one that draws tears, lament, joy and a sense of pride when I look back on my professional career.

It is sad and happy at the same time. It shows the detachedness that one has to have when being away from home for extended periods of time. Within the context of the whole tour series, it tells the ‘narrative’, the need to numb one’s-self with liquor, nicotine and fool-hardy behaviour in order to obtain relief from the distance of those loved one’s left behind. It conveys the humidity in the night air of Recife. It shows the tour winding down, the end of one chapter and perhaps the beginning of another, the complexity of a great musician and friend that is Marcus Brown. Yes, it shows all of this in one decisive moment…one photograph. I could go on and write a paper on this photograph but I won’t as the gym beckons and soundcheck is in about three, besides… it’s better left to your imagination.

Angels made of flesh and bone come in and out of one’s life at optimum moments disguised as people. They bring messages that are sometimes hard to see and other times…as clear as the sunlit day here in Recife. You just have to be open to see them.

Thanks for being an angel Steve, thanks for being my friend.


p.s. a little less vignetting when you make my print please….Ha ha ha ha ha…….

(~6, thank YOU for everything and for being MY friend. True friends are not easy to come by these days, but since I have been on this tour I have already made some close friendships with some of the band and the crew. Thank YOU for having me shoot this tour as it is something I will always remember for the rest of my life. The food, the drink, the laughter, the locations, the experiences and continued learning for me has been mind blowing. So again, thank you for helping create these memories for ME to document. It’s been delightful. Steve)

Aug 042010

Received these a while ago and thought they were lovely. Thanks Ashwin for sending them in and being #130!

“Hi Steve

Inspired by the PoD submissions, I have been waiting a long time to contribute something for the series.

About Me:

I am an amateur photographer from Bangalore, India who loves shooting with rangefinders, and vintage lenses. I shoot mainly street portraits, and the occasional landscape.

About the photos:

PoD-1 (A little bit of blue) – shot with a Hasselblad 500C and Zeiss 80mm f/2.8 C lens on Ektar 100. The person was running an ironing shop in the locality. These are typical small places located in residential areas where people go for a quick ironing of their clothes. He was having a slow morning.

PoD-2 (chanting) – shot with a Leica M6 and CV 35/1.2 on Ektar 100. This was shot at a Tibetan monastery at Bylakuppe, Karnataka, India. Bylakuppe is a Tibetan settlement of refugees, and has some beautiful temples and monasteries.

PoD-3 (Peace) – shot with a M8, and CV 35/1.2. This was shot at St Peter Pontifical Seminary, Bangalore, India. We had just stepped into the seminary, and I saw this scene unfold. I was moved by the peace and the slow pace of life.

Website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/arucard


Jul 012010

Here you go guys…a great image and story for todays DI. This is what it is all about! Thanks Sori!

Dear Steve,

These photos are from the most exhilarating photo shoot I have ever experienced…I had gone out to shoot some roses in my front yard, stamens and pistils and like that …I set up the tripods, thinking about light, depth of field and whatnot and begin to shoot and as I am getting into “the groove”, there is an annoying shadow within the flower I am shooting…investigation revealed a spider! A PINK ONE !!!! (pink and peach are my favorite colors) Jimminy CRICKET!…. a flower, stamens and pistols, dew drops, good light made better, AND a pink spider!!!!! Heaven!!!! Just HEAVEN!!! I shoot from every angle I can…damn the tripod…HAND- hold!!!! No that’s wrong! (i think)…NO hand hold! Be patient!…oh to hell with it!!!!!!…HAND HOLD!!!! Shoot forever and a bit and then go to my computer in the kitchen for download…Start looking …OH NO!…A HAIR!!!!!! A WHITE HAIR!!!!!…. NO. no, no!!!!!! Must be a Folly Anna hair (Folly is my white puppy)…go check lens for hairs…none there now…keep looking on the computer…wait! There are 2 hairs…wait, wait. wait…SHE”S SPINNING A WEB! RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES! Right as I’m shooting! This is TOO much!!!! A pink spider in a flower with stamens and pistols and light and dew drops and a WEB!!!!! Would Steve Huff think my photo inspirational?? Could I win a contest?????…it doesn’t matter!!!! I HAVE ALREADY WON!

So LADY, as she became affectionately called, remained in the roses for 3 days… she was photographed over and over again until she finally had to run away from home…she is a memory now but a fond, fantastic memory! and she is safely immortalized in my photo library and kind of, in my heart!

For me it is very much about the obsession, the passion, the wanting to do the very best that I can, the learning and the pushing myself to learn and do better…to make a representation of life…to capture a moment…for me, that is what photography is about and those things are the prize…(very FINE prizes indeed!).

Thank you for your excellent work…for your gorgeous, sensitive photos; for your words; for your very generous sharing of your knowledge; for your inspiration…your gifts to us all are great!!!!!


Sori Gottdenker

P.S. I shot Lady with the Panasonic GF1 and the Leica Macro-Elmarit 1:2.8/45 and also the Nikon D300 with the Zeiss ZF.2 50mm macro lens…the Zeiss images have more detail and are lovely but I love the water color quality I get with the Panny.

Feb 132010

I love these kinds of images. It is a reflection of the past, and a time of innocence and fun. Todays image comes to use from Pete Willing and he shot this in the 80’s on film (of course). Here is what he had to say about the image:

“3 keikis” (3 children) was shot in a vw van in a parking lot waiting for my wife. I took a series of these and enjoy this one. Minolta srt with 50mm f1.4 lens. Hawaii, 1985″

Thanks Pete for this very nice image submission! You can check out his Pbase site HERE!

Feb 052010

It’s been so cold and nasty in my neck of the woods that when I saw this picture I lit up with a smile. Since I have a while before warm weather hits I thought I would post this one today so I can think happy thoughts :) Submitted by Darren Martin and shot on a Canon G10. This is what he had to say about this image:

“This photo was taken on a beautiful November weekend. It was an extremely hot day, around 32 degrees, and I was sun baking on the rocks with my girlfriend. Throughout the day more and more people congregated on the rocks and I finally took the shot when the frame was filled with people. Every person in the shot has their own summer story of that day”

Thanks so much Darren!

Feb 032010

Ok, are you guys ready for a treat? This is some amazing photography and I remember seeing some of this work last year but when this one flowed in to my submission inbox I HAD to post it. This image was shot by Francois Regis Durand and you can see his website with much more of his amazing work HERE. I love his work. Stunning. Here is one of my favorite shots:

This image with catch in Madagascar, in the center of the island, a small school in the bush, it was the hour of the interrogation. CANON EOS 5D 1/10s at f/2,8, iso 400, 24mm (EF 24-70 f/2,8 l USM) 27 nov 07 10: 05 : 25

Feb 022010

Here we go again! Time for the daily image and today I present TWO images from Damien Bettles. He shot these with his new Leica M9 and 50 Summicron lens and I found these images fitting for today since I just posted the 50 Summicron review. These were taken in his home town of Bucharest and he converted to B&W using Lightroom. You can see his work at his website HERE. Thank you Damien! I really enjoyed these street scenes!

Feb 012010

Today I present two photos submitted by Keith Harris, a fellow Chicago photographer. Once again, I decided to put up TWO photos as it is getting so hard to choose just one :) Here is what Keith had to say:

“I am a reportage and street photographer in Chicago and I would like to repectfully submit 3 pics for your daily photo consideration. also, here is a link to my PBase galleries. All submitted photos are film shots. Chicago covered was shot with a Voigtlander Bessa R4A rangefinder-Konica 35/2 UC Hexanon lens and Ilford XP2 Super 400 film, and magazine-stand-man was also shot with the Bessa R4A rangefinder-Konica 35/2 UC Hexanon on Fujifilm Neopan 400. thanks for your consideration.”

Thank YOU Keith for the INSPIRATION! I love B&W reportage shots, and these are fine examples.

Jan 232010

Here is a photo that really does it for me. I am a fan of the desaturated look and this shot is very striking with its subtle tones and color. I love the way this is framed with the bare tree and the old building behind it. Lovely! It was submitted by Nick Coleman and this is what he had to say about it:

“This building was started in 1594 but never completed. My photography is like that, I’m striving constantly for a goal which I can’t accurately articulate, but that I think is what drives me on, that elusive perfect image. You see there are two images here, this one from my Canon 20D and its counterpart taken with my Hasselblad which I’ve also yet to see, but it’s there on Velvia out of date ‘old’ stock. This shot was last Sunday, Canon 20D, 17-40mm F4, RAW ISO 100. Focal length 36MM 1/160th f9. Processed in Lightroom, but re-sized in PS3. I used the 20D to check the exposure for the blad, a 501CM with the standard 80MM lens. The location is Lyveden New Bield, Northamptonshire, UK”

Thanks Nick for the lovely image!


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