Nov 082011
The Fuji X10 Digital Camera Review. A look at the Baby Brother of the X100.

The Fuji X10 Digital Camera Review. A look at the Baby Brother of the Fuji X100. Real world USE review. By Steve Huff This has been the year of the digital camera. Man oh man. 2011 has brought us some amazing new cameras and Fuji in particular seemed to make the biggest splash with their ..READ MORE..

Nov 072011
USER REPORT: The Fuji X10, A readers thoughts by William Austin

  NOTE: MY full review of the Fuji X10 camera is coming THIS WEEK! What you see below was submitted by a reader who has been enjoying the camera! – Steve The Fuji X10, The camera I have been waiting for. By William Austin Around 7 or 8 years ago I remember going in to ..READ MORE..

Nov 072011
Daily Inspiration #283 by Reima Nevalainen

Hello Steve, First, thank you for your inspiring site. I think your reviews and other articles are great! I’ve been a regular visitor to your site ever since I got excited about photography. Here’s little something for the daily inspiration –series. I’m a visual artist (painter) by profession. After buying the Sony NEX-5, I’ve started ..READ MORE..

Nov 042011
Hot lens IN STOCK NOW - The Voigtlander 50 1.1 Nokton M mount AND GXR A12 M Mount!

B&H Photo just announced they have a few of these in stock. The 50 1.1 Nokton M mount lens by Voigtlander. My review was posted long ago HERE but this has been a highly sought after lens as it is a super fast 50 that performs GREAT. $1049 is a deal for a lens of ..READ MORE..

Nov 042011
Revisiting the Panasonic 20 1.7 Micro 4/3 Lens on the Olympus E-P3

 Revisiting the Panasonic 20 1.7 on the Olympus E-P3 By Steve Huff Almost two years ago I reviewed the amazing little Panasonic 20 1.7 lens for Micro 4/3 mount on an Olympus E-P2. I LOVED it then and today I love it just the same. This is one of those lenses that if you own ..READ MORE..

Nov 032011
PRESS RELEASE: Lomography Lomokino Launch

PRESS RELEASE LOMOGRAPHY’S LOMOKINO LAUNCH Make Movie Magic! Launch of the Super 35 Movie Maker – The LomoKino! Create LomoMovies to laugh, cry, or simultaneously do both over, with any type of 35mm film! Lightweight, easy to use, and quick to develop, the LomoKino is designed to free movies, till now, stored in your mind! ..READ MORE..

Nov 032011

B and H Photo just listed these highly sought after lenses as in stock! This is a 25mm all metal construction lens with a bright 0.95 maximum aperture. It gives a 50mm equivalent focal length on your micro 4/3 camera. No adapter required. I was told there are 15 in stock.

Nov 022011
Wow, where did the time go? It's almost 2012?

Wow, where did the time go? It’s almost 2012?  Personal Rant and Update…(for those who have been following it) You know, I woke up this morning and ate some raisin bran while I checked my e-mail and sat at my long desk that is covered in SD cards, cameras, empty diet coke bottles and of ..READ MORE..

Nov 012011
The Leica M9 - 16 Months Later by Scott Graham

The Leica M9 – 16 Months Later… By Scott Graham I wrote an article for Steve’s site soon after I bought my M9 14 months ago (you can see that article HERE). Here is a “follow-up” to that article after taking nearly 15,000 photos with this camera. Buying the M9 was probably one of the ..READ MORE..

Oct 312011
Happy Halloween! A quick look at Retrographer from Mr. Retro.

Happy Halloween! A quick look at Retrographer from Mr. Retro! Today I thought I would take a quick look at a new plug in for Photoshop called “Retrographer” by Mr. Retro. In the past I have written about quite a few plug ins and apps that were very fun to use but most of the ..READ MORE..

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