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Apr 122017

The COSYSPEED Streetomatic Plus Holster Camera Bag Review

Here I am again with another bag review, but this bag comes in at $129, is super functional, and you do not even feel it while wearing it! This is the Cosyspeed Streetomatic PLUS and it fits around your waist instead of your shoulder, though you can still wear it over your body.


This bag is unique, looks great, is made very well and allows us to carry a larger mirrorless or smaller DSLR with one lens, or a smaller mirrorless with 2-3 lenses. The bag arrives with a raincoat, and a strap extender which you would add if you wanted to wear it over the body. When using this bag, it’s a cinch to open it up and take out the camera. Fast, easy and it protects the gear. Sure, one could just wear a camera strap and bring the camera and lens without a bag but this PLUS version of the Streetomatic allows you to also carry accessories in the side pockets. Memory cards, lens cloth, cables, batteries, or even a charger. When you wear this bag around the waist, you soon forget that you are carrying a bag, or a camera. I like it just as I liked the original.


While not for everyone, what this bag offers street shooters or those who bring minimal gear is space savings, weight savings and a fast way of gaining access to your camera. Compared to the NON PLUS version, this one looks nicer with its faux leather flap, has a nicer new open and close mechanism that is easier to use, and is larger for those who have a smaller DSLR and lens to carry. As you can see in the video above one can also carry a camera like the Hasselblad X1D WITH a lens attached.

The bag will keep your gear protected from the elements to a point but if it gets really wet be sure to use the protective raincoat included with the bag.

At $129 for this PLUS version and as low as $49 for the non plus version, CosySpeed is offering us a great bag at a great price. I can highly recommend this bag to anyone looking for a holster style bag that will not read the bank, or anyone who carries one camera and lens or a small setup. It truly is much nicer to carry than a traditional bag. Bravo to Thomas from CosySpeed for this one. It is FANTASTIC.

You can buy this bag from B&H Photo HERE. 

Jan 132017

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L review

By Erwin Hartenberg – See his Blog/Website HERE

I have, like many of you, bought and owned a LOT of camera bags. Lowepro’s, Thinktanks, Domke’s, you name it and I probably owned it. Over the last years as I have settled on a smaller kit, I ended up using ONA bags mostly. They are well made and beautiful bags that are simple to use. For commuting, I often carry a Prince Street that also holds my laptop and some other small stuff next to my two bodies. If I want to go really small, I carry a Brixton.

With the addition of a Nikon DF to my two Leica’s, I needed a bag that could hold all three camera’s and still be comfortable. Also, I wanted the weight on my back, and not on my shoulder so I set off to look for a camera backpack. I ended up buying the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L. And boy, do I like it!

The bag comes in two sizes, the other option being a 30L, but the 20L is perfect for me. I ordered both bags and the 30L was simply too big for me. I want the bag to carry my gear mostly and room for some other stuff but not too much. I am 1.92 meters and the 20L fits me well. The bag is very well made with incredibly clever design that you appreciate more and more as you use it. I have been in Scotland this week and was able to put the bag to the test. First by carrying it around Edinburgh for a few days and after that going on a long hike on the island of Skye (where I ran into someone carrying the charcoal version of the Everyday Backpack). Both Edinburgh and Skye are highly recommended but let’s stay with the review of the bag J.

I bought the grey color which looks really nice with the brown leather handles. Everything feels solid about this bag. The bag is somewhat understated as well, it does not stick out. You can setup the inside of the bag however you want to with the dividers that come with it. They can fold into different shapes and I have settled on a setup where I carry the two Leica’s below in their own compartment and have the Nikon DF up top.

This leaves ample room at the very top for a jacket or other smaller stuff. In the same pocket is also a smaller storage space for a passport or other personal documents. This pocket is closed with a magnet which provides it easy access but also keeps it somewhat hidden.

In the back pocket, there is room for a laptop (it holds my Microsoft Surface Pro perfectly) and/or a tablet. There is a smaller pocket in there as well.

On the sides, there are smaller pockets for batteries and other accessories you may need.

The bag carries really well, and the 20L is the right size for easy slinging to get access to your gear. The 30L did not sling as well as it’s just a bit too bulky for that. I’ve had the 20L on my back the whole day, every day, on this trip and it works very well with the access to gear. Also, it does not strain the shoulders as much. This is due to the chest strap that is very easy to put on as well as the waist strap that you can put on and take off very quickly as well. This is key as you will sling the bag over your shoulders to get to your gear.

The final thing to call out that really underlines the amount of thought that was put into this bag is that the access to your gear can also be ‘locked’ by looping the zipper pulls through attach points so potential thief’s can’t just open the side access.

In summary, this bag comes highly recommended.

Dec 182016

The Updated 2017 Ryker by Wotancraft. My Favorite Camera Bag of All Time gets YOU and IT’s HERE!!!

Many of you know my rave after rave of the Wotancraft Ryker bag. I had a black one, then acquired a tan/brown but it has been in use by me since my initial review (see it HERE, and then the one year update HERE). A while back, I posted an article HERE asking YOU to help design the next generation Ryker.

Well, Wotancraft asked me to ask my readers for help, and help you did. They read all of your responses and got to work creating the next gen version of the bag. Well, they sent me  the prototype and I will show it to you guys this week…BUT Wotancraft…they are not done with it just yet.

After I show it off to you next week, they want more feedback..well, read what they said about this new Generation Ryker below:

Yes, it is hidden in the bag for now. Will show it off this week via a video!


We’re excited to finally present this to you, it is our effort to incorporate the ideas from Steve Huff Photo community, and we present it to you and all members for evaluation and final fine-tuning. We truly hope to make this the best leather camera bag in the world. Here are the main features for reference:

larger interior size: now capable of fitting up to Leica SL, will detachable pillow insert that narrows interior depth to better accommodate Leica M cameras. All this is done without increasing the overall weight of the bag.

– internal modularization: the whole interior lining is now velcro compatible, and we plan to develop optional accessories (pen slots, card slots…etc) for different individual’s needs, rather than have them built-in. Even the thick padding can now be detached to allow more space, allowing room for large items like laptops or A4 folders. The fabric will be further upgraded (currently in development), to deliver an even softer hand feel, and have better resistance to velcro hook tearing.

– external modularization: although not built in yet to the prototype, we have prepared a simple and subtle mechanism  for modular add-ons, such as water bottle pouch or any sort of accessory… the possibilities are endless, and we are planning to launch these optional accessories (internal / external) based on number of customer requests. When not accessorizing, the mechanism looks natural and unobtrusive, exactly how high-end leather bags should be.

– color-coded elastic slots: front zippered pocket has multi-functional elastic slots, capable of fitting batteries of various sizes, color-coded with thread stitching to differentiated new/used. A corresponding memory card sleeve is also included & color-coded.

– multiple pockets: compartment with dual pockets are available for quick access. Zipper-less pocket can accommodate filters and avoid scuffing.

– shoulder strap: detachable metal buckle hardware is removed to prevent theft. Shoulder pad is now upgraded to “memory foam” material, maximizing comfort.

Leica color motif: black leather, red lining, both in premium material to match the uncompromising quality of Leica cameras.

What we plan to do is gather final comments and feedbacks from you and the community after you give it a try with your gear, finalize any adjustments needed, and begin our pre-order process EXCLUSIVELY on Steve Huff Photo!

So be on the look out next week for my 1st look at this new bag, and be ready to comment on what YOU would like to see fine tuned. Wotancraft has proven themselves to LISTEN to YOU, the photographers who USE this kind of gear day in and out. This is going to be great!

Dec 022016

The Blackforest Bags RIMO 1 Camera Bag (Video)

Video review below! This bag actually comes in at under $200 US when ordered at if I did the conversion correctly! For that kind of money this is a steal of a deal!

Hey all! Happy Friday!!! Today I want to share with you a new video I just loaded up to youtube showing the new RIMO 1 bag. This is an all leather hand made bag that screams luxury and it is of the larger size, so it can be used for DSLR’s, it can be used for storing your laptop, iPad, headphones, cameras, lenses, batteries, chargers or whatever! I have been lugging it around for 2-3 months now pitting it through it’s paces and beating the hell out of it with rain, sleet, snow, water and the elements. It has flown with me 6 times now and at the end of it all, I wiped it down and it looks as good as new.


This bag is in the same style as many high end bags we see but it is an all leather style, and while many would thing that would make it heavy and cumbersome, it is rather light when empty and feels very comfy on the shoulder. When I traveled to Iceland with it I packed it with headphones, a towel, my camera, two lenses, charger, batteries, SD cards, cables, my phone, sunglasses and case, some snacks, a journal and more. It was loaded and heavy but it never hiccuped. Not one stitch came loose even when overloaded. I now use this as my sole travel camera bag when I need to pack to the extreme.


There are pockets inside and on the sides and all that I found missing was a strap on the back to hook to my luggage when strolling through the airport. The bag comes in three colors which can be seen at BLACKFORESTBAGS.COM and the price comes in at under $200 US dollars when converted, which is CHEAP considering most bags of this quality come in over $500. 

My bag was shipped to me and received in about a week or so and I have been using it for months now. I wanted to make sure nothing fell apart, and so far so good.



This is a high quality bag, and it has earned a place in my daily bag set with my beloved Wotancraft bags, the Ryker and Raven. Highly recommended for those who like a quality, stylish hand made quality bag that is on the larger end of the spectrum. In the video above I compare sizes to my two Wotancraft bags as well so I now have my small, medium and large bags.


Oct 142016

Daily Inspiration Bag Giveaway #30

by Darko Volic

(From Steve: This is the last entry in the Bag Giveaway! I will have a post up soon where all readers can vote for their favorite’s as I will be giving away SEVEN camera bags to seven winners)

Hi Steve,

Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia. I’m great fun of your web site and big fun of nice weather, too. However, it looks like I get inspired to click the button when the weather isn’t so fine. Here some pictures from my hometown.

Rain – I was driving up the hill to the light and I just couldn’t resist grabbing my EPM-1 and shooting from the wheal.


Snow – My wife was driving and I had a blast with OMD-5


Fog – I decided to walk to work because although foggy the weather was unusually warm for a December morning and I also couldn’t believe what came out of my iPhone.


Keep up good work promoting the joy and passion that we share.


Sep 062016

Daily Inspiration Bag Giveaway #25

By Sean Hansen

I had a chance to photograph at a local state park in Iowa this week. I’ve still got a long way to go in learning photography, but I’m quite proud of the pictures I made as this was my first fully “manual” photo session (i.e. manual exposure, manual focus, and developed the raw files in Capture One). I loved my film SLR as a teenager, but just started out with a decent digital camera (in scene recognition mode with autofocus and jpeg’s) a little over a year ago. I love the craft – and gear ;-), and find satisfaction in being as involved in the process as possible.

Plus, I’ve found that the manual process helps me focus on each photograph I make. I’ve just switched to manual focusing, for example, and find that I’m much more deliberate about my framing now.
Thank you for running such a great website. I love the images and variety. And I appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for the gear, too. I love how you show such genuine excitement for the tools of the craft (as opposed to just trying to promote buying more gear).

So, here’s my three favorites from my trip to the park. All taken with a Fuji X-T1 + XF23mm F1.4, raw processed to taste in Capture One 9.





Sep 012016

Daily Inspiration Bag Giveaway #24

By Rob Scheurwater

(From Steve: There are only 6 more posts to go before judging starts! I am now giving away EIGHT bags, so there will be EIGHT winners! YOU guys will be judging!!)

Hello Steve,

Last 5 years I’m very happy with my Olympus MFT gear. Starting with an Olympus PL1, I bought an EM5 and last year the EM1. My favorite lenses are the Panasonic 15 mm f/1.7, Panasonic 25mm f/1.4, Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8.

I use a Tamrac bag, very basic but for me the perfect size. I like the Ona Bowery bag very much. but…………. This year I made myself a promise not to invest in gear anymore, I’m try to invest in photography-experiences. Photo-trips and photography workshops are a nice way to become a better photographer.




The three photos I submit for Daily Inspiration are made during an Architecture photography workshop in the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

Best regards,

Rob Scheurwater

Aug 292016

Daily Inspiration Bag Giveaway #22

by Coen Wubbels

Heya Steve,

When time and connections permit I glance over to your website from time to time. As I’m travelling 24/7 internet is not always evident. Currently I am in Korea hiking a 730km thru hike called the Baekdu Daegan. With my partner Karin-Marijke we have to share the load and carry tent and food as we are constantly up on the high ridges. So the D700 (due to the weight) stays in our trusted Land Cruiser as we scale the walls and cliffs and I have to resort to my old LX5. This means a no brainer for stellar wide shots of above the clouds landscapes. But forms a challenge while pursuing my eye for the details around me as low light is not a given for this camera.

Amazing how many different sizes and colours of mushrooms we encounter. Being rainy season now, it is the hottest and wettest month in Korea and these little fungi thrive in this weather.

Some open spots high up on the ridges are cleared as helipads and have low shrub surrounding the clearing, protecting it from the high winds. Dragonflies seem to favour these locations as we encounter high number of different species.

Being the wettest month hiking thru dense foliage in the early morning has me walking up front to clear the way for Karin-Marijke in term of spider rags and the occasional snake. Paying attention to both the space in front of my feet and my head is daunting and spider rags find their way into my glasses on times. This one captured the morning dew perfectly.




Adventurous greetings,


Aug 222016

Daily Inspiration Bag Giveaway #19

by Tom Le Vine

Hi Steve

All three images were taken on a flight between Durban (SA) and London at (I guess) 33,000+ feet. All shot with the A7II with the 55 1.8 Zeiss. Window seats for the win!

The pink lake was somewhere over Iran

DSC01118 (Custom)

The misty mountains were somewhere over Albania

DSC04684 (Custom)

and of course the cityscape was Dubai with the Burj Khalifa

DSC01079 (Large)

As always, great site and great community. Cheers


Aug 152016

Bag Giveaway Daily Inspiration #15

by Eli Morgan

Hi Steve!

First I want to say thanks for the website that you are running! I really appreciate the way you review products and enjoy the daily inspiration from your readers.

This is also my first time writing in so here’s a little background. My photography endeavor is a fairly recent one since I bought my first camera right before graduating college in 2010. I guess like many people I just wanted something to take better pictures on vacations that I knew would be coming up so I bought a heavily discounted Samsung NX10 and 18-55. I spent a couple of years with that and focusing mostly on landscape & travel photography. I progressed and decided that I needed a new system so I bought into the m43 with a used OM-D EM-5 after your rave review with the 17mm pancake and the awesome 45mm 1.8.

I swore to myself that I had no interest in taking photos of people, I guess it was just too intimidating. But somehow I decided it was a good idea to offer to take newborn photos for free for a co-worker back in 2014 to get practice for my own upcoming child. What accidentally happened was that I stumbled onto a passion for capturing the special moments and joy that children and families share together. As a father now it’s even more rewarding to see the happiness that can be brought to a family knowing that they have images that they can look back and have those memories and feelings flood back.

I don’t always get a lot of time to do photography jobs between work and my family life, but I surely enjoy it when I do. In the near future I hope to have my website revamped . My Flickr gallery is

These images were taken with either Olympus OM-D EM-5 or EM-1 and the Olympus 45mm f1.8.




Jul 222016

HOLDFAST GEAR releases new SIGHTSEER Backpack!

One of my fave bag makers (I have a few) HOLDFASTGEAR.COM has announced their new Sightseer Backpack, which keeps up with their all made in the USA line of bags. This one looks pretty nice, and while I have not seen it in person (I’m not a backpack guy for some reason, but should be) it looks great in images, and I know HOLDFASTGEAR quality, and its up there with the best. Handcrafted. Only thing is, if you want this handcrafted in the USA quality and design it will cost you. The SIGHTSEER Backpack comes in at $785.


Gulp. But as I always say, “You get what you pay for” (Most of the time, lol)

If this one interest you, then You can see more on the sightseer backpack at their site here, and BTW, HOLDFAST has been a site sponsor now for almost two years, so they support this site and help to keep it alive year after year, so THANK YOU HOLDFAST!

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.00.59 AM

Jul 202016



So I have a boatload of camera bags sitting in one of my closets. Bags I have collected over the years, bags that I could not possibly use and bags from GREAT manufacturers! I decided that instead of selling these bags, I will GIVE THEM AWAY TO YOU in a fun contest!


These bags are mostly high end bags, and some are VERY high end. Bags from HOLDFASTGEAR  – TENBA – WOTANCRAFT – ONA – AND CUB & CO! So thanks to all of these great bag makers for making these bags! 







ONA BOWERY with special surprise inside ;) 


Yep, this contest as easy as 1-2-3 and it is now ONLY open to the 1st 30 who enter for reasons stated below…so when 30 entries have come in, no more can be accepted!

  1. To enter, just submit a daily inspiration set of three photos (no larger than 1800 pixels wide, no smaller than 680) with a description to [email protected] between NOW and August 20th.
  2. I will post the 1st 30 submissions between NOW and August 22nd.
  3. After the 30 entries have been posted, the readers here will VOTE for the seven winners!

Entry is FREE, and no money to me from you is required. I will cover all shipping costs. 

Which bag do YOU want to win?


The Rules:

You must be over 18

This is worldwide! Anyone in the world can enter! 

You must enter starting now! After the 1st 30 entries have been received, that will be it for  the contest entries! We have just about 10 slots left (as of July 22nd) for entries!

Winners will be chosen by the readers here end of August!

May 092016

The OLYMPUS PEN F Experience


By Thomas Ludwig of COSYSPEED

Thanks Steve for the opportunity to share my thoughts about the PEN F on your amazing blog. You are doing super great work and I feel inspired everyday!

It’s a sexy little camera, the PEN F. Many would use it as a street photography camera and that’s the way I wanted to review it. My focus was also on the way it fits into a CAMSLINGER bag and how this combo works on the streets.

JPGs out of cam are extremely good, so I didn’t touch the RAWs at all. All images in this review, except product images, are straight out of cam, shot in Monochrome Mode II with added grain and vignette. That’s the way I would have processed them in Lightroom.

FACES – The OLYMPUS PEN F in Lübeck/Germany


The PEN F in the Streets

Some days ago I got the chance to test the new Olympus PEN F together with some Olympus prime lenses and I was curious to see how it performs. As many others like Steve have already mentioned all features of the PEN F in their reviews, I will only focus on street photography with the retro stylish micro 43 camera – of course to my personal needs and habits.

When shooting on the streets most important to me is image quality and focusing abilities. And so this review is mainly focused on these points. In fact it ended up being a PEN F / Monochrome Mode review, as I liked the JPGs right out of the cam.

For those of you who don’t like to read long texts: The PEN F is a timeless designed camera, that you will enjoy for many years. In my eyes it is already iconic, just like it’s forefather PEN F from the 70’s. I enjoyed using it every minute especially because of the JPGs that I could use without editing – this gave back HUGE fun to my style of street photography.



The setup

Olympus PEN F | Olympus 12mm/F2 | Olympus 17mm/F1.8 | Olympus 45mm/F1.8 | Spare Battery | Olympus Macro Converter

All packed in a CAMSLINGER 160 with STUFFBAG 30


003 CAMSLINGER 160 and PEN F

BEAUTIFUL GRAIN and NICE LOOK – All images in this review are shot in Monochrome Mode II with Grain and Vigenette added. This was made all in cam.


NICE DETAILS and RICH TONALITY – The new sensor in the PEN F delivers plenty of detail. Tonality of the Out Of Cam JPGs is simply great!


Image Quality

Actually I had only two full days of street shooting with the little Oly. So I went to Lübeck in my neighborhood, a city next to Hamburg/Germany. I shot in RAW and JPG, while for JPG I used the Monochrome II filter, added some vignette and grain – all IN cam which is absolutely great. I would have converted the RAWs this way in Lightroom and so I was keen to see how the JPGs would look like on the screen of my PC. And they looked great! That great, that I even didn’t touch the RAWs. So all the images in this review are out of cam without ANY editing. To me this worked 100% to my taste. High ISO? This is an overrated point IMHO, nevertheless the PEN F delivers very well images up to ISO 3200 and if used in Monochrome Mode with Grain, you can go higher without any problems.

Besides the cool design of the cam this is maybe the strongest point of the PEN F in my opinion – beeing free of editing and post processing and getting what I want right out of the cam.












The PEN F handles very nicely. Due to a missing grip, it is maybe not as comfortable to hold as a SONY a6000 or LUMIX GX8, but there’s an optional grip available if you need it. To me it was absolutely fine. Especially because the PEN F feels very premium and it’s a pleasure just to hold it in your hand. All the dials feel durable and solidly made. The UI with so many physical controls needs some time to get used to, but as soon as you know where all functions are, it makes photographing much easier.

The design reminescense to the original PEN F from the 70ies is especially visible with the silver PEN F model. Look at these lovely curves and lines!


011 PEN F

Focusing in the streets

I’m using mostly three focus methods when in the streets:

#1 – Single point auto focus
#2 – Continuous auto focus with subject tracking
#3 – Hyperfocal focusing

#1 – Single point auto focus

The auto focus of modern micro 43 cameras is so quick, that to focus and to trigger is almost one process. And so I was using single point auto focus most of the time and with moving subjects I had about 95% in focus, even when using the little 17mm/F1.8 wide open. The focus of the PEN F is insanely quick and accurate in single point mode. To me there was nothing left to desire.

WHAT DO YOU THINK – Single Point Auto Focus works amazingly quick and accurate


#2 – Continuous auto focus with subject tracking

Actually this method seems to be the most charming. Set your focus point and the cam will track it until you press the shutter. However continuous auto focus with subject tracking turned out to be not very effective on the PEN F. I’d say that 50% of my shots were out of focus. I guess this is a firmware problem and can hopefully be fixed in the future. However focus is not all!

WELCOME TO THE GYM – Not in focus but I like it anyway


#3 – Hyperfocal focusing

Set a distance in manual focus mode and just trigger, when you think your subject is in the frame as you like it. Sounds easy but in fact hyperfocal focusing is tricky if you like to get some DOF. The more you open the aperture, the thinner is the in focus area. The day in Lübeck all images where more or less out of focus, when using this method because I was shooting wide open all the time. If set to F10 I’d say 99% would have been in focus. I know now, that I have to improve my skills :-)

The OLYMPUS 17/1.8 and 12/2.0 are very well suited to this focusing method, as they have a manual mode with distance scale!

ROSARY, MISHABA or MALA – Hyperfocal focusing wide open is difficult



A CAMSLINGER bag is all about quick, single-handed operation and designed to wear at the hip. I fixed the included FINGERCAMSTRAP to the cam and was able to grab the PEN F within a second out of my little bag. But the On/Off switch is on the left side of the PEN F and so one needs always a second-hand to turn it on. As soon as you have a coffee in your left hand or fix yourself while standing in a shaking subway with one hand, then you could of course access and draw the PEN F quickly out of the CAMSLINGER, but not take a photo. So I never switched the cam off and had it always in stand-by in my CAMSLINGER. This may cost a bit of battery power, but fixed my little problem easily.

CAMSLINGER 160 and PEN F 015 CAMSLINGER 160 and PEN F (1)

015 CAMSLINGER 160 and PEN F (2)

015 CAMSLINGER 160 and PEN F (4)

015 CAMSLINGER 160 and PEN F (5)

Carrying the PEN F and gear in a CAMSLINGER at the hip, is extremely comfortable. As your upper body is free of belts and straps, your neck will never hurt. In fact it is almost as quick to grab your cam, as it would be with a sling strap – but the PEN F was always protected, when not in use. I prefered to use the slimmer CAMSLINGER 160 then the more space offering CAMSLINGER Streetomatic. The 160 is just perfect for rangefinder styled cameras like the PEN F.




The PEN F is a marvelous piece of camera design and delivers stunning images. It’s technology is up-to-date and will be for many years. I’m hoping a firmware update will lift the tracking abilities on the professional level of the OLYMPUS EM-1, because this is a feature that makes street photography much easier.

The possibility to get final results right out of the cam is pretty cool and gives a further kick to the fun I had with the PEN F. So just go out, shoot and come back with images that are simply ready – to some this is might be a game changing benefit!

The PEN F is one of these rare cameras that one will use for many years and so a good medicine against G.A.S. :-). The timeless design and great build qualty makes a camera that is simply gorgeous! If you are looking for a street photography camera – go for the PEN F!


Reference: COSYSPEED


FROM STEVE: Thanks Thomas! Many of you may not realize I met Thomas in Las Vegas a couple of years back where we shot a Street Shooting video. Thomas is an amazing man and he has a great passion for photography, that was very clear when we met. Below is the video we shot while there, was a great memory I will never forget.


May 042016


The Cub & Company Shooter’s Camera Bag. Hand made in the U.S.A. (Video)

I have been reviewing loads of bags lately, or so it seems. Bags are cool, and are VERY MUCH a personal choice. OF ALL the bags I have reviewed, owned or used, the Wotancraft Ryker has always been my goto #1 bag. It’s beauty, its style, its build and feel are all at a 10 out of 10. While I love other bags, the one I use most is that Ryker…

But now along comes a bag so unique and cool, it may be getting more carry time than my Wotancraft! This bag, from CUB AND COMPANY is so lightweight, so small but so large inside it is almost like an illusion. I expected it to be so tin on the inside, as most small bags are. But this one…plop open the leather top and you are greeted to a plush interior that can hold a huge DSLR and a few lenses or two mirrorless bodies and some lenses or even three Leicas and some lenses.

See the video review below!

It’s wide, short and squat and I have been waiting for something like this. My main complaint with most bags is they try to be tall and skinny. When this happens, the gear is hard to get in and out, and sometimes you need to force it in, and even then, it is a tight pack job. With the Cub & Company Shooter’s Bag, even putting a Leica SL inside fits nice and comfy as you can see in the video above!

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.28.21 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.28.26 AM

Also very cool to have a tripod storage solution underneath…

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.28.33 AM

Be sure to watch the video above as that is the actual review of the bag.

You can read more or order at CUBANDCOMPANY.COM


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