Mar 032014

FIRE SALE! Nikon J1 and TWO lenses, $229 at B&H Photo

The Nikon J1 is now on fire sale at B&H Photo for $229 WITH two kit lenses. Either the 10mm 2.8 and 10-30 or the 10-30 and 30-110. Camera is available and IN STOCK in SILVER or RED!!! Click the image or link below to go to the page.

UPDATE: My $229 Silver J1 and two lenses arrived, free shipping and all. Solid, fast and fantastic for $229. 


THIS IS A DEAL – A STEAL – A GREAT LITTLE CAMERA that provides a film like feel just like the V1 and V2 but in a basic body. It looks pretty sweet in silver and at $229, it is a no brainer just to have around. It is FAST to AF as well..SILENT and is a fantastic little camera.

You can see my old V1 review here, which has the same AF speed and IQ as this J1..

You can see images I shot with the 1 system over the past year or so HERE. This is the same IQ that comes from the J1 below.



Jan 062014

Fuji releases the X100s in sexy black  – Ships in Feb.


Woohoo! For all of those waiting for the super sexy black X100s, your wait is almost over. In fact you can pre-order the camera NOW at B&H Photo for $1299, the same cost as the silver version. While not a special edition like the X100 black version was, no need to pay $1500+. So for many, this is a good thing. The X100s will ship in February. You can also pre-order at Amazon HERE. PopFlash has it HERE.

Apr 212013


In case any of you are looking for some used deals in Leica land (well, not sure if they are exactly “deals”) I have found quite a few at B&H Photo and PopFlash Photo that some of you may be interested in. I know I am interested in a couple of these but my wallet is empty due to my purchase of the M and MM :) So enjoy the deals below and be sure to check back tomorrow for some new stuff. I will be posting my X20 review on Tuesday and I basically shot it as a mini Monochrom the whole time. I found the X20 makes for an incredibly discreet 100% silent retro looking camera that can do some great gritty B&W out of the camera. Stay tuned for that one. For now, enjoy these used deals! Remember, B&H has a 30 day return policy on new and used gear so if it arrives and is not as stated, you can get a full refund.

B&H Photo Used Leica


The deal of the day for sure. An original X1 in black for $899. Like new in box and all. I slightly prefer the X1 IQ over the this is a good buy and better than paying $600 for a new Fuji X20 as this will blow it away with IQ at all ISO. The X1 is a great piece of Leica history as it is their 1st German made compact camera that was made available.


I would not classify this as a “deal” but used Nocti prices have shot up for the f/1 version while they have dropped for the 0.95 version. I have seen older F/1 versions go for $5000 lately so not sure if this latest F/1 version is worth $7699. Still, if you want a Nocti F/1…

USED LEICA 21 1.4 SUMMILUX – $6299

This lens is fantastic if you love your wide angle. Using this at 1.4 injects some magic to your shots as you can actually get some shallow DOF going on. Normally $7k, $6299 is not so bad in this 9+ as new condition with box, case, etc. 


The Ultimate Leica film camera. While it performs the same as an M6, there is nothing like an MP :)


The 90 F/2 is a gorgeous lens. if portraits are your thing, this is a thing of beauty.

USED LEICA 135 F/3.4 TELYT LENS – $2799.95

For those who want the longest M lens available, and this one is stellar BTW, here you go.


B&H says it is in 8+ comdition so if you want to get your feet wet in the Leica digital RF world, here you go! The cool thing is the M8 is the one that comes closest to the Leica Monochrom in B&W output. Not high ISO of course but the B&W from the M8 is fantastic.


This is the PRE-ASPH version of the lens..a very classic rendering with some “glow”. I tested this once on an M8 and was very pleased with the rendering but at $1999 it is steep and in a “7” condition.


One of my all time faves. I remember when this sold new for $1250, now it is $2300 new so this one which is as new in box is $400 less.


THE PRE-ASPH “Bokeh King” has been very popular as it gives a less clinical rendering than the new ASPH version. Many prefer this one and at $1799, it is priced decently. They were going for $2700 a couple of years ago.

USED LEICA 28 ELMARIT 2.8 – $1299

This is the older version but still a great lens. I used to own it and loved it.




This one is basically new. Trust me, if you want this lens this is the best deal right here.


This is a steal of a deal at $2297. A GREAT lens and one I used to own and loved. I am tempted to grab this one. Larger than the newer Elmar but also faster at 2.8. With hood, etc.


Again, this one appears unused and is a great buy. I own this lens and the silver version is heavier than the black and feels extra hefty. Very very solid.


Great looking camera. If you shoot film, here you go!

LEICA M8 UPGRADED to M8.2 – $2257

If you want an  M8.2 which has the nicer shutter over the M8 then this is the way to go at $2257.







Feb 152013


B&H Photo just updated their release date of the new M 240 from Feb 28th to April 30th. From what I hear it could be the 2nd week of May. So the wait continues as Leica makes sure the new M is perfect. I’d rather them make sure it is perfect though then to release a buggy camera. What are YOUR thoughts? Who has pre-ordered the camera and WHEN did you pre-order?

Jan 252013


Site Sponsors that keep this site going, I thank them all! Plus some Leica used deals…

It is no secret that in the past few months that Leica gear has been in stock at most dealers in the USA. Just about any lens or camera you want (besides the Monochrom and new M) are available right now, brand new. You guys know who the sponsors of this site are and I can highly recommend ANY of them if you want great service, great pricing and no hassles. It is because of these guys below that this site continues to rock on day after day. Without them it would really be tough so I wanted to thank them and let all of you guys know once again that these three dealers below are all TOP NOTCH, best of the best .

Ken Hansen – You can e-mail him at [email protected] and he deals in Leica new and used. I never know what he has used but in the past I have purchased all kinds of goodies from Ken including M6′s, MP’s, Contax T2, etc. If you are looking for a used item Ken might just have it and he is amazing when it comes to customer service and speed of shipping.  Ken is taking pre-orders for the new M and Monochrom so be sure to send him an e-mail if you want in.


POPFLASH – Tony Rose is no stranger to Leica fans and I can not say one bad thing about his business, service or pricing. In fact, you can find some great buys at his website when it comes to Leica gear. He always has interesting gear to browse and also sells some of the killer Artisan and Artist gear such as straps and bags. He sells Zeiss as well so take a look over at POPFLASH.COM to see what he has available today.

popflash has this SWEET Zeiss Super Wide Ikon setup on sale for $1,777 (normally $2497) – See it here!


THE PRO SHOP - The newest and last “shop” sponsor of this site the Pro Shop has all kinds of Leica gear, and a huge inventory of new stock of lenses, cameras and even the new S2-P for $19,999 brand new in box with special warranty – aBOUT $6K less than B&H Photo is selling a used one for. These guys are also great and know their stuff. If it is Leica you want, give them a call at 561-253-2606 or check out their site HERE.

Just so everyone knows, YES these are site sponsors but what you do not know is that I do not take ANYONE as a site sponsor. I have turned down 4 other stores/dealers in the past even when I needed them. Why? Because I will only recommend to YOU the best of the best, and to me, these guys are the best there is when it comes to Leica.


Other shops I HIGHLY recommend for everything and anything else

Other shops I recommend are B&H Photo, Dale Photo and of course, Amazon for just about anything you could ever need. I use Amazon every week and even have home necessities on subscription. Every months I get a case of dog food delivered, cat food, paper towels, dishwashing soap and laundry detergent and more. This cuts down on my grocery trips, saves me money and is super convenient. So while I recommend the guys above for anything Leica, I recommend B&H photo for all other photo needs and Amazon for just about anything you could ever want. Cameras, electronics, music, and everything in between. When you guys follow my links on this site to these shops and make a purchase of ANYTHING I will then get a small commission, a few cents when you buy some diapers for example. Over time it adds up and helps this site to keep expanding and going.

SO FOR THAT I THANK ALL OF YOU! Without the readers, all of you, even those who disagree with me…well, this site would not be able to go on. So thank you all.


As mentioned, Dale Photo is also an exceptional Leica dealer so be sure to check them out as well because they also have some cool used deals at times as well as pre-orders on new gear.

Of course there is one more site sponsor and I use their services quite often..LENSRENTALS.COM. They rent the coolest cameras and lenses and they make it so easy to do so. Hassle free, even including the return packaging and label, all prepaid. If you ahve been thinking of a camera but are not sure, rent it first so you know. They even rent the Leica Monochrom! 

With that, here are a few USED Leica deals on the B&H Photo used site:

Leica Noctilux F1 with slide out hood (latest before the new f/0.95) and this one comes in at a recent record low of $5995 It is softer than the 0.95 but has so much more “Character” – see some samples HERE from quite a while ago.

LEICA 90 Elmarit, latest before discontinuing. This lens is the one everyone seems to search for. B&H has one for $1499, $800 less than I sold my last one for a couple of years ago. With the new M, this lens should be a breeze to focus. $1499

How about this? A used Leica M8.2 Safari Limited Edition set with chrome 28 Elmarit. I so wanted this when it came out but just could not swing it. Looks like it is keeping its value though because at $6999 it is not cheap! Dale has it USED. 


A great find here…A Leica 35mm Summicron f/2 “King Of Bokeh” V4 with 6 bit coding. $1995 at Dale

I hope everyone here has a GREAT weekend, enjoy it!


Dec 192012


PSA: Sony RX1 in stock now for immediate X-Mas Shipping

Hello to all! Looks like Amazon and B&H Photo has gotten some stock of the Sony RX1 and they have a few RIGHT NOW for immediate shipping which means you will get it before Christmas if you order today. Just wanted to inform everyone on this as it is your last chance to get one before Christmas. Kind of funny this post happens to be after a post on G.A.S. but I know some of you have been waiting for this to pop up as in stock instead or pre-ordering. Good luck!

You can order the RX1 at the links below:

Amazon has a few left HERE – looks like 8 of them at the time of this post

B&H Photo Has some left HERE


Nov 202012


Black Friday Mania Begins! 1st up.. Lens Rentals used lenses 10% off plus 5% back!, (a site sponsor that helps keep this site going btw) is having their annual “Black Friday” sale by giving 10% off any used gear they have for sale starting Thanksgiving day at 6am and running through November 26th. They are also haveing 25% off of all rentals during this period so now is the time if you wanted to rent that something special. 25% off is a chunk of change so give that Leica Noctilux a try, or Leica Monochrom :)

To check out what they will have for sale at 10% off, click HERE for details. I already spotted a couple of Zeiss ZM lenses there that look tempting as well as a few Leica selections. With the holidays coming LensRentals is just one place you can find some great deals. Amazon is also having their Black Friday specials as is B&H Photo. 

You can also check out the other site sponsors like PopFlash, Dale Photo, Pro Shop, and Ken Hansen ([email protected]). Without them, this site could not continue!

B&H Is having some specials on Apple products with 50% off of Apple Care as well!

Nov 072012

Awesome Deal: Nikon V1 Super Kit with 10-100, SB-N5 Flash, FT1 Adapter, 10-30mm, and bag for $899

You can tell Nikon has a load of V1 cameras on the shelves because all retailers are clearing them out from the $399 option with the 10-30 to the white edition to the two lens kit with 30-110 included for $549.  BUT, at B&H Photo they have a special super kit that goes for $899 (almost the price of one of the lenses included in this kit) and includes all of the good stuff.

First, they are giving the V1 body and  the 10-30mm lens. They are also throwing in a 10-100 Lens ($749 on its own), the SB-N5 flash and even a bag to carry it all. This is a crazy deal for this camera system which many disliked but I personally loved. The V2 is coming in about 24 days so they have to clear out the V1’s. I thought this could make a good 2nd body option for those buying the V2 because you get the 10-100 and FT1 adapter included. The V1 is great for taking anywhere, video and it even has a dedicated mic input. Cool little camera and at $399 with a 10-30, it’s at bargain basement prices.

At these prices the V1’s should go quick. It is a great body that is capable of taking some pretty damn nice shots. My review is HERE.

Nov 022012

Leica Noctilux f/0.95 in stock! 50 Lux ASPH in stock! 

Just an announcement for those of you looking for these lenses! The 50 Noctilux is now in stock at B&H Photo HERE. They go quickly so if you have been waiting, it is there right now!

Also, The Pro Shop for Photographers has the Leica 50 Summilux ASPH in stock in BLACK or SILVER! Best to call them at  561.253.2606 if you want one. 


PSAs I have done for 3+ years I post when hot lenses and cameras are in stock, with a service to you. Sometimes I will get a small credit for this which is what keeps this site alive as I cant run it and pay for it on my charm alone :) Both B&H and Pro Shop are sponsors of this site and I recommend them highly along with Ken Hansen ([email protected]), Dale Photo and PopFlash.  

Jun 152012

Crazy deal on a 128Gb Lexar SD Card! $89.95 special!

If you do not mind a little bit slower of a card (133X speed) then this is a GREAT deal on a Lexar 128 GB SD card! Great for HD video shooting especially and at $89.95 this is a steal. It is currently DOUBLE that on Amazon so if you want one, snag it over at B&H now. I just bought one for my HD video camera.  This card used to be over $300!

May 162012

Grab this card now, or a bunch of them as this deal JUST popped up at B&H Photo. $6.99 for a Lexar 8GB Platinum II SDHC card. I need to grab about 10 of these so act quick if you have been needing some good SD cards! YOU CAN BUY THEM HERE.


Also, for the Leica people…the wonderful Zeiss Sonnar 50 1.5 ZM lens is IN STOCK in Black and Silver right now as well. Enjoy!

Apr 062011

I was just informed that B&H Photo is now an authorized Ricoh Dealer and they carry and have full stock on the GXR camera, lenses and accessories! The GXR is one of my fave systems and with the 28 and 50 lenses, it makes for one of the best, of not THE best compact/high quality camera system. The body is $349 and I would highl;y recommend the 28 Lens module as well as the 50 lens module. With those two you would have a highly capable set and it would cost you less than a Leica X1 by itself!

Also, there has been new firmware released for the GXR that enhances it even further with new in camera filters that look really really good IMO. I own this camera and the two lens modules mentioned, and you can see my full review of it HERE in case you missed it.

Just wanted to pass on the news that you can now get Ricoh gear at B&H Photo!

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