Dec 192013

Lost Angels

By Lee Jeffries

Lost Ang-2

I guess “Lost Angels was a “process” that started for me five years ago. I was in London to run the marathon and found myself wandering the streets with my camera the day before the race. I trained my long lens on a young homeless girl huddled in a sleeping bag from across the street. She noticed and began to shout at me in an objective manner. I was obviously very embarrassed and at the time two thoughts went through my head. Turn away and get out of the situation quickly. Or go over and talk to her. I chose the latter. Doing so changed my perception of how I wanted to approach photography. The photographs became of secondary importance. Making contact, stopping to chat and helping out where I could become much more significant. Loneliness goes hand in hand with homelessness and alleviating that for 20 minutes..or an hour…or sometimes for a few days then it’s that reaction, nearly always positive, that I take away from an encounter. The intimacy of my portraits are perhaps a testament to this.

SH2 - The Cat Lady

My images have become more like art. For that reason I never dilute them with “document” or “circumstance” unless it’s absolutely warranted. I try very hard to capture both an emotional element and supplement that with a metaphysical quality that grabs and holds the attention of the viewer. I like to allow all of that emotion to breathe inside the mind of those that “see” and allow them to make their own conclusions on the “reality” of the situation. There is enough packed into any one of my images to take the viewer on a journey. They are an exploration of humanity. It’s as much an exercise in self-examination as it is in photography. They carry a social message, a message of injustice and suffering. They are about faith. Love. Compassion.

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You can check out Lee’s book “Lost Angels” at the link HERE. His 500px is HERE.

Aug 292013


Salted Wounds – Hurricane Sandy Book 

Hey to everyone! Today is a gorgeous Thursday and I am taking it slow for the next few days because I know there is a slew of new stuff right around the corner, sO I am gearing up for it. New Micro 4/3, New Sony, and maybe a surprise or two from other camera companies. Also have a couple of new bags on the way for review, more on the “Stylish” and “Functional” side. So I will have a busy week next week. That means today, I am answering e-mails, catching up with news, cleaning my home office and trying to decide what I want for lunch.

While browsing around I remembered a project that a friend of mine is doing and many of you should know her. Amy Medina is working on a book called “Salted Wounds” about Hurricane Sandy. Amy has written many articles and  reviews here in the past few years and Hurricane Sandy affected her personally with damage to her roof (that is now leaking). Being the passionate photographer that she is, she went out after the storm and shot much of the aftermath and is now compiling all of those into a beautiful book and e-book. Her Indiegogo goal of $1000 has been met to cover costs of the books, printing and work involved and Amy is now going to donate some of the proceeds to a Hurricane Sandy Charity as well.

I’ve met Amy as she has attended two of my meet ups/workshops in the past. Great person and 100% passionate about what she does.

Go check out her Indigogo project page and if you would like to pitch in you can for as little as $7 for the e-book. Also, FYI, I was in early and paid $57 for the full book and print :) Good luck Amy!

Check it out HERE.


Dec 132012


A look at the 99 Years of Leica Book!

A couple of weeks back I received a package from UPS direct from Leica that consisted of their new coffee table book “99 Years”. This book surprised me with its content and even though I have not read the whole book yet I have been very pleased with what I have seen and read so far. This book covers 99 years of Leica from the beginnings to the current and brand new “M” model. It also has loads of iconic photos, interviews, articles, info on prototypes such as the original “S1″ digital camera and much more.


At $130 it is not cheap but it is also not expensive for what you get. This is a book for any true Leica fan and it is very well made with a hardshell cover/case and all. Take a look at the quick video I made to show you what the book is like:


This book is available right now through Ken Hansen for $130. You can e-mail him at [email protected] as he has about a dozen in stock. To some $130 is expensive for a book but this is a very well made 300 page coffee table book with just about every piece of information you would ever want to know from the last 99 years with Leica. Very cool to have and for those who still think it is expensive, check out this MONSTER book from the band Kiss for $4200 :)

All in all I can say that if you love Leica, you will love “99 Years”!

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