Oct 152011

Just for fun! The iPhone 4s vs the NEX-7 and Fuji X100.

So I am out in Chicago and today with the beautiful weather I decided to take a stroll through my old neighborhood that I grew up in. I found that it still looked great, and in some ways better than it used to look when I was a kid. Was pretty fun to take a walk down memory lane and enjoy the fall colors and cool breeze. Next week I will be back home in AZ with the 100+ degree sun so I am enjoying this cool weather while I can.

I had the NEX-7 with me as well as the Fuji X100 and my new iPhone 4s, which Apple claims has a really kick ass camera built in. In fact, it is a huge improvement over the standard camera in the 4 and it is interesting to see camera tech evolve in these mobile devices. I mean, the iPhone 4s takes better pictures than many $300-$400 digital cameras did just 1-2 years ago.

So what I did today was shoot a few scenes with each camera to see how each one rendered its JPEGs.

Now, keep in mind that the iPhone could not be a replacement for the NEX or the X100 simply due to it being more like a P&S camera with no way of controlling aperture or depth of field. One day these mobile devices will have better lenses with Aperture control and most likely artificial shallow DOF control unless someone ends up putting in a large imaging sensor in one, then that is when things would get interesting. Still, the camera has improved dramatically in the 4s so let’s see how it does with everyday snaps compared  to the other two enthusiast cameras.

These are all out of camera JPEGS resized to 1800 pixels wide. The iPhone doesn’t shoot RAW so this is just a simple, just for fun JPEG comparison.

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE for the larger version! These are ALL straight out of camera!

Sample #1. 1st image is the X100, 2nd is the iPhone 4s and third is the NEX-7

seems to me the Sony underexposed a little, and I have been noticing this trend with the camera in general. This could be to save highlights and richen the color but out of the three above, which do you prefer?

Sample #2. Same thing. 1st one is from the X100, 2nd from the NEX-7 and last from the iPhone 4s. Sony had the Zeiss 24 and the NEX and Fuji were set to f/5.6

Three different cameras and three different color signatures. Which do you prefer? 

Sample #3 – X100, iPhone 4s, NEX-7

Sample #4 – X100, iPhone 4s and NEX-7

Sample #5 – X100, iPhone 4s and NEX-7

Even with the new improved camera, the iPhone 4s suffers from noise (you can see it in the sky pretty heavily) – Still, its a damn good take everywhere camera and with apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram it’s a great take anywhere camera. (see below)

and one more from the X100 and Sony to show how the Sony is choosing a different exposure than the Fuji. The Fuji has more shadow detail but loses some of the highlights. The Sony protected the highlights a bit more. Again, these are OOC JPEGS. 

I’m hoping to have my NEX-7 review up NEXT WEEK as I have been using it non stop since I acquired it. I have also been shooting the X100 more and have to say that in regards to OOC color with JPEGS, I prefer the X100. But I have yet to tweak any Sony RAW files so we shall see. Still, the NEX-7 has been doing no wrong (almost). Review soon!


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