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Apr 202016


Call for Entries: Magnum and LensCulture Photography Awards 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.02.30 AM

Magnum Photos and LensCulture have joined forces to create one of the best new opportunities for photographers to be recognized and rewarded for their talent.

2017 marks a significant year for Magnum as we celebrate 70 years since our founding photographers toasted the conception of an independent photo agency. Ahead of these anniversary celebrations, Magnum Photos and LensCulture invite submissions to the inaugural Magnum and LensCulture Photography Awards, an international call to discover the best photographers from all over the world.

Our distinguished jury will select 12 Winners and 20 Finalists from Documentary, Street, Portrait, Fine Art, Photojournalism and Open categories. In addition, the jury will select 7 photographers as “Jurors’ Picks” and give out 5 “Student Spotlight” awards to young, up-and-coming talents. Winners, finalists and top-rated photographers will enjoy gain access to an unprecedented level of global exposure and recognition from two of the largest organizations in the photo industry, as well as cash funding and career support.

“Magnum Photos is delighted to be working with LensCulture on this exciting new competition, which we hope will attract diverse photographic practices from all over the world. 2016 marks a significant juncture for the agency as we launch a new, stories-first website, in the lead-up to our 70th anniversary. We view this new award as an opportunity for our dedicated audience — and the photography community at large — to share in our celebrations.” – Martin Parr, Magnum Photographer and President.


Mar 092016

Alex Stars 3

Photo Contest from SteveHuffPhoto and Olympus! Win an Astrophotography Experience! 

Hello to all on this lovely Wednesday! I have some exciting news for all of you today as I have teamed up with Olympus to create this awesome photo contest where the winner will be awarded one spot in the upcoming Astrophotography Workshop (lodging included in Flagstaff, AZ) where you will Join Olympus Trailblazer (and my good friend) Alex McClure for his sold out Astro Photography workshop from May 6th to the 9th! Jamie Macdonald, another Olympus Trailblazer will also be there and when Jamie and Alex get together for something like this, believe me, it is so so so worth it. Both really know this kind of work VERY well.

But I am not trying to sell you on this workshop as it is sold out, instead Olympus wants to give one of you here a spot, which is perfect for ANYONE wanting to learn how to shoot the stars.

Photo by Alex McClure

Alex Stars 1

In order to capture stunning astro shots of the Milky Way and star paths, attendees will be staying at a 8,000 ft. elevation in Northern Arizona in some of the darkest skies in the U.S. The group will also be staying close enough to take day trips to the Grand Canyon and the red rocks of Sedona.

Yep, Sedona, Grand Canyon – amazing beauty in the Southwest, and the winner will have his or her workshop paid for along with all lodging. Just be sure that you are free May 6th-9th 2016! Travel/Airfare NOT included. 

Alex Stars 2


Entering this contest is super easy but winning may be a challenge! Be sure to get your best shot ready for this! 

· Enter to win by tagging your best outdoor or astro image with #OlympusOutdoors on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – Starting NOW!
· Prize: 1 spot in Olympus Trailblazer Alex McClure’s Astrophotography workshop (valued at $999.00, lodging included – travel and meals are not included in the prize) (see details here)
· Dates: May 6th to May 9th
· Olympus Trailblazer Jamie MacDonald will be onsite for further hands-on instruction

The workshop will take place for 3 nights from Friday, May 6th at 5pm to Monday, May 9th at 10am, offering hands-on instruction from Alex and Jamie, guided fieldwork, editing training, and helpful critiques of your digital files. Olympus cameras will also be on hand if you want to try out their abilities with Astro. This will be a fun, educational and fantastic workshop for  those with an interest in this type of shooting, and the locations will be beautiful.

All that would be required of the winner is to get to Arizona where it all begins on the 6th of May, Friday morning. The winner would connect with Alex McClure about carpooling to the event. The workshop and lodging will be covered by Olympus to the winner. This is a sold out workshop but there is room for one more, and it could be YOU. So get your best outdoor or Astro image and tag it on social media with #OlympusOutdoors (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). 

Alex Stars 5

Get your best image ready and ENTER anytime between NOW and March 31st 2016 by posting your image using the hash tag #OlympusOutdoors on social media (FB, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM).

Only one entry per person please! 

Winner will be chosen on April 1st 2016 and announced HERE! 

Jul 212015

Winning 1st Place in The World’s Largest Photo Competition!

By Andrew Suryono

Hello Readers, My name is Andrew Suryono. I won 1st place in this year’s Sony World Photography Award, Indonesia National Award. Below is my winning photo, “Orangutan in The Rain.”


This year 173,444 images was submitted from 171 countries, making Sony’s photography contest the largest in the world. Winning 1st place in this competition means a lot to me. Not only because this is the largest photo competition in the world, but also this is my first ever international award. I’m an avid reader of Steve’s site. I sent an email to Steve asking his permission to share my experience from winning the competition with you and he replied to me with a resounding YES in less than 5 minutes.

I’m super excited to share my experience with you here. Here we go! I’m sure many of you already have a question in mind: “What’s the prize of winning this competition, Andrew?” Did I read your mind correctly? :) Sony gave me a Sony A7s, a Carl Zeiss 24-70mm lens and a flight ticket to London (return). They also took care of my hotel accommodation, meals and transport during my 5 days stay in London. During this trip, Sony organized a photography tour where I can try all kinds of Sony’s new camera and lenses. I tried the Carl Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 lens, the Sony 28mm f/2 lens and the Sony 90mm Macro lens. Sony also did a photo exhibition to showcase of all the winners’ photos and finally end it glamorously with a gala dinner for the awarding ceremony. Here’s a picture of me holding the trophy during the Gala Dinner ceremony.


On top of all that, I got tons of publication requests. My winning photo was featured in big sites such as CNN, National Geographic, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, The Telegraph and many more. I view photography as my hobby and I never thought I could make it this far. Hopefully my winning photo and achievement can inspire you or at least light up your day!

Until then, take care! If you want to learn more about me, feel free to visit me at: My Blog: My Photo Gallery:

Oct 222014

Selfie contest, free entry, win $20,000. Ends today!

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.42.53 AM

Just a heads up! I SHOT IT has been running a unique “selfie” photo contest that actually ends in EIGHT hours (as of this post on October 22nd 2014) and the grand prize is $20,000, which is a prize they have given away many times before. This time, the contest is 100% free to enter and you can do so HERE.  They are running this contest as a celebration of them reaching over 500,000 Facebook likes.

I SHOT IT has given away all kinds of amazing prizes in the past including over $25k and a Leica camera to a few winners who came from my site here after I mentioned the contests.

This one seems pretty fun and easy. A selfie that can win $20,000 with NO entry fee? Yep! I urge you to enter, even if you think it is silly. You never know who will win and this time, the judges are not choosing the winner, the I SHOT IT members are.


Aug 222014


Win $20,000 by submitting your selfie. Yes, $20,000! Enter FREE!

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I have some amazing news for you today, and yes, I have spoken about the incredible contests lever at I SHOT IT for a couple of years now it seems. But this one is for EVERYONE. It is FREE to enter, it is SIMPLE to shoot a photo for it and hey, YOU NEVER KNOW! When I would mention the big prize contests here in the past for I SHOT IT, 90% of the time the winner came from HERE, from seeing my post about it. One guy won $25k and a Leica Monochrom. Amazing. For the premium contests at I SHOT IT there is a small fee for entry, but IMO it is well worth it for the chance to win the amazing cash and camera prizes. This time though, anyone and everyone will want and should enter as the prize is there for the taking, just for entering a SELFIE of yourself. Yes, a selfie.

I SHOT IT is celebrating receiving over 500,000 Facebook Likes. Yes, half a million FB likes. Because of this milestone they are offering a $20,000 prize for the best Selfie.

To check it out and enter this contest, just click HERE. 

Here is what they say about your entry: Any “selfie” self-portrait. The judges will be looking for creativity and technical skill in framing, lighting, focus and composition. (A badly executed selfie at the North Pole or with President Obama might not be good enough to be chosen) The judges will narrow down the entries to 30 and then the I SHOT IT members will vote for the winner. $20k guys…just for entering a creative well executed selfie. Be creative, use your mind and get something that no one else is doing in regards to light, framing, etc. Man, I already have 10 ideas but since they are a supporter of this site I can not and would never enter. Still, I am excited to see how many of you guys enter and what you will enter.

If you enter, link in the comments to your entry so we can see it!



Jul 012014

ONA Bag Giveaway! Win YOUR CHOICE of Ona Bag!

Hello to everyone! How about a cool contest for today? ONA Bags has allowed me to give away to one lucky winner, an ONA Bag of choice! YES, any bag that sells, it will be the winners choice! ANY BAG! All you need to do to enter is to use the entry form below or CLICK HERE. This is a Facebook contest so you will need to like ONA BAGS on Facebook, On Twitter and like Me on Facebook. Not much to ask to win any bag of your choice from ONA, one of the coolest luxury camera bag makers on the planet! Some of these bags are $400+, so be sure to enter!

ENTER BELOW! ONA SAYS USA ONLY ENTRIES! They will only ship to USA addresses. 


click here to enter!

Apr 152014


The winner of the $16,290 and Leica Monochrom from I-SHOT-IT!

So did any of you here enter the last B&W Photo Competition from I-SHOT-IT? Click HERE to see the newly announced winners, including the winner of the Monochrom and the $16,000 cash. They already started the next B&W competition so if you think you have what it takes, and are in the mood for some healthy competition then CLICK HERE To check it out.

Congratulations to the winner!


Mar 192014

The I-SHOT-IT Competition heats up again!


Over the past year or so I have been telling everyone here about these great photo competitions over at . The last few premium contests have all produced winners who found out about it from this very website, which is amazingly cool. Prizes have been $25,000 cash and a Leica Monochrom as well as other huge cash prizes and Leica cameras. offers competitions across a wide range of subjects and prize levels.

Imagine entering a B&W photo to the premium competition and winning a Leica Monochrom WITH a load of cash. I have gotten thank you letters from previous winners who found out about the competitions from me, so I want to make sure I pass along the next one which is ending in about 2 weeks in hopes that another winner from HERE can take home the cash and prize.

The Premium B&W competition has a prize including the Leica Monochrom camera and the cash amount. As of this writing it is just over $5600 but it always climbs during the last few days of the competition. The entry fee for the PREMIUM contest is $20 so I would make sure you have a superb photo before entering this one. If you win, the prize is quite special though. It only takes one to win.

They also offer free competitions with lesser prizes. 

So be sure to check out all of the ways you can enter over at I feel they are providing a great service to those who want to get out and shoot as THIS WILL motivate you to get out and get the best shots of your life. For me, that is what it is all about. If I could enter I would pay my $20 and go out to find the best B&W shot I could possibly take and then submit it. I can not enter as is a site sponsor but I know many of you here do enter, so I can live vicariously through some of you, lol.

Whoever wins this next one, if you come from here again let me know as it would be amazing to help deliver another winner from this community!

Go to the I-SHOT-IT home page HERE.

Check out their Facebook HERE. 

Check out and enter the B&W Premium Competition HERE

The FREE competition is HERE.

Feb 042014


Win cash and a Monochrom in the latest B&W competition!

Just over a year ago I started to let you guys know about the premium contests over at and the cool part is that each time I posted about the premium B&W contests where the price was a Leica Monochrom and huge amounts of cash, one of my readers won. I am talking a Leica Monochrom (Valued at $8000) AND over $20,000 in cold hard cash. Yea, these prizes are ridiculously good.

There is yet another B&W contest going and while there are still 57 days left to enter I thought I should announce it now so anyone who wants to enter can think about what they want to shoot or submit.

Basically, you can enter with your best B&W photo. It is NOT a free contest (No one can continually give away huge amounts of cash and an $8000 camera) but if you feel you have an incredible B&W photo the $20 entry fee is well worth it to enter for the challenge, the fun and to help raise the prize money. Again, the last 2-3 winners were readers of this site who found out about it from my posts, so maybe we can keep the streak going.

To check it all out you can click HERE. 

There are also many other contests there to check out. Some are free, some are much less than $20 to enter. All depends on the prizes. But one thing remains constant..the I-SHOT-IT website does indeed help inspire you, push you and think outside the box. When prizes like this are on the line you want to do your best so many will go out and shoot with a goal to bring in that winning photo. That right there is worth $20 to me!

I love what they do over at I-SHOT-IT as I know the prizes are real, legit and it does indeed inspire those who enter or want to enter to really give it their all.

If you feel lucky or that you have the skill, check it out!




Jan 162014

Max HeMe-Foto Tripod Review and Give-Away!

At the end of this review there is a link where I am giving away a free MeFoto tripod on Facebook! Be sure to enter to win the exact tripod you see below!


I admit..I am not a huge fan of tripods for my photography. I rarely ever use them (for photos) and in the past 10 years I probably used a tripod a handful of times and that was mainly due to HAVING to use them at specific events or for camera tests. Nope, just give me a nice light camera, a lens and some memory or film and I am off and running  – nice and light.

But even though I do not use them often I do indeed own a tripod and have had the same one for 15 years! I use it mainly for video and it has come in handy for that when I needed to stabilize my camcorder. There are times when long exposures also get me to pull out the trusty tripod as it is the only way to do such photography and get good results. Long story short, my tripod experience is limited as I just do not like to lug them and use them. I am not a landscape guy nor a long exposure guy so keep that in mind when reading this. All in all, this will be my quick thoughts on using the MeFoto tripods but remember, I have limited experience with other brands of tripod.

My intro to MeFoto

A few months ago I ran into a rep from MeFoto and he offered to send me a couple of tripods for review. I was hesitant (because I never use them) but when I saw the tripod he had in his camera bag (yes, in his camera bag) I immediately had to know more about these small and tiny wonders. As I looked at the smallest model called “The Day Trip” I instantly wanted one. Why? I am not sure but I instantly fell for the design, colors and teeny size/ease of use. Maybe the reason I never use tripods is because I did not want to lug around my beast. Hmmmm. After a demo and a few words he promised to send a couple my way and that he did.

The small and tiny “DayTrip” will  hold up to 8.8lbs and can be used almost anywhere. At $119 it is a great buy in the small tripod world and is super cool at the same time. Ball head, smooth controls and a well made feeling makes these tripods a contender for those looking for small, light and quality.


Over the past couple of months I have been in possession of three tripods from Me Foto. The Daytrip, the Backpacker and the Road Trip. All three are very nice, very well made and VERY affordable. No, these are not $1500 rock solid big and heavy tripods. Instead they are small genius designs that are light, easy to carry and they simply just work.

For tripod and landscape gurus these may not be the #1 choice but for those who are like me, and prefer a small and light tripod to stabilize their camera then the MeFoto line is right up our alley. They will not break the bank, they will work very well and they are small and attractive as well. The few times I was able to get out and use them I had no problems, issues or complications. They are simple to use as the legs pull out with a simple twist lock. Twist and the legs fall out, twist again to lock in place. The Ball Head is smooth and easy to position and the bubble level helps to make sure you are level. The #1 thing that I love about these tripods is the weight. They are light yet feel solid and they fold up nicely to be very compact. For example…

The little DayTrip tripod is TINY and will fit inside most camera bags. It is not a full size tripod but will do for those times when you just needs something to hold your camera.

The Road Trip is full size and will even quickly convert to a monopod, which I find extremely useful and cool. At $189 it is a full featured tripod that would be all many of us need. I really love this model and in Titanium it very nice to look at as well.

They are sleek, cool, fun, small, light and functional. My only gripe is that you need an allen wrench to loosen and tighten the mounting plate to your camera. The tripods come with the tool but I lost two of them already and on one occasion could not get the plate off of my camera because I did not have the wrench. Throwing on a hand tightening mechanism would be much better IMO. They do come with a carrying case to hold the tool but I always find a way  to lose small little items and I never did use the carrying case as the tripod resided in my bag most of the time.

From tripod to monobod in seconds..


Besides that little niggle I love these things and not only are they great buys and a bargain for someone seeking a light and very portable tripod,  one of these now resides in my own stable :) Good stuff and highly recommended!

Features and operation Breakdown: It is a tripod. You open the legs, attach your camera, set it up where you want it and shoot :) They are lightweight, have a built in bubble level, have an included very nice carrying case, 360 degree panning capability, two leg angle positions, a hook for adding more weight to the center for stability (or to hang your bag), easy twist leg locks. Great bang for the buck. You can see feature details HERE.

In use they are light and easy to carry (as mentioned) and even has a very nice carrying case that comes along with each and every tripod. I had no issues bringing any of these along with me. My son Brandon is using one for long exposures and even for his binoculars for night sky viewing. He really loved his time with the MeFoto as well.

All in all, a wonderful product that is very functional. If it had a finger screw base plate for attaching the camera  it would be perfect!

So there you quick look. There really is nothing to dislike about these.

I did take many more photos of the tripods in use but somehow the Fuji X-E2 and 23 1.4 I was using missed focus in half of the product shots. (focused behind the subject). That means I will be going back to my tried and true Olympus E-M1 for product shots in my reviews! :)

Specs and Cost:

Day Trip – Max Load – 8.8 Lbs. – Max Height 24″ – Min. Height 9.4″ – 1.8 Lbs – $119

BackPacker – Max Load – 8.8lbs – Max Height 51.2″ – Min. Height 17.3″ – 2.6lbs – $139

Road Trip – Max Load  – 17.6 lbs – Max Height 61.6″ – Min. Height 15.4″ – 3.1lbs – $189 (the sweet spot in the line up IMO)

Globe Trotter – Max Load 26.4 lbs – Max Height 64.2″ – Min. Height 16.1″ – 3.7lbs – $209


Where to Buy MeFoto and how to WIN one!

You can buy the MeFoto tripods at B&H Photo HERE

You can buy them at Amazon HERE

You can buy direct from MeFoto HERE (as well as see all of the color options, sizes and even Carbon Fiber versions)



Win a free DayTrip Tripod courtesy of MeFoto and SteveHuffPhoto! Click HERE to enter on Facebook!

Nov 032013

GIVEAWAY! Win an On a Bowery Bag in Smoke!


Hey guys, I am giving away an Ona Bowery Bag in SMOKE color to show my appreciation and to give back once again. This is a fantastic bag that I personally use myself for my Micro 4/3 system but it is perfect for any mirrorless camera system or Leica system. Small, attractive and very stylish as well as functional.

All you have to do to enter is click the link below or the image above and like my facebook page. If you have already liked it then it is easy to enter, just one click!


This contest has already started and will end on 11/12/2013 at 9 AM Mountain time. USA and Canada Only for  this one. The contest is all automated and the bag will be shipped to the winner within 48 hours of winner announcement.

I did review this bag a while ago in black, check it out in the video below. Good luck!

Nov 012013


The I SHOT IT Leica X2 Contest – NO ENTRY FEE!

Check this out! You guys know I have talked about I-SHOT-IT in the past and actually, the last three winners of the Leica Monochrom were actually readers of this site who went there to enter after I posted about it here. $20k plus a Monochrom..what a prize..and the ones who won them did so with their sheer talent. So I am proud of this fact :)

The reason I am writing now is that I-SHOT-IT is now giving away a Leica X2 valued at nearly $2000 and ANYONE can enter for FREE. No entry fee required. With the big prizes like the cash and Monochrom, a $20 fee was required to enter. This is how they paid for the massive prize. But today you can go enter this one at no cost, so it is well worth it to get your photo in.

It is all about CLOUDS this time, so whatever you enter must have clouds in the photo.

So check it out HERE and give it a go. When it ends YOU just might be the lucky winner of that Leica X2!

Oct 212013

Congrats to Neil Buchan-Grant for winning the AOP “Best in Show”


A while ago Neil posted an article about his love for Micro 4/3 and the OM-D camera. He posted a photo (above) that got quite the response and as soon as I saw it I knew it was special. Neil showed that yes, the little OM-D E-M5 could indeed take photos that not only excelled in quality but were able to be pushed and used by someone who really knew how to work a camera. His photo has now officially won the Best in Show AOP open award for 2013!

So let us give a big Congrats to Neil!


Over the years I have defended Micro 4/3 (ever since the GF1 and E-P1) while many bashed it and predicted its doom because it had a smaller sensor than APS-C or Full Frame. Today less and less are trash talking Micro 4/3 and I even know of quite a few who dumped their slower APS-C cameras for an E-M5 and they never looked back. With the E-M1 it goes up another notch and I will state right here and now that Micro 4/3 is going nowhere anytime soon because it offers the perfect mix of IQ, performance, speed, build, and lenses. The lens Neil used for this image was the Panasonic/Leica 25 1.4. One of the best overall lenses for this system.


In any case, Neil has shown what this system can do in capable hands. Make sure you see his latest post here as well as his own blog.  I also want to thank him for his continuing contributions here where he shares his love and passion for photography with all of us here.

Thanks Neil!

Sep 122013

GIVEAWAY: Win a Tenba Mini Messenger Bag!


Want to win a Tenba Mini Messenger bag? I have a brown one I am giving away on my Facebook wall! Since Facebook changed their contest rules last week it makes it MUCH easier for me to easily give away cool photo products from time to time. I reviewed this bag HERE so if it is something you think you might like, take a chance and enter. It is EASY to enter the contest. All you have to do is go to my Facebook Page HERE, go to the contest post and read the rules :) It is a sticky at the top of the page.

I will probably give away cool things from time to time there and to enter you must be 18 or older and anyone, living anywhere is eligible :) Good Luck!

Jul 012013

Win $11,000 plus a Leica Monochrom! B&W contest.


It’s that time again but with only TWO days to go before the deadline to submit and image is here. TWO DAYS! The last time I-SHOT-IT had their B&W contest the winner walked away with $25,000 US dollars and a Leica Monochrom camera valued at $7995. The cool part was that the winner came from THIS WEBSITE because I posted about it, he acted, he entered and he won. Amazing.

I would freak out if I won $25k and a Monochrom.

What I am speaking of is a Black & White photo contest over at I-SHOT-IT.COM. They have many contests running at any given time but their B&W contest, to me, is the creme of the crop just due to the beautiful entries and the awesome prizes.

I-SHOT-IT has contests that are free to enter and some are fee based, but one thing is constant…and that is that the quality of entries is superb. If you want to enter I suggest you have a strong contender. If you do, who knows, you may get lucky and win. Of course you may not but that is all part of the fun.

So just wanted to post ad I have not posted about the contest at all this quarter and since the winner came from here last time, maybe it can happen again. Good luck to anyone who enters!

You can enter the B&W Premium contest here to be in the running for the cash and camera prize.



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