Nov 212014


The Western Digital 2TB My Book Velociraptor Duo Thunderbolt Desktop Hard Drive – Normally $699 – TODAY only $279!

B&H Photo is putting up one deal every day for the holidays and today starts it off with this Western Digital External Desktop Hard Drive. Normally $699, now $279. This is a 2TB Thunderbolt drive! Available today only – until it sells out or midnight!

Nov 032014


B&H Photo is having a big sale on the Nikon Coolpix A (which I think does a bit better than the Ricoh GR). It feels great, is made to a high standard and has the large APS-C with superb color and sharpness. At launch it was a bit pricey but now you can get a brand new Coolpix A WITH the $395 finder for FREE for a grand total of $699 – Saving  $400 (they ran out of the finder). This camera launched at $1099 and I loved it, you can see my review HERE. At $699 with finder, it is a great buy for anyone looking for a great all around compact large sensor camera with beautiful IQ.



Jan 092014


Sony NEX-7 Mega Package Deal Alert!

Well it had to happen sooner or later! The NEX-7 is being cleared out at B&H Photo at a great price so for those of you who are not interested in going full frame with the new A7 and A7r, here is your chance to snag a great deal on a fantastic camera.

For $999 (A $650 Savings) you get the NEX-7 body, the 18-55 Kit Zoom in black, the 20 2.8 Pancake lens a 16GB Mem Card, a case and a $100 gift card for a future purchase at B&H Photo!

This is a pretty nice deal for someone wanting to jump into an APS-C mirror less. To top it off B&H is offering free basic shipping as well, so total out the door would be $999 for the whole kit and caboodle.  My old NEX-7 Review is HERE.

You can check out the deal here, or purchase at B&H PHOTO!

Jul 282013


Refurb Nikon V1 Black Body – $249 on Amazon now

Nikon V1 Refurbished from Cameta Camera on Amazon

YES! More Nikon V1 talk, but this is the last post about the 1 system until my new 6.7-13 Lens review which should be in a week or two. I am posting this due to the fact that MANY of you are asking me where to get a cheap black Nikon V1 body, so I found some :)

Yep, lots of you have asked where to get a BLACK Nikon V1 at a similar price to  the $279 deal on Digital Rev (that was a white one, new with 10mm). Today I spotted that Cameta Camera on Amazon has a bunch of refurb BLACK V1’s for $249 a pop. This is a body only, Nikon refurb with one year warranty. A Refurb is a camera that goes back to the factory for one reason or another. A return, an issue, etc. Nikon goes over the cameras, replaces parts, repairs or just fixes cosmetic issues and then packages them back up for refurb discount sales. So if anyone wants the black V1, and they are getting harder to find these days without paying $600+ then this is a good deal.

Check out this video about the Nikon V2 and Street Shooting (V2 is no better than V1 in speed or IQ)

Just click the link above or below to check it out. It is NOT prime eligible but I have ordered from Cameta on Amazon 6 times in the past and they always came through with super fast service and it was always problem free.

Nikon V1 Refurbished from Cameta Camera on Amazon

I know I have been doing quite a bit on the Nikon 1 lately but that is because of these insane prices on such a great little camera. With these new lenses out now, it is a killer system, 1″ sensor or not. I have one more Nikon 1 review coming and that is for the 6.7-13 Ultra Wide Zoom. Stay tuned for that. Until then, you can check out the video below showing my three fave lenses for the system.

Links to my fave three lenses:

Nikon 32 1.2  – Nikon 18.5 f/1.8Nikon 6.7-13 UWA Zoom

and IMO, a MUST own accessory for the V1!

What to expect IQ wise from the V1 with these lenses

Jul 242013


Even though I have no affiliation with DigitalRev, I love and have been a huge fan of their youtube videos for a long while now. Last week I made a purchase from their website for a Nikon V1 with 10mm 2.8 for $269 with FREE Fed Ex express shipping. I ordered and had the camera two days later at my door for a grand total of $269. This my friends is a deal of all deals. For $269 you get the rock solid V1, with its solid heft, large Nikon battery, built-in EVF, dead silent shutter or mechanical shutter, 1/16,000s capability, and small 10Mp files with a nice film like rendering right out of the camera. You get the 10mm 2.8 lens thrown in as well, and this lens is one of the good ones. In fact, my set is the 10, the 18.5 and the 32 1.2. Three quality primes equaling 28mm, 50mm and 85mm. Yep, The new 32 1.2 has taken it up a notch.

I added a grip from Amazon and picked up TIHS ONE because it allows access to the battery and SD card door. It’s also much cheaper than the plastic Nikon version – HIGHLY recommended.

I also have a black V1, yes I own TWO. My son owns one in black and his stepbrother owns a black one as well. It seems like we have our own little V1 club around here. The reality is that I have loved this camera since its release and have rarely been without one in my house. With the recent lens additions of the 18.5 1.8 and 32 1.2 this little guy is a steal of a deal, and IMO, better than the V2 because the V2 is $700-$1000 and does not improve on the IQ at all. The V2 also looks like a teeny DSLR. The V1 is classic in design and there will never be another like it. For $269, it is a true bargain.


I make ZERO money if you click over to Digital Rev and buy this but I could not sit by and NOT tell you guys about this as it may be the last chance for new V1’s being available. They also sell the black V1 with the 10-30 and 30-110 for $479 shipped. These will ship from Hong Kong but as I said, they ship them via Fed Ex Express for FREE so it arrives in 1-2 days from the time they ship it (they ship within 24 hours or so).

You can buy the white V1 and 10mm lens for $269 here, of the black with two lens kit for $479 HERE. Again, I make zero money from this, just passing along the word on a great deal for a camera I really love shooting. I bought my white one there and the experience was great. It is hard to find a new in box V1 these days as most of the big box stores are sold out and at Amazon they are selling the black with 10-30 for over $600. So if you have been getting the itch, I do not think these deals will last very long.

BTW, the strap is my leather braided strap from 

NOTE: Someone pointed out that buying from Digital Rev and shipping to the USA may void the Nikon warranty. It may be fine, but the only way to find out is to ask Digital Rev. If there were any in stock at a reputable USA store I’d go there 1st, but I think most are gone. I am not worried about warranty on a $269 camera, which is why I own two. :) Would I buy a $2500 camera from Digital Rev and ship to the USA? No. But a $269 deal like this? YES, I did. Twice :)


To see V1 samples with all of the lenses, click HERE to see my Nikon 1 Gallery page. This camera is not a toy, but a very capable tool with a unique way of rendering an image. 

May 242013


Refurbished Leica M 240 Available for $6750 – Direct Link

A refurbished Leica M 240 is available on Amazon through a third-party seller “Focus Camera” who has a 97% rating on Amazon. You can see the details HERE. I am sure this will go FAST but a refurb already? Lol. Seems as though Focus Camera is keeping a 4.8 star rating out of 5 recently so looks like a safe bet. Leica refurb always come with warranty so if you have an itch for a 240, Go get it!

Jan 242013


Last chance for the Nikon V1 closeout deals…

B&H Photo must have had loads of Nikon V1 stock as they have been clearing them out for the last couple of months now. Last time I wrote about this deal I purchased one myself to give to my Son as part of his Christmas gift. He now shoots the V1 and it has pretty much replaced his aging D2h :)

B&H has raised the price of the V1 and 10-30 combo from $299 to $349 but they have other specials as well, one of which is the “superkit” featuring the V1, 10-30, 10-100 Power Zoom (which sells for $749 on its own), the Nikon lens adapter, the external flash and a bag for $799. Yep, $799 for the entire kit including all of the extras. It was not that long ago that a Nikon V1 and 10-30 would set you back $850. Today you can get the camera, lens, power zoom, adapter, flash and bag for $799!

I know many of you took advantage of the $299 deal for the camera and one lens just like I did and now I am tempted to grab this “superkit” as it is giving so much for the money. One could buy this kit and sell it in pieces and make money it seems.

Let’s see…

Sell V1 and 10-30 for $250

Sell 10-100 for $450

Sell adapter for $90

Sell Flash for $75

Sell bag for $20

If you took it all and sold it you would make just about $85 profit. Crazy!

The reason this post says “last chance” is because I heard it through the grapevine that there are not many of these left, and once they are gone they are gone. The Nikon V2 is out and going for $850 with just the 10-30 and from what many have been saying it is a small improvement over the V1 in the IQ dept. Nikon also recently released the 18.5 1.8 lens which you can read about HERE. Great lens for this system and under $200.

For anyone looking for a nicely built and made camera that puts out sharp detailed 10MP files with great color, the Nikon V1 is currently a steal. You can read my review HERE as well as Craig Litten’s review HERE. Craig LOVES his V1 and will most likely have it with him shooting during our Daytona Bike Week workshop in March!

Buy the Superkit HERE

The 10-30 Kit for $349 is here

The V1 with 10-30 and 30-110 for $429 is also HERE.

Nov 072012

Awesome Deal: Nikon V1 Super Kit with 10-100, SB-N5 Flash, FT1 Adapter, 10-30mm, and bag for $899

You can tell Nikon has a load of V1 cameras on the shelves because all retailers are clearing them out from the $399 option with the 10-30 to the white edition to the two lens kit with 30-110 included for $549.  BUT, at B&H Photo they have a special super kit that goes for $899 (almost the price of one of the lenses included in this kit) and includes all of the good stuff.

First, they are giving the V1 body and  the 10-30mm lens. They are also throwing in a 10-100 Lens ($749 on its own), the SB-N5 flash and even a bag to carry it all. This is a crazy deal for this camera system which many disliked but I personally loved. The V2 is coming in about 24 days so they have to clear out the V1’s. I thought this could make a good 2nd body option for those buying the V2 because you get the 10-100 and FT1 adapter included. The V1 is great for taking anywhere, video and it even has a dedicated mic input. Cool little camera and at $399 with a 10-30, it’s at bargain basement prices.

At these prices the V1’s should go quick. It is a great body that is capable of taking some pretty damn nice shots. My review is HERE.

Sep 132012

Further price slash on Leica M9 and M9-P…

Everyone loves a deal. A few weeks ago Dale Photo slashed prices on the Leica M9-P by $1000 and the M9 by $500. Soon Amazon and B&H followed. Today someone sent me an e-mail informing me of even further reductions on the M9 and M9-P. Over at Amazon there is a seller/shop named “Big Value” who has a super high 4.9 star lifetime rating and they are selling M9 and M9-P cameras at an even deeper discount with an extra $500 off.

You can buy a chrome M9-P for $6499, a black M9-P for $6499 or a black M9 for $5999 or Steel Grey M9 for $5999. This is quite the reduction for brand new Leica M9’s.

My guess is that the M10 or “ME” will come in at a better price than we think..maybe $8k instead of $10k for an M10. Then again by the time you add the EVF you are looking at another grand or so. We will find out in a matter of days :) For now, those who want a deeply discounted M9 or M9-P and do not mind buying from a 3rd party on Amazon (whose reviews are top-notch, I would not have posted this otherwise) then this is the best deal on these cameras to date. Links below:

Buy the chrome M9-P for $6499

Buy the black paint M9-P for $6499

Buy the black M9 for $5999

Leica M9 Buy the Steel Grey M9 for $5999 


I am not sure if dealers like Dale Photo, Ken Hansen, PopFlash or B&H Photo will match these prices but you never know. I’d shoot Ken Hansen an e-mail and see what he says. You can also contact Tony at PopFlash to see what his deals are. Dale Photo has their M cameras all listed HERE.

Aug 172012


WOW! $1000 of brand new Leica M9-P and $500 off M9 at Dale Photo NOW!

WOW!! So you want that new M9-P but do not want to shell out $8000 for one? Well Dale Photo is offering a $1000 off special RIGHT NOW on all Leica M9-P cameras and $500 off  new M9 cameras! Direct Links to these specials is below!

When you add it to your cart the discount gets applied. AMAZING! I have never seen a special like this on Leica cameras, ever. So save some big bucks NOW.


The Silver Chrome M9-P – $1000 off at $6995

The Black Paint M9-P – $1000 off at $6995

The Black Paint M9  – $500 off at $6495

The Steel Grey M9 at $500 off at $6495

Dale Photo is a reputable Leica dealer and these are legit deals. These go through Halloween or until they sell out of course.

Jun 152012

Crazy deal on a 128Gb Lexar SD Card! $89.95 special!

If you do not mind a little bit slower of a card (133X speed) then this is a GREAT deal on a Lexar 128 GB SD card! Great for HD video shooting especially and at $89.95 this is a steal. It is currently DOUBLE that on Amazon so if you want one, snag it over at B&H now. I just bought one for my HD video camera.  This card used to be over $300!

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