Oct 292015

Oh my dog!

by Brigitte Hauser

Your blog is always a great Inspiration. Thought I share some of my dog photos. (Sorry, no cats!) I have taken them on my holidays in Italy (except the monochrome one). What I have noticed is, people are really proud if you take a photo of their dog. The picture I like most is the one without dog. The portrait of an old hunter. I met him on a hiking tour on the island of Elba. His hunting dog just has disappeared somewhere into the bushes… The last photo shows my own dog.

It’s a mix between terrier and hunting dog and he also likes disappearing sometimes:-). I used Leica Q, except for the monochrome picture. I sold my beloved Sony RX1 for the Q. I prefer the built-in EVF, the faster AF and the handling. And I think I prefer the look of the Q pictures, too. But perhaps it only seems so to me for justifying my change and the loss of money… What I don’t like is the lens cap of the Q. Mine has already broken, because it’s not fitting on the lens with the lens hood.










Many thanks


Jun 082013

Saying Goodbye To my dog Scrubby, My best buddy for the past 14 years…

I just got back about an hour ago from having to take my most faithful friend to a doctor where I saw his last breath, his last gaze and his last moments of pain. For almost 14 years Scrubby has been with me through it all, thick and thin. There were times when I thought I was losing him, but he would bounce back. But he was no longer bouncing back. His aging body and system was shutting down. He did not eat and went days without showing an interest in food,  he could not walk more than a couple of feet with stumbling over. His ribs were starting to show and he had no interest in anything but laying down. He had many other issues going on but I knew that this was now his time to go on. In the past when he was not doing so well, I did not really know, but now I do and it was as clear as could be. It is as if he was asking me with his eyes to let him go.

The reason I post this here is because many of you know him quite well from the photos that have been posted over the years. He has been in my reviews since day one of my site, and I have been known to open up from time to time here on these pages. Many of you have asked me about him in recent weeks so I felt it fitting to give him one last tribute.

I have taken photos of him since 2001 when we picked him up from a rescue at 2 years old. He has been the best dog ever. Always staying by my side, protecting me at any sign of a threat, rewarding me with his playfulness and games and as always, sleeping next to my bed every night. He has helped me overcome the sad times in the past when I was alone, just me and him and has never asked for anything in return. For me, there will never be another Scrubby.

What I had to do today was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my 43 years of life but as much as it hurts, I knew it had to be done.

I’ll miss you dearly my faithful friend.


May I go now?

Do you think the time is right?

May I say goodbye to pain filled days

and endless lonely nights?

I ‘ve lived my life and done my best,

an example tried to be.

So can I take that step beyond

and set my spirit free?

I didn’t want to go at first,

I fought with all my might.

But something seems to draw me now

to a warm and loving light.

I want to go

I really do.

It’s difficult to stay.

But I will try as best I can

to live just one more day.

To give you time to care for me

and share your love and fears.

I know you’re sad and afraid,

because I see your tears.

I’ll not be far,

I promise that, and hope you’ll always know

that my spirit will be close to you

wherever you may go.

Thank you so for loving me.

You know I love you too,

that’s why it’s hard to say goodbye

and end this life with you.

So hold me now just one more time

and let me hear you say,

because you care so much for me,

you’ll let me go today



That poem is by an unknown author but rings true.

I will never forget you Scrubby. For anyone out there in a similar situation or feel the time is getting near, do not forget to give your dog a hug, a kiss, and to let them know what they mean to you. When their time comes, you will indeed know it. They let you know.



Aug 222012

Man’s Best Friend, faithful to the end. 

My dog Scrubby. He is getting old. At 14 he is the equivalent of a 98-year-old man in human years..or so they say. Maybe that is why he has been sleeping 21 hours a day, having a hard time getting up and panting after a walk to his food bowl. My faithful companion who has stuck by me through thick and thin, through the good times and the awful times seems to know his time his near (though not quite here just yet). When I was down, he laid by my side continually. When I was sick he sat by me and rested his head on my shoulder. When I was happy he was happy with me. When I went through a divorce he was there, looking at me and licking me as if to say “cheer up Dad, you still have me”!

Scrubby is the best dog I have ever owned in my life. He never had a mean bone in his body yet he would risk his life if it meant he would save mine. Dog’s are faithful like that and I have yet to meet a person…a human… who can match a dogs trust and faithfulness. They have hearts of gold and are innocent as a newborn baby. They do not know anger or think bad thoughts. A dog becomes very much like one of your own children..a family member that sticks with you to the end.

Scrubby always ran to the door when I would come home, even if it was from a 5 minute trip to the corner store. He would be excited and happy. These days he still gets up though his back legs are stiff and make it hard for him to move, let alone run to the door. It takes him a minute or two but he still greets me. Yes he has lost much of his energy but he still has his spirit as he will struggle to get up when I get close and I tell him to just stay and relax. He usually still gets up, wags his tail and follows me to wherever I go in the house.

I know the time is getting near for Scrubby as the last thing I want is for him to be in any kind of pain or suffering. He still gets excited, still seems happy and still has some energy but lately he has just not been the same. So since that day is near I decided to put up this post as a tribute to all dogs..and owners who love them. Scrubby may have a week left, or a month or maybe a few months. Maybe he will stick me with another year but when that day gets here..when his time comes.. it is going to be very hard for me. I have lived alone for the last 2 1/2 years..just me and him for the most part.

So to all of those who have a faithful companion of their own go over to them after reading this and give them a pat on the head, a hug or even sit with them for a few minutes. If there is one thing in life dogs love and want, it is our affection. That’s all they crave really. In return they give us everything they have as if their purpose is to please us. :)

All photos in this post were shot with the Olympus OM-D and 12-50 Kit zoom. One photo was shot with the OM-D and Leica 50 Lux 1.4.


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