Jun 142011

A Photo Stroll in Tallinn Estonia with the X100 and M9

By Steve Huff

What a crazy last couple of days..

I am now in Tallinn Estonia! I survived 26 hours of airports and air travel and then woke up this morning at 4 AM to head out and shoot in this lovely town. I flew out here to Europe to document Seals Summer ┬átour and between shows I plan on shooting some personal street stuff as well. The sights, the sounds, the buildings, and the people…wherever I go!

As we walked the streets at 4:30 AM it was quiet, peaceful and LIGHT. Odd because the night before I noticed it was still light out at 11PM at night when I woke up for a bit. Pretty crazy when you are so used to the sun going down by 6 or 7.

But Tallinn is a beautiful place full of photo opportunities and I am hoping to shoot a bit more here before we leave. I just wanted to post and share some shots I snapped with the Leica M9 and 35 Cron as well as the little Fuji X100, which did fantastic!

Enjoy! Click any image for larger and better version, and I will be posting more later. Thanks for looking!

This one was snapped with the X100 wide open.

Fuji X100 – f/4 – JPEG

Fuji X100 – f/4

Leica M9 and 35 Summicron at f/2.8

Leica M9 and 35 Summicron

M9 and 35 cron

Fuji X100

Leica M9 and 35 Summicron

Fuji X100

Fuji X100, F/2

Leica M9 and Noctilux at f/0.95

Leica M9 and Noctilux at f/0/95

Fuji X100

Fuji X100



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