Nov 052010

Just snapped off some random images today with the SONY NEX-5 and the Leica 50 Summitar attached (using an adapter). Lovely combo! It doesn’t focus close, just like when its on an M8 or M9, BUT it can provide some nice looking files on the NEX. I will have a big write up soon on various M lenses on the NEX-5 but until then, here is a mish mosh of images taken with the combo this morning…

BELOW: and a 100% crop from the palm tree shot above – shot at f5.6

Feb 152010

We had some big snow come through here tonight so me and my son went outside to get some fun snaps. I had the E-P2 with the 20 1.7 set up with the grainy B&W Art filter  and the M9 with the 50 cron set to ISO 2500 and F2. I was curious to see how each camera would behave in the low light with black and white. Here are some of the snaps!

First the Olympus E-P2

These were straight from camera, low light E-P2 JPEGS. I still really enjoy this art filter and I find myself using it quite a bit.

I also shot some of the same images with the M9 and 50 cron at ISO 2500 thinking they would be grainy but they came out pretty clean! These are straight from camera JPEGs shot in B&W on the M9…

I must say, the M9 did great for F2 and ISO 2500! I love shooting like this as I forget about everything being perfect and I just have fun with it. On a side note, my M9 was covered in snow. The body and lens was coated! No problems. The M9 body did get insanely cold though! Anyway, just posted this for fun…some cool posts coming later!


Jan 162010

Once again I went out with this little Olympus E-P2 set to the Grainy B&W Art Filter. As I was driving through this town I just snapped things that caught my eye and put the ones I liked into a “filmstrip”. This filter on the Olympus is about as close as I have seen to film for a right out of camera digital file. Also, these are just straight out of camera JPEGS as the filters do not get embedded on the RAW files.

I have had a few e-mail requests to post more of these so since I am having so much fun with them I decided to keep posting them as I find the ones I like. I shot these  with the Panny 20 1.7 and I hope to have the review for  this lens up sometime tomorrow! Oh, and in case you are wondering…this is filmstrip #13 but I have not posted them all. I think I only posted 2 of these so far but I have been building a collection of them with personal family shots.

My M9 should be back in my hands on MONDAY and I am going to shoot some of these with that and the 35 Summarit at ISO 2500. Should be interesting!

Oh, and these are all ISO 1600 and it was dark out. No focus issues, and all are at 1.7. :)


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