Jun 012012

Look what popped into my house. The Black Special Edition Fuji X100!

I could not resist. I went ahead and ordered a black X100 kit. Partly because I love all black, partly because I really do like the X100 quite a bit and partly because i wanted to see how it is with the new firmware, which I have not yet experienced. I also wanted to see how it stands up next to the new Leica X2. I made a video showing me taking it out of the box and I have to say it is much sexier in person that it is in photos. MUCH better looking than the X-Pro 1 IMO. Sleeker, smaller, and even more stealthy. Yes, this black kit is $500 more than the standard X100 but still $400 less than a Leica X2.

The SE kit has the extra though and when you pick up one of these kits you also get a black full case that strips down to a half case, and it fits very well. You get a filter for your lens and a lens hood and adapter. These are all extras that you would have to buy for your standard X100 so in reality, buying this black kit sets you back an extra $250 or so just to have all black and a limited edition set. This is Fuji milking the X100 much like Leica milks their models. If it works for Leica, why not Fuji?

In any case upon taking it all out and looking it over I have to say it is amazingly gorgeous and much nicer looking than the silver, but this is my opinion. The case is quality, the camera feels a little bit more sturdy than an X2 and as for focus speed? Well, I updated the FW to the latest and greatest and have to say it is much much faster than it used to be. MUCH more responsive than the X-Pro 1 and 35 1.4. The whole menu system is fast as well. So far so good.

Check out the video of the black X100 below to witness its sexiness :)

So my house is loaded with cameras and I feel a bit overwhelmed but am happy as can be as I love it! I also just received a Sony A57 and a couple of lenses and just had to return the D800 which put out some amazing files (more on this one soon). But today, right now, I am in the mini mode of the X2 and X100. Seeing that the X2 is new I was curious to see if the X100 could still match it in all aspects. So this weekend I will be doing some shooting with the X100, X2, NEX-7 and OM-D. I attached the Olympus 17mm 2.8 to the OM-D to see how it would do and it’s doing mighty fine on the new Olympus. Giving me the same 35mm view as the X2 and X100.

The facts are that today, in 2012, all of these cameras are REALLY great at image quality. The ones we choose to work with are all down to our hearts and preferences. It is getting to the point where digital has matured that any something like an OM-D or X100 could last us for MANY MANY years.

In any case, I am doing this comparison all weekend but here is a quick sample from the X100, X2 and OM-D. All at f/4, all with a 35mm equiv lens.


Jan 122012

Fuji Special Edition X100, X-Pro 1 now up at B&H Photo

Fuji is taking 2012 head on with not only the newly announced X-Pro 1 and lenses but they also listened to the demands of many X100 users that wanted an all black Fuji X100. They are releasing this kit in February at around $1600-$1700. The kit comes in a special edition box of course because that will make you feel like the extra $150 or so that you spent on it was well worth it. :)

The Special Edition BLACK X100 will come with a leather black case with red interior, a leather X100 strap, UV filter and and all black HOOD. So even at $1700 this is only a small premium over what you would pay if you bought the silver version and all of the accessories. You have to admit…the black looks SLICK and pretty damn amazing. I think I just drooled a little onto my desk, lol.

I just hope Fuji has SOLVED and ELIMINATED the sticky aperture blade problem that plagued so many X100’s last year. That would suck if you buy this special edition set and it had the sticky issue. I would think they solved that problem by now though. As quirky as  the X100 can be, it is still a camera that tugs at my heart…much like a Leica M does. Me like.

B&H Photo has put up their SE X100 page, and Fuji is only making 10,000 of these BTW. You can check it out here. I plan on checking one out and when I do, I will be posting video of the kit here so stay tuned.

B&H Photo also posted the X-Pro 1 and lenses up on their site. You can not pre order but I am guessing they may open it up soon.  Oh, and I also heard a 1st report on it already from someone who has been shooting with it…

The X-Pro 1..well, I think it will be fantastic but I did get an early e-mail report from someone who has been using one for a little while and it was not the greatest report. I will not post details here because I have no images and can not disclose who this is so it is really pointless. I heard things about the AF being slow, especially when light gets low, lenses being metal on the inside and plasticky on the outside, manual focus NOT good, not so hot battery life and the 2nd gen EVF being average. On the other hand, IQ is supposedly razor sharp and crisp with those Fuji colors many of us adore. So until I get on in my hands for a while I can not judge but I did not really expect metal lens construction for $500-$600 nor did I expect the AF to blaze like a Nikon V1 (though I hoped for it). We shall see soon enough but NO camera is ever perfect.

I still have my body and all lenses pre-ordered and it is shipping next month so I am excited about this one.

You can see the X-Pro 1 body at B&H HERE. My guess is that pre-orders will open soon!


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