Dec 222011

Need a last minute gift idea for that photo geek in your life? Well, I was in my local Target store last night when I came across a screaming deal on a camera I really did not like  too much when it was released due to it being too small, no EVF, etc. BUT I did not care for it at it’s original price tag of $600. While in Target I saw they had the camera on sale clearing them out at $399 with the kit zoom AND when you buy at $399 you get a $75 Target gift card back instantly. So basically, the camera and lens cost me $325 because I can now use my $75 gift card either as an Xmas gift for someone or to buy some groceries for myself. Not bad for a M4/3 camera and lens that takes great photos but also HD video as well.

I bought one and you can see it above with the Panasonic/Leica 25 1.4 mounted. At that price I could not pass it up! I would guess most Target stores are selling out on these but there could be some left so check out your local target stores to see if you can grab one. Would make a great Xmas gift as well, which is what I may use it for.  BTW, My Pan/Leica 25 1.4 review will be coming next week!


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