Feb 112014


Amazon has the new Olympus 25 1.8 IN STOCK NOW in black for $399. This is a STEAL of a DEAL for this lens and I will have mine tomorrow. Full review soon but I have seen loads of photos with this lens and it is superb, fast focusing, silent and gorgeous! Get it HERE! This will give you the classic 50mm field of view on your Micro 4/3 camera with a fast 1.8 aperture!


Feb 012014


Want a Leica M 240? No need to wait any longer as it is in stock just about everywhere..links below:

B&H Photo – Black

B&H Photo – Silver

PopFlash – DEALS!!!

Ken Hansen (E-Mail him at [email protected])

The Pro Shop

Leica Store Miami

Amazon – Black and Silver

Jan 242014


Leica M 240 in CHROME  - IN STOCK NOW!

In stock at B&H Photo HERE - (They have only ONE)

USED Deal at PopFlash.com HERE for $6197! (under 1000 actuations)

Leica Monochrom – Deal at PopFlash.com  - $7397 under 100 Actuations

AND A GREAT LENS for the M 240, used deal HERE

and yes..this is still my favorite camera!

Leica Dealers who I trust and who support this website to help keep it going:

Ken Hansen ([email protected]) - Ken has all new Leica and many used Leica cameras. Sometimes he has some rare items so if you are looking for something special, shoot him an email and he may have it. Ken is a legendary dealer.

The Pro Shop - These guys have Leica, Nikon and a ton of other gear. Located in West Palm Beach, FL they are a GREAT shop loaded with amazing gear.

Leica Store Miami: They have the coolest cases for your M. The Art Di Mano cases are both beautiful and functional and fit like a glove. (I will have a few M case reviews coming VERY soon)

Jan 082014

Leica M-E, M 240 and Monichrom IN STOCK!


Just for those of you still wanting either of these cameras, B&H Photo has ALL THREE of these in stock right now. I know many of the readers here have been waiting for the M-E as it offers a different look to the M 240 due to the CCD sensor, so here ya go!

Links below:

The Leica M-E IN stock HERE at B&H Photo

The Leica M 240 IN stock HERE at B&H Photo

The Leica Monochrom in stock HERE at B&H Photo


Also, it is possible that other top Leica dealers have these in stock as well. Always check with your fave! The dealers below are the top of the heap when it comes to Leica!

Ken Hansen ([email protected])

PopFlash.com (they have a screaming deal on a Monochrom at the moment)

The Pro Shop – 561-253-2606

Leica Store Miami

Dec 112013


Leica M 240 IN STOCK just in time for the Holidays!

Hello to all! Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday. Just wanted to let anyone who is looking for an M 240 know that PopFlash.com has quite a few M 240′s IN STOCK just in time for the holidays  – in both black and chrome! You can call them direct at 805-492-6548 and ask for Alex. You can also order on their website HERE. 

If you are too late and they ran out you can also try to e-mail Ken Hansen at [email protected] as he may have some as well. The Pro Shop also probably has a few and they can be reached at 561-253-2606

Nov 302013

81NKSTwBvGL._SL1500_The Nikon DF is IN STOCK (black) and ready to ship with the 50mm Special Edition lens! Be king of the night with this one..

You can order at Amazon HERE or B&H Photo HERE

I will have one on Monday and will take a look at the black AND silver versions. Look for a 1st look video next week! 

Nov 052013


Leica M 240 IN STOCK! Black or Silver!

Just a heads up for anyone looking for a new Leica M 240! The Pro Shop has TWO in stock, one in each color RIGHT NOW. So if you want one, give them a call at 561-253-2606! 

Ken Hansen may have one as well but you can email him at [email protected] to find out if you miss out on the two at the Pro Shop.

Also…PopFlash has a Monochrom for under $7200 HERE

Sep 292013

Panasonic GX7 in stock at Amazon for $999 with Kit Zoom!


The new Panasonic GX7 has started to ship as of a few days ago and Amazon not only has them in stock, but they have lowered the price by $100 to $999 with kit zoom.

I just received one and will be doing a full review of the camera but at $999 its is a decent price/deal if you are one who prefers the Panasonic over Olympus when it comes to Micro 4/3. You can see the Amazon deal HERE. 



B&H PHOTO also has the deal but are not showing it as in stock as of this writing. Looks like the $100 off is through October 12th and is an obvious answer to the E-M1 because at $1399 the E-M1 was $300 more than the $1099 GX7 and for $300 more, you get quite a bit extra in that OM-D (weather sealing, 5 Axis IS, The HUGE new EVF, Pro Build, Live Time, etc). Now the E-M1 is $400 more than the GX7 Kit lens setup and $500 more than the GX7 body only.  Not sure why Panasonic did not release the GX7 in all black for the USA though it is one sexy looking camera, and the AF seems pretty fast in my initial dim lighting test BUT..

In the hand the GX7 feels quite a bit less “robust” in the build quality department. It is good, feels equal to the OM-D E_M5, Fuji X-E1, etc but it is not up there in build or feel as the E-M1 is. The in body IS of the GX7 appears to be pretty nice as well, but I have only fired off a few test shots so far. The dials, knobs and buttons have a cheaper feel than the E-M1 as well, but again, just as good as 95% of other mirrorless cameras. Where Panasonic excels with the GX7 is the tilting EVF (which is VERY cool) and the rangefinder type of design that has become quite popular as of late. It closely resembles the Samsung NX300 but with an EVF added.


I will say that the fit and finish of the Samsung NX300 is a little nicer than the GX7 in the “feel” department but the GX7 is, like I said, VERY sexy. It seems like a highly capable Micro 4/3 and between this and the new E-M1, I feel they are the best of what Micro 4/3 has to offer in a body for shooting stills. If video is your main thing, go to the GH3.

Again, the GX7 is now available and in stock/shipping with Kit Zoom for $999 at Amazon right HERE. The E-M1 should be shipping anytime now as well, my guess is within 5 days.


Sep 062013

Leica Monochrom IN STOCK at various dealers!


It appears Leica has finally caught up with demand with ONE of their current M cameras. Yep, the $7995 Monochrom is available at various dealers without any wait whatsoever. While expensive, there is NOTHING like it on the market, period. It is the only current production camera with a dedicated Black & White Monochrom sensor. Many articles have been published here showing what this bad boy can do and if you have a spare $8k lying around and a hinger for Monochrom photography, this could be your baby for life :)

There is still no stock of the Leica M 240 or the M-E, which has been MIA for a couple of months it seems. The problem is that Leica makes these in cycles. They probably recently did a Monochrom run and then a 240 run is probably going on right now. Leica are like turtles, very slow but it seems they win at the end because they usually sell everything they make in the M world.

You can pick up the Monochrom right now at any of my recommended Leica dealers below:

I have given my Leica a break for the past 2 months because I have been concentrating on other reviews and preparing for upcoming reviews. But I can honestly say..I have missed using it. Even if a camera like the M 240 does not give you anything special in IQ over cameras like the RX1, D800, or 5DIII there is still a joy to using it, holding it and testing out all of the incredible lenses that can be used on the new M. Some of the classics are incredible AND cheap. In any case, I feel some M time coming on soon. :) The M 240 and Monochrom have my highest recommendation as do the dealers and sites above that sell them.

Aug 052013


Last week there were 12 of the Nikon 32 1.2 lenses in stock in Silver at Amazon and now there is only ONE. The Black versions sold out very fast. As of today, there is only one left at Amazon in Silver and B&H Photo are sold out of the black and silver 100%. This lens is selling very well despite the Nikon 1 hate patrol’s predictions :)

I bought this lens on 7/24 and am not disappointed in the slightest. In fact, my son and I left for a long road trip on Friday and all I brought was two Nikon V1′s, the 6.7-13, the 18.5 1.8 and the 32 1.2. I also snuck in a Sony RX1R and RX100II :) My son is shooting his V1 and 10, 18.5 and 30-110.

The V1 has been doing fantastic, and the 32 1.2 is my favorite lens. It really is the best lens for the 1 system, hands down. Size, build, feel, etc. All there and all gorgeous.

If anyone has been eyeballing it and thinking about it, there is one left. Act fast if you want it!

You can nab it HERE.







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