Nov 062010

More Sony NEX! This will be my third article on the past week on this little camera, but I have been enjoying it more than ever lately. So here is more, especially for those who e-mailed asking for more!

The other day I posted some samples with the NEX-5 at ISO 6400 at the state fair. Tonight I wanted to post more at high ISO with this camera as it is being used in real world scenarios. I was on the light rail in Phoenix last night and grabbed a few snap shots from my seat. The cool part? No one even realized I was taking photos. The NEX-5 is so discreet with the 16mm lens that it’s easy to grab shots. Anyway, this is for those who e-mailed me asking me for more high ISO. I even added one at 12,800 for kicks. This site has always been about the passion of taking photos. The NEX-5 is another camera that I feel brings the passion to photography.

ALL photos below: ISO 6400, 16mm at 5.6 and converted to B&W with Alien Skin Exposure 3 – click any image for a larger version

and I decided to get wild and crazy and try ISO 12,800…

The NEX-5 allowed me to get these images without being noticed, allowed me to shoot ISO 6400 and get usable results and is super lightweight. All for $649 WITH 16MM lens. This is a HUGE bang for the buck camera when you think about everything that it does for so little.

UPDATE: As requested by Elaine in the comments section here is an out of camera (from RAW) shot in color, again, this is ISO 640o. Click image for full size file. I saved it as a level 10 JPEG in Photoshop so it is 6.9MB

and a few more I found at 6400 while on our way to get  to the Light Rail…


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