Aug 212011

Check out the Olympus 45 1.8

Hello to all! It’s Sunday night and I am sitting here at my computer figuring out what I should be posting tomorrow. For now, I was browsing the net and found the 1st real review of the new Olympus 45 1.8 lens for micro 4/3. This is one of the two new lenses Olympus announced along with the 12mm f/2, which we already know is a fantastic (but pricey) lens. The cool thing is that the 45 1.8 will be half the price of the 12. I pre-ordered mine from B&H Photo as I heard they may be shipping in the next week or two. Their pre-order link is HERE.


To see the 1st real review from Robin Wong, click HERE. Love the real world style there so I am happy to link to it! The lens looks pretty promising and at $399, not too horribly priced. This seems like it will make for a great portrait lens. All I can say is that FINALLY Olympus is releasing some really good glass for micro 4/3. I have a feeling this lens will be available in the next 10 days…

Chicago Workshop/Meetup Selling Fast!

To all of you who had interest in the Chicago workshop, it will be held on September 24th, which is a Saturday. I posted about it here and I am having an “early bird” special until Sep 1st, so get in now if you want in. There will be two guest presentations, it will be held right smack dab in the middle of downtown and we will be doing some cool street shooting, having a killer lunch (all paid for by me) and a great breakfast with world famous coffee and espresso (also paid for by me). It will be a jam packed day of learning, shooting, food and fun with an optional night out at a local pub/bar for those who feel up to it :) Check out the page here and to sign up, email me at [email protected]

Don’t forget the Leica M9/Thumbs Up promo!

or the Sony NEX/SLR Magic contest (over 200 entries so far!)

In the mood to shoot some film? B&H has a used Leica M7 and an M6 for sale. 

UPDATED my Olympus E-P3 review with a side by side shot between the E-P3 with 12mm and the NEX C3 with 16mm (near the bottom)

IN STOCK! Fujifilm LH-X100 Lens Hood + Adapter Ring

Leica M9 and 50 Lux  review from Forbes – They love it!

Jun 022011

News, Updates, Announcements and more!

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday! I am sitting here drinking my morning coffee, sitting in my big comfy office chair and realizing that in less than two weeks I will be heading out across Europe to shoot the Summer Seal tour. This will be a 5 week stint for me and I am hoping to get some nice street shooting in while traveling as well. I plan on bringing my M9 along with a 24 Lux, 35 cron, 50 Noct and 90 cron. These lenses will be perfect for shooting the shows. Notice I added the 24 Lux to the mix this time. I think it will do incredible for live shows to get more audience interaction in the frames.

I will also be bringing along a Fuji X100 and maybe a NEX for video. Not sure just yet. I did just order a new camera flight bag from Think Tank. A roller bag. Last tour I was lugging around this huge camera bag on my shoulder with loads of gear, laptop, ipad, etc. This time I will be rolling along in style with THIS LITTLE GUY. I checked it out in a shop and the quality was fantastic. This way I can save my shoulders and back, and be able to carry all of my gear on the plane. Perfect! I spent two months searching for the perfect bag for flying with my gear and this was the one I ended up with. It is small, but can pack in loads of gear. I’ll fit TWO M9’s, the 4 lenses, the X100 and a NEX. I will have my shoulder bag for my laptop, ipad, cables, chargers, snacks and one camera, most likely the X100.

While I am on the tour, updates may be sporadic as there will be days where I will be without internet access. I plan on doing some street shooting articles, some guest posts, more daily inspirations and of course a few highlights from select Seal shows. Should be interesting. If any of you reading this would like to write a guest article or User Report, just email me and lets talk!

Speaking of the Fuji X100

THE FUJI X100! It appears that Fuji is going to release a new firmware for the X100 really soon, as they announced they will be doing so to correct for issues brought up in the DPreview review. When will they release it? Hopefully soon. I think if they correct some of the quirkiness that came along with the camera then it will be even harder to find in stock. So far, it has been the hottest camera of the year. Fuji dumped their Digital SLR line after the S5 pro and with the success of this X100, I think it sends a message that many of us want high quality in a small package. Retro looks? Even better! Can’t wait to see what they do with the firmware. B&H SELLS THE X100 HERE.

Sony NEX news…

The little camera that could. The NEX-5 is one of the most versatile small cameras on the market today. It has a large APS-C sensor and has the capability to mount just about any lens (with the correct adapters). It’s kit lenses have been hit and miss but there are plenty of NEX users getting gorgeous results with various lenses. The camera is small, sleek and once you get used to the menu system it is a great system. Too bad there are no real fast wider options for it. The X100 has the 35mm equiv f/2, tough to get on the Sony unless you mount a Leica 24 Summilux to the little NEX :)

But its all about SIZE and this girl “gets it”. Look at her video and see how small it is next to a Canon 5d! Wow.

I am also hearing there will be a new NEX-5 firmware release any day now that adds a slew of fun photo filters, much like the art filters of the PEN series. From what I see, Sony is getting a little more advanced though with cool color effects, posterization effects, and even a cool retro look. Should be fun.

If some of you missed this, it appears there was a leaked image of a new Sony NEX C3 which is replacing the now discontinued NEX-3..

While it looks a little cooler than the NEX-3, not sure if I like the new rounded look and monster flash but I am sure many will. Supposedly, this little guy is supposed to hit any day now. Rumors had it for a May release.

Fun Links of the week…

Has anyone ever seen the work of Spencer Tunick? He shoots nudes and is famous for gathering hundreds or thousands of people into his photos shoots, all nude. I have seen his two HBO documentaries and found his work quite interesting. He is now getting ready for his next project, a large scale nude shoot at the Dead Sea.

This couple had custom wedding rings made to mimic the look of a classic Leica lens.

Wow, love this guys site. Not only some of the most beautiful photography I have seen in a while, he shoots a ton with a Fuji X100. If you want to REALLY see what an X100 can do, visit his site NOW and check out his posts from the past weeks.

Don’t forget to visit my Facebook fan page for this site and click LIKE!

Leica announces RECORD SALES for 2011. So much for those old timers on other sites saying Leica needs to modernize their M’s for profits. As I stated a month or two ago, Leica has been raking in the sales in 2011 and IMO will continue to do so with the plans they have laid out. Go Leica!

For those who think the M9 is expensive…what about the ridiculously priced SIGMA SD1. $9700?? Insanity. This is SIGMA…Their 15MP DSLR (that they claim is 46MP) without a lens…$9700. $2700 more than an M9 that already can come close  to MF quality with the right lens, and is much more portable. Hmmm. Who is buying one?

Was just over at and found that they have some of the hottest Leica lenses available, in stock, to rent. This is a great way to try out lenses like the Noctilux, 35 Summilux, 50 Summilux, or whatever you want to try! They even have the Zeiss 50 Sonnar 1.5. Check out their Leica pages! I personally can vouch for their service, they are the best online rental service I have come across, and they are a site sponsor as well!

Speaking of site sponsors, Dale Photo has the hot little Leica 35 Summarit in stock. These days it is TOUGH to find ANY Leica glass in stock, even the Summarits! This is a great lens and cheap by Leica standards.

Ken Hansen also usually has Leica glass in stock. One of the top Leica dealers, Ken is my go to guy these days when I need something Leica. He has yet to ever let me down! You can e-mail Ken at [email protected] for availability of whatever you are looking for in the land of Leica.

Oh, and do check out the all new Forums on this site! Started from scratch about two weeks ago and so far so good! It will take some time to get rolling but there are so many knowledgable people that come to this site, and there are also others who need that knowledge :) The forums are a great place to share it! Also, if you want an Avatar to show up on this site when you post in the comments or the forums, go get your gravatar! . Once you do, your avatar will show up here, in the forums, and on other blogs and sites! Only takes a couple of minutes!

Upcoming Articles

Coming in the next two weeks… A new article from David Babsky and by popular demand, a comparison between the Fuji X100 and Leica M9 with 35 Summicron. So many have e-mailed asking for this and again, these are two totally different camera systems that shoot much differently in real use. BUT, to please you, the readers, I will do a “Crazy Comparison” between the two. Should be fun :)

There will also be the new SLR Magic 28 2.8 lens review for the NEX system and a couple really cool guest reports. Of course there will be the daily inspiration posts as well. So check back daily for something new and fun in the world of photography! Until next time!

Apr 242011

Cool Sunday Links for April 24th 2011 – HAPPY EASTER!

Happy Easter Sunday! Hope everyone is having a great day. Me? I slept in, ate breakfast, watched some TV and decided to sit down at my desk and post some cool links that I have gathered up during the last few days :)

First off, check out this article written by Nikon Guru Thom Hogan over at Luminous Landscape. He outlines his wishes for a Leica M10. What he says makes sense but my crystal ball does not see a B&W digital M in the future. Hmmmm….maybe I should dust off the old crystal ball and see what it shows me for a future M10…then again, it may be too soon to divulge any predictions.

One area where I disagree with what Thom said is where mentioned than the M9 did not bring any new people to Leica. That is 100% untrue. The M9 has brought TONS of new people to Leica. I know because I have spoken with thousands of them via e-mail over the past 2 years! There are MANY Leica 1st timers due to the M9, and even the X1. IMO, they did get the M9 right! Even after 2+ years, it is my camera of choice and the camera I use to judge all others by. Is Leica working on an M10 as I write this? Of course they are, just as Canon and Nikon are hard at work designing their next DSLR and other surprises.

Im guessing we will see an M10 by 2012, maybe hear about it earlier. I don’t know this to be fact, just my personal guess. Until then, the M9 is doing a fine job for me.

Check out these nifty film canister USB flash drives. Cute.

OK, it is Easter so you have to see these camera covers/cases. Would anyone actually buy one of these?

Pinhole cameras made with Photo Paper courtesy of PetaPixel

Miss using Layers in Lightroom? If so, this software may be for you!

I stumbled upon this page one day and loved the photos. A must see…

Ace photographer Felix Kunze has posted a new photo essay with gorgeous photos on glass making. I know he shoots with a D700 and the photos here are really beautiful. I met Felix in NYC during my last meet up and he was a great guy who was FULL of passion for photography. I should have an interview with him up in the near future…

An article on concert photographer Jim Marshall and his photos of Johnny Cash. Jim always shot with a film Leica M. Awesome.

I received an e-mail from a Mr. Marius Rustad who posted an e-book of 52 images shot with his Leica M6 from various places across the world. If you want to see it, just click here!

How about taking a look at a disassembled Fuji X100?

The 50 greatest photographs of National Geographic!

Interesting photo set “Remembering The Past”

Dec 242010

It’s Christmas Eve and it’s that time of year that makes me smile. I will be taking the next two days off from posting but wanted to post some fun Friday links for the weekend anyway :) I wish everyone a GREAT Christmas. If any of you end up with some cool photo gear for Xmas, take a pic of it and send it over to me. Would be cool to make a post out of it. Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

BTW, next week I hope to publish my Pentax K5 review along with a cool comparison between the NEX-5 and Leica M8 with a Leica 50 Summarit and 90 Summarit. Many people ask me…should I buy an M8 or a NEX-5 and adapter? I can state now that there is a substantial quality difference between the two when using the same lens. Which one wins? Find out next week :)

Something silly I posted last year :)

T’was the night before Christmas, camera gear on your mind.

A Leica nut, you were hoping for a shiny M9.

The wife in her checkbook, and that look on your face,

Just hoping she won’t notice that lens you bought at B&H.

When from outside the door, there arose such a sound,

you sprang from your seat to see if FedEx was around!

You opened the door, with cheer and with glee,

Oh Joy! It’s your neighbor’s dog and she’s squatting to pee!

Oh M9, Oh M9, won’t you come here to me?

It’s all I will need, ever, oh dear can’t you see?

When what to your wondering eyes should appear?

Your wife with a smile as you gulp down your beer.

She hands you a box, oh what could it be?

The M9 or new Noctilux, well who knows? Lets See!

“It’s just what you hoped for,” she says by the tree.

The tingles then start, from your head to your feet.

You give it a shake, thoughts go through your brain…

“Hmmm, yes!! This could be it!” you boldly proclaim!

As you open the box, you are filled with delight!

Your wife, kids, and dog watch…oh what a sight!

You pull out the gift through the peanuts and fluff,

What the hell? The new Vivitar your wife saw on Steve Huff!

“Is that the M9 you wanted, oh dear husband of mine”?

“I saw it online, what a deal, what a find!”

You look at her with love and say, “Why yes dear, it is!”

A hug and a kiss and she’s soon filled with bliss!

You pull out her gift with a smile on your face,

You were no fool, your backup plan was in place!

Her face is confused when she sees what’s inside.

My oh my, its a brand new Leica M9!


Powerful Short Film Captures the Toll of Wartime Photojournalism

For those who have requested some info/review on the Olympus E-5, this guy did a write up with some samples :)

Speaking of Christmas, I hear is having a contest and giving away an X1! Wow.

Don’t forget about the contest here to win the cool Timbuk2 all weather camera bag. Submit your winter/holiday images!

A 5 year journey with Apple Aperture

Amy Medina made a VERY cool video with the Olympus E-P2 and the old (but fantastic) Leica 50 Summitar lens

Cool image – A window on the past…

Some street photography with the Sony NEX-5

An amazing collection.archive of old photos by Nick DeWolf..

KILLER Rainbow photo!

USED DEAL – A TITANIUM Leica M7 and 50 Lux ASPH for $7999 at photo village!

A genius idea! The C-Loop!

What is one of Oprah’s favorite things? It’s a camera but guess which one? Would not have been my pick!

Make your own $7 Beauty Dish

Sep 102010

Wow, can’t believe it has already been one year and one day since Leica announced the M9. I remember that day well as I was supposed to be in NYC for the event but ended up not making it out for it. I did get an M9 rather quickly though, well, a month later in October 09.

Today it’s getting a bit easier to find an M9 in stock…at least sometimes. Today I know that Dale Photo & Digital has a black M9 IN STOCK as well as the Leica X1. They even have a used X1 for $1800. It’s in the box and looks great. So for  those looking for these cameras, don’t miss out! You can also call them and ask for David at 1-800-327-1776.


An interesting blog I never have seen before, but its called Mil-Leica and describes itself as “Leica Photos From Milwaukee”. So many Leica blogs these days. When I started my original site I was one of the one or two blogs actively talking about Leica (that I was aware of). There was no Leica Rumors, no Leica shots, no Leica mention on Ken Rockwell, no official Leica Blog, and none of the countless other Leica themed blogs that are now spreading like wildfire. Just wait, there will be more after watch!


Photo by Thorsten Overgaard at the Leica Shop Paris Exhibit

One of my facebook friends and fellow Leica photographer Birgit Krippner is enjoying some well deserved recognition at the Paris Leica Shop. Her photos shot with her M9 are on exhibit and for anyone near that area or visiting Paris I urge you to stop in and see her photos. Congrats Bixi! Make sure you also check out her website HERE.


Also, those looking for a great online photo course, my buddy Thorsten is once again accepting new students!


One spot left for our NYC meetup! Who will get the last spot?


OSTRICH SKIN LEICA X1? Yep, only 80 will be made!

How about a special edition Leica X1 with Ostrich Skin? Only 80 will be made…here are some details.


Things you need for shooting in the night!


For all of you Sony NEX series fans, here is a great site with LOADS of samples from these little Sony powerhouses.


MUST SEE! I love this. A man captures his daughter in photos…really great photos..from birth to what appears to be currently her mid 20’s.


The AP says photographers are ditching digital for film! Told you film was back on the rise! Much like the analog LP, film is making a small comeback. This is good!


An Interview with Ralph Gibson


Trapped in a Chilean Mine – A Photo Essay


More used deals!

B&H has a used 35 Summarit, which is a killer lens for the M9. They are closed today (Friday) for holiday but will re-open tomorrow. Here is the link to the lens!

How about a used double stroke Leica M3 for $649?

As always, Ken Hanson has loads of used gear. Looking for something classic or something Leica that is used and cheaper? Shoot Ken and email!

Sep 032010

It’s that time again! Time for more FUN FRIDAY LINKS! Woo hoo!

DISCLAIMER: Not all links posted in the “Fun Friday Links” section will always be about photography. We all come here to talk about and read about photography but we all have other interests, so these links are meant to be fun, informative, silly and sometimes AMAZING! Enjoy…


So, how about the new Voigtlander NOKTON 25 f/0.95 lens for the Micro 4/3 mount. Here is a site that has plenty of samples and guess what? It looks like it is giving similar quality (with better color and sharpness) as the NOKTOR I reviewed a while back…in any case, this would be a 50 on a M4/3 camera, and that would be sweet. I hope to review this lens as soon as I can get my hands on one! HERE ARE THE SAMPLES…


Received this email which may interest some of you…


Hey steve, just wanted to make any of your readers aware that live in

northern cali that a once a year swap meet is coming up at action

camera in roseville, on september 19th… there contact is 1000

Sunrise Ave. Suite 4B, Roseville, CA 95661

(916) 786-2288

Ive gone for the last few years and i highly recommend it to your

readers… free to attend and no cost to buy or sell gear.



Guy proposes to his girlfriend using a lensbaby…


Have an Iphone 4? Check out the “Rolling Shutter Effect”


Artist creates portraits with his Ipad and the “Brushes” app..pretty cool!


HISTORY TIME! See the Statue of Liberty being built in these old photos…


Sorry I’m Late – Very cool stop animation video… This is so cool and at the end they show how they did it.


The Iphone Camera Project! Photos taken only with an Iphone 4


Not sure if I linked to this one before…it may have been, but if not check out the Holga Digital…


and…thought this video was funny. Not photo related but got a laugh out of me :) Its a video that caught a peeping tom…

In stock and used deals..

B&H has the Sony NEX 5 two lens kit in stock with a $150 instant rebate! Check it out HERE.

Ken Hansen has some X1’s and M9’s in stock…well, he did as of a couple days ago. Also I hear he has every lens except the 50 summilux and noctilux.Email him HERE with questions and tell him I sent you!

Here is A Leica 90 Summicron Pre-ASPH in “9” condition for $1199 at B&H

No one has snagged this gorgeous Leica 50 Elmar yet?


There is a used M9 on this site which used to belong to ME..the guy who bought it from me is selling it at a STEAL of a price – $6300 and its mint and like new. The guy is also trustworthy so no fears. Want a black M9 like new in box for $6300? Click here to check it out.

Aug 162010

Since Friday was filled with a film post I decided to wait until today to post some cool links to some cool articles and websites. There are some cool ones in todays list… on the web!

First off, here is a blog post by Chris Weeks, whose work I admire BTW. Looks like I was mentioned a few times in the article :) The article is very interesting actually and worth a read. His website in general is pretty cool and I visit it regularly, so stop on by. Thanks Chris…but hey, I like my X1 un-boxing video :)

Also, posted a small article on the Sony NEX series at BHINSIGHTS last week, B&H Photo’s blog…

Also, my NYC announcement will come THIS WEEK and some other REALLY cool news I am excited about! Can’t wait to share it!

Other Cool Links…

Turn your Iphone 4 into a Leica M…pretty cool actually! All you need is a certain case and a printer! Check it out…

Yellowstone and the Leica X1 at Leicas official blog.

Some great photos at this blog including a Leica M9 long exposure that looks fabulous!

A REALLY close look at our eyeballs…

This guy quit his style.

America in Color from 1939-1943 – A MUST SEE. Man, check out how these film shots from 39-43 hold up. They look better than ANY digital of today IMO. Amazing.

An important cause and important collection of photos..

Someone else who used  their Leica M9 for a wedding!

The Sony 18-200 for the NEX series gets its first review..I hope to get one soon as well, but damn! It’s a monster on the NEX-5!

If you haven’t already done so, come join me on facebook and twitter!


The Sony NEX-5 is IN STOCK at B&H, both with the 18-55 and the 16mm! Finally!

A used Leica 21mm f/2.8, 6-bit coded at B&H with hood, $2999.

My friend and Leica dealer Ken Hansen has some X1’s IN STOCK…e-mail him for price if you are looking for one of these great cameras.

JUST CHECKED and saw B&H had the Grey Leica M9 in stock!! They have been getting them and posting them as in stock for  the past 1-2 weeks. If it says “available for pre-order” when you click it means they sold out already, but they are getting them in every week now, so that is a good sign.

Aug 062010

TGIF! Hey, it’s the weekend so what are you doing sitting here reading this blog!?! Get out and enjoy the weekend, take lots of pics and when you get back, sit down and check out todays cool links!

The Leica X1 is the first compact camera approved by Getty!

Check out this Canon 24-105 MUG!

Some great shots of Vegas…not the typical stuff, and they are COOL.

Young me/Now me…

A great article by Ted Johnson about the Leica X1

There are so many creative people out there…it never ceases to amaze me…This one is super cool…past meets the present.

Love the color in these Graceland images…

Cowes Week Regatta 2010

Contact Sheet Art! Pretty amazing…

B&H is having a deal on refurb Nikon D90’s…check it out HERE.

Jul 302010

$Wow, another Friday already. This week FLEW by! Here are some things you may or may not be interested in…some of it all in good fun, as usual.


Uh Oh…Leica scaling back repair service in the UK? It appears so… – If this is true, it sucks.

Another great photographer, Alexander Volkov

Check it out! The Brand New Kindle by Amazon, GREAT price, and better than EVER! Free 3G, built in WiFi, 1/3 inch thin, 8.7oz, battery lasts a month, holds 3500 books, and a new sleek look. $179!

Great article over at DigitalRev – 5 Social Situations where you should NOT take photos!

My article on the Seal tour over at the official Leica Blog is now up! BTW, so is my LE Print Offerings page

Street Photography videos by Chris Weeks. Many of you may have seen these, but if not they are mandatory viewing :)

Learn photography at your own pace with the Thorsten Overgaard Online Photo Course, still accepting new students!

Interested in a NIkon D700 kit with an $1100 savings? How about a D700, SB-900 flash, 16-35, 24-70 and 70-200, three of NIkons best lenses..all for $6800? B&H has this special right now.

This is pretty cool..a flamethrower vs a fire extinguisher.

This is something every Leica fan should pick up. The Leica User Forum Book.

Imagining what a Canon EVIL camera may look like..


Used Deals…more goodies this week! B&H still has the “9” condition Leica M7 for $2499. Also, just popped up in the last couple of hours a like brand new 35 Summicron ASPH for $1899, and a Leica 21 Elmarit 2.8 for 1,999, in a “9” condition. They also have a pre-asph 90 Summicron f/2 for $1199, A 28 Elmarit 2.8 pre-asph for $1,299, and what appears to be an older Leica 50 Summicron for $799.

Jul 232010

Hey guys! It’s FRIDAY, and that is always a good thing in my book. Will be a busy day for me shooting more with the Sony NEX 5 as I am still not sure what to think of this little guy. One day I will love it, and the next I will hate it :) Anyway, here are some cool links for today! Enjoy!

On my way home from Europe I sat next to and met Amy Jurries, who also runs her own full time blog dedicated to reviewing and showcasing new gear for your outdoor activities. How cool is it that I was able to talk with a fellow blog owner on a 9 hour flight? She started her site around the same time I started this one. So here is a plug for her site THEGEARCASTER.COM Check it out!

Another book by Harald Benz who is a regular reader of this site :) Cool stuff!

This is freaking weird but damn, it would make a great place to shoot. These photos taken at a sex doll factory are actually pretty cool.

Add a Zeiss lens to your Iphone 4

A gallery of images taken with the new Leica 35 Summilux ASPH

Some Leica M9 love… and some more

A FANTASTIC gallery of photos

The official Leica blog is going strong!

A blog post about…ME! Thanks Roger!

Check this out. A stop motion video of a guy walking from New York to San Francisco – Amazing!

USED DEALS AT B&H PHOTO – Get them while you can!

TITANIUM LEICA M6 – In box – 8+ – $1799

Leica 50 Summicron, latest – $1099

A LIKE BRAND NEW, IN BOX Leica CM Zoom – $799 – These are hard to come by these days and are GREAT little cameras.

Leica M7 – Black, “9” condition – $2499

Jul 012010

I love photographs that show off Urban Decay and here is a web site that shows off some really interesting photographs of old buildings, interiors, and other surprises. Thanks to Ray Scott for the link.

Just for fun, for all of you phone geeks – Iphone 4 vs HTC Evo :) BTW, I am an Iphone fan…

Speaking of the Iphone, this short movie was shot and edited entirely on an Iphone 4. AMAZING! Thanks to Michael Smith for sending in the link!

A great photographer with some amazing photos.

Want to to see the most tagged photograph in the world? Click here…

I am back to updating my Leica M9 daily diary, so be sure to check in every few days :)

You guys should follow Leica Camera on twitter – not only for the stream of Leica info, but to help with this cause! Read the whole story at the official Leica Blog.

I am selling my Sony NEX-3 kit with 16mm f2/8 lens, which is like brand new with tag still attached. Only used it for my upcoming review. Silver, all in box and can not tell difference from new. Normally $549, will sell for $489 shipped. Can do check, MO or V/MC. E-Mail me here if interested. Shot about 250 images with it. You can also buy new HERE.

If anyone has any interesting photography related links to share, feel free to send them my way by e-mailng me HERE.

Jun 262010

Just In Case You Missed Them!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I have been super busy running here and there shooting with the Pentax Kx, A Bronica 645 and a little Diana 120 film camera. As usual, having loads of fun..well, as much fun as one can have when the temperature outside is 110 degrees. :0

Every week I get e-mails asking me questions about certain things or cameras and realized that many who come here do not realize I have listing of some of the best and most popular articles that have been published to this site. You can click here to see them all or at any time click on the REVIEW tab up top and then click “Must Read Articles”.

The Top Navigation Bar at the top of EVERY page will get you to where you want to go :) The “Reviews & More” will drop down with more choices when you click it. This is where all of the good stuff is.

In any case, here is are just a few of the most viewed articles and reviews, enjoy!

How To Develop, Scan and Print with No Darkroom Required by Max Marrinucci

Stuck In A Rut? 8 ways to get motivated by Steve Huff

The Leica M9 – 21 Questions Answered by Steve Huff

Seven Quick Tips for Taking Better Photos by Steve Huff

Street shooting wide open by Max Marinucci

Weddings with a Leica M9? Yep! by Steve Huff

Leica M9 – Travel Camera Extraordinaire by Ashwin Rao

Basic Q&A on switching from a DSLR to an Rangefinder camera

My Leica Lens Suggestions for your M8 or M9

To PP or not to PP? That is the question!

The Leica Digilux 2: A Trip Down Memory Lane by Steve Huff

Improving the handling of a Leica M by Ashwin Rao

Loading a film Leica M7 or MP by Steve Huff

Guest User Report! Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…With an M8!

Some of my most viewed reviews…

Leica Noctilux F1 and Voigtlander 50 Nokton 1.1 Comparison

The Leica X1 Real World Use Review

The Leica S2 Review

The Leica MP Review – Film is NOT dead!

Leica M9 Review

Zeiss 50 Sonnar 1.5 For Leica M Lens Review

Leica D-Lux 4 Review

Jun 172010

It’s been a while since I did a deals post and while working on my Fuji GA670 review I took a break to browse around to see if there were any deals to be found.


These guys have a used Leica M6 for $895. UPDATE – ITS BEEN SOLD! Their store is not far from my house and I handled this camera. It’s a user no doubt but it felt really good in my hand. I almost bought it a month ago! They lowered the price to $895 so if someone wants a nice user M6 and you do not care about the brassing then this is a great deal. If you call or order, tell them stevehuffphoto sent you. They do not pay me anything, but they know me :) They also have t his cool 50 Summitar for $249, with case! I did NOT see this one in person, but it looks pretty cool and this is the lens that is on my M9 as I type this!

Also, B&H Photo is having a sale on the Pentax K7 which was one of my favorite DSLR’s that I have tested in the past year. I STILL want one and am getting closer to pulling the trigger because my son wants an upgrade from his D3000 and my results from the K7 were great (at least I thought so). So now you can get a $100 instant rebate on it making the price of the pro body K7 $763. That is a great price. They also have the kit lens for a $100 or so, making a total kit price of under $900. Really guys, this is a fantastic DSLR. You can see my review here.

Here is a nice little Leica minilux for $349. This is the one with the 40 2.4 lens. It’s titanium color and even comes with a case. This is a great little film P&S!


An interview I did with Yanik Delafoge on the official Leica Blog

This is an old video but I found it interesting – it’s Leica related.

This is a VERY long page but has some really amazing photographs buried within. If you have an hour to kill, check it out :)

This is a bit off topic but hey, lots of photos and pretty bizarre stuff. This page included photos of a mexican drug lords home after being raided. Crazy!!!!!

1172 NASA pictures.

Love this guys B&W work.

Also, another great and honest Leica M9 review I found recently. Check it out!

If you have not seen this, and you enjoy street photography then what are you waiting for? It’s the Charlie Rose interview with Henri Cartier-Bresson. Very inspirational!

Jun 042010

Fun Friday Links, June 4th 2010

Wow, it’s already Friday. This week flew by but that was probably because I have been busy morning till night getting settled in our new house. Yep, I am officially moved and settled near Phx, AZ. The furniture has been delivered, the boxes have all been unpacked and just last night I finished putting together my new desk so I can finally sit down in comfort and work! This morning I will be heading out in search of cool photo opps with the new Fuji RF I am testing, but I will also be shooting another new camera that was sent to me from Leica. More on that one later :)

For now, here are some cool links I would like to share for today, enjoy!

The Reviews On This Site – EZ access.

First  things first. I have been getting quite a few e-mails recently asking me when I am reviewing the Pentax K7, or the E-PL1, etc etc. For those who are not aware, you can access ALL reviews by using the tabbed nav bar at the top of any page. For example, click on “reviews & more” and a drop down box will appear. You can choose Leica, Nikon, Canon and All Other reviews. They are all listed there. Another option to browse every article ever posted on this site is to click on the “sitemap” tab. You will see a complete index of all posts. Also, do not miss the “must read articles” page which is also under the “reviews & more” tab. Thanks!

Used Deal Alerts

First, I just found this used deal at B&H for a Leica 35 Summicron ASPH, 6 bit coded with case and hood – $1979 which is a $100 savings from new. These ALWAYS go fast, so if you are looking for a 35 cron, act fast!

Can’t believe no one has snagged this yet! A Leica Noctilux F1, in box with hood for $4495. A “9” condition and returnable if not as expected! If I had the cash I would buy it now as I have been seeing these go for $5k-$5500 over the past few weeks, many without box.

A reader of this site is selling her M9 setup which is like new. Check out her ad in the buy/sell!

Also, I have an Olympus 14-42 M4/3 Zoom for sale – $90 gets it. V/MC accepted! E-Mail me if interested.

Other Fun and Informative Links

I WANT THIS CAMERA! At only $130 USD, its a steal even if it is all plastic.

In case you missed it, Leica is offering a cool trade in program for their S Series lenses for those wanting to upgrade their lenses to the leaf shutter versions. Check it out HERE.

Ten tips to get your photos noticed on Flickr!

Using a Leica D-Lux 4 to convert slides to JPEGS!

Some cool Leica M9 and 35 Cron shots

Here is a girl who snapped a shot at her cousins wedding with a D-Lux 4 and she loved the results!

Leica’s new 35 cost more than a car? Huh? Tell me where I can buy a new car for $5k!

Rule of thirds slideshow

This guy ties his camera to weather balloons and gets snaps at 87,000 feet!

Zeiss Images, and ONLY Zeiss images!


Diana Dialogues at B&H Photo

Everything you ever wanted to know about spot metering but were afraid to ask.

Shelby Lee Adams, interview coming in 2-3 weeks!

NYC – This makes me want to head back there for at least a week. When I do go back I will be well prepared for a weeks worth of shooting.

May 152010

This site can be so freaking random huh? I have been meaning to set a schedule of days with certain posts. Film Friday, Q&A Wed, Monday Links, etc. BUT, I decided to just make it random. When it comes, it comes! So it’s that time again and I have found more links for you guys to enjoy :)

Just learned that TODAY is the deadline for portfolio submissions for a 2010 MAGNUM membership! If you have what it takes, go get it!

Check out this gorgeous Canon 5DMKII video of  the Volcano in Iceland, courtesy of PetaPixel.

An open letter to Olympus and Panasonic by Tyson.

Did I post this one already? Old news but still COOL. Polaroid is coming back!

So, how about some links to Flickr to show samples of all of the different types of film (some no longer available)? Thanks to Jean Lemay for submitting these:


Kodak Tri-X (classic grain structure for low-light & action)

Kodak T-Max (Extremely high sharpness)

Fuji Neopan Acros

Agfa Scala

Ilford Delta


Fuji Reala

Fuji Superia

Fuji Velvia (more contrast, more blacks, less dynamic range than Reala)

Agfa Vista


Kodak Ektar



There are some films missing in the list above like my current faves Fuji Pro 400H and Pro 160S. The 160 has been discontinued so get it while you still can at Adorama. B&H is all sold out. I have heard some good things though about some possible NEW films from Fuji. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

The old Judge Joe Brown Wedding Photographer video. Hilarious.

B&H has refurb Nikon D3000 kits…YES, WITH A LENS for $349! THIS IS A STEAL! My son owns this cam and its terrific! $349 with a 18-55, cant go wrong if you are a Nikon fan,

More Leica X1 love!

Some of my images! M8, M9, NYC

The first of the “last” Space Shuttle launches caught on camera!

Adorama has a used Leica Noctilux at $5499 in “E” condition! They also have a used 35 Cron!

My Oly E-PL1 with 14-42 and 17 2.8, LNIB MINT! $649

THE NEW LEICA V-LUX 20 IS IN STOCK AT B&H PHOTO! Also at Adorama. This is a 14.5 MP compact with an incredible 25-300 zoom, built in GPS and HD video. From what I have seen so far this is a pretty nice little compact. $699. Ken Hansen also has them!

Finally, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel to be informed of new videos as they are uploaded!


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