Jul 212015

UPDATED: Light Painting ONE DAY Workshop in AZ Ghost Town, HALF SOLD OUT!

Sign UP HERE!!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to update you on what will be a hell of a night out in the Arizona desert as we shoot an old abandoned ghost town while learning all about light painting!

Join me and my good friend Alex McClure (who is an Olympus Trailblazer) as well as others as we head out an hour or so from Phoenix to a location Alex scouted out and found. Old buildings, ruins, and more await us and we will set up our gear, tripods and have sandwiches and soft drinks on hand as we experiment with steel wool spinning, all kinds of light effects and yes, traditional light painting.



This is a one night only workshop, as in, a few hours starting at 5PM on September 19th 2015. We will shoot in to the night and darkness and will come away with some new knowledge of light painting and fantastic photos. I have shot with Alex a few times and he knows his stuff when it comes to this, so will be a blast to get out with a group and shoot. I will have my Olympus and Sony cameras, Alex will have his Olympus gear and even new Olympus goodies to show. You can bring any DSLR or Mirrorless camera as all can be used for light painting.



If you are interested the cost is only $100 for this awesome night of shooting the night. We will include sandwiches and drinks and we will carpool to the location with Alex bringing a few and myself bringing a few and maybe 1-2 others driving behind us.





If you are local or near to Phoenix AZ, then you will NOT want to miss this! Will be a blast.

To sign up or read more, click on over to the official meetup page for it where you can learn more or sign up and pay to lock in your spot. Only 6 of the 12 seats remain! The 1st six sold in a few days, so I expect this to sell out soon.



Apr 032013



The Ultimate Seattle-to-Palouse 4 day Road Trip Experience with Steve Huff and Ashwin Rao!

4 days from Saturday June 22nd to Tuesday June 25th, 2013. MARK YOUR CALENDAR! 



Ok..This is going to be wayyyyy cool.

Anyone out there just buy a Leica M or Leica MM and want to get out and make use of them with some amazing shooting experiences? Have ANY other camera you want to make use of with some of the most amazing scenery you may ever see? Want to hang out with a select few like-minded individuals as we take a road trip from Seattle to Palouse, WA (a 5 hour trip one way) and really USE our cameras for what they were meant to be used for? Want to do some street shooting in Seattle and partake in some great food, fun and even some editing and critique?

If so, then you will not want to miss my only meet up/workshop of 2013 and I am holding this one with Ashwin Rao, much like we did in Seattle in 2011 and we are calling it “The Ultimate Seattle-to-Palouse 4 Day Road Trip Experience”! 

Yep, I am cutting my workshops down to 1-2 a year and this may be it for 2013. We are limiting attendees to 10!

This 4 day workshop is going to be jammed with fun and if you want to shoot some gorgeous scenery, believe me, you do not want to mis this! To read about past workshops I put on, click here.


Here is the itinerary:

Steve Huff’s Ultimate Seattle-to-Palouse Road Trip

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 through Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Four full days of Shooting in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

Co-Host: Ashwin Rao – Guide: Ryan McGinty


1. Meet for informal drinks and snacks on the night of Friday, 6/21 (around 8 pm) for attendees who have arrived in town. Location to be determined. Accommodations will not be included for that night. This is so we can get to know each other and just relax and have a good time.

2. Meet at 6 am at Ashwin’s place on Sat, 6/22. Light breakfast will be available before departing.

3. Time for the road trip! Leave Seattle at 6:30 AM on Saturday AM, and arrive in the Palouse for lunch (included)

4. Shoot the Palouse with our local guide, Ryan McGinty, through the afternoon, evening, sunset, and dusk. He knows his stuff and the best locations for shooting. Magical shots will happen :)

5. Dinner (not included in price)

6. Return to hotel for photo editing and critique. Likely to stay in either Pullman, WA or Moscow, ID. Lodging is included in price with two to a room while here. 

7. Shoot all day on Sunday 6/23 throughout the Palouse, including Steptoe Butte, and various sites in the area. Ryan McGinty will join us for the afternoon and evening. Time for relaxing, photo editing, will be factored in. Breakfast and lunch will be included.

8. Dinner after a full day of shooting (not included)

9. Monday, 6/24: The leisurely road trip back to Seattle, visiting Palouse Falls, dusty cities, and a detour through Walla Walla Wine Country if timing and weather cooperate for more shooting and fun. Breakfast and lunch included.

10. Return to Seattle on the evening/night of 6/24. Dinner together (not included)

11. Tues, 6/25: Shoot Seattle (street and city life shoot, with detours through the library, Discovery Park, waterfront vistas, and other fun settings around town. Return to Ashwin’s place in the late afternoon for photo editing and sharing. Breakfast and lunch included.

12. Departure dinner (not included).


Keep in mind that lodging while in Seattle is not included. Lodging is included while in Palouse with two to a room. Breakfast and lunches are included. Dinner’s are not. Transportation is included as we will have a THREE SUV’s to hold us and drive us all.

This is limited to TEN attendees plus myself and Ashwin. Price is $1500 for the entire 4 day experience. This will be a blast and I am very excited for this one. If you are not familiar with the Palouse, check out Ashwin’s article HERE and HERE where he shares his experience from the last time he was there.

If there are any new M or MM owners attending and you have any questions myself or Ashwin will be happy to share tips on how to get the most from these cameras. But we welcome ANYONE. No need to shoot Leica. You can shoot with whatever camera you love to shoot with! We may also throw in some fun surprises as well along the way. I will be shooting with the new M and Monochrom and Sony RX1. Ashwin may be shooting with the same.

You will need to bring a laptop as we will have editing time as well where we can share tips and tricks as well.


This will be an intimate close-knit group and will be a memorable experience for all. I will be recording video of the event to edit into a small 15-20 minute documentary type film to show on this site after we return. I will also post our favorite shots from the event on this site in a dedicated post about the trip.


All photos in this post were shot by Ashwin. Hope to see some of you in June!

Apr 172012

UPDATE! If you want to join us you MUST book by July 1st! This mean payment is due by JULY 1st! After that we I can no longer accept ANY bookings!

“THE CRUISE” 2012 – The 1st annual SteveHuffPhoto.com Photo Cruise. We will be touring the east coast for a full week in September 2012 on an East Coast cruise! You can sign up NOW if you want to join us on this incredible photo adventure!



WooHoo! With the help of my good friend and fellow photo nut, Todd Hatakeyama, we have just set up an “East Coast photo cruise” for a Departure date of September 15th 2012.

This cruise will be AMAZING and I am dubbing it “The Cruise 2012”. Next year will be “The Cruise 2013” and so on. Let me explain…

Imagine going on a luxurious cruise with a bunch of other passionate photographers (spouses are welcome at a reduced rate). Hanging out, shooting, gear talk, processing, and all of the fun of a cruise for a whole week! The cool part is those who join us on this cruise will be in for an amazingly good time as we enjoy food, drink, fun, photography, some amazing sights AND we will be enjoying this for an entire week, 24/7 from September 15th through September 22nd 2012.

How cool is this? When I hold my workshops we have so many people who come together. Many bond instantly and even make lifelong friends. All of that usually happens over a two-day weekend! This time we will be together on a Princess cruise ship spending the days hanging out, shooting and discussing gear and technique. Friends, Memories, Learning, and a GREAT time!

Since we will be on the seas for a week there will be plenty of time for all who attend to have one on one time with me shooting and to discuss technique, shooting style and more. This is not so much a “workshop” but those who attend will be gathering with other like-minded people and myself for some amazing shooting across the east coast! We will be departing from New York on September 15th 2012 and it is so cool to hang with like minded people and doing so on a beautiful cruise is so much better than hanging in a classroom!

From New York to Canada to Maine and Rhode Island. Each stop will take up to someplace new to see, shoot and enjoy. Now of course I realize that many of use have spouses/girlfriends and we certainly can not and would not leave them out! Bring a guest and save money as it doesn’t cost much to add someone to your cabin! 

So yes, can also bring your wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend or guest at a significantly reduced rate. The schedule of this cruise is posted above in the photo but it would depart September 15th and return on September 22nd. We would be stopping off almost daily to shoot and explore with only one full day at sea, which would be Sunday September 16th.

SIGN UP QUICK IF YOU WANT TO JOIN US ON THIS 1st ANNUAL CRUISE! All food is included in the price for the entire week!


Dining and food is all included. Tipping is not. Booze is not free. Soda is not free. Coffee and Tea is free, maybe Juice. So basically..almost, this is an all-inclusive trip with the cruise, your room and food all included in the cost. The total cost for participants ranges from  $1550 to $2100 (depending on the room you want) for the entire one week all-inclusive trip. There are also premium restaurants on board if you do not want the free dinners. Up to you.

If you want to bring a spouse or girlfriend or guest then the cost for them would be significantly reduced!

This is a great price for what will be a wonderful trip. It appears I can only get about 15 cabins total so this means I can only sell 15 tickets unless I can get more. Basically, this means that this should sell out quickly so if you want in, act fast. Your guest will get the reduced rate but they are welcome to come shoot with us and hang with the group at any time!

See the schedule below!

This trip will produce some amazing photos, great memories and new friends. What more can we ask for?

$$$ Pricing and Availability $$$

Prices start at $1700 and go up to $2700 for SINGLE and $2250 to $3500 for TWO depending on room selected. meaning if you want a basic interior room for two without a view then the cost would be $2250 TOTAL. If you want a deluxe balcony room for two the cost would be $3500. It is cheaper to bring someone with :)

The room selection and pricing is as follows, make your choice! Prices shown below are the TOTAL cost to me for the entire cruise, food, room and all shooting time! No other costs to you besides tipping on the ship, which is all up to you. 

Basic Interior Room – $1700 TOTAL  for SINGLE – I have 5 of these available.  (cost for spouse would be $550 extra so $2250 for TWO)- 3 of these are still available! 2 are on hold awaiting payment.

Obstructed Ocean View Room (Life raft may be in front of your window) – $2000 TOTAL for SINGLE occupancy – I have 4 of these available (cost for spouse would be $600 extra so $2600 for TWO) – 3 still available!

Ocean View Room  – $2400 TOTAL for SINGLE – Only have 2 of these available in this group! (cost for spouse would be $800 extra so $3200 for TWO) – Both of these are sold out, awaiting payment but can get more if you really want this room!

Balcony Room – $2700 TOTAL for SINGLE and I have 5 available! (cost for spouse would be $800 so $3500 total for TWO) – Still have 4 of these left, one is on hold awaiting payment!

Also, if you want to purchase insurance in the case of a cancelation where you would get a partial refund, that is an option as well. Without it there are no refunds. Only a deposit is due now with balance du by June 1st.

REMEMBER! We will be at sea for ONE WEEK and will be stopping and shooting in Halifax Nova Scotia, Saint John New Brunswick, Bar Harbor Maine, Boston Mass, Newport Rhode Island, and of course we leave from and arrive back to New York. You are responsible for getting yourself to New York. Flights are NOT included! But this is an all inclusive week on a cruise ship and will be amazingly fun!

If you want to sign up for the 1st ever SteveHuffPhoto.com cruise then E-MAIL me HERE to book your cruise! I can not wait for this one and am crazy excited! By then some of us should have the new Leica gear :)


Remember this is a week-long, all-inclusive cruise that will include all food, some drinks (coffee, tea, maybe Juice), shooting at all stops, one on one time with me and just having fun hanging out with others who are passionate about photography.

This is the 1st one ever, the one NOT to miss. The emphasis will be on hanging out, having fun, shooting and even relaxing :) If you have never been on a cruise, they are a BLAST. Hope to see you on board!



Mar 062012

UPDATE! Las Vegas Photo Meetup – March 31st – April 1st 2012 

4-8 Seats Available – 24 hours of photography and hanging out in Las Vegas!

UPDATE! Secured an amazing 2,000 square foot suite at the Palms in the “Crib Suite” which is normally $5,000 per night on a Saturday! 

So I had this crazy idea to head to Vegas for a weekend to shoot on the strip and around Fremont Street where all of the action is. Then I figured…”wouldn’t it be fun if I invited 4 or maybe even 8 other passionate shooters so we could hang out, talk shop, share experiences and go out and shoot on the street day and night and then edit our photos in our huge 1500-2000 square ft suite so we could share what we captured? Sounded like fun so I said, “what the hell, why not”!

Here is the deal:

A  total of 5-9 of us. Me and 4 -8of you. Las Vegas. Saturday March 31st – Sunday April 1st. We will all stay in the same 1500-2000 Sq Ft suite utilizing the couches, chairs and floors to sleep. There should be two bedrooms and 2-3 couches in the living room, TV room, etc. You will arrive to the yet to be named hotel (most likely The Palms) on Saturday March 31st at 3PM. I will greet you in the lobby and then bring all of you up to the huge suite that will be our home for the day and night. After some introductions and gear talk we will get settled and then head out to dinner before going out to shoot for the evening and night.

I was able to secure the “Crib Suite” at the palms – 2,000 sq ft, one king bed, two queen beds, couches, pool table, bar and amazing views of Las Vegas. This is normally a $5,000 per night room.

We can practice our street skills, people approaching skills, street portraits, or just scenic shots. After we shoot we can edit the shots in the room or shoot more. Vegas ALWAYS has something to shoot, 24/7.  

I am even trying to schedule us to shoot at the Neon Museum where they store all of the old casino neon signs from the past. The neon graveyard. (Thank’s for the tip Brad)!

After we edit and share out shots we can wake up the next day, have some breakfast and check out. 24 hours of Las Vegas in a very small group.

This is NOT a workshop, just a fun Saturday and Sunday in Las Vegas shooting and enjoying ourselves, sharing our passion with those just like us! I am only charging a fee to help cover the cost of the 1500 (or more) SQ FT suite and they are not cheap! So if anyone is interested you can join me just for sharing the room cost, which I would guess to be around $375 per person. This only covers the room and the meet up and I am not making money on this, only doing it because I think it would be fun. Lunches and Dinners are not included. If I can get interest in this and find at least 8 people we can go with a bigger and even nicer room so minimum I need is 4, max is 8! With 8 of us that could get us into something pretty amazing and comfortable.

Just remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas :)

E-Mail me if you are interested in this! You can now visit the dedicated “workshop” page to see details of past workshops, future workshops and future meet ups like this one!

Feb 182012

Hello to all! Hope you are having a great weekend. As I sit here at midnight on a Friday night/Saturday morning I am flabbergasted at the amount of information that has amassed here at this website, and I give so many thanks to all of you who come here to read and catch up every day and to those of you who contribute as well! I have been seeing more and more of you send in your reports and articles and it is GREAT, so keep on sending them in! (email me here if interested in contributing) – Seems like it was just last week that I sat down and write my 1st camera review ever.

When this site started almost 3 years ago I kind of had a dream..a fantasy. I envisioned starting a site that at the time did not exist. A site with real world reviews of cameras showing what we could really expect from it when we took it out to shoot real photos. Easy to read, easy to understand, genuine and honest. Sure there were a few mega sites out there but none of them grabbed my heart..none of them had me excited to read reviews. I would read them anyway but I usually skipped to the conclusions and samples. I wanted to see a site with all of the good stuff and none of the boring stuff. So I created the site I WANTED TO SEE and READ. Turns out I was not alone in my desires because right from the get go I have been hearing from so many of you who had the same thoughts as me.

People who love photography and have a strong passion for taking photos and shooting cameras. Even if you just shoot your kids, animals, family or whatever – doesn’t matter. You have a passion for something that makes you happy, excited, and yes, even sometimes BROKE, lol. I feel we all need a passion of some kind in life – something that drives us and adds to our quality of life. (besides love and family of course as those are always 1st) For some people it may be a fast car, a boat, a set of primo golf clubs, Hi Fi equipment (guilty on this one as well – want some real world Hi Fi reviews? Lol), computer gear or all of the above!

My passion is still as strong as ever for photography AND even more so for this site as it is growing in content and now this content is always here, for anyone to reference. I can’t wait to see what the next three years bring.

I also want to thank all of you who have been e-mailing me lately. One e-mail in general came in just today that touched me a bit. It made me realize that what I have been building here is indeed turning into what I have envisioned. For me it’s not about traffic , it’s not about money (though every little but helps)…it’s about the community..the art..the gathering of like-minded people who share information because let’s face it – none of us know EVERYTHING. It’s about honesty and truth. It’s even about love because so much of it goes into this site every day, It is about reaching out and about our common interest.

The fact is that without each and every one of  YOU this site would be nothing. It would be one of the thousands of blogs that shut down every week. I mean, I get decent traffic but it’s not even close to the big 4-5 sites, and I am OK with that as it keeps it a little more “intimate” – kind of like seeing a musical artist in an intimate venue. Keeps things flowing smoothly. I’d rather have 10 faithful readers daily instead of 1 happy and 9 miserable. :)

But the bottom line is that I am so proud, happy, and excited that there is now a large database of articles and information here, and it continues to grow each and every week. I did not even realize it until I started browsing the user reports section and the site that was just added a few months ago. Wow, so many great user reports on cameras, lenses and even film. So many articles here…written by not only me..but also written by you guys!

In case you missed some of them, check it all out at the links below…articles galore



This section is filled with the best posts from the readers. YOUR experiences and views on cameras, lenses and photography in general. Lots to read and see so if you missed it, go check it out!



Have hours to kill? Check out a listing of EVERY single post ever made to this site. After that, don’t forget to go to the original site still hosted by apple :)



An ongoing listing of any worthwhile post related to mirror-less cameras.



If you are a Leica fan, this is the page with all of the best Leica posts and reviews!


Enjoy the weekend, and get out there and shoot! BTW, don’t miss the classifieds here – they have been rocking lately!


Dec 282011

UPDATED! MEGA WORKSHOP: Los Angeles – January 27th, 28th and 29th 2012 –

FIVE Great presentations, Street shooting, Lighting, models, and a VERY special World Premiere Lens debut!

UPDATE – Just added a new guest, Jeff Garlin from the TV show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” will be in attendance Sunday and give a brief talk as well just before mine. Jeff is a Leica shooter and will be joining in for the street shooting.

New Schedule is posted below!


Lots of surprises, lots of shooting, and lots of PASSION!

After many requests I am bringing a MEGA meet up/workshop to Los Angeles and I have been setting it all up behind the scenes for the past few weeks. I found the perfect location with the help of Todd Hatakeyama who has allowed me to have base headquarters at his new studio right in the heart of Los Angeles.

Base camp for the weekend will be at Hatakeyama Studio in Los Angeles – Plenty of space! Check out Todds Leica site HERE – We will have tables set up for the workshop!

Hatakeyama Studio will be where we will converge, talk, have presentations, share our passion, shoot on the street, shoot models, learn about lighting, learn about basic technique and even witness a new world premiere of a special lens as well as learn how to create an online presence with your photography! 

You can read about past workshops like the one in Seattle, Chicago and New York. They were all super cool and everyone had a great time, made new friends and even learned a thing or two. This one in Los Angeles will be the biggest and best yet as I have so much planned we had to stretch it to a 2 1/2 day event!

There will now be FIVE presentations over two and a half days and FIVE special guest speakers. The biggest yet. Some of what is in store…

1. Photographer Jay Bartlett will speak about lighting, and even shooting portraits with the Leica M9 using studio lighting. Jay knows his stuff and his website can be seen here.

2. BE THE FIRST IN THE WORLD TO SEE AND SHOOT WITH A NEW M MOUNT 0.95 LENS! The WORLD PREMIERE of the new SLR Magic 50 0.95 M mount lens, which is a built from the ground up lens that SLR Magic has been paintstakingly creating and improving. I have been following their progress and have seen all of the prototypes and sample images over the past months but at the workshop Andrew from SLR Magic will be bringing 2-3 lenses with so those of us with Leica M cameras can actually shoot with them and even compare them with your favorite Leica 50’s. How about a Noctilux vs SLR Magic test? Let’s do it in Los Angeles! This is a quality lens with amazing build, feel and quality. YOU get to be the first in the world to try this lens!

3. There will be a great presentation/lecture from Elizabeth Wang-Lee on Street Photography. She will go over the masters as well as talk about what makes for a great street photo. Elizabeth recently had a Daily Inspiration posted on the site HERE.

4. We will also have Sean Armenta, fashion photographer  who will be giving a presentation.

5. Ashwin Rao will be in attendance as well and he will give a talk on how to build your online presence in the photo community as well as share some of his best photos with us all.

6.. Jade Corrin,  a  pro model will be on hand so we can each shoot studio portraits with lighting. Check outs her blog HERE.

7. Actor/Comedian Jeff Garlin will be with us Sunday and will even give a quick talk on street shooting :)

8. A full amazing lunch will be included on Sat and Sun. Saturday we will be at the “LA Market by Kerry Simon” and yes, this is included! Sunday we will be at another location that will be announced soon.

The Seattle workshop hosted by Ashwin Rao was a huge success – Photo by Ashwin Rao

We will hit the pavement as well! Street shooting in LA as well as trying our hand at studio/model portraits!

1st of all, everyone is welcome! Not just Leica shooters! At my last workshop in Chicago we had a wide variety from Micro 4/3, Leica, Olympus 4/3 and DSLR’s. We had a little bit of everything and we ALL came away with some great shots.

The Los Anegeles workshop will start on Friday evening Jan 27th where we will do our introductions, go over what our goals are with photography and then we will settle in and discuss what we will be doing over the weekend. On Saturday Day 2 we will have some presentations on lighting and fashion and will each have time with the model to get some shots. On Day 3 we will have some street shooting presentations and we will head out to shoot people on the street, we will shoot life as it happens. We will go outside of our normal boundaries and be inspired to get the shots we want. On Sat and Sun lunch will be paid for by me and we will have a GREAT lunch. Just because its free doesn’t mean it will be skimpy! I will be posting the full detailed itinerary SOON but do know it will be jammed packed.

There will also be processing and critiques on a big screen as we go over everyones shots. As with my last two workshops I will be giving away a prize to one lucky winner. After day two ends we will have a goodbye dinner and drinks (the cost of this is not included, every man for himself)!

Seattle 2011 – Ashwin Rao

Schedule of Events – (Subject to change/be revised)

Friday Jan 27th – The short day.

5PM  – we will all meet at the Studio. Here we will do the introductions and talk about our own goals with photography. What we currently shoot, and what we want to get better at. Basically we will all get to know each other.

6PM – A guest presentation from Andrew at SLR Magic who will talk about their all new premium 50 f/0.95 for Leica M AND he will have 2-3 of the lenses on hand for all of the Leica shooters to try and even compare against their Leica 50′s. Maybe even a Noctilux comparison? This will be fun and Andrew will talk about the design of the lens. You can be the first in the world to take photos with the lens and yes, you will be able to post them online!

Between 6:30-6:45 –  We will all head out to shoot some on the street just to get some exercise and to see how we all shoot. We will split up into groups of 3-4 and shoot for an hour and then head back  to the studio to see what we got.

7:30-8PM – Back at the studio we will go over the images we shot and share some with the group. We will also find out what your concerns are when shooting on the street. Find out what, if anything, holds you back. After  this we will be done for the day. We will also see the SLR Magic images from those who were shooting with the new lens!

Saturday Jan 28th – This will be a mostly indoor studio day with presentations and talks as well as some shooting/sharing.

10AM – We will all meet at the Studio at 10AM. We will have coffee and snacks to cure that morning crave :)

10:30 AM – Our 1st guest speaker, Jay Bartlett will go over studio shooting. We will be in a studio with lighting setup so Jay will go over basics and show us the best ways to light up our portraits using simple studio lighting.

11-11:30 AM – We will have a model on hand so we can each try our hand at shooting portraits with studio lighting. Not sure how long this will take but I am guessing around an hour.

UPDATED – 12:30PM  – we will walk one mile to have Lunch at Oiwake Restaurant Buffet – The cost of this lunch (soft drinks, but no alcohol) is 100% included!

3PM – We will settle back at the studio and go over some of images we shot of the model session and see how different they are from one another.

4PM – Back at the studio, Fashion photographer Sean Armenta will give a presentation on Fashion Photography as well as show some of his amazing images.

5PM – Ashwin Rao will give a talk on how to build an online presence to have your photos seen by more and more people

6PM – We will have a brief talk about Sunday’s busy schedule and what to expect. 

**For those who want to grab dinner or drinks we can gather and head out, cameras in hand of course!

Sunday Jan 28th – This will mostly be an outside shooting day. We will be shooting on the streets after a street photography presentation from Elizabeth Wang Lee

10 AM– We will all meet at the studio and settle in.

10:30 AM – Elizabeth Wang Lee will give her presentation on Street Photography. She will show some of her images as well as go over the classic shots from the street masters. This will help you get more comfortable when shooting out on the street and help you step outside of your box.

NEW! 11:30 – 12:00 – Special Guest Jeff Garlin from the TV show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” will be our guest for the day and he will be giving his own street shooting talk :)

*Right after Jeff I will give a short “Street Shooting 101″ presentation about my experience shooting street and the basic rules I follow when heading out to shoot people on the streets.

1PM – Lunch at El Cholo Mexican Restaurant – 100% included!

3PM – We will all head out for 2 hours (or more if needed) of street shooting!!

5PM – Back at the studio we will all edit our photos and pick our three favorites from the day. Those will be shown to the group and we will talk about them/critique  them.

6PM – Prize Giveaway! Everyone in attendance will put their name on a slip of paper and these names will be put into a box. One name will be pulled to win the main prize of the night!

6:30PM – Optional “GoodBye” dinner and drinks for anyone who wants to attend. (cost of this is NOT included) – This can last as long as we want it to!

How to GET IN and ATTEND this Special Weekend! 

Mark your calendars for Jan 27th, 28th and 29th. This is a Friday/Saturday/Sunday. There will be two and a half days of hanging out in Los Angeles, five presentations, four guest speakers, street shooting, studio shooting, processing and critiques, a world premiere of an amazing new product and two days of lunch provided by me at no cost and dinner and drinks on day three for anyone who wants to hang out after (this dinner is NOT paid for by me).

The days will typically start between 9am and 10am and last until we are done for the day, which usually is around 6-7pm. We usually all head out for dinner and drinks afterwards.


The cost of this weekend event is $545 and this includes lunch on both days (will announce where we will be eating soon). 

I can accept credit cards through google checkout so if you want to attend this special weekend, e-mail me HERE and I will get you all set up.

Again, Lunch on BOTH days is included. Will also have coffee and snacks each morning provided. Many hotels are nearby including this Sheraton 5 blocks from base camp which is where I will be staying. If you are traveling in and interested in sharing a room e-mail me and I can possibly set you up with someone else who is coming in for  this event.

Hope to see you there! We should have about 30 people total including all of the special guests.


Seattle 2011 Group as we all gathered on Ed’s “Beast”

Chicago 2011 Group at Chicago’s oldest camera shop Central Camera

Sep 252011

The Chicago Workshop was Awesome! 

Many of you may have noticed that I did not update my site this weekend. Well, that was because I was in Chicago since Thursday for the workshop you have been reading about here on the site. I was a bit worried when flying in because the weather forecast called for rain on Saturday and street shooting with digital cameras in the rain can be dangerous but at the same time, shooting in the rain can provide for some cool photo opportunities as well.

This post will feature my thoughts on the day as well as the photos I shot. But this day was NOT about me, it was about all who attended so I will have another post in a few days with everyones photos from the day. 

Thanks to the host for this event, Bradley Graupner

Before I write anything else I want to thank Bradley Graupner who helped out with this workshop. He set me up with a location to set up base camp, the route we would walk during our street shooting and even set up lunch reservations (which was DELICIOUS)! So thanks Bradley, it was a GREAT time and I enjoyed hanging with you before and during the workshop.

Bradley and his Leica M2 with light meter and some kind of super low light meter as well…his kit is VERY cool with the M2 and a pimped out Leica X1. 

8AM, we all meet for coffee at Intelligentsia!

Seventeen of us gathered downtown for a day of new friends, learning, and on the street shooting. The goal of the day was to take everyone out of their comfort zone and to not only shoot discreetly on the street, but also to approach people for street portraits. There were two guest speakers and I had a keynote presentation on two ways to shoot on the street. Before all of this though we all met bright and early at 8am at Intelligentsia which has the most amazing coffee/espresso/latte I have ever had. We all did our introductions while we enjoyed coffee and muffins and then we headed towards base camp…in the rain.

Don’t let rain stop yo from shooting as reflections can make for some interesting photos…

Presentations, Discussions & Street Shooting!

We spent about 90 minutes on the three presentations and some discussion on street photography and then we headed out to shoot as everyone had their assignment to bring back one street portrait that was to be taken with permission and three street candid shots in the traditional street style. There was a mix of cameras there ranging from a Panasonic GF-1, Olympus E-P3, Nikon D90, Olympus E-1 and a few Leica M9’s and a couple of film M’s as well. Bradley even had a darkroom set up for film processing! How cool is that? There were also complete newbies, amateurs, and those who were more advanced in the group. It was a great mix of great guys.

I want to thank the Guest Speakers, Steven Blewett and Stuart Sipahigil who gave an awesome presentation on finding photos close to home. Stuart also does his own workshops with details HERE.

So after the presentations everyone headed out. The weather, while still rainy, started to clear up. At one point it was coming down hard and we sort of took cover near some wall/street art/

Gotta love B&W – Click for larger and better version!

This guy was not part of our group but he was also out doing some street shooting…

As we walked the streets on our way to lunch we must have seen 4 or 5 weddings (well, I did). Right as some of us walked by this one we were able to snap a kiss right behind the official photographer.

Lunch At Pizzeria Due

We made it to Pizzeria Due at 1pm for lunch and they had our table all ready and the pizzas took only 10 minutes. The waitress took a group shot of us inside…

A Visit To Central Camera, Chicagos oldest Camera Shop

After lunch we all  shot more and everyone finished up getting shots for their assignments and then we walked over to Central Camera, Chicago’s oldest camera shop. While there we were given some history of the shop, we browsed some used Leica gear and then we were given free Leica mouse pads courtesy of Central Camera. I was shooting the Pentax Q a little during the workshop and shot one of one of the employees with the kit 1.9 lens. The sensor is tiny but it’s a REALLy cool and fun camera, I have to admit.

We then had a group shot of everyone taken in front of Central Camera

The Rain cleared and we finished up the photo walk

The sun was shining and the weather warmed up for the 2nd half of the day so we took a pretty long route to get the most out of it. As we headed back through Millennium Park the sun was shining and it was gorgeous outside. We enjoyed the walk back to base camp for the final editing. We decided to show the images on the HDTV and have Bradley’s girlfriend Carola (who is a photographer and artist) pick her favorite street shot from the day, and the winner would win a classic and mint Leica Digilux 1 & Leica leather case. The winning shot will be posted this week with everyone else’s photos from the day.

The day ended and everyone said their goodbyes. It was a great day and I will return to Chicago in the future for another workshop! It was great to meet all of you and it was clear that by the end of the day everyone had a great time. Thanks to all who attended and I hope to see you again soon! Next up on the workshop agenda? Maybe a two day event in San Francisco with something REALLY cool to be included as part of the event. Can’t wait!

This week I will have my Pentax Q review up, the photos from all of the attendees at Chicago, and I also will have in hand TOMORROW (monday) the Ricoh GXR M Module so I can start reviewing that as well. ALSO, the Olympus 45 1.8 lens arrives to me Tuesday so look for that review soon as well!

Oh, and if any of those who attended has shots of us shooting or cool scenes from the day, post them in the comments!

Aug 292011

The deadline for the early bird special savings price of $50 off of the upcoming Chicago September 24th workshop ends September 1st. If you want to attend this workshop you can lock in with a 25% deposit at the special rate with balance due by September 15th. E-mail me HERE if interested. Few seats left!

Jul 252011

Seattle SteveHuffPhoto Workshop July 2011

Day 2 – The Assignments!

Happy Monday morning to all! It’s 8am and I am on a plane right now headed back home to Phoenix. Yes, there is WiFi on the plane so I am able to update this site as I fly! Pretty snazzy…

Yesterday was the 2nd day of the Seattle Meetup/Workshop and it was a full day of shooting, laughs, learning, and great food from breakfast to dinner. Everyone seemed a bit more comfortable and confident and the results everyone got were fantastic!  The weather in Seattle was perfect all weekend. Sunny and high 70’s so I could not have asked for anything better.

Photo by SK SAITO

We had tons of M9’s, three M9-P’s, three Noctilux’s. a couple M8’s and three M6’s. Lenses ranged from the rare and  Exotic 35 Summilux AA (ASPHERICAL, and my review is coming soon) to Zeiss and Voigtlander glass. Everyone was well prepared with their cameras, MacBooks, and willingness to walk the streets and areas in Seattle and SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!

Just some of the $250k worth of Leica cameras and lenses at this event! 

Yesterday each attendee had an assignment to help them with their confidence while shooting on the street. I asked them to approach a total stranger, the earlier in the day the better, and to ask if they could shoot their photo/portrait. I am thrilled to say that all attendees followed through with this and from what I saw, it did help their confidence as the shots from yesterday were all VERY good. Hell, 90% of them beat my shots so I learned quite a bit myself from everyone who attended! To those who were nervous about approaching strangers, it was so cool that you overcame this fear when shooting on Sunday. I find this helps quite a bit when out shooting people on the streets so keep at it!

Here are some of the portraits that were shot of total strangers by those shooting digital. Warning! Lots of Shallow Depth Of Field ahead, which is how Leica lenses are DESIGNED to be shot:

Amy Medina

Andrew Holloway

Ashwin Rao

Chris White

Daniel Harrington


Ed Tan

Gerard Van Wesep

Matt Driscoll

Warren Phillips

Roger Paperno (Yes, he asked)

Steve Huff

Peter Lindstrom

Peter Havas

Todd Hatakeyama

I believe a workshop should be laid back, easy going, and should NOT have the attitude that the presenters and hosts are better than anyone in the group. With my meet ups and workshops everyone is treated as an equal and I feel this lets everyone involved loosen up, relax, laugh, and get out there with the group to be the best they can be. I also believe in INSPIRATION and when we all shared our images on a huge projection screen in Ashwins living room I think we ALL were a little more inspired for the next photo session.

As I already stated in the Day 1 report, we had two professional presenters over the weekend – Charles Peterson and Roger Paperno (who had an EXCELLENT presentation, thanks Roger!) as well as myself and Ashwin who gave slideshows and some tips and tricks for the day.

It was a fantastic weekend that flew by and I had a GREAT time along with everyone else. After the long day on Sunday we all went out for dinner at a local pub and finished off the night with conversation, tips, lens sharing and plenty of smiles and laughs.

It seems my 1st day post is getting a few comments about the quality of the Leica shots. First off, a rangefinder is a TOTALLY different experience than shooting a DSLR. I brought along a Canon 5D MKII on this trip as well. I had the 50 L 1.2 attached but my shots with the Canon are sort of flat, have no “soul” and did not compare to the Leica shots in overall look. The 5DII is a GREAT and SUPERB camera but comparing it to an M9 with a good lens is not going to bring the Canon out on top for ME. I prefer the “look” of Leica glass every time.

The fact is Leica glass is expensive for a reason as it is the best glass you can get for any 35mm camera system. Period. Those who bash it simply do not own any Leica glass.

Also, it is MUCH more pleasurable shooting something like an M9 than a big DSLR, which is why the 5D rarely came out of my bag. The rangefinder experience is a joyful one. It puts smiles on the faces of those who own one. It brings a confidence and adds some motivation to shoot. It is an experience unlike any other in the photographic world. It was a PLEASURE shooting with 20 other RF shooters this weekend and I look forward to doing it again soon. The magic is not just in the “snapshots” but in the user experience and glass that we all take great pride in using. It is my system of choice for anything from snapshots to professional work.

Oh and one more thing..Leica is also not just for the rich as I am FAR from rich!

THANKS to all who attended and to Ashwin, Roger and Charles. I will leave you with a few more photos from the weekend. Some are mine, some were shot by others.

1st few are from me, Steve Huff from Day 2 – more behind the scene stuff

and now a few from some of the others! Great shots guys! Enjoy!





Gerard Van Wesep




Jul 212011

Seattle Meetup – THIS WEEKEND! 

It’s almost Friday and that means I will be heading out to Seattle to meet up with about 20 of  you who signed up for this weekends series of photography events! Hosted by Ashwin Rao, we have a full jam packed weekend ahead of us! I can not wait as this will be GREAT! I will be posting updates as things happen including photos from all who attend. To those attending, I will see you Saturday for fun, food, photography and GOOD TIMES!

To everyone else, check the site all weekend for the updates as they happen!

There have been THREE Cancelations in the last 24 hours so there are a couple spots open for anyone who wants to join us! E-Mail if interested.

Saturday July 23rd

9:00 AM: Everyone arrives (time at 9 am at Ashwin’s)

–       Top Pot Donuts (on of Seattle’s most famous donut spots) with coffee will be waiting for all.

–       9:15ish: Steve’s intro & welcome

–       9:15-10:30: Group Introductions

–       10:30: 10:45: Ashwin’s intro and comment on photography/slideshow

–       10:45 – 11:15:  Guest speaker intro: We will have a couple of guest speakers at the event (still being finalized). Tim Issac of Thumbs Up fame will also be there to talk about his products for Leica and he will have some on hand as well to demo and possibly even sell.

–       11:30- 1:30: Morning street stroll – downtown at Pike’s Place for some street photography.

–     1:30-2:30 Lunch (down in Pike’s Place- Pikes Place Chowder or the like – (Lunch is included and paid for)

–       3:00- 4:00 pm Head to Glazers Camera for Leica Demo (tentative, need to confirm on demo); We will do a Glazers stop either way with a possible talk by Ashwin on setting up your own photo show/exhibit.

–       4-6  pm Return to Ashwin’s for critique, comments, editing from our morning stroll photos

–       6:30 – 8:00 evening photo stroll – Sunset at Kerry Park  or Golden Gardens

–       7:30- 9 pm Dinner and evening cap (Rays Boathouse near Golden Gardens, The 5 spot, near Kerry Park, or similar restaurant in upper Queen Anne – DINNER is NOT included)

–     9:30-10:30 pm? Optional later night, low light photo stroll for those interested.


Sunday, July 24th

–       9:00– Breakfast: Mighty O Donuts and Coffee

–     9:15-10: Steve’s presentation of shooting The Leica M in challenging conditions.

–       10:00-11:00: Recap of the previous day – question/answer

–       11:00 AM – 1 PMPhoto Telling stroll – Space Needle/ Seattle Center – Tell YOUR story!

o   If people have interest, we can take a ride up the needle. It’s a fun place to photograph from above as well, both the people and the city!

–       1:30-3 PM: Lunch at Dad Watson’s or similar pub grub place (Paid for by Steve!)

–       3-5 pm: PM stroll at Discovery Park

o   Beautiful nature site worth spending some time at

–       5:30- 7:30 pm: Return for critique and discussion of story telling

–       7:30: Prize giveaway – Someone, at random, will win a complete camera system with all accessories (NO it is not an M9)

–       8:00 pm: Send off Dinner – (Bastille in Ballard, Rays)


Possible Photo Strolls

–       Downtown stroll (Pikes Place, Pioneer Square)

–       Seattle Center (space needle up close; up the needle, waterfountain)

–       Discovery Park and waterfront images, Gasworks Park, Travel through Discovery Park

–       Kerry Park (early AM or sunset)

–       Graffiti wall and urban walk

–       Alki Beach

–       Seattle Public Library stroll

–       Sculpture Garden and waterfront

–       Out of Seattle, into nature

–       Golden Gardens at Sunset (beach, mountain views)

–       Ferry trip to Bainbridge island

–       The Piers where the Ferries take off


Apr 042011

Just an update on the Seattle Meetup/Workshop coming up in July 2011. So far seven seats have been sold out of the fifteen available. There were a few of you trying to reserve a spot while I was away in Brazil but for some reason some of the emails were lost. If you want to attend and contacted me, but did not hear back then e-mail me again HERE. You can check out all of the details of the Seattle Event HERE. Thanks to all, and I can not wait! It will be a great time!

Mar 042011




**14 OF 15 SEATS HAVE BEEN SOLD AS OF MARCH 09th 2011! Only 1 REMAIN!**

We are also adding to the itinerary for the weekend with new guests, photo strolls and other cool surprises!

The Seattle, WA SteveHuffPhoto.com Workshop/Meetup – July 23rd & 24th 2011!

“Tell your Story!”

Here we go! The next SteveHuffPhoto.com workshop/meetup will be in Seattle, WA July 23rd and 24th 2011 in the Fremont Neighborhood which is super close to downtown and all kinds of beauty, culture, and photo opportunities!. This will be a TWO day meetup/workshop and it will be filled with all kinds of fun and exciting photo fun, people, places, food and things!  This one will be bigger & better than the NYC workshop from October. Full of spirit, passion, and splendid photography opportunities! I guarantee a great time will be had by all. Ashwin Rao and I are organizing this event to be one to remember with special guest additions, evening photo strolls, Leica demos, and a surprise or two thrown in as well. Don’t miss out on what will become an amazing photo passion filled weekend!

But first, A History – My very 1st Meetup/Workshop in NYC – 2010

NYC Workshop – 2010 – Steve Huff

Last October 2010 I met 21 of you at the first official meetup in NYC and we had a blast. The weather was cold and nasty but we pushed through and came away with some new friends, new skills, and the opportunity to shoot in the hustle and bustle of NYC to create some memorable images! Some of us even had a great time at the pub after the event! I was thrilled to see so many passionate people attending the NYC event and also thrilled to meet everyone who attended. It was a great time but being the 1st of it’s kind for this site, it was a more laid back, take it as we go kind of approach. With that said, I have huge plans for #2!

Here are a few fun images from the last time around …


Mark Your Calendars! July 23rd and 24th 2011!

This time around Ashwin Rao, (who writes for this site quite often and is an fantastic Leica photographer) will be hosting the event at his home during the day and evening hours of the 23rd and 24th of July, 2011. This will be a weekend, and the weather should be nice so I am looking forward to a GREAT time. High Speed Wi-Fi will be available at the house as well, thanks to Ashwin!

UPDATE: Tim Isaac, the man behind the “Thumbs Up” most of us use on our M8 and M9 will also be in attendance showing off his products and to chat with everyone. Tim is also a passionate M shooter so it is AWESOME  that he will be attending the event! I own a thumbs up and soft release myself. Great products!

UPDATE: Just added! Seattle pro, Roger Paperno will also be there to speak!

UPDATE: Added guest speaker and presenter CHARLES PETERSON!


Riccis Valladares looking over images shot by Sori Gottdenker at the NYC workshop

No need to own a Leica to attend! ANYONE who has a passion for photography can attend this event so no matter what camera you shoot with, you can come and benefit from the days events! There will be presentations, street shooting, an assignment for all, critiquing, Q & A session with myself and Ashwin Rao, one on one shooting time with myself as well as a great lunch on both days fully included where we will visit some local eateries with great food.

We will even visit Glazers Camera in Seattle where a Leica rep will give us a Demo of the current Leica cameras. I may even be able to get a Leica S2 for the day as well and Ashwin and I both have a  50 Noctilux ASPH in case anyone wants to check them out on their own M. I will also have a Fuji X100 on hand as well as a few other cameras!

UPDATE: Also, there will be a special prize give away of a special camera and loads of accessories to one lucky attendee (random prize drawing)!

THE FINAL SCHEDULE OF EVENTS! It will be a busy weekend for us all!.

Saturday, July 23rd

9:00 AM: Workshop attendees arrive at Ashwin’s home

– Top Pot Donuts (on of Seattle’s most famous donut spots) with coffee for breakfast

9:15ish: Steve’s intro & welcome

9:15-10:30: Introductions of each of the conference attendees (5 min per person)

10:30-10:45 : Ashwin Rao’s welcome, introduction, & brief portfolio slideshow

10:45 – 11:15:  Guest speaker introductions: Tim Isaac, Roger Paperno

11:30- 1:30: Morning stroll at Pike’s Place Market – An introduction to Seattle’s “street” of memories. Pike’s Place offers the most street photography of any place in Seattle, with a wide variety of photo making opportunities

1:30-2:30 Lunch at Pikes Place Chowder (sourdough bread bowl and chowdah!)

2:30-3:00 travel to & arrive at Glazers Camera for a Leica Demo; Meet with Mark Vercammen, Glazers’ Leica guru extraordinaire.

3:00- 4:00 pm: Glazers Camera –  Leica Demo with Brad Weeks, Leica’s Pacific Northwest camera representative.

4-4:30: Walk over to Glazers Rentals for Rao/Tanabe Photography Exhibit & talk on “How to exhibit and promote your work”

4:30-7  pm Return to Ashwin’s for photo editing, critique, and sharing; concurrent “Thumbs Up”/Match Technical display & gear demo at Ashwin’s

– Snacks and food on hand

7:15– 8:15: Evening sunset “postcard” photo stroll at Kerry Park

8:30- 9:30 pm Group Dinner and evening cap at Rays Boathouse near Golden Gardens

9:30-11 pm (time and attendee desire permitting): Optional later night, low light photo stroll for any interested. Likely location will be Belltown nightlife (downtown)


Sunday, July 24th

9:00- Breakfast: Mighty O Donuts and Coffee

9:15-9:45: Steve’s presentation of photos (Seal tour  & Street photography around the world)

9:45-10: 15: Introduction & Discussion Lead by Charles Peterson

10:15-11:00 Recap of the day – Lessons learned

11:00 AM – 1 PM: Photo Telling stroll – Space Needle/ Seattle Center

–  Optional ride up the needle. It’s a fun place to photograph from above as well, both the people and the city!

1:30-3 PM: Lunch at Eastlake Bar & Grill

3:30-5:15 pm: PM stroll at Discovery Park, Seattle’s “nature preserve”

5:30- 7:30 pm: Return for critique and discussion of story telling

7:30-8 pm: Prize giveaway ( a complete kick butt camera system with all accessories )

8:00 pm: Group Wrap-Up Dinner at Tutta Bella Pizzeria


Workshop Host: Steve Huff

Workshop Local Host & Organizer: Ashwin Rao


Honored attendees and contributors

Tim Isaac of MatchTechnical, creator of the ThumbsUp Grip for Leica M cameras

Charles Peterson, Rock & Documentary Photography

Roger Paperno: Pro Photographer and local co-host

Brad Weeks, Leica Northwest Representative

Mark Vercammen, Glazers Camera Leica Guru


  • Dinner is not included, but attendance is encouraged
  • Itinerary is subject to change, pending weather and happenstance



You know you want to go! Here is how to Register!

As of May 26th 2011 there is ONE spot available.

The total cost for the two day workshop will be $525 per person which includes both days of the workshop, lunch provided both days at a local restaurant (food and beverage, no alcohol as we can head to a pub later for that), all presentations and critiques, assignments,  as well as the Leica demos and use of an M9 if requested (I should have at least two for use by those who would like to try them out). I am limiting this once again to 20 people and even possibly 15. The last event sold out quick and I had many others wanting to get in but they were too late! I will also be giving away a great prize to one lucky attendee!

It will be a weekend of meeting like minded passionate people with every hour of each day packed with something fun and exciting. Lots of Leica but again, even if you shoot with an Olympus you can attend this event! It is about photography, passion and getting out there and shooting! No stuffy “know it all” attitudes, just learning, sharing, and shooting! The way it should be!

I hope to see you there in July!

I can accept payment via credit card using google checkout or personal check/money order. Either way, if you want to attend this memorable event E-MAIL me HERE when you are ready to commit and I will e-mail you an invoice that you can pay. Once you do this you will be locked in!


For those flying in to Seattle for the weekend there are many hotels in the nearby area. The area we will be in is a neighborhood called Fremont and is just a mile or two from downtown. We will be super close by all of the cool areas to shoot, that is for certain! Clicking here will bring up a page filled with info on the area as well as hotels. This page will be updated as we fine tune the weekend events so check back often!

Oct 172010


What many have been asking and waiting for! Images from the NYC meet up from everyone else who attended! We had a packed house with 20 attending but not EVERYONE has sent me images yet, but here is what I have so far… and there are some FANTASTIC images here. What I really like is seeing everyones style as we all have such different ways of seeing the world through our lenses. It’s so cool to see the results from everyone as we were all so excited to get out there and shoot on Friday. We were all inspired and some of us went outside of our comfort zones and came away with some superb shots.

Some of my faves from the images below have to come from Max Marinucci who just so happened to be shooting B&W film. Max recently put up his own website which I highly recommend. Max and Riccis both have me seriously thinking of shooting film only for the next YEAR. Yea, I am thinking about it….Other faves of mine come from… well…EVERYONE! Great stuff guys, even from those who have never done this before! I wont be listing the equipment everyone used as it doesn’t matter. This day was about the images, not the gear (though there was some AMAZING gear in the room that day).

Without further ado….the IMAGES!

Images from the SteveHuffPhoto.com 1st ever NYC “Inspiration” street meetup!



These images ROCK! More of his images, and what he thought of the workshop can be seen HERE
















So feel free to comment on the images from this awesome day! Thanks again to all who participated!

BONUS: Here are a few “in room” images by Tony Ventouris…

Amy Medina checking her images on her Macbook Air

Brandon, Vlad, and Amy – We pretty much all had Leicas, and Macbooks :)

I believe this was before the 2nd shooting session of the day..laughs in the room :)

and a couple I had on my SD card

Sori showing Max her new white M8

Checking out Riccis MP. He likes it :)

Oct 152010


The 1st ever stevehuffphoto.com NYC street shooting meetup is now history and it was a great success! It’s almost 10PM and I am now back in my room from a jam packed day in Times Square. The day started at 9:30 AM with introductions from all 20 who attended (and 19 out of 20 were shooting Leica with one GF1 in the mix, which from what I seen, brought in some amazing photos). After the intros we then went in to a superb presentation by Riccis Valladares who showed us some of his beautiful and sometimes humorous photographs. After some Zone focusing tips we all went out and hit the streets of NYC. It was a GREAT day and the weather tamed up a bit so that was nice.

I want to thank all who attended as you were all AMAZING! We all made some new friends tonight and from what I have seen, there were some awesome photos captured today by everyone. Also, I want to shout out a special big THANK YOU to Riccis who spent the entire day with us shooting and giving us all useful tips.

The day ended at around 7 pm, but some of us stayed late and had some beer at a great local pub “Rattle N Hum“…a great time indeed :)

So while I await for everyone to email me their favorite images from the day I decided to post a few of mine from the day as well as from the pub :) Enjoy!

All of the images below are with a Leica M9 and 35 Lux ASPH or 50 Summitar

and now three from the Panasonic G2

and a few from the evening session…

and finally, some from the M9 at high ISO B&W JPEG at the pub :)

So again, THANKS to ALL who showed up and to Riccis for a great presentation and shooting along with us. Tomorrow I should have more from all who attended!

Oct 152010

It’s Friday and in less than 2 hours I will be meeting up with 20 readers of this site to do some street shooting in NYC all day long. Exciting stuff! The weather in NYC is gloomy and rainy but this will just make it more interesting and fun IMO. If you are heading into Time Square for the meetup this morning, I will see you soon!

The new schedule of events for the day is:

Morning: 9:30 AM everyone meets in hotel lobby, we introduce ourselves in the room, talk about photography in general,  Riccis Presentation by 10:30, Q&A, then go out to shoot by walking the streets of NYC.
Afternoon: 1:45 PM – Lunch in room, discussion, then go out to shoot more!
Evening: 5PM – Back to the room! We all go over our work and pick our favorites of the day. We will discuss the challenges of the day, technique, and anything else that pops up. The photos will go live here for all of you guys to comment on and critique.

For everyone else who is NOT going to be here, stay tuned to this site because later on today I will be posting images from everyone who is attending (and shooting digital) so all of you can join the fun as well :)

I was out last night with Felix Kunze (who will be my next Featured Photographer Interview) and using the Leica M9 grabbed this shot of him with the 35 Lux ASPH just outside of the hotel in Times Square close to midnight. Felix is in NYC interning with Annie Leibovitz. How cool is that?


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