Nov 282012

Momentum: From Eastern Europe with Love

By Illya Reddy

Last ten years one could call a ‘photography revival’ decade. Not just for photography in general, but especially for street photography. More and more people are interested in it, some love it, some hate, but no one can ignore it. There is no point talking about reasons of photography and particularly street photography becoming so popular. We all know them – ‘all-mighty’ digital technologies.

And I am glad about it: new names, new masterpieces. Thanks to Internet connecting us all, it is now easier to exchange our opinions and knowledge than ever before. But quantity unfortunately does not always mean quality. And though it is easier to share information with each other, it became much harder to find something outstanding. The same tendency is present for street photography: there are numerous photographers, but in is hard to find the good ones. That is why some of them started creating communities trying to differentiate themselves following the good example of Magnum Photos. And that is why the Momentum street photography collective has been founded.

Let me tell a little bit about Momentum which has been established by the new generation of street photographers with Eastern European roots. I was honoured to be a co-founder of this community when it started in September 2012. Our idea was to unite passionate street photographers who were born and raised in former USSR countries and show the world through these eyes. We travel, we observe the world you see, just with our way of seeing.

When we started, there were four of us and then two more photographers joined us. So now there are six photographers born in Russia or Ukraine and now living in four different countries (Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Great Britain). We are here to show you how we see the world around us and hope that you will enjoy the views.

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Anastasia Kichigina

Mikhail Palinchak

Dmitry Stepanenko

Ilya Atlas

Max Chichinskiy

Illia Krasnoshchok


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