May 052016

Hi Steve, Brandon,

Thank you keeping all the photo enthusiasts connected across the world through this wonderful site.

It was a matter of coincidence that Venice Carnival 2016 dates fall within my business travel to Italy (Trieste). It was raining most of the days during the Carnival time, but luckily we had a sunny weekend, so I planned to visit Venice. It was really a wonderful experience watching people dressed in awesome costumes and posing for photographs. Age no bar, even kids and elderly people were flaunting their Venetian masks with matching dress. I would like to share few snaps which I took with my Lumix FZ200 camera during carnival time. This is a basic point and shoot camera with Leica DC VARIO-ELMARIT 24-600mm lens and constant F2.8 aperture.

Hope you will enjoy them. To view more photos, here is link to my Flickr album:

Ashutosh Juneja




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May 042016

Hello Steve,

First of all, thanks for your website and the interesting reading.

Inspiration, well it’s sometimes hard to have some. I came back to photography 3 years ago because my wife and a friend of mine insisted for me to go back to it. I used to take photos long time ago…. Anyhow, I bought a fuji X-E2 and few lenses (one being a Helios) and put back my eye in it. I don’t shoot everyday and i must admit that inspiration is sometime just not present.

Few day ago, we stopped by a bar and took two shoots of the special ambiance of bars. At home when I looked at the pics, well those ones had nothing special, so I changed them to get a kind of paint type picture using Lightroom and few presets. I did the same for another picture while being at a jazz concert.  I know those pictures have nothing special and when I look at the nice pics in your website, but I thought something different could be of an interest to you.

Criticism is something I am looking for.

I post my pics in Flickr- Picsmarc: https:[email protected]/

Thank again and Hi from France





May 032016

Hello Brandon, Hello Steve,

Recently I got a chance to take some pictures at a rehearsal of our university annual talent show. Being new to the hobby, I’m still shooting with my 18-55 f3.5 to f5.6 kit lens not the preferred lens for this kind of shooting, I shot all the images at 1/40s 18mm f3.2 at ISO 8000 Why ISO 8000? Because as you may see in some images the stage lights were to be configured on that day, therefore poor lighting. Processing was done on Lightroom , The location is Nelum Pokuna Theatre, Sri Lanka, South Asia I’m happy with the images, and I want to share it with you and the community.

I want to share these with you guys, because there is some talented starters who are not confident about their gear. I realised that gear doesn’t matter. Hope you guys like the images like I do :) I would love constructive feedback / criticism since it will help me to improve.

Kaveen Rodrigo

(https:[email protected]/)




Apr 282016


My name is Jonathan. I’ve been introduced to film photography. About two years ago and have never looked back. I shoot mostly for fun. It’s a way for me to recharge my batteries.  A goal I set myself this year was to get published.
So, here goes nothing.

All the best,

Block 1912
Nikon F10035 f2Portra 800




Jonathan Deschenes

Apr 262016

Hi Steve, Brandon,

as your frequent reader, I finally got the courage to send a collection of my pictures for your consideration. I am based in the Czech Republic and a photography amateur since 2010. I like to travel a lot and take pictures as I move around the globe.I recently switched to Fuji and started with the first Fuji X100 model and am slowly moving towards XT1 to expand my gear.

The pictures were taken in late January in Prague, CZ, after 11 hours spent driving in Austria and Germany, so I needed to take a walk in the evening… I took my X100 with me in case I felt in mood to shoot some frames. These three were taken almost from the same spot, under the Charles Bridge, with my camera placed on some stone barrier…

Enjoy and good light to you all!





To Submit your own daily inspiration just send Steve three photos along with a description of the photos, gear you use to take them and even a word or two of what motivated you to take them. You can also send a link to your website, blog, social media, etc. Send to Steve HERE.  

Apr 252016

Hello Steve,

I recently came back from India (Rajasthan) and thought I would share some of my pictures with you. Here is a series of portraits that I have found incredibly inspiring. They are part of an album I called “Incredible India“. Submitting these pictures is also a way for me to thank you for the incredible content you create; I have been a long-time follower of your website.

My portfolio is available here:

All the very best,





Apr 212016

Hey Brandon and Steve,

Just wanted to submit some photos for the Daily Inspiration.

These are three shots I took in Amsterdam while taking the ferry from the main station over the canal to the artists’ suburb of NDSM. It was getting dark but we were greeted with the following sight. Quite bizarre.

Jip, that’s a ship hotel and a submarine docked there.


All these shots were taken with a Nikon D7000 and the Nikon 35mm 1.8 DX. All I need is a nifty fifty. I can get most of my shots with that but also do enjoy a 85mm equivalent lens in my bag. But that’s really all I need.



Apr 182016

HI Steve and Brandon. My name is Jacob Lugowski and I’m from beautiful Stockholm. I’ve been a longtime reader of your website now and I thought to my self that it’s time for me to contribute with some of my pictures. It’s always a pleasure to come back here and read some of the best reviews I’ve seen as well as many interesting and inspirational posts from your readers. Thank you!

Best Regards


Shot on the streets in Rome with Fuji X-T1


Shot in Colosseum in Rome with Sony RX1


Shot with Fuji X100


Apr 152016

Hey Steve! Really enjoy your site!

I’ve recently fallen back in love with photography after about a 20 year hiatus. Wow! What a difference the digital era has made! Although at the time I genuinely enjoyed all those hours in the darkroom, I’ll have to admit I don’t think I would go back to mixing chemicals at this point in my life. Here are some pics taken recently while wandering the streets of NYC over NYE weekend. All taken with my Fuji X-T1 and XF 35 mm lens.




Hopefully these will inspire someone else to pick up their camera again. I’m glad I did!

Allen McDonald
Atlanta, GA

Apr 122016

Hi Brandon and Steve,

I have been a longtime follower of this website. I stumbled upon your website when I was just finishing up college and was getting more passionate about photography. I used to own a Lumix FZ28 super zoom and was looking to upgrade to a SLR.

I wanted something that I could afford with my grad school stipend yet enable me to do some low light photography. After looking for 3-4 months I chose to go with the Pentax K-5. I believe your review was one of the factors that influenced me to invest in Pentax. That was 3.5 years ago.

I am now about to move from Pentax to Fuji. I was pulling out some of my old files and found a set of images that were overlooked for 3 years now. I thought it would be nice to share those images with you.

I traveled to Japan for a conference with the K-5 and two lenses I could afford then: the M-50 1.7 and the DA 16-45. During the conference my rear LCD broke. So I had no clue how my images turned out during the rest of the trip while I was shooting.

After 2 days in Tokyo, while shooting on the street somehow my camera setting changed to B&W. I only realized this after reaching my hotel at the end of the day. I was a jpeg person then. So there was no way of converting them back. Even though this rendered a lot of images useless (it was fall color time in Japan), I was left with some amazing B&W images. I shot a lot of high iso images in the evening and in B&W without all that chroma noise the K-5 shined. There was this new found respect for the K-5 and also B&W portraiture. The fondness for the latter I still carry today.

I was cleaning up my hard drive and found some interesting ones I shot during that day.

All three images were shot in the Tokyo subway with the 50 mm.

The first one I call “ Spot the 7 Differences”


Second one: “ The Pensive Traveller”


The third: “My Own Private Idaho”


Thank you for maintaining this great website and fostering this photographic community. Also thank you for letting me share these images.

Some more images can be found on my EyeEm page:


Apr 082016

Brandon and Steve,

As many others have remarked your site is an informative and interesting resources for photography – both equipment and images – so thanks for your effort.

My submission for your Daily Inspiration are three monochrome images shot this last Sunday in Manhattan using my Leica 246 Monochrome with 28mm and 50mm lens. I have been using one or another Leica since I was about five years old and my father showed me how to use his Leica IIIc and G.E. lightmeter. Other than a Hasselblad SWC/M no camera other than a Leica has ever felt quite right to my hands and held against my eye. While it took me a while to wander from analog into digital the Leica 246 Monochrome is a lovely combination of digital convenience with analog-like imaging.


The first image (50mm Summilux) – of the Speed Graphic – was taken while in conversation with a wonderful Manhattan character and photographer to tourists. If you visit B and H Photo on Sunday’s or Union Square on Saturday’s you will inevitably see him and if you have a camera in hand you have an instant New Best Friend. He has configured the Speed Graphic with a Polaroid back and a bulb flash unit the better to work his craft – he particularly likes baby photography as new parents are almost pathetically eager to have a photographic memory of the babies’ first visit to New York.


The second photograph (again 50mm Summilux) was taken on New York’s High Line. The cityscape backdrop is painted on the side of a building adjacent to the High Line – really quite an expansive work and conducive to black and white images as it itself is, well, black and white.


Finally, the pizza maker (28mm Summicron) was simply a quick shot through the plate glass window of a pizza shop on 5th Avenue near 23rd Street. Not a particularly striking image per se, but it does a nice job of showing the dynamic range of the Leica 246.


Again, thanks for the terrific effort that is your site and all the best,

Jim Collins

Apr 072016

Dear Steve,

my name is Martin and I live in a small town in Czech Republic near border with Poland. Actually town is split into czech and polish side. Certainly not a virgin nature here but lots of industry plus great bad weather mood sometimes. All pictures were taken with Leica M240 and Summilux 50mm.

Recently I do think more about light than anything else. Subject is important as well but not the topic these days…

Picture 01 was taken in the middle of the day. Sun was not far from horizon and I took it directly against the sun.


Picture 02 is the mirror reflection just in the front of my house. No sun, nearly rainy mood. I was lucky to see it.


Picture 03 was taken during terribly foggy day. Rest was easy. Click and thats it.


I hope you will like it.

Apr 062016

Dear Steve,

I’ve been following your blog since I got my M9 back in 2011, and found your excellent work and, by coincidence, your tour with Seal in South America, as I’m Brazilian. I’m a photojournalist turned event photographer, and now turned once again into a travel photographer. I’ve been doing long motorcycle tours around the world, working for myself on my fine art business, and as motorcycle tour leader for a tour operator, a very fortunate job as it allows me to travel to very interesting areas of the world.

I’ve just spent 3 weeks leading a group of 8 riders through Eastern Siberia and Mongolia, and prior to that, I spent nearly 3 months doing my 3rd Florida to Alaska road trip, solo, with a Nikon D810 and a Pentax 645Z. You can check some of these two trips, and some others as well, on my website: <>, and I’ve enclosed these 3 images from the Russian/Mongolian recent trip. Hope you will enjoy them, and keep up with your brilliant work!


Ricardo Serpa




Apr 032016

Hi Steve,

Congrats for your nice work I really like your approach in reviewing products from a realist point of view. MFT charts and endless tech discussions bore me so much. I am a 59 year old hobbyist from Argentina and I would like to share this pictures that I took of my favourite model, my lovely 18 year old daughter, Salome. We went to the Palermo’s Woods in Buenos Aires this morning and It was cloudy. I used my SONY A77 and the unique 135 STF lens that I love so much. It has the best bokeh that I have ever seen. As you say “character”. All pictures were taken at f4.5 / 1/250 and ISO 200 the first one, ISO 400 the second one and ISO 100 the last one.

Is it just me or Salome is beautiful ??

Best regards and thank you for your great job.





Apr 012016

Hi Brandon & Steve,

I am currently in Oaxaca, Mexico shooting some of the goings on of the ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations. There are loads of photographers here so I’m sure lots of nice snaps will surface on the net. In the meantime, here’s a few I’d like to share. The first one was shot using a Leica D-Lux (109) while the other 2 with the Leica Q, (which is an awesome little unit btw).

Many thanks as always.

Daniel Gautreau





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