Nov 212014

Hi Steve,

My name is Marc and I am really a fan of your site, which is not as deadly serious as you can find it very often in the www. I am a great fan of analog Leicas especially the MP which I use a lot. Therefore your Leica reviews are really a highlight for me. For digital purpose i use a Nikon. On the one hand I really like street photography but on the other I am also very interested to improve my portrait photos.

The first photo I would like to share with you (girl in red) is a portrait from a beautiful girl with red hair. I took it with the MP with the 75mm Summarit and the Kodak Portra 400 in a photo studio. Especially for portraits I think the 75mm Summarit is really a beautiful lens.

The second photo was taken at the Munich airport (in the shadow) with a full frame Nikon and the 24-70 zoom lens. In comparison to the Leica Equipment (I always use one lens one camera) it is really much heavier but in some cases a zoom is really a perfect tool in order not to miss the opportunity for a good photo.

The last photo (object of desire) was also taken with the Nikon and the same lens at the Munich train station. I liked the situation that nobody dared to come closer to the blond girl but if you have a closer look to the photo you will find that many people look more or less secret to the girl.

I hope you like the photos and thanks to the other photographers who show their daily inspiration which is for sure also an inspiration for us. You can find more under [email protected]

best regards


object of desire (1 von 1)

in the shadow (1 von 1)

girl in red (1 von 1)

Nov 202014

Hello Brandon and Steve,

I would like to submit three photos for your “daily inspiration”. My name is Vasileios Malisiovas I’m a non professional photographer from Athens, Greece. All shots were taken with my RX100 during a business trip in Prague. All images are taken using the RX100 at 28mm.

I hope you enjoyed it.

More of my photos here:

and here :

Congratulations for your great blog!

Kind regards, Malisiovas Vasileios




Nov 192014

Hi Steve & Brandon,

I’ve been gunning to use the 75mm Summilux ever since reading Steve’s review on it. It’s been permanently on one of the M240 ever since. Just come back from today’s wedding, wanted to share these shots, with 4th attached (BAZ19792.jpg) that is RAW untouched file; I’m pretty astounded by the performance in lowlight.

As always thank you for the treasure trove that is!







Nov 182014

HI there,

Wanna share with you a photo story:

The photos are about the life of a tribe who lives in Yunnan, China. One of the poorest villages in the region, the whole village only has 62 households, comprising about 200 villagers. The average annual income per person is about 650USD. Their lives may appear hard, but they live in their own simple ways without any complaint in “cozy” homes.

Here is the full story :!beautiful-strangers/c1y3m

Gear used : Leica M9 / 50 Lux Pre-A / 21 Elmarit Pre-A





Nov 172014

Hi Steve & Brandon,

My name is Dominic Remane and I work in the film industry as a Visual Effects Supervisor. I recently returned from a work trip to Dublin where we are currently filming Vikings Season 3. During my time in Dublin I was hearing a lot of people concerned about water meters being instated in households. To my surprise I had no idea that residents of Ireland did not pay for their water services, here in Canada we pay for our water consumption.

One of the weekends I was wandering around the city I stumbled upon a protest near the city center. What was unclear to me was why so many people were opposed to having water meters installed in their households. Was it purely the cost of what Irish Water would be charging? It seems like its more complicated than that. Some people are completely opposed to having to pay for water as they figure it rains plenty in Ireland. Others believe this isn’t a problem as the water needs to be processed and filtered for drinking anyways and the government needs to recoup the cost somehow. BUT the big issue seems to be how this new private company will be run and privacy concerns in general. It seems Irish Water is asking for a lot of private information to allow individuals to receive water in the first place. Every household is required to hand over every individuals PPS number who lives in that house (PPS is equal to our Social Insurance Card here in Canada). Another issue is Irish Water is not ISO 27001 verified and certified which means all the data you hand over to them is insecure which is causing a lot of individuals worried about their personal information being used for identity fraud.

Personally I have to side with the citizens on this one. I would never be comfortable handing over my SIN number, credit card information, etc to a company that is not certified as secure and potentially might hand my information over to another organization. I’m still reading about this topic and haven’t finished all my research. If any of your readers are from Ireland I’d love to hear more from them as well. Below are some images of the protest in question. All images were shot with a Leica M9 and the Canon 50mm f/1.4 LTM lens.

You can see more of my work here:
Twitter: @wakingmist
Instagram: @shotbydom




Nov 162014

Hello Brandon, Steve,

I’ve already introduced myself few months ago in my first daily inspiration, praising the Ricoh GR. Currently, I entered the world of micro four thirds, buying Olympus E-M10 with the Zuiko 17mm 1.8. I am getting used to the 35mm FOV, since I am mainly 50mm shooter.

The E-M10 is a perfect travel camera with lightning fast autofocus, and the high ISO performance is quite astonishing, it runs circles around my old Sony A57. Take a look at some photos from my recent trip to Taiwan and Vietnam. The camera withstanded some heavy rain, high temperatures and 80% air humidity. So far, it didn’t disappoint me in any way, and I would like to thank Steve for the short review of it, that inspired me to buy the camera.

As of the Zuiko lens, some reviews say that it is not quite a sharp one, but trust me, it is as sharp as you’ll ever need and the bokeh and colours coming from it are beautiful. Also the good microcontrast makes your raw files a bit more maleable before the fall apart. Anyway, it’s not about cameras, it’s about you, my friends!

All the best,





Nov 142014

Hi Brandon and Steve,

I live in Thailand and follow your website regularly.

I took up photography as a hobby around 2 1/5 years ago. This is when I got my Olympus OMD E-M5 + the kit lens. I love this camera for its compactness, speed, image quality. Needless to say, after starting reading your reviews on different 4/3 lenses I got “bolder” and got myself the Olympus 17mm f1.8, 45 f.1.8, 75 f1.8 and the Panasonic 25mm f1.4. Most of my photos are black and white ones. I shoot RAW and use Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro for editing. In general I try to keep the “natural” look of the lens by doing minimal editing work.

Your reviews, the other contributors’ pictures and the comments attached to it have helped me learn about getting the right photo composition, the right light, tones, etc. I still have a long way to go to achieve some notable results…but as long as I am having fun doing it I’ll keep on carrying my camera wherever the road takes me. J

I recently went for business in Switzerland and Italy. I attached some of the photos made during this trip. There are more than the allowed 3, Brandon, Steve, please be so kind and choose the ones you think are worth posting! Hope you guys are going to enjoy it! Thank you!

If interested, you can see more of my photos at:

Thank you all in advance for taking the time to look at the pictures,

Best regards,

Leandru GIUCA

PS: Lens details:

Rapallo_Italy: Olympus 45mm f1.8


Lake Geneva_CH-1: Panasonic 25mm f1.4


Lake Geneva_CH-2: Panasonic 25mm f1.4


Lake Geneva_CH-3: Olympus 17mm f1.8


Portofino_Italy-1: Panasonic 25mm f1.4


Portofino_Italy-2: Olympus 17mm f1.8



Thank you!

Nov 122014


My name is Eric and I am a avid outdoor athlete, adventurer and passionate photographer from Ontario, Canada. Photography for me is an outlet from my everyday hustle and bustle of owning my own tree care company (I am a Arborist by trade). I came to photography almost 10 years ago when I realized that I was going to all these amazing locations for my outdoor pursuits (mostly climbing and backpacking) and I didn’t want to forget them… so I purchased my first camera. I found this website ( about a year ago and it wasn’t until now I thought I should maybe submit a few of my photos from my past trip last week backpacking in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks in New York state.

Over 3.5 days we hiked 70 miles with 23,000ft of ascent and summited 16 peaks over 4000ft. It was also the prime week for fall colour.

Extra weight is often an issue on my backpacking and climbing trips so I have no option but to adopt the “less is more” philosophy and work with what I have, while still maintaining good image quality. On this trip I carried my Fuji XT1 and 14mm 2.8 lens with 1 spare battery.

My photo website is:

I hope you enjoy the photos!


Eric Batty






Nov 112014

Hi Brandon and Steve,

Being a fan of your site for more than a year I finally have the courage to write to you as a token of appreciation and contribution. Thank you for maintaining such wonderful site. Please keep it going!

Long story short, I have owned a number of systems before. Started from an Olympus P&S that I took away from my mum (sorry mum), to a Canon 40D, then finally landed in the mirrorless territory. I sold the DSLR and got myself a Fuji X100. I really loved the size and feel of X100 as what many other Fuji lovers do. The files produced by this beast are really nice. One year later the X100s was announced. I never thought of upgrading but the G.A.S. hit me. I sold the X100 to get the “S”. Then again I bought a used D700 and three FX lenses for a trip to Taiwan. That was a pain in the ass. And probably the very last time I owned a DSLR. Soon after that I bought a Ricoh GR as a daily companion. I do shoot more with this little guy. And for some reason, I tried to venture into the film medium with a Olympus Mju II – the ultra versatile and cheap film P&S. And finally, I settled down with three essential bodies – X100s + tele-converter, GR + wide-converter and the mju II. Fuji just announced the “T”. That got my thinking a bit. Hmm..

I have shot a few weddings. Then I got addicted to travelling. I started focus on landscape. Then the more I r
ead your blog, the more I am into street photography. I also started to convert my photos into monochrome. They are gorgeous and I am well satisfied. I don’t really consider my shots as street photography though. They are more like travel or street-scape photographs. Afterall, the genre is just a name!

I do spend some amount of time on post-processing. Some might argue that this takes away the originality of the photo itself, but I do enjoy the process and that’s all I care about.

So that’s the brief story between me and photography. Last but not least, thank you for considering my input. Here I include three of my favorites from my recent trip to Bali. Photos are processed in Lightroom 5 and Perfect Effects 8.

Mount Batur seen from Kintamani – One of the volcanoes in Bali. I will be back for a hike someday. ;)


Three kids playing at the beach.


The strong waves at Tanah Lot temple.




Nov 062014

Dear Steve and all readers of,

My name is Holger and I’m working as an IT expert in Germany. I’m enjoying your blog and the daily inspiration. Thank you for all your hard work maintaining an unique site such as this!

I became very interested in photography about three years ago, starting with Canon 7D and switched this year to Sony Alpha 7. My focus is in night shots, street photography and portraits. I love the Sony A7 and the primes (35 mm and 55 mm). But use also my “old” Canon lenses via the Metabones Adapter (85 mm f1.8, 70-200mm L f4, 17-40mm L f4) and some really old lenses like the Canon FD 24 mm f2.0 and the macro FD 100 mm f4.

Should anyone be interested in seeing more photos from me, I uploaded some more here:

Denim & Supply, Sony Alpha 7, Zeiss FE 35 mm 2.8, 2,5 sec, f11, ISO 100, 35mm

Denim & Supply

Old Records, Sony Alpha 7, Zeiss FE 55 mm 1.8, 1/100 sec, f1.8, ISO 250, 55mm

#042 Old Records

It’s raining, Sony Alpha 7, Zeiss FE 35 mm 2.8, 1/400 sec, f2.8, ISO 800, 35mm

It's raining

Nov 042014

Daily Inspiration #674

By Ashlin Wang

This is my second run at Daily Inspirations. I was featured last in #371 almost two years ago.  Many things have changed and I would like to think I have grown in photography. I’ve taken classes, traded, sold, bought many different types of gear, worked in different photography jobs and experimented with various mediums of photography. I have a clearer understanding of what I want out of my photographs and where I would like to go with photography in the future.  I am currently attending college at Missouri State University and am declared as a marketing major. Surprisingly I’m only doing that to better pursue photography, my goal is to work in photojournalism or for a major publication. I was happy to get hired as a student photographer for my school’s Photographic Services branch, so I get to cover different sporting events and various activities around campus. They cover all my gear and that has allow me to sell off some of my digital cameras (that I had previously used for work) and buy some fun film cameras. Most of my photos I will be showing is Personal pieces and less stuff “work” related. These shots were all taken this past summer. I will try to note what camera I used, film, and thought process/ story.


Preface: My goal that I have slowly realized is to capture subtle emotions, things that everybody may experience but don’t observe for themselves. Film shot, scanned on a pakon F135. Forgot what stock and what camera… This first shot is of a very good friend of mine, I can’t quite explain the emotions I feel from this image, but I know I feel something. The goal was to emphasize the hand as the subject and capture the shape and form of it.


​This second shot was at a concert for Run River North and Lucius, the band playing on the stage at this moment is Run River North and at the time of the photograph I thought I was photographing one of the security guards. In my mind it was a security guard that was relaxing and enjoying the show. later on I found out he was one of the band members for the following band Lucius. Both these groups of great music, feel free to check them out on youtube or something!


This shot was taken at a christian community called Youth Front LaCygne that I had worked at this summer as a grounds crew member. It was a time for all the staff members to relax and I wanted to frame the different characters in the background with the leg and life guard chair in the foreground. Each person is kind of telling a different story from the ladies chatting on the left to the man relaxing in the middle to the guy with the arms akimbo to the random hand on the far right.


Basically I saw the guy tossing the baseball and wanted to freeze it in the air, the jupiter 8’s close foucs is, if I remember, 1 meter away. So I got close and shot the frame wide open at the fastest shutter speed. I missed the focus but still love all the various elements.


This shot was mostly a nostalgic memory for me. I was at the Grand Canyon with my family and saw this boy climb up the side of the railing and jump off, I caught him on his second attempt. Immediately after he left to follow his (whom I presume to be) Sister (gal in the pink). I am glad I caught this moment as it reminds me of my childhood. I would always climb everything and would often be scolded for doing so.


Thanks for letting me show some of my work. If you would like to see more you could check out my flickr page.
or my instagram @wshlinaang

Feel free to give me feedback and criticisms as no photograph is perfect and we all have our various preferences.

Nov 012014

Some years ago I got the idea from someone I follow on Twitter that it would be a positive thing to publish a bunch of photographs under the Creative Commons Attribution license. I have now – finally – got around to it. Currently I have 84 images under CCA. I intend to add to that every month.

Flickr had a rejuvenation recently even since Marissa Mayer became Yahoo’s CEO. And despite criticisms, it offers photographers a solid platform to show and compare their work. In my opinion it is the best platform for publishing CCA licensed images. There are three general categories of the Creative Commons license. I have chosen Attribution: anyone, for any reason, can republish your photographs as long as they credit you. There are no contracts, no permissions, no royalties, no back-and-forth emails. Of course, CC licenses do not (and cannot) override other laws such as model release requirements etc.

So why give away some of my photographs? Doesn’t that devalue my work and the work of other photographers? Aren’t many photographers already under financial strain? I am giving away my photographs because it’s fun. You never know where they will end up. And it’s nice to know that somebody decided that your photo was worth using. And unlike other assignments, shooting stock – professionally or not – gives you 100% freedom. There’s not a lot of time pressure, you don’t need to travel, you shoot when it suits you, and you don’t need the best equipment. You just need a little bit of imagination.

Oh, and by the way, if you think that it’s okay for digital cameras to make photography cheaper for more people, but you also think that it’s not okay for clients to pay less for our product, you live in a fantasy land where your tools are effectively free but your output is expensive. Besides, stock is a very small part of the market. There are new weddings, conferences, concerts, events etc. presenting themselves every day. Almost twenty years ago, in the wonderful 1990s, I started building a portfolio which I would eventually submit to The Image Bank, one of the biggest stock agencies in the world. It was a slow start, partly due to financial limitations. My equipment was limited to an Olympus OM-1, a few lenses and a macro adapter. If I remember correctly, I was using mostly Ektachrome Elite 100 and some Kodachrome.

I never did submit anything to The Image Bank. Time flew, digital took over (for better or worse, you decide), and there was not much value left in stock photography. Stock collections grew while prices dropped. And microstock more or less killed traditional stock. I thought, why bother? Then I got an idea by someone I follow on Twitter, a programmer and retro computing enthusiast who has a bunch of images on Flickr under CCA. I instantly knew that was what I wanted to do.

The new paradigm could be that free stock would kill microstock – I would help kill the monster which prematurely killed my potential career. AFAIK, the karmic consequences for this type of revenge are zero. ;-) The equipment I have used for all of my CCA images so far have been the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5S. They won’t be useful for big enlargements but I expect most of them will be used on web pages. I find the iPhone easy to work with as it has plenty of DOF, minimal distortion, good sharpness and nice colour. Above all else, I have it with me almost everywhere I go. Of course if it’s convenient I’ll use my bigger cameras, but I rarely take those out with me.

I still have The Image Bank catalogues from the ’90s and it still feels good looking through them. Not only are the images technically excellent and often beautiful (virtually none were filtered or manipulated, thankfully), but there was a possible career in those pages. Back then, you could still submit hand drawn illustrations. You could even submit computer graphics, photographed directly from your monitor! They are very evocative and bring feelings of what felt like simpler times.

My hope is that readers of this site will be encouraged to build a collection of images to be placed under the CCA license. My set of CCA images is here:




Oct 302014

Dear Steve and Brandon,

I am a young French photographer from the north of France in Lille. I have been following this website for quite a while now and I thought I might want to share some of the images I have taken over the past 2 years. For the last 5 years, I have lived in London playing in a band and decided to go travel to India for 6 months, from where I have just recently come back.

As cliché as it may sound, I was turned on photography by Cartier-Bresson and the decisive moment, all the legacy that followed in Magnum and that way of working with the world. I started taking pictures in London, and what a great place to start with ! I borrowed my dad’s canon Ae1 before turning to a Leica m2 which I bought secondhand at the red dot Leica store in Old street, London, right by the London’s Magnum office.

The idea I very much like about photography is something that Cartier-Bresson talked about, that in photography we evoke things, we don’t try to push or to make a point. This is something that I find inspiring whenever I go out in the streets, not looking for something in particular, having to be ready anytime.

I think the most difficult thing in photography is the fact that the image we print on a piece of paper is flat and 2 dimensional, and yet somehow if we want it to appeal to us and to people, we have to bring it back to a 3 dimensional level with different layers, a story, through visual rhythm and musicality, good composition and so on …
But I also feel not many people today educate themselves with composition and maybe that is because the world is saturated with image and we don’t concentrate anymore. Like i said before, I like the idea to evoke something, or put a question mark on a face, as Cartier-Bresson would say.

The eyes of the children bring questions and one can’t help but notice the “second class ” mark on the train, which refers to the lowest sitting class available in India and it makes me think about the untouchables somehow and I have always wondered the situation of those children.

The first picture was taken in Mathura, India right before the beginning of the holy festival at the train station.


 The men are stretching and getting ready to go in the water. Funnily I think one could call it ” the evolution of species “.

The second one was taken In Kolkata India before a game of Water Polo.


It is one of a the few moments I have had with my camera where I felt totally free, not thinking about the camera or anything else, just feeling the moment and actually, I did not have time to look through the viewfinder.

The third one is this child near Agra who came rushing towards me with his bicycle wheel and I manage to grab this moment


Back when I was shooting with my Leica I would always leave one frame available in the camera when it was the last roll of film I had in my pocket, just in case something would happen. And this time It did.  You might not see it at first but those children are actually posing as prisoners on the other side of the picture, probably smiling to a parent and I knowing that I had a black and white film in the camera, I recognized instantly that those stripped T-shirts they are wearing would turn into prisoner’s outfit and it becomes a double picture, a two sided picture, and at the same time I am the one shooting those children in the back. And I think there are so many layers to that picture, but i don’t want to say to much of what I think because it should awaken your imagination.

The fourth picture was taken in a leisure park near London.


The last picture was taken right outside Victoria’s station in London.


There are many pictures I would like to show here, I think I have to limit myself to 3-4, I’ll let Steve decide and you can find myself on social media :

Instagram : @benvanphotos

facebook : benvanphotos

Thank you for reading and thank you Steve for this website.

I still spend time in London and would love to meet fellow photographers around a cup of tea sometime, please feel free to drop me a line : [email protected]
Benjamin Vanhuyse

Oct 292014

Dear Brandon and Steve,

My name is Shaul Naschitz. I have been shooting semi-seriously since about 1988. Photography to me is an outlet, a way to express my feelings and thoughts without too many words. I like shooting JPEG only. This format is quite rigid, which helps me convey what I felt during the exposure in the final version of the image. I don’t really care about the technical quality of my photography. Art should provoke emotion – not awe, so it has to be flawed. Like its creator is.

The attached photos were shot with an Olympus E-M1 during a recent trip to Eastern Europe. Hope you enjoy them.

Best regards,




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