Jan 272015

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for putting so much effort into your site. I do enjoy musing over the daily inspiration and the other reportage posts you publish. I’ve always been interested in photography but have only become more serious about it over the last year or so. I’ve no idea if what I’m doing is any good but I love the creative process, the way it makes me try to see the world differently and, most especially, the opportunity to interact with people, in particular my family. So I’ve included three shots that I think best represent those qualities.

The B&W candid is of a complete stranger but I took the shot having had a random conversation with him and asked if he minded me taking his picture, which he did not. I was in between meetings (I try to take my camera with me whenever I am in that position as it’s always a great opportunity to shoot and having a young family can limit that opportunity), he was on his lunch break and we were both enjoying the Thames in London on a crisp and bright autumnal day.

The reflection of St Pauls was taken not far from the above picture and on the same day; for me this represents seeing the world in a different way and trying to represent a fabulous view in a way that hasn’t been seen before. St Pauls is a wonderful building as is the front of the Thames around that part of London, but taking a shot directly, even in good light, is an obvious choice. Reflections are a good way to see and think differently and I really like how this shot turned out.

The last image is of my son playing on the beach front of Brighton on the south coast of England. Brighton is a great place to shoot as there are so many interesting people and place around. The light in the evening can be spectacular so just shooting the pier (either the remaining one or the burnt out one) is a bit hackneyed so I wanted something that was more meaningful, at least to me. We’d spent the day there, we were all tired and on our way back to the car when the sun was low in the sky and me eldest suddenly wanted to play on this sculpture. Though tired, I persuaded my wife to let us stay a few moments more and I managed to get Ethan almost levitating up the face of this sculpture. The light is pretty good, but it’s the dynamism of my son and the excitement you can see even in just his facial profile that I love most about this shot. He barely sits still for a moment so this is him perfectly.

Best regards Greg (UK)

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Jan 262015

HI Steve, hi Brandon,

Sorry for my poor english

I’m a fan of your site for three years. reference point!

My name is Francesco Desiante , I have 36 years old and my passion for the photography have 7 years old J. My first camera is canon 350D with many bulky lens . now I took my shoot with Olympus  OMD EM 5 with panaleica 25 1,4 summilux. Killer combo! I live at Reggio Emilia in Emilia Romagna region.  My land is famous for the food, arts and motors,speed motors.

One name:Ferrari.

But also Maserati, Bugatti,Lamborghini,Ducati, Pagani . every year there is the motorshow, which contains the world’s largest producers of  the car.

Lancia delta Hf Integrale  WRC

North east custom Italian custom

Ferrari fans take a photo with your smartphone

Ferrari bokeh


happy xmas day


Jan 242015

Hello Steve,

First of all, thank you for constantly updating your site with the most up-to-date information on micro43 cameras! Its been very informative and i’m constantly waiting for the next new post.

Ever since these two amazing micro43 cameras have come into production, I feel like the Olympus EM5 have always been the more favored camera over the EP5. And with the production of the EM1, EP5 has been completely overshadowed by the OM-D series.

Originally, I was in the market for the EM5. But at the time, with my budget, I was looking for the best deal possible. And to my surprise, I found a used (practically new) Olympus EP-5, 17mm 1.8 combo for $1000 (which was at the time going for $1400). I couldn’t pass on that so I made the purchase. Soon after I purchased the 45mm 1.8 and I have to say…I have absolutely no regrets.

With the lack of posts on the EP5, I wanted to get its name back on the map…EP5 photographers, let’s go out and shoot some amazing photos!

I’m currently working on a black&white project all shot with my Olympus EP-5: www.LastCapture.com

Personal: www.facebook.com/dannyi2yu, www.facebook.com/lastcaptured
Instagram: @dannyi2yu





Jan 222015

Hi Brandon and Steve,

Ni hào from Beijing. I am a french expat in China for the next 3 years. All I can do there is take care of my little family and ……. pictures. Beijing is an amazing town with amazing people and culture. Can’t stop shooting! I have been following you for a couple of years now, I take my chance and send you some pictures. My two walking friends are a Nikon D3 with 24-70, 50 f1,4, 70-200 VR1 and my Leica M9 with a cron 35.

I love shooting people. I want to show you a part of ” behind the wall », what tourists don t see, where the streets have no name but where real life is.

I havent got portfolio just a small blog where I tell my chinese story :http://beijilexpat.blogspot.fr/

Best regards
Gilles Aygalenq





Jan 212015

Hi Brandon and Steve

First off all, thank’s for keeping this blog as it is, interesting and honest.

This is my first try on the Daily inspiration post. I’ll start with some street photography picture from the city I live, Brussels.
Why not, going later for different other cities where I keep going to, like London, Paris, Marrakech,…

I shoot for the last 5 years with mirror less camera, and edit them most of the time in B&W in Lightroom.
Those pictures where shot with the Sony next 6/7, Fuji XT1 (fuji-x-t1-ergonomic-dyi-improvements-by-ronald-grauer/) and the X20.
I’ve sold every thing (keep my X20 as my backup camera), and I’ll go back to Sony in January/February which is the the brand, follow my opinion, that makes the smallest, fastest camera and have a great IQ. Lets no argue or confirm this, it’s not the point of this post.

So here are few pictures I took, between 2012 and 2014. It’s a selection of some photo that I particularly love for different reasons. It can be the mood, the framing, what happen in it or simply a good souvenir…
Hope you and the readers will like them. All comments are welcome!

If you like my work, you can check my site: www.ronaldgrauer.com

Or follow me on Facebook, where I post every day one picture: ron grauer (from brussels)



NEX 6 – 1/500 sec – Canon FD lens 50 mm shot @ f 5,6 – iso 100.


FUJI XT1 – 1/500 sec – fujinon 35 mm 1,4 shot @ f 6,4 – iso 320


FUJI XT1 – 1/1000 sec – fujinon 35 mm 1,4 shot @ f 8 – iso 200


FUJI XT1 – 1/100 sec – fujinon 35 mm 1,4 shot @ f 10 – iso 200


FUJI X20 – 1/50 sec – f 6,4 – iso 320


FUJI X20 – 1/320 sec – f 5,6 – iso 200


Jan 202015

Hi Steve,

I have always been interested in photography since I was a child but within the last two years I started experimenting a lot with different cameras as my passion was growing on. Thanks to you and your site, which helped me a lot in the jungle of cameraland.
Two years ago I started with the Ricoh GXR and Leica M module which I really liked a lot for its portability, IQ and being able to experiment with different old glasses. This year I purchased a Ricoh GR and later on in Summer I finally got the Sony A7s which I really like a lot. As I read the conditions for “Daily Inspiration” and figured out to choose three Images, I decided to take three Images of my three most favourite places I like to live.

First one is Vienna, the city I live in, a city where youth and history are melting together.. Ricoh GR


2nd one is spending slow days on weekends in my hometown in Zell am See with it’s beauty of nature and their people living within. Ricoh GR


And finally Mexico for a total different sight. Sony A7s + Voigtländer 15mm


If you would like to see some more of my work, please feel free to visit my Flick Fotostream: https://www.flickr.com/photos/106409186@N05/

Enjoy! ;-)

Jan 192015

Hi Steve,

I wanted to thank you for giving me enough information from your site to take the plunge and buy into Leica equipment a couple of years ago.

From what started off as a mild interest in photography, soon turned into a full-blown passion/addiction. I initially dabbled in taking a few photos using cameras like NEX and Olympus OM-D but with the guidance from your site, I managed to work my way up to enjoying photography with a M 240. I have also built up a collection of lenses including the Summicron 50mm APO, 0.95 Noctilux, SLR Magic 50mm Hyperprime, Canon 0.95 Dream lens and the now sold Summilux 1.4 – all of which were purchased after reading your reviews and input from reading posts from enthusiasts on your site.

Anyway enough rambling, please see below some of my favourite shots from my collection and hope it makes your Daily Inspiration Section.

My Flickr feed is: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124324786@N08/

Kind Regards
Rai, UK




Jan 152015

Hi Steve and Brandon.

Thank you so much for providing countless information and running this awesome website. I’ve been reading this website for at least 3-4 years now. This is my first submission here (please forgive my English too because it’s not my native language).

I’ve shot digital since I first borrowed my friend’s Fujifilm Q1 in 2003. My very first own camera was a Canon Ixus 850. I bought my first DSLR, the Nikon D90 in 2008 and progressed to own several other DSLRS such D700, D3s, D800 and D800E. That was when my GAS kicked in but I realised my pictures didn’t really get better. After seeing my photo never gets better by owning the best, so, I sold everything and bought something smaller. I first used Fujifilm X-E1 and several compacts and now I’m using Fujifilm X-T1 with 14mm, 35mm and 56mm and Sony RX100 Mark 2.

The pictures here are taken with the RX100 Mark 2. I bought this camera secondhand just for recording videos for my school events. I then realized the pictures it produces are also excellent too for its size. The pictures here were from my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur. I shot in RAW and converted them in LR5. If you like the pictures, do check out my gallery too at www.raais.com.







Jan 122015

Hi Brandon/Steve

My name is Shamaz Khan from Brighton, United Kingdom. I’ve been reading your reviews for quite a while now, and i sincerely appreciate your work. This is first time I am submitting my images to any photography site. I hope it is not too bad & your readers like them. That may be inspires me to shoot more :).

All shots were taken with RX100 iii (in Aperture priority mode). I am absolute beginner in Photography, and learning every day. Each day I look forward to the new images shared by the community on your daily inspiration. So I thought I would join the fun. All images were taken in Yorkshire, North West England while my visit to my parents. I hope your readers will like them.

Thanks a lot for all the effort you put into this site, and I wish you best of luck for future.






Jan 102015

Good Day Steve and Brandon,

These are some images that I took in November, from a recently returned trip to Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Ko Samui. My photographic gear for the trip was my Sony A7 with a 35mm 2/8 lens. I shot over 1000 photos so it was very difficult to pick just 3, but hopefully these  convey the beauty of these places. I have been enjoying your website for over a year, but I have never submitted anything until now. Really hope that you’ll like the photos.

Keep well. Thank you for sharing. :)




Jan 072015

Good Day Steve and Brandon,

These are some images that I took in November, from a recently returned trip to Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Ko Samui. My photographic gear for the trip was my Sony A7 with a 35mm 2/8 lens.I shot over 1000 photos so it was very difficult to pick just 12, but hopefully these twelve convey the beauty

of these places. I have been enjoying your website for over a year, but I have never submitted anything until now.
Really hope that you’ll like the photos.

Keep well. Thank you for sharing. :)

First three are from Dubai!!!




Jan 062015

Hello Steve & Brandon.

My daily inspiration (on in this case, my annual inspiration) is NYC in December, the cold weather and hustle and bustle and even quiet off the beaten track moments. Be it the pier or Central Park or Park Ave, the city offers so much inspiration and creative overload.

My partner for such adventures is the Ricoh GR, it’s custom-made for NY streets due to its stealth nature: silent shutter, size and “get out of the way-ness”. Plus it does black and white in some instances that match film. If they did another version using a 55mm length, it would be an earth mover.

I’ve the privilege of walking miles upon miles from dawn to 2am just keeping my eyes open, never being bothered or approached. My dad was from Staten Island so NY is in my DNA, it doesn’t overwhelm me so I can focus on what catches my eye.

I am not a technician, have not a clue about the mumbo jumbo of camera speak. I just know what to look for, how to frame it best I can and how to get out of my own way. I do simple processing with of all things Camera + on my iPhone running thru a clarity or darkening tab and then using the Silent Movie grain to give it some grit. My head hurts when I read forums, but I used to love the film days, I could spend hours in the dark room going thru tons of exposures.

Anyway, hope you can enjoy what I see in the city. Sorry, no URL or Flickr pages

Best- Justin






Jan 042015

Hi Brandon,

Here are a few images taken from a recent trip my wife and I took to Queenstown, NZ. The first is of Lake Wakatipu. The second and third are of Moke Lake. The weather was a bit rough while we were there but it made for some nice moody snaps. I hope you enjoy these enough for them to make the site.

Taken on a trusty old NEX-7 coupled to the Zeiss 24mm 1.8 Emount.


Anthony Harris.




Jan 022015

Hello Steve,

My name is Jerry Dean, I am 71 years old and have loved photography for a long time.  I am a daily visitor to your blog and I thank you for all the enjoyment and tips I have received from it.

I have been mainly interested in landscape photography for a long time, I currently have an ancient Olympus E510 I still use for photographing my great granddaughter’s soccer games. My main landscape camera is a Fuji X100s which I enjoy using very much. The submitted photos are from my newly acquired Ricoh Gr, I enjoy the portability and images it produces very much.  This is my first attempt to capture Street Portraits.  They were obtained with the subjects permission.

I am quite satisfied with my first attempt at this photographic venue.

Thank you for your consideration.

Jerry Dean

Aperture 6.3, 1/250, ISO 100

photo_images_jdean 3653sh

Aperture 6.3, 1/250, ISO 100

photo_images_jdean 3655sh

Aperture 6.3, 1/60, ISO 100

photo_images_jdean 3661sh

Dec 312014

Hello Brandon and Steve,

My name is Willem Redelijkheid (a.k.a. Guillaume Raisonnable or William Reasonableness depending on the language you are more comfortable with ;-) ). I’m 42 years old, and I live in the Netherlands.
I started with photography somewhere in high school (in the late 80’s) with a Ricoh 500G <http://mattsclassiccameras.com/ricoh_500g.html>. For some reason the photography didn’t stick at the time, and for many years, the only photos I made were the average holiday photos.

That all changed when I went on a safari to Tanzania in 2004. At the time I could borrow the Nikon D100 with 2 lenses from my father. After the awesome holiday, he donated the camera and lenses to me (probably because the entire kit was a ‘bit’ dusty :-) ). The Nikon D100 was eventually replaced by a D200, and a D300 with numerous lenses.

3 years ago I bought the Leica M9 (back to the viewfinder experience), and I still ‘blame’ Steve ;-) . I sold the Nikon gear because I hardly touched it anymore. Earlier this year I bought the Fujifilm X-T1. Mainly for macro and those scenarios that would require a bit of auto-focus. Having the possibility to use my Leica lenses with an adapter was a nice feature.

So far a bit of my photographic history, and back to the inspiration part;
Two years ago we wanted to go on Holiday to Jordan, but because of al the problems in the Middle Eastern region we decided not to g. This year we decided it was time to go. The region is/was still volatile, but only in the countries surrounding Jordan (Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Israel/Palestine). Jordan was as safe as it was a couple of years ago.

The holiday consisted of visiting:

– Amman (Citadel)
– Jerash (Roman archeological site)
– Mount Nebo (nice view of the Jordanian Grand Canyon, Jericho, Dead Sea, etc)
– Petra (basically the main reason for visiting Jordan)
– Wadi Rum (desert with beautiful sunset and sunrise)
– Aqaba (the only port in Jordan where we could do some diving)
– Dead Sea (floating around without any effort is a strange experience)

During the trip it became evident that Jordan is as safe as the Netherlands (excluding traffic hazards). There’s not much police visible in the streets. The only military we saw was a small group on military exercise in the south. The people of Jordan are friendly and they speak both English and Arabic.
The only problem is that Jordan has a problem with the Syrian refugees and the violence in the region. Because of the violence IN THE REGION, tourism has dropped about 80% to 90%. This means a lot less income for a big part of the country. This problem is an advantage for those visiting the country, because with less tourists you don’t have to hurry to see everything. There are no lines for the tourist attractions. It’s quiet. There are even times that there are no people visible in front of the iconic monuments. Something I was a bit worries about before we got there. Last thing you want is hundreds of people in front of your camera.

So if you want to go to Jordan/Petra you should go. The county is beautiful, the people are friendly and (at the moment) it’s quiet.
We will definitely go back, but in a different season, to see a greener country, and hopefully with a lot more tourists. They deserve it.

The camera during the holiday was the Fuji X-T1 with the awesome 18-55mm kittens and a Samyang (Rokinon) 12mm f/2 X-mount. I left the M9 at home since I already had enough weight in my backpack.

Attached are 3 photos showing some of the iconic places with little or no tourists.

The photos contain EXIF information including GPS info, and the filename shows Subject, Camera, type, Shutter, F-stop and focal length.

More photos from Jordan can be found on my website: http://photos.redelijkheid.com/keyword/jordan/
A little blogpost about the holiday can be found at: http://www.redelijkheid.com/blog/2014/11/12/jordan-holiday

Keep up the good work on stevehuffphotos.com. One of the few photography related website that I keep coming back to.


Willem Redelijkheid
web: http://www.redelijkheid.com
photos: http://photos.redelijkheid.com/
twitter: https://twitter.com/willemr

Jordan_NaturalArch_FUJIFILM_X-T1_1-50 sec at f - 9,0_20.5 mm

Jordan_Monastry_FUJIFILM_X-T1_1-450 sec at f - 1,0_12 mm

Jordan_Treasury_FUJIFILM_X-T1_1-40 sec at f - 5,6_31.5 mm

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