Sep 012014

Hi Brandon,

This year in Sweden is filled with political rallies and meetings. We recently had the elections to the European union parlament and later this fall we’ll have elections to Swedish parlament as well. This of course leads to public political rallies all over the country.

Living in Gothenburg, second largest city in Sweden, we get our share of things so to say. I have submitted five images from different protests or political happenings, all taken with my Leica M9 and Voigtländer Color Skopar II 35mm f/2.5.

This series of shots are all with the old Capa saying in mind; “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”.

1) Antifascist protest to support a young man nearly beaten to death by neo-nazis



2) Policeman and protester with a vuvuzela



3) Discussion between cop and protester



4) May day protest



5) Protest against the neo-fascist party “Sweden Democrats”, old and young, everyone showed up


Jonas Aronsson

Aug 302014

Every July, the first weekend of the month, some 20,000 cars and many times that in the number of people visit the city of Västerås in Sweden. The event called Power Big Meet is one of the biggest car shows in the world, some say the biggest. For three days the town’s population almost doubles and american classical cars are seen all over. Love it or hate it, Power Big Meet really puts Västerås on the map and it’s full of exciting opportunities for anyone interested in photography.

This year I wanted to keep the load light so I only used a Canon 6D with a Canon 50mm f1.4. The high ISO-capabilities really came in handy and meant I could get shots that I could previously hardly have imagined. Here’s a small collection of what I think are some of my best shots from this year’s Power Big Meet.

You can see daily new photos by me at and I keep my portfolio at

Nystedt1.jpg: 1/160s, f1.4, ISO 3,200



Nystedt2.jpg: 1/160s, f1.4, ISO 1,600



Nystedt3.jpg: 1/1,600s, f1.4, ISO 400



Nystedt4.jpg: 1/800s, f2.0, ISO 100



Nystedt5.jpg: 1/2,000s, f2.8, ISO 1,600


Aug 272014

Hi Steve,

I am reading your web site for over a year now and I enjoy it a lot. You are doing great job in spreading the news, passion and understanding for mirrorless cameras and passion for photography in general !
My name is Mateusz , I am polish and live in Warsaw/Poland. Photography is a hobby for me, I take camera with me pretty much everywhere I go. Most of weekends I am trying to get out of the city to some interesting places.
I used to be Canon fan-boy, using 5D Classic and some L lenses (also had short episode with 1Ds and 1D (mark II), but those were waaaay to big). However I quickly realised that is too much for my amateur photography needs. Then I switched to Olympus e-pm2 and tried micro 4/3, which was very ok experience, but still was missing something. So I tried Fuji x and … stayed with it, playing with most of the lenses from the fuji line-up . Recently I had some opportunity to buy 2nd hand Sony RX1 and I pulled a trigger on it :). Then decided to minimize amount of gear that I own and ended up with set made of 3 elements, which I think should fully address what I need:

1. X-M1 with Samy 12 2.0 (I sold Fuji 14 2.8 , spend half of the amount for Samy and put rest into fund for when 50-140 2.8 is introduced ;-))
2. Sony RX1
3. X-E2 with Fuji 56 1.2

Last weekend I went with my friends to excellent event of old-school VW Beetle owners meeting. It was great location in small village on polish sea-side, called Niechorze. Weather was not the best for sea side weekend, but it still was excellent time. Great gateway from busy city live in Warsaw, to the small sea-side village with people who are crazy about their old VW cars.
The 3 pieces set worked perfectly for me, allowing to cover pretty much all I needed. Below are 3 sample photos, I invite you to my flickr for more…. :)

1. Really cool Karmann Ghia that was drawing a lot of attention (with Fuji X-E2 + 56 1.2)

1 - X-E2 + F 56 1.2

2. Rusty style is very popular, its surprising how much work people put into those cars to make them look like that :) + the whole group was allowed to get into a concrete peer, this was sure spectacular (with Fuji X-M1 + S 12 2.0)

2 - X-M1 + S 12 2.0

3. There was number of contests in the afternoon and evening, this one was called ’the wall’ and was about driving blinded as close to a wall made of cartons, as possible (with Sony RX1).

3 - RX1

Let me know what do you think about it ! :)


My flickr

Aug 262014

To travel and discover new cultures and people is inspiring, but capturing images that translate your experience is a challenge. We set out on a seven-day trip to Roatan, one of the bay islands off the coast of Honduras. It is a popular destination for cruise boats and tourists looking for sun and sand, so to penetrate past the tourist centric areas and experience Roatan on a different level takes some effort.

Our first few days were lost on the West Bay beach soaking in the sun and liberal amounts of beer and rum, but during that time relationships were made with locals and expatriates.One particular local, Lindy Matute, offered to take us away from the cruise boat tourist filled beach of West Bay and into the interior of the island. We quickly agreed. So, l finally pulled out my Fuji kit tucked away in my Domke canvas bag and was ready to go. I, my wife and two good friends climbed into a van with Lindy and off we went.

It was another bright beautiful day and l was ready to put my camera to work. We made stops at souvenir shops and the museum at Anthony’s Caye, not quite what I was looking for, but interesting never the less. We managed to push past the zip line, iguana farm and plush resorts; instead we opted for the Garifuna town of Punta Gorda, BJ’s backyard bar in Oak Ridge and Flowers Bay. The photos presented here are from that excursion.

My camera bag holds the Fuji x-pro1, the Fuji 14mm, Fuji 27mm, Fuji 35mm and Voigtlander 75mm 2.5.The images were shot as raw files and processed with Photo Ninja and Color Efex Pro4.






Aug 232014

Hi Brandon, Hi Steve!

Thanks again for your great job you are doing with this website!

First the introduction than the main topic the photos: My name is Eike and I’m coming from Germany and use the Sony A7 with the wonderful 35 mm and 55 mm Sony FE lenses. For my way of taking photos, I don’t need more lenses than these two.

Today I would like to share a few pictures from KustomKultures/HotRod events in Germany. I’m a big fan of old US cars, so I try to go once a year to these events to take some pictures and have a good time.

Hope you like those pictures too.

If you want to see more, feel free to visit my site:





Aug 222014

Hi Steve,

Did a trip to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State a couple of weeks ago, and while bored today I started to play around with some of the images with Photoshop and Analog Efex 2. I got some interesting results when layering, and thought I’d share ‘em

Hope you like them.

Some more normally edited photos of my trip can be found on my blog











Aug 202014

Hey! My name’s Dusty and I’m a professional traveler – any means necessary! All three photos were taken with a Panasonic LX5. I feel like I’m pushing the limits of that camera so I recently upgraded to an RX100, and hope to have enough cash to buy the E-M1/12-40 f2.8 combo in the next month or two, right before leaving on an extended trip to Central America via bus/freight train. I can thank you for helping me make that decision!

Love the effort you folks put into the site. This is the first place I come for reviews.


Dusty Blackthorn




Aug 182014

Hi Steve (Brandon),

I’ve been a fan of the site for some time, but only recently read your inspiration/invitation page. So I decided to offer some photos. I’m Bill Danby and I live in semi-tropical Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. My own blog is at In 2011, I decided that I’d try to do some street portraits. It seemed an easy task until I was on the street and needed to approach strangers. It’s really hard to do.

People on the street are invariably on their various ways, so you can’t take more than a minute. You have to know the light and the background, have the exposure set, and be ready to compose. As importantly, you need to be prepared for rejection, as most people decline out of hand. One woman (not shown) who turned me down, however, seemingly on her way back from somewhere, had a change of heart and came up to me to say she’d be happy to have her picture taken.

It’s a great kindness when someone you don’t know shares their time and their image. All three of these photos were taken in Brisbane’s West End – a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood of cafes and restaurants, book stores, clothing stores, and often, street music. I worked in the area for many years and feel quite comfortable there, but asking people to be photographed pulled me right out of my comfort zone.

Doing street portraits was a great project to set for myself. I’m probably due for another crack at it.

All three photos were taken with a Panasonic G3:

The Man with Beard was taken with the Panasonic 14-140mm zoom (at 48mm, ISO 400, f/5.6 at 1/360th);


The Woman with a Drink was taken with the Olympus 45mm (ISO160, f/2.0 at 1/500th);

woman_with_a _drink

And the Friends were taken with the Olympus 45mm (ISO160, f/1.8 at 1/1000th).


Many thanks for having a look,


Aug 162014

Hi Brandon,

These are my three images for the daily inspiration submission.

I recently acquired a Rolleiflex 3.5F with Schneider Xenotar lens, so I thought I’d share the results of my first couple of rolls. I bought this camera to be used primarily as a portrait shooter, I really love the 6×6 square crop on 120 film, especially through the Schneider and Zeiss lenses the Rolleiflex cameras come equipped with!

The black and white images are from the same day and same roll of Tmax 100. I push processed to ISO 400 to get a proper exposure in low light conditions without a tripod. I love the interplay between the shadows and the expression of the model. The lighting is all natural window light outside my apartment.

The third colour image is from a roll of Kodak Portra 160. The skin tones and colour palette are always great from Portra, and I was even more impressed with the results through the Rolleiflex. For this shot, me and a friend took some portraits for fun at an abandoned swimming pool in Seoul, Korea. The place gave me the creeps, for this shot we climbed into the pool and played with shallow depth of field shots. I shot this wide open with the camera on the ground looking into the viewfinder. I just missed the focus on the face. I find the viewfinder screen a bit dark (to be expected in a 50 year old camera) so I will probably replace with a Maxwell screen at some point.

Here is a link to my photostream on Flickr:

Hope you find these interesting!

Best regards,




14372880624_b6e7b5ac45_o (2)

Aug 152014


While going through the portfolio to decide on what images to submit for Daily Inspiration, I thought it would be interesting to choose images from different cameras, in this case the Nikon D7000, D600 and my grandfather’s vintage 35mm Kodak Retina 1a from the 1950′s.

This past year I found myself spending a lot of time out on the eastern end of Long Island, camera in hand. The North Fork of Long Island in particular offers photographers an abundance of subject matter: farm stands, small villages, beaches and vineyards.

One of my favorite destinations is the Village of Greenport. At the corner of Main & Front Street resides the Coronet Luncheonette with its classic neon sign up above. That sign has always been of interest to me, and it took some careful framing to get a composition that was not ordinary or cliché (see photo #1) on the D7000. Briermere Farms in Riverhead, made famous for its freshly baked pies, provided an opportunity for the Kodak Retina with a nice spread of local produce (see photo #2). Shooting the Retina can be a bit of a guessing game: there’s only a rudimentary viewfinder, and you establish focus by guessing the distance to your subject and dialing it in on the focus ring. Unfortunately, the leaf shutter was not timing correctly but I was able to salvage a few frames. Certainly time for a clean, lube and adjust…

I took out the D600 to take a shot of an antique red soil tiller (see photo #3) at the Sound Shore farm stand in Riverhead. Antique farm implements are often displayed as ornamental items, and I found the contrast of fresh red paint against green grass in late afternoon sun irresistible.

All images only minimally processed in Nikon ViweNX2, Photoshop & ColorEfex Pro, color negatives processed and scanned by

My online portfolio is at:

That’s it for now!

Photo 1 – Greenport, NY: Nikon D7000, 28mm AI-s f/2.8 lens


Photo 2 – Briermere Farms: Kodak Retina 1a, Schneider 50mm f/4 lens, Kodak Gold 200 film


Photo 3 – Sound Shore farm stand, Nikon D600, 50mm f/1.8G lens


–Brian Fradl

Aug 142014

Hello Steve & Brandon,

First off, thanks for having such a great site. I’ve been a fan for as long as I’ve been a “serious” shooter. I’ve always been a fan of photography but started taking it more seriously when I was deployed to Iraq in 2010 when I bought a used Sony a230 and received a 50 1.4 as a birthday gift. Since then I haven’t put my camera down. Many times I was tempted to switch to Nikon or Canon but I’m kind of glad I didn’t. I have gone through a few cameras since 2010. I now use the a99 and A7 as my main camera kit but also use the NEX-5n and GH4 for video. I don’t consider myself a pro by any means and continue to learn a lot from the great photographers on this site. I just love to shoot. Thanks again for such a great site and keep up the great work.

Sony A7 w/50 1.4 via LA-EA4


a77 w/ 16-50 2.8


a99 w/85 2.8


NEX 5n w/ 35 1.8 (I think)


Aug 112014

Hey Steve and Brandon, I was introduced to your site by a friend almost 3 years ago and have rarely missed a day since. I live just outside of Toronto Ontario Canada.

I got into photography around 6 years ago when I broke my wrist snowboarding. I wasn’t going to be able to ride for a while so I figured the next best thing would be to take photos of all my friends who could. The more I shot the more I really began to enjoy photography and the whole process. After a few years of acquiring gear and experience I started to get published in magazines.

My favorite type of Skateboard and snowboard photography is when it happens in the streets. Each and every city is a concrete playground and it’s always exciting to see how athletes interpret different features. I love how street style photography is similar. Each city is its own “Urban Jungle”. It’s always interesting to see how people act and react within their environment.

I was introduced to street photography mainly through this site. The more street style images I saw the more I began to really love the genre. I love all of the textures, shapes, architecture, and people you can encounter on any given day walking through a metropolis. Also I love how that same place can be so greatly different from day-to-day depending on weather, time and season.

After many hours reading reviews on this site I decided to buy an Olympus OMD EM5 with the Panasonic 20mm 1.7 and Oly 45mm 1.8. The smaller lightweight body and lenses are just way less intimidating while walking down the street. I don’t get the crazy large files that I do with my 5D MKII but I don’t need them for this application. I also love taking it to family events and vacation/trips. The size is just not a factor, so the camera fits wherever I have space left over, instead of having to create space for my camera gear.

I attached a skateboard and snowboard photo, as well as a few of my favorite street images. I really appreciate all the great content and inspiration that you guys post. I hope that I can be a part of it.

Matt Stetson

Matt Stetson_2014-1

Matt Stetson_2014-4

Matt Stetson_2014-8

Matt Stetson_2014

Matt Stetson_2014-2

Aug 082014

Hi to the great and good @ Steve Huff Photo!

My name is Simon and I am from the UK.

I have attached 3 images taken at Drum and Bass night in Toulouse. Having always been in too taking a photograph, this year I sold my car and bought some Leica gear! I am lucky that my very good friend’s music career has finally after 20 years of trying taken him to some cool places to DJ, I have tagged along to a couple of shows and here are some of, what I hope the best results so far.

I took these shots with the M240 and a Noctilux ;) I really like the energy of shooting at a club, late night the crowd in full flow. The beauty of stopping the madness for one frame. Be kind, I have only been doing this since April! Plenty of google and youtube searches have got me this far, and I strive to only get better…

A link to my portfolio

Thanks for your consideration!

Simon DeKnock




Aug 072014

Hello Steve & Brandon,

I’m Heng, from sunny island Singapore, and is a frequent visitor of you site,
content in your site really gives me inspiration everyday. Sending you some photos that were taken during a trip in February 2014, freezing winter in Seoul, Korea. The images were taken with Leica M9, Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH and Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f/2.8 ASPH.

Keep up the good work!





Aug 062014


Dear Steve,

Every evening I enjoy taking a look at your blog ! I like your pictures and your advises help me so much for choosing material…

That’s why I would like to share my experience and submit to you some photographies for the “Daily inspiration” I always use Leica since I met some « great photographers » in Paris during the famous evening of the Parisien club « les 30×40 » : Harry Gruyaert, Willy Ronis, Jeff Dunas and so more … Wonderful moments ! At the beginning I didn’t understand how to use this camera. It needs a little time…

The first one I got was a Leica M4-P, very used, but bought for a very low price ! And after a few months, I can’t imagine using another camera ! Time after time I bought a « mint » M4P ( !), a M6, a M7 and at last a silver M6 ! But when the first digital Leica appeared (M8), I though that my Honeymoon with Leica was finished !… The body was really too expensive for me. And digital cameras are like computers, they have fast depreciation …

That was the reason why I continue to use my M6 and a medium-format rangefinder (Mamiya M7) But last year, I wanted like to buy a small digital camera (Fuji X100) when one of my friends said to me “you got Leica lenses, why don’t you not buy a second-hand M8 ?” I did it ! I was so happy with this digital Leica that I sold my M8 and bought a second-hand M9, sold my Mamiya 7 ans lenses and bought twio of the best Leica glasses (Summicron 2/35 asph and Summilux 1.4/50 asph). I was really excited because I was about to go on a journey in South-East USA (New Mexico, Arizona, Utah …). You can find the pictures enclosed …

Best regards from Paris











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