Jul 232014

Dear steve

Hi, steve, My name is tiger. I am an amateur steet photographer in Melboutne, Australia. I always love your website and your interesting reviews of camera.
Here are three pics for daily inspiration.The first one and second one were taken by Nikon d5200 with 35mm 1.8 dx lens. The third one was taken by OMD E-M1 with 45mm 1.8.

Hope you like them and here is my flickr address and you can see almost all of my photos there


Best Wishes





Jul 222014

Please find 3 images attached for my charity project I have undertaken, “Just Breathe”.

The goal of the project is to raise awareness of adults who are suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. I have provided some links below that explain more about the project, and the disease itself. These people are so inspiring, hopefully you find the project images and project inspiring enough too.

Ian Pettigrew

** All images taken with a Canon 5DMII, with the Sigma 35 ART lens. Lighting was a single AB1600 through a large octobox, on a plain white sheet background. f/6.3, 1/160th to 1/200th at iso100.







Jul 212014

Hello Steve,

I love your site and the enthusiasm about photography it transports to all of us. I am a 41-year-old from Munich Germany. I was very much into photography back when there were still chemicals involved but somehow lost focus and just came back to photography about a year ago (and loving it as a part of documentation of my life but even more to give me focus while I enjoy this unique journey through life …). The above pictures were taken during a short trip to Liguria (Italy) last week and are the last with by venerable Canon 5D Mark 1 … it somehow disintegrated during the last shot shown here (of a beautiful and at this time of the year still romantic towne of Camoglie).

We visited the Cinque Terre (picture of Vernazza enclosed … beautiful but boy was it touristy … yes I know, we were part of the masses as well) and slept at a beautiful B&B originally bult in the 15th century in the middle of nowhere but just 5 kms from the sea) where the owner had as well a beautiful old vespa (1980) for day-to-day duties on the premises and a nice Triumph that he stored in the chapel on site.

All in all it was a wonderful week and we came home refreshed and invigorated … travel and photos always help to focus on how beautiful, diverse and valuable life is.

All the best,

Jay Bratz







Jul 192014

Hello Steve,

My name is Hiroyasu Hosoya and I am Japanese amateur street photographer. I am living in Barcelona since 27 years ago. (I am 32yo).

I started shooting, 7 years ago, Landscape pictures because of influence of my girlfriend who loves hiking, but as I am a big fun of “critical situation” and “close photography” I turned to the Street Photography. During a couple of years I was shooting with Leica camera but 6 month ago, I had an incident, all my Leica gear has been stolen in the City on daylight… so now a days I am shooting with Fuji x100 black edition that gives me a RF feeling. I am starting to make my web sites and also large printing for the near-future exhibition here in Barcelona. I think all pictures must printed and “BIG”!!
You can see in my Flick Site (www.flickr.com/photos/hiroyasuhosoya) almost the major part of pictures were taken in Asia (Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong stc..) during my trips.


Here my favourite pictures.




Jul 182014

Hi Steve

My name’s Flavio, I’m 25, I’m Italian but I live in Zurich, in Switzerland and since always, music and photography are my main interests and passions. Leaving home I always carry my camera with me… every moment is good for a click!

Last April I carried it also during my trip to Tokyo and today I share with you and all the readers a few impressions of this great experience! The photos were taken with my LEICA M9-P and SUMMICRON-M 1:2/35MM ASPH.

Thank you Steve for the opportunity and I hope you enjoy!
Best regards

Flavio Lissandrello

I see you



Jul 152014

Hi Steve, hope everything is well.

My name is Nuno Lopes, I’m 42 years old and live in Lisbon, Portugal.

Your site was one of the first I came to see information on how to make pictures and new gear, just about two and a half years ago. It has inspired me in many ways.

I got interested in creating photographs 3 years ago with my iPhone, mostly inspired by the iPhoneography movement and Instagram. Before this moment I confess that if I’ve taken 10 shots in my life were probably one too many. Also never bought a dedicated camera for myself. Photography was not part of my life at all and my interest was basically next to nil. But life is a learning process. My passion now is in photographing life as it unfolds in front of me. I’m a very curious guy and creativity is one of my strongest facets … so people say.

Soon after I started creating photos with the iPhone, decided to buy my first dedicated camera. Your review on O-MD was mostly influential in my decision for the Olympus O-MD EM-5 and the Panasonic Lumix G 20mm f/1.7 ASPH lens. Next bought the Olympus M.ZUIKO Digital 17mm f/1.8 Lens and soon after the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75mm f/1.8 Lens. Amazing lens. Amazing gear.

Some might say that I’ve got the gear bug, but that wasn’t really the case. For instance the main reason I have bought the 75mm lens was because of Saul Leiter. Read in some sites that sometimes he used long focal lengths on the street to create images out of compressed spaces. His photographs provoked tears in my eyes, don’t ask me to explain it because I don’t know why. I thought “I want to photograph like Saul Leiter and Eduardo Gageiro”

Being a new-born photographer with all these options and no formal guidance, learning by experience and reading books and articles, my photography went down hill. It was depressing. So much that starting thinking, “maybe if I buy a 50mm effective focal length my photography will get better”.

After thinking hard about it, realized I was going on the wrong path. Decided, no. I don’t need all this to develop my photography. All I need is one camera, one lens, much like had with the iPhone. Keep it simple.

Sold all my gear to fund for the RX1r. So here am I.

I’m not much of a technical person and I’m giving my first steps with Lightroom. The blacjk and white conversion is not really that good yet Before, the iPad along with Snapseed were my tools of choice because of their simplicity. But the RX1r deserved more PP effort on my part.

The photos bellow were taken in Lisbon this May with the RX1r.

Hopefully the photographs aren’t that bad, thank you for the opportunity.

I don’t have a website. But I do have a Facebook account were people can see my future posts if interested.



Nuno Lopes








Jul 142014

The camera does not matter…
… or does it?

I work as professional photographer and using high-end equipment. Today, I focus on portrait and mainly in studio settings.

Through the years a camera of some sorts has always been in my hand. First analogue, then digital, then analogue again and now back to digital. I used to have a vintage Hasselblad 500CM (which I was very happy with), and a big clunky Mamiya RZ67 (great camera), and also a couple of underwater cameras from Nikon, Calypso-Nikkor, Nikonos and so on. For some years I was using a Nikon F2s (still got it).

For a long time I thought that the next “better” camera was the only thing that stood between major success and me. I refused to listen to everyone who claimed that it didn’t have anything to do with your equipment. Now, older and wiser, I must agree to my photographic fellows. Still… the FEEL of the camera in your hand will have an impact on your end result. At least, that’s my view.
The different feeling I have from using my iPhone, my big heavy Nikon or a medium-format camera, will not only create different technical results but also influence how you as the photographer is taking the photograph. (Not to mention, the different response you will get from the sitter).

In 1978 I went to the States to visit friends. I brought my then favourite camera; an Olympus OM-1 and together with lots of rolls of Kodachrome 64, I set out to capture everything I saw.
Now, more than thirty years later I look back on these photographs and remember that nice “feeling” that camera gave me. It was ultra simple, very sharp, silent and looked like a camera.
I have attached some photographs from that trip. For those who want to see more and read about the places, go to: www.usa1978.com.

I am still looking for the ultimate camera…






Jul 112014

Hey guys!

I work in offshore exploration, we find oil for everyone’s cars. This gives me an opportunity to take some interesting photos from time to time. I travel with Micro 4/3 gear because it’s so small and light, and the weatherproofing on my E-M5 gives me a little more confidence to get a splash every now and then. The stabilisation really comes in handy especially with the long Jupiter-11 135 f4. I use GIMP on my linux laptop for processing, it’s just nice and fast.

Most of their photographs were taken around Malayisa. Maybe this might inspire some future seamen.

AB and Bollard – Jupiter-11 135mm f4



Bunkering – PanaLeica 25mm f1.4



Laundry – PanaLeica 25mm f1.4



Ocean Image- PanaLeica 25mm f1.4


thanks in advance,
Matt Jones

Jul 102014

Dear Brandon & Steve,

My name is Boris and I am a huge fan of your site. I have been visiting regularly since roughly four years ago and the articles & photos have been great inspirations. Now I think it’s about time for me to share my humble work.

Being a weekend and off-hours shooter, I just cannot afford too much time on shooting and there is simply no way for me to carry huge and hefty DSLR lenses with me, so I have bought a Lumix GF1 four years ago and have been using the “pancake” 20mm F1.7 as well as the 14mm F2.5 exclusively.

These are just some of the photos I have taken earlier this year in my hometown – Hong Kong; and I wish you guys find them enjoyable.

Best Regard,

Photo#1 Lumix G 20mm @ F1.7, 1/15

_1120146 2

Photo #2 Lumix G 14mm @ F2.8, 1/125


#3 Lumix G 14mm @ F11, 1/3


Jul 092014

Dear Steve, a Daily Inspiration, but with 5 photos (I hope you can publish them).

There are times throughout the days of the year when the light is somewhat wonderful. Be in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

The sun low down in the sky, illuminates everything like a golden searchlight, bathing everything in it’s warm glow giving things a magical surreal look which is fleeting and soon vanishes leaving but a memory. Rarely am i able to catch such a light as rarely do I find myself with a camera, but there have been times over the years when I have been lucky enough to take a snap. Such a light is beauty incarnate, and others are masters at being able to capture it, like capturing dreams in Roald Dahl’s BFG.

I love this light on nature, especially the way it streams through trees and lights them up like fire, and makes life worth living.

Here are 5 shots I share with you.

You can check me on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/71817058@N08/ or Zeissimages.com http://zeissimages.com/standardgallery.php?puid=2945&showall

Evening Summer light from Glastonbury Tor, overlooking the Wessex countryside. Fuji GA645 60mm Super EBC f4. Fujichrome Velvia 50.


Late Autumnal light in Osterley Park, Middlesex. Contax G2. 21mm Biogon T* f2.8, Fujichrome Sensia 100.


Autumn sun through the trees in Osterley Park, Middlesex. Contax G2. 21mm Biogon T* f2.8, Fujichrome Sensia 100


Lamp Post. Osterley Park, Middlesex. Contax G2. 21mm Biogon T* f2.8, Fujichrome Sensia 100


Sheep in a warm Summer evening. Llandeusant, Powys, Wales. Contax TVS III 30-60mm Vario-Sonnar T*. Fujichrome Sensia 100.


Jul 082014

I’m a long time reader of the site and a fan. When I was considering the NEX – 5N to take my baby steps into the world of photo taking this site was one of the confirmations that confirmed I’m making the right choice.

So after owning the camera for a couple of years I’ve accumulated a number of old manual focus lenses which give such a great feeling of accomplishment. Like some photographers I have a rule that if you spend more than 10 minutes trying to fix a photo it’s not worth it, the good thing is that the RAW files from this camera are pretty good and really flexible to make up for my mistakes.

I don’t have web site or a collection somewhere but would post on Facebook every now and again.

Hope the photos will inspire someone today.

The first image was taken during the Smithfield Nocturne in London a year ago with the standard 18-55 kit lens, saw the guys warming up and decided to give the built in HDR a go. OOC JPEG 18mm f3.5 1/4sec ISO 100.


The second image was after a surgery I went out with a friend to shoot with a friend to clear my head a little. Shot manually with a Asahi 50mm lens can’t remember the f stop. ISO – 800 1/4000


The third image is from Dachau it’s the sculpture of the Unknown Prisoner by Nandor Glid a very striking place. It was shot with a 35mm Carl Zeis Jenna lens made in the DDR which is sort of fitting in a way. 1/500sec ISO – 100


The fourth image was taken from the Crematorium in Dachau the sign reads “Shower” in German very chilling place to be. I used the 35mm Zeis again 1/30sec ISO – 100 .


Jul 072014

Dear Brandon and Steve,

I’ve been visiting your website for just over a year now and I’ve just got off my lazy bum to write this piece for the “Daily Inspiration” part.


I consider myself an enthusiastic amateur in photography at best. I started learning about photography at school about 19 years ago. Back then, I’ve used black and white films and processed them in the dark room. But I’ve lost interest very quickly because as a high schooler, the out-of-pocket expenses was too high to continue. Just about 4 years ago, I picked up a Nikon D90 with twin kit lens, 18-55mm and 55 – 200mm. They were good and I added a 35mm 1.8 prime lens into the collection as well. I’ve only used it for 8 months before selling them for a Fujifilm X100 simply because I needed something as good as a dslr and something light and easy to carry. I thought it was the best choice at the time because I wanted to do street photography. Maybe later on, I might acquire X-t1 and paired it with a wide-angle lens for taking landscape sceneries.

To like or not to like – Fuji X100

I got the X100 when it first came out. It was hard to understand what is going on with the camera. Sometimes it back focus when the subject I wanted is 2 metres in front. So I thought I had to change the settings to compensate for this anomaly. So I tried using “continous mode” and that worked a bit better than “single mode”. Perhaps taking shots using the “+” cross hair works better with the processor than the rectangular cross hair. Don’t know what reasons behind that.
The autofocus on the X100 needs work. Sometimes it misses shots, sometime the edges appear soft and it hunts a lot when in macro mode. But in saying that, when you nailed the shot despite of these problems, and I felt satisfied and pat the X100 in the back. The X100 has a spell on me. I can’t get angry at it when it made mistakes. In turn, it makes you take another shot until you get it right. After that, you feel happy and joy that you made the shot.

Here are some of the goods ones that made it. Enjoy.


I went to Taiwan earlier this year. I would just like to show why I still can’t let go of this Fujifilm X100 (yet). Photos were processed using photoshop. All photos were sharpened, brightness/contrasts/gamma were adjusted and exposure were also adjusted.

DSCF1525pp - Steve

DSCF2007pp steve

DSCF2217pp steve

Jul 052014

Hello Steve, Brandon and all of this amazing site’s readers! I’ve been reading this site and the daily inspiration category as my inspiration!

My name is Ryan Adiputra, I’m from… maybe the largest South-East Asian Country called Indonesia, and i am a hobbyist photographer. For me photography is an “escape” from my hectic studies and work, and i LOVE IT! I Love Sharing my works using Social Medias, and shows everyone my Passion for Photography. For me, a photography gear is not everything, it’s all about the passion to create an image!

These are pictures i few months ago back in Cappadocia, Turkey for family holiday. All of them were taken using my 5D Mark 2 and Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 lens.

you can see more of my work at my Instagram : http://instagram.com/reoan123 or my Flickr : https://www.flickr.com/photos/icelsius

Thank you Steve and Brandon!

IMG_1581 : ISO 100 , 24mm, f/2.8, 1/125sec

IMG_1581 (Large)
IMG_1629 : ISO 100 , 24mm, f/4.5, 1/200sec

IMG_1629 (Large)
IMG_1693 : ISO 100 , 24mm, f/4.5, 1/500sec

IMG_1693 (Large)

Jul 042014

Hi Steve,

only recently I came up on your blog which I like very much. Your „Daily Inspiration“ inspired me to send you some images.

I am working as a psychotherapist and consultant in Cologne in Germany. Since my childhood I am interested in photography but only in the last years I found time and contemplation enough to get into photographing again (after a long period of restricting myself to family shots :-).

Attached I send you some images I made in Morocco earlier this year. With two colleagues we arranged a conference in Zagora from where it isn’t far to the desert. With our group we had a nice evening and night in the desert where we slept in (quite comfortable) tents and had a wonderful evening with Berber music, food and dance. The images below show a fantastic trio of Berber drummers and singers who enjoyed us the whole evening. I used my Nikon D700 and the wonderful 24-70 mm 2.8 lens. More of my images can be found in my flickr stream (https://www.flickr.com/photos/12746769@N05/).

All the best

Tom Levold

1/50, f 3.2, ISO 2000


1/50, f 3.2, ISO 2000

Birth of the Cool

1/50, f 2.8, ISO 2000


Jul 022014

Hello Steve and all you guys,

This post is coming in answer to what I think is stream of wrong approach ‘Street’ photography. Already classification is iffy… also trendy approach that B&W is artistic and way to go if you want to have a cool image – oooh, aaah. Every photographer is an artist and individual with his own approach – so freedom is absolute – that is the point of both hobby and art.

Still…I think classification is always dangerous, and B&W while sometimes really way to go, most often then not is a wrong choice.

I have a series of photos from Venice in B&W when I though it was a best choice – maybe those I will send later, let’s see how this post goes! These photos are from 2009 Seychelles. It is what I think is catching the moment (clearly I could have sent wonderful pictures of coral lagoon and sunset) and using the color to emphasize it. Camera was Olympus E-500, some cropping and basic adjustments made (I have nothing against post processing, it is artistic freedom). Kit zooms.

Best of luck to all of you and keep taking photos!

Ivo Ebel












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