Mar 102015


Road Trip – A video from 8000 stills and the Sony RX1

by Ofer Rozenman


I’m a frequent reader of your blog and really like the content you post. Last year you shared a video of mine and recently I’ve finished working on a new stop motion road trip video which I thought you might also like:

On September `14 my wife and I traveled with our friends to eastern Europe. As designated shooter I’ve tried capturing the road trip with this stop motion video made of 200GB and 8000 stills. Enjoy! Sony RX1 for the stills!


Route: Sarajevo (Bosnia) – Mostar (Bosnia) – Dubrovnik (Croatia) – Lokrum (Croatia) – Cavtat (Croatia) – Prcanj (Montenegro) – Split (Croatia) – Sibenik (Croatia) – Baska (Croatia) – Postojna (Slovenia) – Venice (Italy) – Plitvice lakes (Croatia) – Zagreb (Croatia)

Equipment: Sony RX1.

Music:Big Jet Plane (Radio Edit)” by Angus and Julia Stone 

As themselves: Sanda Krsho, Milen Debensason, Liran Hadaya

Everything else: Ofer Rozenman

Aug 132014


OFFICIAL: Southwest Road Trip/Workshop. An Epic Photo Adventure awaits!

NOVEMBER 6th – NOVEMBER 10th 2014 – Antelope Canyon, Zion, Sedona, Horseshoe Bend and more!

UPDATE 08/30/14: Just about SOLD OUT so get in now! This is going to be an amazing, massive, epic trip with a GREAT group of people! I can not wait! Great weather, amazing scenics, and fun and adventure planned for every day. 

As promised, I am posting details for this EPIC workshop/Road Trip that will take place November 6th-10th 2014. FIVE days of events, activities, photography, food, new friends, adventure and fun. I only do one or two of these per year now and only do them when they are done right and offer something special and unique for those who attend. This time, with the help of Todd Hatakeyama and Jay Bartlett I think we put together a wonderful trip that will give you a lifetime of memories and photographs.

We will start out meeting in Phoenix, AZ and will travel via either chartered bus or caravan style (depending on how many want to go on this trip). I am probably more pumped about this trip than any previous workshop I have done over the years. It will be the most scenic for sure, and we will be avoiding the blistering heat by doing it in November.

Breakfast and Lunch will be included (breakfast is included with hotels) but dinner will not be included. Hotels and all transportation will be included in this trip. Sony is also pitching in to this event and will be loaning out various cameras and lenses so we will have them on hand for you to test/use! How cool is that? How about testing an A7s on the sunset Jeep tour we are doing?

This will be a wonderful trip, probably my largest one yet packed with amazingly beautiful southwestern landscapes that you may have seen in photos but never been able to get to and shoot. Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, Sedona and more.

We will be doing two full on JEEP tours in Sedona. One sunset tour and one during the day with pro guides. We will also be doing a full guided tour of Antelope Canyon.

Below is the full Itinerary.



Steve Huff Photo Road Trip – Southwest USA

All will meet at the Aloft Hotel in Phoenix, AZ on Thursday Nov. 6th. We will depart this hotel at 5PM SHARP on Nov 6th either by chartered bus that will hold us all or via 3 vans. The schedule is amazingly cool and if you have never been to these destinations, it will be jaw dropping beautiful to you. I am in Sedona 4-5 times per year and the beauty there is heart warming. I am telling you now, THIS will be an amazing trip and the photos you will get from it will be worthy of huge wall prints! I will be on hand for any questions or help and Jay Bartlett will also be on hand for instruction (he will be shooting medium format for anyone interested in this).

Price per person will be $1800 for a private hotel room all to yourself. If you want to bring a spouse then price will be discounted to $1300 each for a shared room. Single participants can also book a shared room at the discounted rate of $1300 but you will be sharing a room with someone else. 

This price will include hotel and transportation for entire trip, breakfast, lunch, tours and instruction. The only thing NOT included here are the DINNERS as everyone has different tastes in food and drink, so we did not want to put a limit on the food for dinner, and some may be tired and choose to eat in their room. Will be up to the individual for dinner but we will have group dinners for anyone  that wants to join in. Hotel stays are all included as is every single tour. All you have to do is get to Phoenix, AZ on the 6th of November and we will take care of the rest. 

Our bus for the entire trip. Yes, we will be riding in comfort and style :) 

bus portfolio 508

*We can also pick you up from the airport if needed but you can NOT be late as we will leave at 5pm sharp on the 6th from the Aloft Hotel*

Day 1 (Thurs, Nov 6)
5:00pm Depart Aloft Phoenix Airport Hotel
7:30pm – 9:00pm Dinner in Flagstaff
11:00pm Arrive at hotel in Page, AZ

Day 2 (Fri, Nov 7)
7:30am – 8:30am Breakfast at hotel
9:00am – 12:00pm Antelope Canyon Photography Tour (this will be a professionally guided tour)
12:30pm – 2:00pm Horseshoe Bend
2:00pm – 3:00pm Lunch in Page
3:00pm – 6:00pm Drive to Zion
6:00pm Arrive at hotel in Springdale, UT
7:00pm – 9:00pm Dinner in Springdale

Day 3 (Sat, Nov 8)
7:00am – 8:00am Breakfast at hotel
8:00am – 6:00pm Zion hiking (lunch in the park)
7:00pm – 9:00pm Dinner in Springdale

Day 4 (Sun, Nov 9)
7:00am – 8:00am Breakfast at hotel
8:00am Depart Springdale
1:00pm – 2:00pm Lunch in Flagstaff
3:00pm Arrive in Sedona
4:00pm – 6:00pm Sunset Jeep Tour 2 hours (these are AWESOME and will take us into places you would have never even knew existed)
7:00pm – 9:00pm Dinner in Sedona

Day 5 (Mon, Nov 10)
7:00am – 8:00am Breakfast at hotel
9:00am – 12:00pm Scenic Rim Jeep Tour 3 hours (another amazing Jeep tour, off road, hills, crevices, and all kinds of cool things to see as well as getting out and exploring)
12:00pm – 1:30pm Lunch in Sedona
2:00pm – 4:30pm Drive back to the Aloft Phoenix Airport Hotel

Antelope Canyon

antelope canyon2

How to Sign Up

As you can see, this trip will be rocking so I hope to see many of you there with me! I am looking forward to this one and counting the days. If you want to sign up, and want in 100%, then make sure to do so quickly as these events tend to sell out quickly. The last one at Valley of Fire sold out fast and this one is an even better trip. That is not marketing hype, it is reality. Last trip we had to turn a few away as we sold out. If you want in, email me here and I will give you instructions on how to pay and set your reservation!

Driving into Sedona..



Aug 092014

Road Trip/Workshop: November 6th -10th, Antelope, Horseshoe, Sedona, Zion and more!

Mark your calendars now! This one will be MASSIVE!

OK guys! My next road trip/workshop and all around awesome amazing time will be November 6th-10th 2014 and will be a road trip with a maximum of 12 participants.

Destination? This time around we will be headed to Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Zion, Sedona, and Phoenix (where everyone will fly into and out of).

This will be a jammed packed trip for four full days as we shoot and find our way to some of the most beautiful photo destinations in the United States.

horseshoe bend1

Hotel is included, all transportation is included (we will have 3-4 vans), breakfast and lunch is included each day. Transportation to and from the airport is also included if needed.

We will be allowing ONLY 12 people to sign up for this one, as we will have no way to fit more than that. I will be posting full details next week here on the site, so if you are interested in this one, stay tuned!

Last time we did the Valley of Fire and I feel this one will be more exciting, more packed full of photo opps and we will have some super cool destinations. If you have not been to Sedona you will be amazed at the beauty. We are even doing a full on Jeep tour while there (which is also included).

So for all of you who are adventurous, get ready for this one. It will be in November so it will not be hot and torturous. Phoenix AZ in November is usually around 70’s-80’s. It will be cooler at our destinations, which will be nice.

antelope canyon2

So to break it down, 4 full days from Thursday the 6th to Monday the 10th. We will have our guide take us to the locations and do tours as well. We will fit in all kinds of photo sessions and you can bring and use ANY camera you wish from point and shoot to medium format to whatever you desire.

Can’t wait for this one as it is literally in my own backyard!

FULL DETAILS NEXT WEEK including pricing, itinerary and more! These always sell out quick, so this is why I am giving all of you a heads up!

This will be a collaboration between myself and Todd Hatakeyama who organized the Valley of Fire and my Los Angeles Workshop. With Todd on the job, it will go off perfectly, smooth and be jammed with cool stuff. Photos below were shot by Todd on his last trip to the area. Jay Bartlett will also be there to do some instruction.

Fun, Friends, Food, Photography, Adventure, and more await…even free gifts for all!

If you want to be put on an e-mail interest list and be notified as soon as the details/costs and itinerary are ironed out, e-mail me here with your name and e-mail address. I now only do 1-2 of these per year so when we do them, we do them big!

Jun 262013


The Palouse Road Trip concludes! Day 2 through 4 – My photos and memories

So the Road Trip has concluded! As I sit here in my room at Ashwin Rao’s house I realize that many special memories have just been made over the past few days during this road trip. I want to say 1st and foremost that it was a pleasure to hang with this amazing group of guys. There were 14-15 of us depending on the day but from Friday to Tuesday we hung out, shot some amazing scenics, ate some  great food, saw gorgeous and almost unreal landscapes, shared a few beers and many of us on this trip made brand new lifelong friendships. To me, that makes this whole thing worth it and what I enjoy so much from these events.

This one went so well that we will be doing another in 2014 but it will be changed up a bit. It seems every workshop or event I do just gets better and better, and this one was my favorite of all the ones that I have done to date.

I posted about day one HERE so this post will be all about Days 2-4, starting in reverse from Day 4 :) Enjoy, and THANKS TO ALL WHO attended and thanks to all who helped out with driving. Also, a HUGE thanks to Ryan McGinty, our guide who did one hell of a job..he oozed with passion while in the Palouse and it was clear that this was more than a job for him, it was something he LOVED doing. Another big thanks to Victor for everything.

Of course none of this would have even come together without the help of Ashwin Rao!

So without further ado, onto the wrap up of the Palouse Road Trip starting from Day 4 to Day 2. Day one is HERE.

Day 4 (the last day), Top Pot Donuts, a boat ride and some street shooting in Seattle. 

Me and Mark Klebeck, founder and owner of Top Pot Doughnuts, based in Seattle


After four consecutive days of a three SUV caravan driving all over The Palouse and then onto a day in Seattle… it was just today the entire group was treated to a great start of the day when the owner and creator of world-famous Top Pot donuts, Mark Klebeck allowed us into their flagship store in downtown Seattle and then treated us with dozens of donuts and all of the coffee we could drink, on the house! Soon after that we took a tour of the facility and the bakery to see how these donuts were made. Mark is a huge Leica fan (and a fan of this site) and we chatted about cameras for a while and I can tell he was truly passionate about Leica and photography. Super nice guy and we had a blast at breakfast. He even gave me and Ashwin a signed book and personalized Apron with our name, how cool is that?

Me, Mark and Ashwin


Sailing the Seas!

Soon after, Leica user Brad Husick who also occasionally writes for this site, brought us out on his electric boat and gave us a cool boat ride/tour. This was extremely cool of Brad and nice surprise. Some of stayed back but many of us enjoyed the trip. So the morning of day 4 was starting off incredibly well thanks to Mark and Brad.

NOTE: The photos from Top Pot were taken by Ashwin with his RX1. The shot above of the three of us was taken by Chuck Wolfe using Ashwin’s RX1 :)



We had a great lunch and then embarked for some shooting in Seattle before the final edit and dinner.

Street Shooting Session

Street shooting in the tourist areas is usually full of life, color and energy which leads to photo opps, but it is very in, these shots have been taken a million times by every person that strolls through with a camera. Still, it can be fun and some members of the group never did any street style shooting so we walked through Pikes Place Market at around 10AM and had some fun tasting hot sauces and shooting the people/artists of the area. I was shooting with my M 240 and Ashwin’s MINT like brand new copy of the 50 Summarit f/1.5, which as you know if you have read my previous reports on this is CRAZY with softness, glow, bokeh and classic character. It is about as “classic” as you can get.




So I was shooting this crazy lens and then realized I was shooting JPEG only because I had to reset my M 240 after it would not come out of live view mode! After reset it defaulted to JPEG only so the images below are all JPEGS and I forgot that the camera has this as the default! It took me about 30 shots before I knew I was not shooting RAW, which is very important with any M. You must ALWAYS shoot RAW for best quality as the JPEGs lack.

We soon went down to the “Gum Wall” down below the Market. What is the Gum Wall you ask? That is what I wanted to know as well as I have never seen it, let alone heard of it. I was soon to find out what it was though as the stench of chewed up bubble gum filled my nose as we ventured down this very interesting looking street.

The Gum Wall is basically an alleyway where the walls are filled with chewed gum. It’s insanely cool to shoot but pretty nasty to think about. As we walked I saw this kid eating an apple and snapped his image. I was hoping he would not decide he wanted some gum :)

The Gum Wall in Seattle with the insanely character and flaw filled 50 Summarit 1.5 – weird colors, weird Bokeh, glow..this one has all of the classic ingredients :)


Ryan McGinty our Guide in the Palouse also joined us in Seattle


Sarf Niazi – An amazing man, in fact, the most interesting man in the world! No joke!


Chuck Wolfe who shot with an OM-D 645! (inside joke)


After the Gum wall  where we basically all shot portraits of each other we trekked on and shot a little bit more. I saw this city worker who looked so friendly and was chatting with Vincent, one our group members. I asked her for her portrait after telling her she had the friendliest face I had seen that day. She gave me a huge smile so I snapped and she was 100% cool with it.

That Summarit Magic…sharp in the center and nuts everywhere else


In the can see the dreamy quality of the classic Summarit wide open. Many hate this look and some like it. I love it every now and again, but not every day.


After that we went back to Ashwin’s house and edited and chatted about the previous few days before splitting off, saying goodbyes and heading to a final dinner with some who stayed for the dinner at a local neighborhood pizza restaurant.

But what about those previous few days..noticed I started this with Day 4? This road trip to Palouse was huge fun and so jammed packed with photo opps it was quite magical at certain moments and for me, quite special. If you saw my 1st post the other day you would have seen the amazing sights were seeing. But let’s move on and see what day 3 brought for us…

The Previous Days – The Chicken Farm, Palouse Falls and the trek back home. 

Day 3 – The Chicken Farm and Palouse Falls

The previous two days went well as we traveled through more of the Palouse and then took a trek home while making stops along the way when a photo opp arose. One of those was at a chicken farm and even though it was a rainy day, we all have a great time shooting the barns, the animals and for me, the owner. I asked him for a portrait while we were there and he did not want me to take it but the reason why is he told me that no one ever found him interesting enough to take a photo of! He was flattered that I asked so I snapped one shot with the M and 50 Nokton 1.5.


The photo above was shot with my M 240 and the Voigtlander 50 1.5. A great combo that works very well on the M. The farm was nice even though it was raining a bit, but that was OK as I loved the rain. I did not hide my M from it though as we all know it is wheather sealed :) I wanted to put it to the test and it passed the water test OK. Then again, Murphy (seen below) had his M9 out in the rain as well without issues. He was sporting the awesome SLR Magic Hyperprime T0.95.




Palouse Falls

So the farm was fantastic even with the wet weather we had and we all had a great time with everyone there. On this day we also visited Palouse Falls and WOW…blown away again.

This one was shot with the Leica M 240 and Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 – click for larger


This one is a full size file from the Leica X Vario – click it for full size


The image below was shot by me with Ashwin’s Pentax 645 D – Digital Medium Format

In the image: Ryan, Ashwin and Bob ready to fall off the falls


Ryan framing his shot


Day 2 – More of The Palouse

Day two of the trip was much like day one with one thing being different! We did not have the beautiful light of day 1, but that did not stop us from getting some shots. I will finish off this post with a slew of photos that I liked from the trip. If anyone ever wants to see this area I can highly recommend it and if you want a good guide, contact Ryan. He’s the real deal.

Of course, if you want to join in with me and Ashwin next year, let us know and I can put you on an interest list. It will likely be limited to 15 as it was this time. You can email me HERE if you are interested. We are guessing it will happen sometime in mid 2014.






















Jun 232013


Day one of the Palouse Road Trip! AMAZING Scenics!

It’s 12:22 AM as I type this, I am dead tired and beat. We shot ALL day around Palouse, WA after a 5 hour drive (including a one hour freeway standstill) to get here. We started our day at 4:30AM and it is just winding down now past midnight with another full day tomorrow starting at 8:45 AM.


This road trip/workshop, so far, has been EPIC! The light, the scenery, the people, the amazing photos coming from this event and our amazing Guide, Ryan McGinty. In fact, it is going so well Ashwin and I have been thinking that we should do this event every year, each year making it a bit different. There is so much to see and photograph here, it is simply overwhelming.

I am tired so must go to bed but wanted to give everyone an update with some of my photos from today. I shot the M 240, the X Vario, and the Fuji X-E1 and Zeiss Touit lenses. The lenses I used on the M 240 were simple. The 15mm Voigtlander, the 50 Voigtlander Nokton and the old Nikkor 85 f/2. Nothing exotic, nothing fancy.

Here are just a FEW of the keepers from today..and excuse if some are off  – 90% of them are OOC JPEGS from the M.

1st one is of Bo Lorentzen with the 50 Nokton 1.5, wide open. 


The image below was shot with an old Canon 85 1.8 that Ashwin let me use for a while. Click it for the full size out of camera file. AMAZING and an old $600 classic in LTM mount.


..and Ashwin being his normal hilarious self! This one with the Nikkor 85 f/2


The two shots below was taken with the 85 f/2 – An old Nikkor classic



Below, the 50 Nokton 1.5 shoots some intense color..


and again, Todd Hatakeyama with the Nikkor 85 f/2 as well as a nice Nikkor landscape




The image below had colors manipulated by me but the moon and rays were there, only the colors have been messed with – I call this “The Land of Oz”


More from the 50 Nokton 1.5 (My review is HERE)

L1001645 L1001648




L1001764 L1001858

…and a few from the Voigtlander 15mm  – M mount. Had to convert to B&W due to the color shifts with this lens




and, the Fuji X-E1 with Zeiss Touit 12mm




..and how about one from the old Canon 135 f/3.5 lens in Leica Screw Mount? A lens that cost $71 and belongs to Ryan, our guide.



..and a few few from the Leica X Vario…JPEGS

This 1st one is of Bob Towery, taken by Ashwin Rao with the X Vario




I have much more but just threw up a few for now! I will post more tomorrow or Monday as I can!

..and this is us, as we waited on the freeway for 90 minutes. We decided to take a group shot with the X Vario



Jun 212013

Heading to the Palouse! Ready to Road Trip!

Hello to all and Happy Friday! I am about to head out to the airport for Seattle to meet up with Ashwin Rao because tomorrow we start our Palouse Road trip that will last all the way until Tuesday, and I can’t wait! It is going to be a blast with 14 of us and all kinds of amazingly beautiful photo opportunities. I am packing my camera bag now which will hold my M 240 along with a 15, 50 and 85. The X Vario is coming along so I can review it and I will be bringing the X-E1 and Touit lenses along with the little GR to see what it can do in the Palouse. So I will have a packed bag for this trip! For those of you who signed up to go along I have already e-mailed the itinerary but I will repost it below for you again and for those who may want to attend the next one (may do one next year) so you can see all of the fun you are missing out on, he he he.

I will be posting shots from the trip here over the weekend!


Saturday, 6/22 – Early AM

We’ll meet at Ashwin’s place at 5:30 am (yup, that early).

Make sure to organize your transportation to Ashwin’s home for 5:30 am, and do so ahead of time if you can. Yellow Tax (253-872-5600) and Orange Cab (206-444-0409) can both be called, as can any number of other services.

Ashwin will have a light breakfast (Coffee, snacks, fruit, eggs), on hand for the early start. This will be our first chance to meet each other and get settled for the trip

We will leave Seattle for the Palouse at 6:15 AM. Please make sure to arrive by 5:30 am, so that we can load vehicles (three full size SUV’s), confirm seating arrangements in one of our 3 SUV’s, and get everyone situated.

Here’s the itinerary for the rest of the trip:


Saturday, 6/22/2013

We will have lunch at noon @ Eddy’s Chinese Restaurant in Colfax, WA. There, we will meet Ryan McGinty, our local host and guide. Ryan’s an incredible photographer, and if you want a taste of what he’s going to show us, here are a couple of links:


Photo session 1– after lunch, we’ll drive from Colfax to Albion, past Kamiak Butte, with multiple stops along the ways, including abandoned homesteads, “lonely trees”, and other such sites. We will ultimately make our way to the Steptoe Butte overlook for sunset and breathtaking views. Please make sure to bring warm clothes and a windbreaker for Steptoe Butte, as it gets quite breezy atop this panoramic Palouse viewpoint

We will have dinner@ Gambino’s in Moscow, ID

We will then make our way to our accommodations in the Palouse

Sunday, 6/23

We will have an early breakfast, around 7 am, at the hotel. From there, we’ll supplement with a Starbucks (or the like) drive by and meet up with Ryan McGinty.

Photo session 2: Southern Palouse. Visit the old abandoned Weber house, heading through Johnson for some nice rolling hill views and farms. Head to Uniontown and visit Canola fields in bloom as well. This will be one of the most scenic parts of the journey. Many burnt out barn and lonesome tree views to capture…. We’ll move through Moscow and photo a barn surrounded by lentils that is slowly collapsing.

We will have lunch at Sella’s pizza in Pullman, WA

Photo session 3: We will be crossing though Idaho and Washington multiple times to capture many sites. We’ll visit the town of Palouse during this time. We’ll also see a hidden windmill and a barn that’s broken through its center, off to Farmington. Then it’ll be back to the hotel for our first big photo editing session.

We will have dinner at Appleby’s

After dinner, we’ll retire for the evening, back at the Hotel


Monday, 6/24

We will check out of our hotel after having an early breakfast, around 7 am, at the hotel. From there, we’ll supplement with a Starbucks (or the like) drive by and meet up with Ryan McGinty.

Photo session 4: We’ll drive towards Palouse farms through wind farm. We’ll stop for a family farm & barn shoot (selling eggs, chickens). We’ll make our way to Palouse falls and visit some Snake River bridges. We may also do some Small town shoots along Route 12 and visit with a Camel in a field with horses.

Monday, 6/24 lunch in Walla Walla, location TBD

Photo session 5: We will stop by Waterbrook Winery for an optional tasting and shoot. After this, we’ll start our long drive back to Seattle, stopping as needed for stretch breaks and the like. Ryan McGinty will join us for our trip back to Seattle

Monday, 6/24 dinner in Seattle (location TBD, Uneeda Burger or Kaosomai Thai)

We will return to Ashwin’s house after dinner for a photo editing session, time permitting. Attendees may otherwise leave for their accommodations in Seattle. If you haven’t done so, please make sure to make your own travel arrangements (to and from Ashwin’s home) and accommodations in Seattle for Monday night.


Tuesday, 6/25

Here’s a treat. We’ll start breakfast at 8 am at the downtown flagship location of Seattle’s famous Top Pot Donuts. It turns out that Mark Klebeck, one of Top Pot’s founding members, is a huge fan of Mark’s graciously offered to provide donuts and coffee to the group to get us started for the last day of the work shop, and he plans to meet the group for breakfast that day. How cool is that?!? Bring your cameras, as we may even get to geek out a bit.

Photo session 6: From Top Pot, we’ll make our way to Pioneer Square, the original site from which Seattle sprung up. From there, we’ll head to Seattle’s famous Pike’s Place Fish/Farmer’s Market for some morning photography on the street. We may consider a couple of other venues/locations, depending on interest, including the Olympic Sculpture Garden and the Seattle waterfront.

Lunch will be at Pike’s Place Market around noon.

Photo session 7: Urban stroll through Industrial Seattle and the Seattle Graffiti wall in “SoDo”

We’ll return to Ashwin’s place in the mid afternoon for our final photo editing session and a sharing session

Optional dinner and goodbyes at Brouwers Pub in Fremont at 6 pm

Remember, Breakfast and Lunch are included but dinner’s are not included. 

Packing tips:

1. Please pack light. That means just essential clothes and gear. We have 3 SUV’s and 11 attendees, plus Ashwin, Steve, and Bob Towery, photog/driver extraordinaire. We have long days on the road, so it’s best to keep things simple and not load up too much. Usually, a wide option, standard option, and long option are perfect…. depending on your gear and preferences. Tripods are fine too

2. Pack for warmth and unpredictable weather. Bring at least 1 windbreaker/shell and a fleece or similar sweater. A couple sites are quite cold; so make sure to be ready for that. It occasionally rains in the Palouse, so take care to bring a shell/windbreaker that can double as a raincoat. At the moment, the forecast calls for temperatures in the 70’s-80’s (high), with evening lows in the 50’s.

3. Please use Steve’s prior email, which was made up by Ryan McGinty, regarding gear to bring. A circular polarizing filter can be a lifesaver in the Palouse.

4. If you are travelling beyond the road trip, Ashwin can keep your gear stored until we return to Seattle for the last part of the trip. We’d prefer that the gear you bring is essentially 3 days worth of clothes. Comfortable walking shoes that you can take on trail are a great idea as well!

Apr 152013

SOLD OUT! One more seat left for the Palouse Road Trip! June 22nd-25th 2013!



Hello and good morning to all! I will be back later with some cool posts today but for now, before I head out the door on this gorgeous Phoenix, AZ morning I wanted to let everyone know that the Palouse Road Trip from June 22nd-25th has ONE MORE SPOT open! We opened it up to 8 from 5 then to 10 from 8 because we were able to secure a 3rd SUV for the trip. If you want in, there is ONE spot left and you will be joining 9 others plus Ashwin Rao and myself on this amazing weekend. You can read details HERE but I just wanted to let everyone know as I had quite a few e-mails from those interested after we sold out! Look forward to meeting and shooting with everyone in June!


Apr 032013



The Ultimate Seattle-to-Palouse 4 day Road Trip Experience with Steve Huff and Ashwin Rao!

4 days from Saturday June 22nd to Tuesday June 25th, 2013. MARK YOUR CALENDAR! 



Ok..This is going to be wayyyyy cool.

Anyone out there just buy a Leica M or Leica MM and want to get out and make use of them with some amazing shooting experiences? Have ANY other camera you want to make use of with some of the most amazing scenery you may ever see? Want to hang out with a select few like-minded individuals as we take a road trip from Seattle to Palouse, WA (a 5 hour trip one way) and really USE our cameras for what they were meant to be used for? Want to do some street shooting in Seattle and partake in some great food, fun and even some editing and critique?

If so, then you will not want to miss my only meet up/workshop of 2013 and I am holding this one with Ashwin Rao, much like we did in Seattle in 2011 and we are calling it “The Ultimate Seattle-to-Palouse 4 Day Road Trip Experience”! 

Yep, I am cutting my workshops down to 1-2 a year and this may be it for 2013. We are limiting attendees to 10!

This 4 day workshop is going to be jammed with fun and if you want to shoot some gorgeous scenery, believe me, you do not want to mis this! To read about past workshops I put on, click here.


Here is the itinerary:

Steve Huff’s Ultimate Seattle-to-Palouse Road Trip

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 through Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Four full days of Shooting in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

Co-Host: Ashwin Rao – Guide: Ryan McGinty


1. Meet for informal drinks and snacks on the night of Friday, 6/21 (around 8 pm) for attendees who have arrived in town. Location to be determined. Accommodations will not be included for that night. This is so we can get to know each other and just relax and have a good time.

2. Meet at 6 am at Ashwin’s place on Sat, 6/22. Light breakfast will be available before departing.

3. Time for the road trip! Leave Seattle at 6:30 AM on Saturday AM, and arrive in the Palouse for lunch (included)

4. Shoot the Palouse with our local guide, Ryan McGinty, through the afternoon, evening, sunset, and dusk. He knows his stuff and the best locations for shooting. Magical shots will happen :)

5. Dinner (not included in price)

6. Return to hotel for photo editing and critique. Likely to stay in either Pullman, WA or Moscow, ID. Lodging is included in price with two to a room while here. 

7. Shoot all day on Sunday 6/23 throughout the Palouse, including Steptoe Butte, and various sites in the area. Ryan McGinty will join us for the afternoon and evening. Time for relaxing, photo editing, will be factored in. Breakfast and lunch will be included.

8. Dinner after a full day of shooting (not included)

9. Monday, 6/24: The leisurely road trip back to Seattle, visiting Palouse Falls, dusty cities, and a detour through Walla Walla Wine Country if timing and weather cooperate for more shooting and fun. Breakfast and lunch included.

10. Return to Seattle on the evening/night of 6/24. Dinner together (not included)

11. Tues, 6/25: Shoot Seattle (street and city life shoot, with detours through the library, Discovery Park, waterfront vistas, and other fun settings around town. Return to Ashwin’s place in the late afternoon for photo editing and sharing. Breakfast and lunch included.

12. Departure dinner (not included).


Keep in mind that lodging while in Seattle is not included. Lodging is included while in Palouse with two to a room. Breakfast and lunches are included. Dinner’s are not. Transportation is included as we will have a THREE SUV’s to hold us and drive us all.

This is limited to TEN attendees plus myself and Ashwin. Price is $1500 for the entire 4 day experience. This will be a blast and I am very excited for this one. If you are not familiar with the Palouse, check out Ashwin’s article HERE and HERE where he shares his experience from the last time he was there.

If there are any new M or MM owners attending and you have any questions myself or Ashwin will be happy to share tips on how to get the most from these cameras. But we welcome ANYONE. No need to shoot Leica. You can shoot with whatever camera you love to shoot with! We may also throw in some fun surprises as well along the way. I will be shooting with the new M and Monochrom and Sony RX1. Ashwin may be shooting with the same.

You will need to bring a laptop as we will have editing time as well where we can share tips and tricks as well.


This will be an intimate close-knit group and will be a memorable experience for all. I will be recording video of the event to edit into a small 15-20 minute documentary type film to show on this site after we return. I will also post our favorite shots from the event on this site in a dedicated post about the trip.


All photos in this post were shot by Ashwin. Hope to see some of you in June!

Dec 242012

Photographic Road Trip II: Tuscany

by D.J. De La Vega – His Flickr HERE

It has been over a year since my photogenic adventure, traveling around New York State. The itch once again had to be scratched so I set off on another deliberately photogenic road trip, this time around Tuscany, Italy. The age old dilemma about which camera and kit to take had been put to bed a long time ago and as was now accustom, I set off with just my trusty and arguably antique Leica X1. The only thing that has changed with my steadfast companion is that the X1 has now been converted to “travel mode”: i.e. for this journey I have removed the viewfinder and grip to make it as portable as possible and I have it wrapped in the fantastic JnK half leather case. I can not recommend this style of case highly enough. They make what is undoubtedly a delicate camera sturdy and robust, allowing you to be a lot more gung-ho!

With the little Leica hanging from my neck, sufficiently protected in its trendy leather jacket my plane landed in Pisa. I had heard a few mixed reports about Pisa, mostly playing down how much there was to see and do aside from the Cathedral and “Leaning Tower”. Undoubtedly the main tourist attractions, (the Cathedral, Baptistery and Bell Tower) are the highlight of the compact city center, and deservedly so. They are a triumph of medieval / Romanesque architecture and are endlessly photogenic. However as I previously talked about in my first road trip article, at such iconic places, it’s hard to get a result different to that of any postcard readily available within 10 yards of said attraction.



I like to engage in a mix of photographic genres in these circumstances. A few “postcard” keepers and then explore more thoroughly the environment with a fusion of documentary and street photography. At this point I have to reiterate how perfect the X1 is for this kind of work, if anyone out there is in the market for a small high quality compact, you can pick these things up for buttons second hand and IMHO they still wipe the floor image quality-wise with many/most shiny new cameras and they come with a free red dot that gives a pride of ownership nothing can compete with :-)





Apologies, now firmly off my pedestal, I continued on my journey… From Pisa I jumped on a train south to Sienna. I promised Steve I would keep this article short and sweet so I will try not go into the historical and cultural ins and outs of each place, just briefly comment on a few of the photographic opportunities that presented themselves to me in each location.



As the day progressed, the sun’s rays struggle to work its way through the towering architecture to fully illuminate any given subject. I was drawn to the lines and shadows this created by and chased the last glorious beams of the day to this secluded and peaceful square behind the Duomo.


I also found at night the wonderfully illuminated sculptures and buildings contrasted magnificently with their formerly sun lit/shadowy selves.


So far I had traveled by plane and train so it was now time for the obligatory automobile. A cramped but worthwhile bus ride to an outstanding hill top town called San Gimignano was next on the agenda. This small, walled, medieval town was a fantastic place to walk the winding cobbled streets with a camera at hand. I found the surrounding scenery to be as equally enjoyable as the well preserved towers and buildings perched precariously atop the hilly landscape, reaching for the sky.




The next day, more buses and trains ensued and the birthplace of the Renaissance and the capital city of Tuscany was next on my list: Florence. They say Florence has more great works of art per capita than anywhere in the world and you can readily see this wherever you explore. An endless array of beautiful paintings sculptures and architecture is the reward for your endeavours.



I found Florence to have a different ambiance to the other places I had visited so far. It is more of a working, busy city and less of a tourist filled, pristine world heritage site. This helped me remove my postcard hat and focus more on street photography.



From Florence to Lucca, I began to see a see a theme developing in my images. There were arches of all descriptions dispersed all around Tuscany, begging to frame subjects for me.


Lucca is another walled medieval city, masterfully preserved and awash with a labyrinth of cobbled streets. Unfortunately for me and my X1, at this time on my travels, torrential rain had set in. This made for a few interesting street captures, but mostly it made for stopping indoors with my now close acquaintance Birra Moretti.


The only time the sun managed to bless me with its presence, I grabbed one last shot of the Piazza Amphitheatro. This is the main square in Lucca, and remarkably for a square, its oval. I could not get over how magical the scene was as the sun lit up the glorious colours of the buildings in the Piazza, whilst the black stormy clouds still lurked ominously in the distance.


Those awesome clouds, as beautiful as they were evil… Continuously threatening me and my X1 with their hellish watery cargo. After that final ray of light in the Piazza, there was no further let up in the rain. That unfortunately and abruptly brought my time in Lucca to an end, and to complete the round trip of Tuscany, I returned to Pisa to fly home. My only thoughts were now of where my next adventure may be… I hear Bavaria makes nice beer :-)

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Steve again for the privilege of sharing my thoughts and shots on his awesome site!




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