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Sep 122013


Sony Full Frame Coming next month in October?

All signs point to a YES, that Sony is going to announce the new Sony full frame interchangeable lens NEX or RX camera in October. Sony Alpha Rumors has been posting about it for a long time now and it appears that this is indeed going to happen. If so, I feel that this new Sony is going to be pretty special. I have ZERO inside info but I do know that Sony means business and I believe they want to create a masterpiece. A statement piece. A camera that will blow our socks off with amazing full frame performance in a small mirrorless design and send a message to other camera makers. I do not want to get my hopes up but I expect good things if this is indeed true.

Imagine a small interchangeable lens Sony with the latest full frame sensor tech being able to mount Sony E-Mount glass, New Full Frame Ziess E-Mount glass and even Leica M lenses (if it can not do M glass then this will be a fail). My guess is that this will have just about everything we have been wanting, and I am going to also guess that it will have an amazing built in EVF, be speedy, have solid and attractive design and build and give us amazing low light performance. Sony did not mess around with the amazing RX1 and RX1R so I do not expect them to do so with a full frame camera if it is indeed true that one is coming.

If the latest rumors are true, October is going to be one exciting time. BUT again, as we all know, these are currently RUMORS and nothing has even been hinted at by Sony. If Sony can pull of a full frame masterpiece I believe it will not come cheap. Of course there will be those moaning about the cost (there always is) but if it is quality and does everything I hope it does, it will be an amazing game changer.

I am excited to see what is ahead and if all of this comes out as being fact you can bet that I will probably do the coolest and biggest real world review ever seen on this site (currently that spot is taken by the Leica M 240 review). With the new iPhone 5S just announced and many saying that is all the camera they will ever need, this rumored Sony may be all the camera I ever need. SO bring it on Sony!

Let us wait for October to see if this is the real deal. Stay tuned my friends.

For the past year Sony has been on a Major roll with all kinds of cool things from their latest video cameras to the unique and odd QX series to their music video camera (which I pre-ordered for my own personal use). Sony is rocking it big time and it is obvious they want to be king of the mirrorless world. if they pull of this full frame thing, that just might happen.

What are YOU hoping to see from Sony in the near future? What would YOUR dream mirrorless camera be?

Jul 312013


So, did you see the rumors flying around internet land about the new Sony full frame interchangeable lens camera? Yep, speculation has been building for a year and I feel is soon going to burst wide open and what will come of it will be pretty damn special. Well, at least I hope so.

So, what are the rumors saying? 

  • This will be a full frame Sony camera, a NEX system camera. 
  • Larger than a NEX-7 but still the smallest full frame IC camera in the world
  • Built in EVF
  • Latest tech sensor which means INSANE quality in all situations
  • 5 Axis IS from Olympus will be on the sensor (Leica lenses with that 5-AXis, WOW)
  • Price for body? $2800. Lenses? $1200-$1500
  • E-Mount APS-C lenses will work in a crop mode
  • At least TWO new fast Zeiss primes at launch
  • August 2013 Announcement (which ties in with Sonys announcements last year)

If the above is true, then this will be the most incredible camera release EVER. Well, in my opinion anyway, and for what I like. The above to me sounds like my dream camera, one I have been dreaming about for years. A full frame Sony NEX, with the latest FF sensor tech and 5-Axis IS? Mounting a 50 Lux to this guy via an adapter would be AMAZING. Video..amazing!

Again, I have to state “IF THIS IS TRUE”. Sony Alpha Rumors has a pretty good reputation for these things and to me, most of this sounds about right, or what I would expect from Sony. But who knows, maybe it doesn’t even exist :) I wish I knew but I know NOTHING. I am close with Sony but they tell me NOTHING. NADA. Even if they did, it would be top-secret anyway and I would have my toes cut off for even mentioning anything, lol.

So if the above specs are true, will you be buying one? I know I would, in a nanosecond. BTW, the above image is NOT a new camera, it came from SAR.

Jul 252013


According to 4/3 Rumors, the new Panasonic GX7 is hitting in August and if this is correct, it is a beauty! This would also mean that Panasonic is finally playing catch up to Olympus who has been dominating the Micro 4/3 body sales with their OM-D and PEN line. The reported and rumored GX7 looks mighty impressive.

They are reporting the following  specs but check out that built-in tilting EVF! The body looks Fuji-ish with the silver and black and of course the source is from a rumor site but usually they are pretty spot on over there at 4/3 rumors. It is also rumored to be bundled with either a kit zoom or the new 20mm 1.7 II. This camera and a 20mm 1.7 II would be all anyone would need in the Micro 4/3 world and with the video quality of the GH3 and 1/8000s shutter speed all many of you will want :)

Specs as reported at

It has a Magnesium body and comes in full black or black-silver.

– It has an on sensor stabilization (first ever for Pana).

– Same video quality as the GH3

– Shutter speed up to 1/8000

– 5fps (4fps with continuous A)

– it can focus also in very dark conditions

– Tiltable 2,76 Million Dot EVF

– Tiltable 3 inch LCD (1,04 Million dots)

– Integrated WiFi and NFC

– Focus peaking

– Stereo Mic

– Shipment in September

– Body only price 1.000 Euro

– There will be two kit version. One with 14-42 and one with 20mm lens.

So has Panaosnic FINALLY listened to the demands? Is Panasonic the one who will deliver THE definitive Micro 4/3 body? It is not going  to have that incredible Olympus 5-Axis IS but could have on sensor IS. Looks good and I guess we will find out soon enough on the reality of it as well as the pricing.

What do you think of this new GX7 if it is indeed the real deal?

Jul 292012


Fuji X200 at Photokina? My guess is yes…X100 now $999

As some of you may know the Fuji X100 has been marked down to $999 for the silver version. $200 off the normal price of $1199. B&H Photo, Amazon and other dealers have marked it down. They could be doing this for a couple of reasons, one of which may be that they are selling less now that there is more competition out there (OM-D) and they want to move inventory…or…they have an X200 in the pipeline ready for a Photokina announcement. This makes more sense as the X100 has now been around for a while and in Analog Years the X100 would be 13 years old.

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If Fuji releases an X200 all I can say is I hope they keep the same design and overall feel of the X100. I’d like to see it in black or silver, have an improved hybrid EVF/OVF, much faster AF and operation and improved video functionality and a tillable LCD. If they do this then they will have another sure-fire hit on their hands.

Of course I could be all wrong and they may not have an X200 in the works or ready for announcement in September but it is highly possible. For those who have always wanted an X100, you can now nab one at $999 which is a great buy for this camera. To the Fuji fans, what do YOU want to see in an X200 if indeed there is one coming?

Let me know in the comments below!

$999 X100 at B&H Photo

$999 X100 at Amazon

BTW, the image above was created right after the X100 release by a reader and it was his rendition of what an X200 should look like!  Mr. Svein Gunnar Kjode at

Mar 222012

What is to come on May 10th from Leica? I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you…

So speculation is running wild about the May 10th announcement coming from Leica. I was invited to the event in Berlin and really hope I can make it (depends on flight and travel costs) and plan on going but so far if you search the internet you will see many rumors of what is to come. I have been keeping quiet because, well, I already have all of the new Leica products and am under a strict order NOT to talk about them.

Yep, I already have in my possession the new and much talked about M Monochrome, the new X2, the new S3 and an unfinished M10 and I am like a kid at christmas!

Well….no, that’s not true. I just told a big fat lie. :) I figured that by naming this post the way I did would bring in hits from the search engines :)

In reality I have nothing and really can’t say what is to come. Who knows? Instead I will talk about what the internet rumors are saying and then give my thoughts and guesses. But damn, I couldn’t find my crystal ball so this is all blind…

Rumor #1 – A Black and White Monochrome M is the big announcement. Hmmm.

Well someone obviously leaked this out and now it has taken over like wildfire on the internet, unless it was a big made up rumor but I doubt it. The invite Leica sent out sort of had B&W hints all over it. Some are saying THIS is the big announcement. If so, then I think it is pretty damn cool because if Leica went with a B&W sensor then they could also have it perform amazingly well at high ISO. It would be like a classic M loaded with ALL kinds of B&W film. The DR would be better, noise would be better, high ISO could go higher and damn, I am sure it would look sexy as sexy can look. I can just imagine those crazy good B&W RAW files. My concern that is if this is what is coming…how much will Leica charge? It seems like it would cost less for them to produce but at the same tie they could charge MORE due to them being Leica and the fact that there is NOTHING like this out there, at all. I would love to have an M body dedicated to amazing quality B&W with rich output and without having to worry about noise or dynamic range. Want grain? Dial it in with ISO. Rumors are saying it will not have a back LCD but I feel that it would because you would still need to set up the camera as it is indeed digital. Guess we will see if this is even a reality on May 10th. My guess? $7500. Hope it is less though so us mere mortals can afford one. If indeed this is real.

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Rumor #2 – The M10 will be announced

I originally thought that May 10th meant M10. :) But now I am not so sure. I think Leica is still working on the “10” and will announce this one at Photokina later on. They still have some special edition M9P’s to sell. I do feel that when the M10 is announced that it will have many changes from the M9. But I really do not know, these are just my opinions. May 10th though WOULD be a perfect day to announce an M10. Maybe they will mention it, maybe they will show one. I really do not know. My guess though is that the M10 will be later.


Rumor #3 – The X2/Mirrorless IC camera

This is a big one. Some are saying the X2 will have interchangeable  lenses. Some are even saying it will be full frame! Me? I don’t think it will have either but then again, MAYBE Leica is feeling the heat from Sony, Olympus, Fuji…wait..NO, they can’t be..they are Leica! So with that said, I think the X2 will be announced but not sure I expect an IC camera out of it though that would have been a killer move. That would have meant a new line of lenses though and with Leica having such a hard time as it is with delivering their glass, not sos use they would take on an all new mount.

The X1 has supposedly been discontinued so the facts are there… it simply is time for an X2 because like I said, Fuji, Sony, Olympus…they have all made sales of the X1 slow down to a halt. Leica needs an X2 update, just hope it is a good one!


Rumor #4 – Again, a mirrorless solution and R solution

Many seem to think that Leica will be releasing some sort of mirrorless camera. I have no clue if this is the case but if they do, will it be a German-made masterpiece with all new lenses or will it be a Olympus OM-D in disguise that takes Micro 4/3 lenses? Knowing Leica…they wouldn’t want to make a 3rd premium German built camera system with all new lenses, as this would hurt it’s M sales and if the X2 is NOT an IC camera, then it would hurt its X2 sales. So where does that leave a mirrorless solution? I wouldn’t put it past them to redesign a Olympus or Panasonic body and go Micro 4/3. But maybe I am just crazy. This is why May 10th will be so exciting, because I love surprises!

But me? I feel that there is something to the B&W rumors, don’t feel an M10 is coming on May 10th and I also feel they NEED an X1 update, in an X2. Just my guesses! We shall see in May! BTW, if Leica is reading this then SEND ME whatever is new and I will review it THOROUGHLY and have it posted AFTER the announcement! Good plan huh? :)

Using the comments below, tell me what YOU hope to see on May 10th from Leica!


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