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Nov 022012

The Leica Monochrom – My final words and samples and comparisons…for now.

So here I am, a few weeks in with my Leica Monochrom and still loving the damn thing. I was hoping I would see it as a camera that is a gimmik..a joke..a camera that is no different from any other Leica M digital but that has not been the case. Yea, I love Leica. Always have. I have also criticized them when it was warranted and when they released sub-par products that was beaten by the competition at a much cheaper price.

The Monochrom is a tricky beast. The price leaves it well out of reach for most yet there are so many photographers who lust for one. Others have the opinion that it is overpriced camera without features or…COLOR! But I see it as a unique one of a kind tool that does indeed beat the Leica M9 for tonality and high ISO capability.

“Little Man” – Leica Monochrom – 50 F/2 Summitar  – cropped  – Click it for larger version. BTW, this has not had any Photoshop work.

In case you missed them, you can see my previous entries in my ongoing Leica Monochrom review below:

Part 1: Understanding the Camera

Part 2: Low light, High ISO and using Filters on and off the camera

Part 2.5: More thoughts on the camera

GALLERY: The Leica Monochrom Gallery – New images added weekly

 “Zombie Jake” – Monochrom with 35 1.4 – ISO 320 – You must click this to see the detail in the larger version! 

The Monochrom is a real tool..for real photographers..for those who adore B&W photography

I have said this before but not everyone will understand it. Those who refuse to even think about spending this kind of money will instantly bash the Mono on that alone. Others will bash it because they want it but can not afford it and others will bash it because they will say their camera is just as good. Others will say “NOTHING will ever match film”, which is 100% true but why would I pay $8000 to match film? I personally feel what comes out of the Monochrom beats film in many ways. The ones who bash this camera are the photographers who do not get it, and therefore not the target market Leica was aiming at when they released the Monochrom.

The beautiful Zeiss Sonnar f/1.5 on the MM


and a $250 Canon 50 1.8 LTM


I have already stated that I feel the camera is overpriced but the reason for this is because it is indeed a “one of a kind” product. No one else makes a camera such as this and yes, there is a difference in the B&W quality between this camera and a Leica M9 converted file. Is it better? Well, not everyone will agree but I think so. In part 2.5 I posted three images. One from the M9 that was a converted B&W and two from the Mono. I saw the difference in tonality and I will show more below. But is it enough to fork over this kind of cash? No, not really.

What makes this camera worth it to many is because of what it is and that is PURITY. How can a digital camera be pure? By being a simple, old school, B&W only camera. That is how. It is just as pure as film and has capabilities that surpass film. Many film die hards will disagree and I am not bashing film because I also love film, I just do not shoot it these days due to cost and time.

 “In Flight” – Monochrom with 50 1.5 Zeiss Sonnar – ISO 320


As I walk the street with my Monochrom I sit and think… What am I doing owning a $8000 Leica camera body when I am not in that upper income bracket that Leica is so marketing this camera to? Why should I own this beauty when there are other more deserving photographers who can make better use of it?  Why do I NEED this camera? Then I think some more..and the answer is clear. Because you only live once and if I can say anything about life is that we all need to LIVE IT in a way that makes us happy. We do not get a 2nd chance, life is not a dress rehearsal. We are here and then we are gone and if this camera makes me a happy man then I deserve to have it and use it and adore it.

That is basically the attitude I have with all Leica gear. I certainly should not be spending cash on Leica lenses and cameras but at the same time I do not own anything else extravagant. So why not? :)

The fact is that I love the Monochrom. I have shot it all over the place and what I see coming from it are results in B&W that are “different from any other camera I have shot with and converted. It has a look and a feeling. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and truth be told..when you start shooting the camera it takes some getting used to. The 1st few weeks I always saw shots I wanted to shoot in color. Today when I go out with the Monochrom I do not see color. I see only in black and white.

“Fresh Pie” – Monochrom and 35 1.4 – direct from camera on a harsh bright AZ day

Compared to the Leica M9 – Tones

Many have wondered why on earth they should buy a Monochrom when they may have a Leica M9 already. Let’s forget about other cameras for the moment because if you shoot an M you want to shoot an M. You want that experience of shooting with a rangefinder, a hand-built work of art. If you love Leica then you want a Leica.

So let us say you have an M9 and you have been itching for a Monochrom but you are not sure if there is even a difference between the files when at the end of the day you can convert a color M9 file to B&W.

I have been shooting with both the M9 and Mono for a couple of weeks and comparing results. What I have noticed is that the main things that set the Monochrom apart from the M9 is the fact that you will get MUCH less noise at higher ISO’s and you have the capability to go up to ISO 10,000 with the Mono when the M9 goes up to 2500. The Mono also gives you the Sapphire screen of course but in regards to noise and B&W tonality, IMO the Mono takes the prize when it comes to B&W photography.

It appears that ISO 2500 on the M9 is pretty close to the Leica Monochrom at ISO 6400. Even ISO 10,000 is usable on the Monochrom. 

and just for fun, and ISO 10,000 crop on the Mono vs the OM-D in Mono mode – NR off.

It has never been a doubt that the Monochrom is good enough in low light to take images in just about any situation. Since there is no ugly color noise we get a nice looking noise pattern, even with a high ISO setting such as 6400. 10,000 is grainy but some may like this look. Sort of like shooting Delta 3200.


How about tonality? Can the Mono deliver results that look better than the M9 when an M9 file is converted? Well, maybe not better but the images are certainly different.

1st shot is from the Monochrom – 35 1.4 – ISO 320 and 1/4000s – this is the full size file so you can click it to see it full size.

When I focused the M9 shot I realized after I was back home that the focus was off a bit so this is not to compare focus but to compare tones after the B&W conversion. I used Alien Skin exposure. Same camera settings. See a difference?

One more to check for tones – 1st the Monochrom…BOTH converted using the same preset…

And the M9 converted…

I’ve noticed the whites with the Monochrom are a bit more grey. The grey tones are darker grey than what you will get from the M9 converted color file. So is it better? Possibly, for some yes. For some no. I think what it all boils down to is if you want to get into the “Monochrom Mindset” and only shoot B&W. If so, the Mono will force you to do it. With an M9 you will sometimes keep the color file and therefore you may not start seeing in B&W as much as you would if you were shooting with a Monochrom.

“Kids 1st Zombie”  – Monochrom with 35 1.4 – noise added via filter in Alien Skin

“Beat the Drum” – 35 1.4 – filter applied in Alien Skin with grain. EXIF is embedded.

So what is my overall bottom line conclusion on the Monochrom? Well, there is nothing like it. Period. To have a Leica M body in all stealth charcoal black without markings that only shoots in B&W is quite the conversation starter. It is a camera that you really can’t get until you use it…hold the shutter. Is it worth $8000? To me, no. To you? Maybe. The files that come out of this camera when a shot is properly focused with a good lens are mind-blowing. Prints..I can only imagine (coming soon..big prints from the Mono).

There is a richness and tonality to the files that come out of the Mono that are very pleasing but do take some getting used to. You can get results that are very grey and flat but you must have that eye in B&W mode to find the right situation for a good B&W photo. Once you get that down as well as the processing and filter use then you can start to feel comfy with the camera.

The Monochrom is not for everyone but for those who dare step into this territory then I feel you will be happy knowing you have one of the most different cameras on the market. A full frame Monochrom only sensor camera with classic beauty, classic handling and even classic usability. Mixed with the ultra simple controls of focus, aperture and shutter speed and you have a winner for those of us who want to shoot in a pure way. The Leica Monochrom gives us that.

Only you can decide if it is for you. B&W only, Superb ISO performance, Gorgeous files in a Leica M body. $8000.

“Hey Brother can you spare some Brains”? – Mono with 50 Summitar


Where to Buy the Leica Monochrom?

If you want to buy one of these and are prepared to take the heat from your significant other about it then you can buy from one of the following dealers, all of whom I recommend:

Ken Hansonemail at [email protected]

B&H Photo

Dale Photo

Pop Flash

The Pro Shop  – 561-253-2606

The only problem is that this camera is back ordered and usually dealers have wait lists going on. Be sure to check with all dealers to see where they stand on stock and tell them I sent you!

Zeiss 50 Planar at 2.8



What else can I say?

After 3 previous parts to this review and several other posts prior to these I feel that everything I could say about the Monochrom has been said. It is what it is and you know if it is something for you or if you would benefit by owning one. All I know is I am in love with mine and will continue to use it during those times where I feel B&W would suit. I may even be inspired to go out and start a new series like I used to do when I had more time. Maybe pick up on my Homeless Project where I left off a few years ago. The Mono motivates :)

Zeiss Sonnar 1.5




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Oct 282012

Zombie Apocalypse! My weapons of choice? Leica Monochrom, M9 and Olympus OM-D!

Halloween is just about here and what better way to celebrate it than to attend a good old-fashioned Zombie Walk? I went out yesterday in Phoenix AZ strapped with my Leica Monochrom, a borrowed Leica M9 and my Olympus OM-D and a few lenses to see if I could snap any images of the undead without them eating my brains. The images below were all shot with one of those three cameras.  I also had the Panasonic 8mm Fisheye for M4/3 and LOVED using it at this event. I am writing up a review of that lens so will only include a couple of images here from that lens but it is great fun as fisheyes always are, even with their limited use.

This is just a quick Sunday post for fun as well as a quick POLL to see how many of you can spot the Leica M9 image below when mixed with two Monochrom shots. This site is always about the fun and passion in photography over the technical stuff and’s Sunday so I am not going to get to involved and sit at my desk for 5 hours :)

Zombies in Monochrom 

A few of the images in this post are from the Leica Monochrom which made me think of the original “Night of the Living Dead”, which was shot in B&W. Zombies really pop in color but they can also look pretty cool in B&W.

BTW, One of the three images below was shot with the M9 and converted to B&W. Can you spot which one? HINT: The M9 converted to B&W will give off a different look to the Greys/whites than the Monochrom.




Can you spot the M9 image? Vote in the poll below and cast your vote: WHICH IMAGE IS FROM THE M9? 1, 2, or 3?

[polldaddy poll=6644440]

10/29 – ANSWER: The M9 shot is #3!

Be sure to click the images for larger versions! In my upcoming part 3 review on the Mono I will have some full size 100% files for you to check out from the Zombie walk. It was loads of fun shooting with the Mono though I have to say..these walking undead zombies POPPED in color!

Zombies in COLOR

While at the walk I was blown away with some of the make up and effects some of the “walkers” did on themselves. There were zombies everywhere! Teenage zombies, old zombies and even kid zombies :) It is amazing how popular the whole Zombie genre is these days. There were entire families showing up as zombies and it was super cool to see and interact with everyone. The cool thing is that everyone there LOVED getting their photos taken. Take a look at just a few of the shots I snapped below using the various cameras and lenses.

The M9 and 35 1.4

The OM-D and the Panasonic 8mm Fisheye

OM-D and 12mm f/2

Leica M9…this guy wanted to eat the camera and then feast on my brains!

OM-D and Fisheye

The OM-D and 75 1.8..this lady had the hair but no makeup so she resembled a troll doll :)

Leica M9 and 50 Summitar 

The OM-D and 75 1.8

M9 and 50 Summitar

I have to say that if there is a Zombie Walk in your neighborhood  next Halloween then GO! It is loads of fun, there are a gazillion photo opps and everyone is friendly and having a great time, which makes for some great image making possibilities. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Sep 292011

Ricoh GXR A12 Leica M Mount Module – My quick take by Steve Huff

Yesterday I posted a review on this Ricoh GXR Leica M Mount module by Ashwin Rao and I have also been shooting with this module so figured I would post some images from it. Ashwin basically wrote the review so what I am going to do is shoot with it for the next month or so and see how it goes and occasionally post some photos and thoughts about it. You guys know I am a fan of the GXR and 28 and 50mm modules but what about shooting M glass on the GXR with its own customized sensor?

When I received the package and attached the module to the GXR I loved the solid feel. That is one thing about the Ricoh cameras…they are made and built TOUGH. LIke Ashwin, I also had the VF-2 EVF attached to the camera even though I feel the EVF itself is of average quality (when compared to the new Sony OLED EVF). The GXR has a focus peaking feature much like the Sony NEX-C3, NEX-5n and NEX-7 but it was not as good as the version in the Sony. Still, I was able to focus spot on 98% of the time so it obviously is good enough. This peaking technology has made it so much quicker and easier to shoot manual glass on these cameras.

The lack of an AA filter on this module really makes the difference here and I am liking the files from the GXR moreso than the NEX-5n (with Leica glass). I can safely say this is my favorite body yet to shoot Leica glass on (besides a Leica body that is). To me it beats the others but it will be interesting to see how the NEX-7 compares. I do love the color coming out of the GXR. If you own a GXR and Leica glass, even if it is from the 1940’s like the Summitar used below then it is a NO BRAINER buying the A12 M Module. B&H has it for pre-order here.

Below are a few shots to show you how the images render on the GXR with this very old Leica lens that normally sells for $350. I have done some contrast/color enhancements to them but slight. Just a slider or two. :) I’m digging it so far!

With the Leica 50mm f/2 Summitar attached I noticed the similar signature as I do when I shoot this on an M8 or even M9.

Click on any image for the larger version.

Jan 162011


ATTENTION! I am adding a lens to the grand prize Leica M9 for the contest!

OK…so if you have not heard about the Leica M9 Give Away here on this site then you are either here for the first time or you somehow missed 3-4 postings about it. The contest is underway and over 110 entries have been submitted so far.


There are 20 days left to enter the contest and the 1st prize is the Leica M9 camera donated by Seal. The 2nd prize is a Leica V-Lux 20 camera donated by Leica Camera. I urge you all to take a shot at this and enter!

Some of you who have entered have told me that even if you win you would not be able to use the camera because you could not afford a lens. I understand this because even the non Leica branded lenses like Voigtlanders can be in the $500-$1100 range for the better glass.

So what I have decided to do is to sweeten up the grand prize with my own Leica 50 Summitar vintage lens from the 40’s. I reviewed this lens on an M9 and you can see that HERE. There have been other posts with this lens and an M9, like this one. I love this lens and it was given to me by a generous reader here so why not pass it along to the winner of this contest so they have a camera and lens set? No, it’s not a fancy $3000 Leica lens but it’s pretty unique and will give you a very classic look when shot on the M9.


In order for the winner of the M9 to get the 50 Summitar lens included they must be following me on my new facebook fan page! Well, not “following” but you must “like” the page. Basically, just go to my fan page HERE ans click on “like”. If you have already done this in the past 2 weeks then no need to do anything else. Basically, whoever wins the contest will be sent the lens if their name is in my list of people who like my stevehuffphoto fan page on facebook! If not you still win the M9 of course but without the lens. You still have to register here and at to enter the contest but the 50mm Summitar was just something to sweeten the deal for the winner :)

This is just a way to be able to give a lens with the camera AND for me to build up my facebook page for this site! To be clear, you have to “Like” my stevehuffphoto facebook fan page HERE.

Good luck to all! It’s getting exiting as I am seeing new entries every single day. The prizes are amazing so be sure and read all of the rules HERE and enter before the Feb 05th 2011 deadline!


Sep 012010

Wow, B&H had a Grey M9 in stock today earlier and just last week I was able to acquire another M9 so I am back again with this wonderful, amazing camera. Thanks to Collectible Camera in Phx, AZ for helping me out.

I have not had any serious shooting time with the camera yet but have shot a few silly snapshots so as usual with me, I decided to post them! This site is all about the passion, the excitement, the fun in photography so why not?

Yes, I may be back again with an M9 but my only lens so far is the old 1940’s 50 Summitar as I could not afford a lens just yet. I am saving for one and I decided to go with ONE lens and ONE lens only. Not sure yet if that will be a 35 or 50 but for now I am having fun with the old Summitar. Still looking for an M9? Try Ken Hansen in NYC or Collectible Camera in AZ or B&H Online

Also, a couple weeks back I posted a series of M8 photos as I bought a used M8 thinking it would be 9 months before I could purchase an M9 again…but I was lucky enough to get one much sooner. In any case, many have asked me what I thought about the M8 vs M9…I’ll write an article on that one soon that will tell the moan differences I found and what I feel about those differences.

Anyway, here are some shots from the past few days with the $300 50 Summitar lens and the M9. Lens is Uncoded and most shots were at f/2!

Mar 052010

The Leica 50 Summitar Classic Lens Review on the Leica M9 – It’s time for a classic review! Today I am writing about and showing samples from the 1942 Leica 50 Summitar lens. This is a classic! An oldie but a goodie and it was made before the 50 summicron for the old Leica screw mount cameras. This is an F2 lens and its performance is quite unique and beautiful at the same time. This is what is so cool about Leica M bodies. You have such a vast selection of glass to try out or buy. For example, this lens sells for about $300 on e-bay. To use it on your M camera (MP, M6, M7, M8, M9) you will need an adapter like this one.

I want to first thank a Mr. Max Marinucci! He was kind enough to send me this lens to try out and I loved it so much, well, I now own it :) THANK YOU TO MAX! Btw, Max is the guy who wrote the great article about film (read it here). I think we will have a new article by him soon, and it should be pretty interesting!

Let me start by saying that after owning my Leica M9 since October 9th, 2009 I love it more every day. I have not had the itch to sell it, I have not had the itch to move to a DSLR and my only “itch” has been wanting to buy a 2nd body in Grey. That is actually a goal of buy a grey one within the next year. TO ME, the Leica M9 is the best digital camera available right now, again, for my needs. Yes it is manual focus, yes it is limited with no macro and no telephoto zooms. Sure it is a little slow with certain things but man, there is really nothing like shooting with an M wether you have a film M or a digital M.

You guys already are well aware of my love for this camera so let me get to this gorgeous classic lens. I want to make a prediction…the price of this lens is going to go up and e-bay will soon be filled with Summitars going for $500, $600 and who knows, maybe more. As soon as M9 owners see what kind of classical sweetness they can get from this lens they will want one. That means YOU if  you shoot with an M9 :)


This lens is a collapsible lens. This means that you can twist the lens and push it in to your camera for the ultimate compact setup. When you want to use it, just pull it up and out. BUT BEWARE!! Many say you can damage your M8 or M9 by pushing the lens in while others say it is OK. I can say that I did in fact try it on my M9 going VERY Slowly (Yes, I am crazy). It did collapse and did not touch anything inside my M9, but it had to be VERY close. As a rule, I keep it extended as I would not want to damage my camera. When you extend the lens you can twist it to sort of lock it in place so it will not collapse on its own. But as you can see in the pics below, it is collapsable on the M9.

Here is a shot of the lens collapsed and extended ON THE CAMERA!

CLASSIC = Beautiful Portraits…

When Max sent me this lens he told me how nice it was but I assumed it was going to be soft, flat and dull (kind of like the Noktor I am reviewing for m4/3). When I attached it to my M9 and fired off a few shots I immediately knew that I needed one of these in my arsenal. I found it simply incredible for portraits due to its ability to smooth the skin and draw your subject in a way that no modern lens can do.

Here are a couple of samples, taken at F2 on the Leica M9. One in color (tweaked color a bit in CS4 to make it more classic looking) and one in Black and White (converted in Silver Efex Pro):

Wow…a lens from 1942. I always thought these old lenses were foggy, had low contrast and could not compare to any lenses made  today. It just goes to show you that sometimes these old lenses can be better for certain things than the new lenses! For those times when I want a soft portrait look I will reach for the summitar. One thing to keep in mind though is the minimum focus distance is 1m, not 0.7m. So you really can not get close to your subject. The Black & White image above was at the minimum focus distance.

CLASSIC = Swirly Bokeh

Bokeh. It seems that  today we are all obsessed with this word and effect. When buying a fast or semi fast lens we want to see pleasant out of focus backgrounds and the way a lens renders these backgrounds can sometimes be ugly and headache inducing and can sometimes be beautiful. For example, I think the Leica Noctilux has beautiful Bokeh. I feel the legendary Leica 50 Summilux ASPH has incredibly SMOOTH bokeh. The 50 Summicron can be a bit odd at times but it falls in the BUSY bokeh category. So what about this summitar? Well, I would call it CLASSIC. It has that unique swirly type of bokeh that is loved by some and hated by others but I think its amazingly cool and I was surprised to see this from an F2 lens. In some shots it reminded me of the Noctilux Bokeh and to me, that is a good thing. One thing is for sure…you will not get this look from ANY modern Leica lens!

Here are some photos I snapped with the summitar a week or two ago. Not only will this show you some samples of Bokeh, but also color and contrast. These are straight from camera, just resized.

You can see the “swirl” in #4 and #6. I personally thing this lens produces beautiful out of focus backgrounds. Here are more samples showing the 50 Summitars MOJO. All at F2 :) You can click the images for a larger view :)

If you are a fan of this look like I am then you may want to start searching for one of these lenses :) Not only do I find the Bokeh very interesting and unique but look at the color and contrast! Gorgeous! The samples above are all direct from camera with no processing! The 50 Summitar is a gem indeed. There is not really much more I can say about this lens except that it is a classic, it is built extremely well, can only be found in chrome, and works superbly on the Leica M9!

YES, It is also sharp!

“No way ” I said when I started looking at my images at 100% on my Imac 27. The sharpness of this lens is SUPERB! It’s sort of a smooth but sharp look instead of a clinical sharp look. Here are a couple of FULL SIZE out of camera examples.

This was shot just to test sharpness! Leica M9, 50 Summitar, F4 – Click HERE for full size JPEG

(you may want to right click and save it, or open in a new window to avoid the light box opening the full size file)

Here is a 100% crop if you do not want to download the full file:

And at F2…



  • It’s tiny!
  • Can be found cheap on e-bay (at the time of this writing)
  • The build is 100% Leica!
  • It’s extremely cool to have a lens from the 40’s on your M9. It’s even better when you see the quality it pumps out.
  • Unique and sometimes gorgeous bokeh.
  • It’s actually sharp, even wide open. Not pin sharp like the modern lenses but sharp enough.
  • A great portrait lens when you want a smooth look.
  • Color is sublime.
  • Contrast is good.


  • Closest focus distance is 1m, so not very close.
  • Collapsing the lens into your M could possibly damage it, so beware!
  • May be hard to find a clean copy free of haze, fungus and dust.
  • Needs an adapter to mount to an M camera.


If you own an M9 go search for one of these now!!! It’s a great little 50 to add to your collection and while it will not replace your 50 lux or 50 cron, or whatever your main 50 may be, it is nice to have one of these in your kit for times when you want the cool look this lens can give you. I LOVE It and am so happy to now own this one. Again, THANKS MAX! Oh, and if you do not own an M9 it will still work on your M8 or film M.

Here are a few more shots with the lens on the M9. Enjoy!

Shot at F2 (I can’t seem to shoot it at any other aperture because it is so beautiful at F2!)

again, at F2 in direct sunlight. Notice how this lens also appears to keep highlights from blowing. I took this shot with the E-P2 and Noktor and it was not usable. Blown highlights, dull color and mushy results. This summitar handled the light with ease.

This one was also at F2 but I added the “Vintage” filter in Aperture 3 just for fun and to try it out :)

I love the way the Summitar and M9 handled the light here. It almost appears that the leaves have been “sculpted”. Very 3D and superb color/contrast.

F2 – click image for large 1800 pixel wide version

F2…love it!


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Feb 172010

Ok, all of you Leica gurus…this one is actually pretty easy but take a guess what lens I have on the M9. A reader sent it to me to review and it’s a classic. This was the 1st image I tested it with after I attached it to the M9, and as usual I shot it wide open. The image has PP but see if you can guess the lens. :)

UPDATE ! – OK guys, it’s been a while and there have been a few guesses. Some of you nailed it! Before I get to the lens here is one more image I shot today of my Niece with it. Again, wide open. You can click it for a large 1800 pixel wide version.

and the lens? A 1942 collapsable Leitz 50 Summitar F2. The guy who write the film article yesterday, Max Marinucci sent it to me to try out and I have to say that it’s one hell of a lens. How much did he pay for it? Under $400! I am going  to shoot with it for a while and write up a report on it soon. It’s a sweet lens and when mounted on the M9 makes for a nice small kit! Here it is on the M9:

Thanks for letting me try this lens out Max! Now I want one…bad :)


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