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2,080 posts later, this blog is still growing strong! Some stats…

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I was doing some site maintanance today when I decided to look at some stats. I usually only check out stats every week or two, and usually just for the previous few days. It has been a while since I checked the overall stats of this site and I wanted to share some of those stats here.

2,080 Posts and going strong!

In 2009 I started this new VERSION II of the site, which ended up being in a blog format. Here we are in 2013 and this blog has posted 2,080 articles, reviews and reports. All of which can be seen in a list HERE. There is so much information embedded into this website it would take someone weeks to read it all. I think this is pretty cool and while not every article or post is something you will find useful, my guess is that you can find some pretty interesting things in that index list.

Comments and Views

Since November 2009, this blog has had 56,934,791 Views. Fifty Six Million. Crazy! When it hits 100 million I am going to give away something VERY special in  very cool contest. Will it take 3-4 years? Not sure, but when it hits get ready :) I already have it planned out. With over 56 million views, there have been 54,771 legitimate comments that were posted in the discussions. My best ever single day brought the site 186,000 views. This was during the original Sony RX1 Review. The 2nd best day was when I posted the Leica M 240 review with 164,000 views.


Spam Comments

While there were over 54,000 comments placed by real people wanting to discuss photography, there were a whopping 382,363 spam comments that tried to get through, of which only 23 did thanks to powerful anti-spam software embedded in the site. Spammers are ruthless and never give up so this is a constant fight. At one point I was getting 1,400 spam registrations a day, which slowed the site down tremendously. Today the spammers do not even make it to registration so I get 10-40 legit registrations per day. Registering is NOT required to comment but it is required for the forums, and the Buy and Sell forum.


This site is not cheap to keep alive!

I have said it from day one, this site is my baby and I am dedicated to it for as long as I can keep it going. Every year the expensed grow to host it, keep it running smoothly and to keep it secure and spam free. When I started it cost me about $300 per month to keep alive. Today it is 10X that but worth it to me. The way the site is paid for every month is through the help of all of the readers who enjoy this site. With everything here being 100% free and with me never accepting donations it depends on YOU guys, who feel they benefit from the information here. To help out it is simple. Anytime you see a link in a review or post to B&H Photo or Amazon, and you click it and end up buying ANYTHING at those sites, I will get a teeny commission. Over time this adds up and when I get those checks, I pay the hosting and other associated bills for this site.

CLICK HERE: You can read more about how you can help by doing nothing different than you already do and spending no extra money by reading this page here. Even if you live in the UK, Germany or Canada, you can help!

My site sponsors also keep this site alive, so I thank them ALL. The sponsors are posted in the right side bar on every single page. Ken Hansen ([email protected]), PopFlash.com, The Pro Shop, CameraQuest and Lens Rentals. I-SHOT-IT also helped me out and became a sponsor. Without YOU and without you helping them, it would all be lost! So visit my sponsors when you need something photo related if you can. I thank you in advance and it is highly appreciated!

Thank YOU ALL!

So today I thank you ALL. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who visit this site from time to time. Does not matter if it is every day, every week or every month as I appreciate each and every one of you, even those who do not like me very much. You still count as a view in the stats :) I am dedicated for life to this site so as long as it pays for itself, this site will continue on and on and on and like I said, when I hit 100 million views I am going to give away an amazingly special prize to one lucky reader.


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Nov 072012

Those who live in the UK can now support this site via Amazon!

Just updated my “Shop & Support” page so I will keep this one quick and to the point. I must have had over 100 e-mails in the past year from UK residents who wanted to help support or donate to this site to help out (I never ask for donations) and I have been asked so many times if I would put up a link to Amazon UK that would help support this site. Well, today I did just that! If you are in the UK and shop at Amazon you can now use the link below..you can even bookmark it and anytime you buy from Amazon, no matter what you buy it will help to support this site!

Thanks to all for all of your support!


UPDATE – Just added Germany & Canada as well!

USA Amazon Link:


GERMANY Amazon Link:


CANADA Amazon Link:



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