My new article published in the June online Pbase magazine!

Hey guys!

Just about ready to upload my 35 Lux review but was just informed that the new FREE Pbase online magazine came out today and they published an article of mine! Pretty cool. You can check it out HERE. In addition to my article, there are some very cool things there to see so don’t miss it!


  1. Steve,
    Unlike most of the web articles I scan, I actually read every word. I love cameras just as much as the next person, but the important thing is the image. Reading the essay, I did not think about cameras once, but I did think about the people I have met who carry similar stories. For people who live on the streets, they are no different, except they don’t have homes.
    While we go nutso over F stops and lens smoothness, I think photographers have the opportunity to refocus peoples eyes onto the world right outside. Nice job man, happy to see you out there making meaningful images.
    And if you see Joseph again, give him $20 for me and say his angel from NYC brought this for him. I drop it in your paypal.

  2. Congrats Steve. I saw the photos and the write up on your link before. Super powerful write up and photos. It helped me change my perspective on things. Thanks!

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