A Filmstrip: Happy Birthday to my (now ex) wife Mina!

UPDATE 2011 – Now my ex wife!

Just got back from a birthday dinner for my wife and of course I have some photos to share! I surprised her with friends and family and we all had a great time. I brought along the M9 and the new 35 Lux ASPH set to ISO 1600-2500/B&W and took some snapshots from the table to see how it would do in indoor low light. Worked out great! Happy Birthday Mina, love you!


  1. Great pics Steve.

    Did you shoot just jpeg in B&W or shoot DNG & jpeg & convert the color pics to B&W?

    I ask as I find the B&W jpegs straight from the camera have a look to them that is hard to reproduce from a DNG. I am not saying better just different and to my eyes, at least, very pleasing.


  2. Happy Birthday Mina. You have a great husband and a wonderful son to be proud of…..you have everything 🙂


  3. Happy birthday to your wife… and thank you for all the great articles and reviews Steve.

  4. Hey Panda81, I NEVER use NR in any of my photos. B&W and the M9 do very well at high ISO’s. Also, if you bump up the contrast or black level in PS you can “hide” the noise that is there. You lose shadow detail but you also lose noise.

  5. Happy birthday Mina, and great job arranging the party and documenting it, Steve!

    I’m curious, any NR in these photos at all? These look almost too amazing if there weren’t any NR. I can’t even see any noise in the dark areas of the photos, which is quite a lot considering the environment. Or maybe is it just because it’s harder to see the noise from the smaller size of the photos?

  6. Hi Steve,

    Please stop.

    Reading you makes me want to switch to a Leica M9 and two lenses. If, sorry, when I do I feel Leica will have to pay you commission. It would really only be fair.

    I shoot a lot of documentary work using DSLRs, which I find heavy and a little cumbersome. The M9 appeals greatly. It would also help get around carry on luggage allowances when I’m on assignment in other European countries.

    Anyway, you are a bad man for making me desire an M9 so.

  7. Woohoo! Happy birthday!

    Steve, were those shot in DNG -> Aperture -> Nik? I was playing w/ the M9’s settings on B&W JPG, and the images aren’t too shabby. I might start shooting B&W JPG’s on the M9 more often. What do you think?

  8. @Newbie, the Olympus cameras are lovely, but I’d probably go with the Nikon, simply because it has a viewfinder to look through. In broad daylight, the screens on the back of most digital cameras are terrible, then you’re looking at the extra expense of an EVF. Once the EVF is attached I don’t think it’s any less awkward to put in and out of bags than a DSLR. If size is very important to you, then by all means get the EPL1, but I think micro four thirds is still maturing and much better ones will be around soon.

  9. Subha Upan Dinak Weva ! (in Sri Lankan)
    Direct Translation = Auspicious – Birth – Day – May you Have.

  10. Mina says thanks for all of the B-Day wishes!

    @Newbie, best thing to do would be to try and handle or even shoot both. Me, I would choose the E-PL1 over a D5000, BUT the D5000 has a larger sensor and will most likely give you better IQ. It all comes down to what you want. A smaller non DSLR type body or a DSLR with more speed (D5000). As for the wedding shots, they were all shot at ISO 2500 with a 35 Lux, so basically the same lens. Only difference was with the wedding, the light was VERY VERY low so there was more grain. It’s all about the light.

    @ Tim – Thanks, yea, I stayed away from the meatballs last night 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday to your wife! And you got the sit at the pope table! I like Bucca’s (the only place I know with that much “art” and a pope table) though eating just one of their softball sized meatballs will have me burping garlic for about 3 days… 🙂

    Nice shots too. Film is great but I do miss the ability to change ISO to fit the scene!

  12. Hello,

    Dear Steve I have a question for you. If I am to buy a camera with the following characteristics:
    1. sturdy.
    2. One I could grow with (meaning I could use for years to come)
    3. help me appreciate photography as an art form as well as take everyday snaps
    4. maybe use leica glass on with adapters (if I ever get insanely rich)

    Which one should I get the EPL1 or the Nikon D5000? I’ve narrowed down my choices to these two but other suggestions are most welcome. Also, from where I’m from a camera costs twice as much as the price I see on US websites.

    On another note, I absolutely adore the wedding pictures you took somewhile back with the M9 (that couple was lucky to have you at their wedding). They had a kind of retro look to them which I do not find in the pics above. Was it because of the post-processing or the lens?

    Once again happy birthday to Mina.

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