Still loving the magical, mystical Leica 50 Summilux ASPH!

Hot on the heels of Ashwins Noctilux article I thought I would share some snaps I shot last weekend while in Long Beach CA on a mini road trip.

Went on a trip to Long Beach, CA to visit the Queen Mary (ship) and had lots of fun exploring the ship and enjoying the awesome weather and of course I brought along the Leica M9 and the mystical, magical, most amazing NEVER IN STOCK Leica 50 Summilux ASPH! This is my 2nd favorite lens for the M8 or M9 EVER next to the new 35 Summilux ASPH (which seems to be delayed). Anyway, we took the tours on the ship like the “Haunted Encounters” tour and the “Ghosts and Legends” but they were a bit boring actually 🙂 Also went to the Aquarium in Long Beach and that was also lots of fun.

As usual, the M9 did great with the 50. Low light, sunlight…no problem 🙂

So enjoy the images below all shot with this amazing combo.

Brandon exiting the Russian Scorpion Submarine

and on the ships deck goofing around…

I think he is in need of a haircut…

We went to the Aquarium in Long Beach as well. Was very cool but dark though the M9 and 50 Lux ASPH handled it without a problem. All at 1.4 You can click on any image on this page for a larger view!

This little boy was amazed at the sights he saw in this tank!

The ability of the 50 Lux ASPH to Isolate your subject is remarkable.

ISO 1600  – low light – 1.4

The StingRay cometh – 1.4

The Wall Of Color – Love this one…

Back in the Russian Sub ISO 2500 was needed with that 1.4 aperture…

Some B&W in the room…

Grabbed this at f/8 on our way home…

Lorikeet feeding. This guy was feeding a Lori at the Aquarium

A seagull waiting and hoping for some food…probably f/2.8

Just some rope  to see how the yellow would turn out. Love the colors of the M9.

and my reflection in an old elevator….

Snapped the next two while driving

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  1. Really enjoyed the photos on the Queen Elizabeth but found the one on the Russian sub especially cool! The lens is extraordinairy and fabulous and your comments are greatly appreciated Steve.
    I so enjoy looking at your photos and the comments and I want to thank you for helping many of us thinking seriously about the “art” of photography!
    I always look up to see your comments and that always makes my day!
    Thank you very much Steve!

  2. Very nice photos Steve. I must say, in their reduced size form the edges are a bit almost pixelated. I am not sure if there is something in lightroom etc that can optimise them for the web/small format as the current view (on my monitor anyway) does not do them justice. I clicked on them and they improved in the larger shot but I found when I increased the zoom on my monitor from 100% to 150% and they got super sharp and crisp. Normally the opposite happens with photos on the web so I guess it is testament to the quality of the files you are uploading. Just thought I would mention it though as people these days are so quick to just glance at something and make a quick judgment without looking deeper. The 50 lux asph is pretty much the only lens I use on my M7 and I love it too!

  3. Stevem these are simply gorgeous. I just actually re-acquired the summilux last week-end for a breathtaking price (< $2,100!!!, with coding), and your images remind me once again of how this is the best overall lens that Leica makes….once you factor in size and weight. Your moving image shots are amazing, spectacular, can't really say I have seen a look like that. The aquarium shots and the shot of Brandon in the tunnel also shine for me…lovely work. Can't wait to get out and shoot more with this lens…as a sample, here's a 50 mm 'Lux asph shot taken by the M9 at a recent football game for UW:

    Jake Locker, QB extraordinaire

    Jermaine Kearse, WR and Pac-10 player of the week

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