The Leica X1 has some Competition! The new Fuji X100

Fuji says $1000 USD for the X100 and a March 2011 Release!


Wow, check this out! Fuji Just announced a camera that I CAN NOT WAIT TO TRY OUT! AWESOME!!! Fuji is going to have a home run with this one…

The new FUJI X100 and it looks so similar to a Leica X1. This is a large sensor compact and comes in with 12 Megapixels, a 35mm equivalent Fujinon lens that opens up to f/2, and 720P HD video recording. This could be an X1 killer because it even has analouge controls and a killer hybrid viewfinder that can be used as an EVF or optical VF.

The official Fuji page for this camera is HERE so be sure to check it out! Notice the lens has an Aperture dial!

The design is so sweet! I can not wait to see what the price will come in at. I will be trying to get my paws on one of these ASAP, so stay tuned…

Funny how they named it the X100 🙂

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  1. Leica has very small market for X1 at $2K mark.
    Now the interesting survey: Will you buy Fuji X100 at $1200 if Leica X1 reduced to $1200-$1500? Or professional grade Olympus EP3 body with interchangeable lens mount at $1200? What are your thoughts and actions?

  2. Yes – thanks – just read the full specs. It is 445g with battery and camera card. Samples images are now available on the X100 website.

    Erm – I hate to say this – and maybe it’s my computer – but – they just don’t look quite as sharp as I expected. There is one – a portrait of a young girl – that is lovely. But the others. Nice pictures – but not as sharp as I expected. They look no better than something taken with an Olympus E-PL1 to me.

    I will wait for a review and further images.

  3. Hmm, equivalent 35/f2 lens and able to control manual? Interesting stuff…feel like M
    If the price not more than 1000USD, It will beat GF2, GH and X1

    You need to contact Fuji soon and get X100 demo version for your review purposes….:)

  4. There is still no information on the WEIGHT – and people are pre-ordering! Does anyone know the weight? Has anyone had their hands on one and put it on a set of scales? I have no idea why this is such a big secret – except perhaps that maybe it weighs a ton!

  5. I would love to have one of these new x100’s, but I doubt it would be worth the extra $800 to me.

    I have a Canon Rebel and with my 28mm f2.8 lens on it it is fairly portable and would be pretty comparable to the x100. I would prefer the x100 though, because of it’s size.

    My real problem is my Canon SD4000is which is roughly 2/3s the size of the x100 and I carry my pocket — any pocket, It has an F2 lens and AV & TV controls. It also shoots HD movies and slow motion movies. I recently shot photos at my grand daughter’s wedding and never used a flash. I made her a photo album through Blurb and she says she likes it more than the professional photographer’s album. Of course she is prejudiced. My shots were candid and not staged and to her they captured the real flavor of the occasion.

    I’m just a guy who has taken a lot of pictures through the years and do it for my own joy, but I do enjoy it when others say “that’s a nice picture” As far as I can see the x100 would only give me a bigger sensor and manual controls, Oh, and a viewfinder. I got my sd4000 refurbished from Canon direct for less than $200. I could afford to buy the x100, but for an average photographer like me I wonder if it would really be a benefit to me.

    I guess people who are a little more into photography than I am will buy it. It’s a beauty.


    • Hi Mel,

      Great to hear about your joys of photography with your current equipment. i salute you for getting good results from existing tools.

      The x100 is a camera that sits right in the middle. slightly wide lens, slightly fast lens, slightly portable.

      Will it give a technically very different result from your current lineup of stuff? answer is “not much”.

      The question is, can the x100 with its style and function and capabilities help you and inspire you to produce even better types of pictures, more often and help you to produce more stunning wow shots?

      For me, the olympus ep2 with the voigtlander 25mm 0.95 and c mount lenses has done just that. i have stopped using full frame dslr for more than a year.

      The fuji x100 is an exciting and powerful professional tool that I believe, in good hands can inspire some wow pictures. For that alone, the price to pay is pretty small. Life is short, lets make beautiful pictures whilst we can.

    • hi Sergio and Markus,

      Leica did great with the x1 and the m9. its just that fuji has the benefit of looking at whats done to make something better.

      Leica will not die even if their products are bettered by others because thats Leica, never in the mainstream, but a niche with strong followers. In any case, all digital will be technically challenged very very quickly.

      So the fuji x100 was inspired by the x1 and this in turn will probably inspire Leica to make a better x2, and thats good for everyone.

      If the x100 is branded as a Leica, that would be really bad news.

      – it would be priced beyond most people’s reach
      – it would be sold-out most of the time, with a waiting list
      – its resale price would be really high too
      – it would spin off into niche products like titanium versions and designer versions which would be priced like real estate and precious jewellery
      – it would remain a dream for most people or cause some to mortgage their homes and suffer high interest payments
      – by the time its affordable it would be 5 years old

      so thank our lucky stars that fuji has taken this initiative. Leica style, fun and quality at fuji prices.

  6. I really think that this camera will be a X1 killer. I never tried the X1 but i have read in many reviews that it doesn´t have the image quality that you would expect from a Leica for $1.500. As far as i heard Fuji is concentrating on superb image quality when producing the X100. And for me, this is the priority beside of the handling and the design.

    About the comparison to the iPhone and the wannabe-iPhone-killers, they can´t kill the iPhone because with an iPhone you also buy a big image. But if you find out that there is really a better product for a much better price then i guess you don´t care for the image anymore. And i think this is what Fuji is manufacturing: a better Leica for a lower price and with a better image quality. Fuji is a company with great history in cameramanufacturing too. It´s not any company who is copying. It´s like David vs. Goliath. And one thing is for sure: Leica has to react on the X100.

  7. I´m not bashing anything here, but it´s fun to read The official Fuji page “First Impression” what people like about it when no one has even tried it yet. I for one don´t think this will be a X1 killer. The X100 will have more features but I don´t think the IQ will be better. Like the iPhones killers with more bells and whistles but they can´t kill the iPhone! 🙂

  8. Hello all,

    This camera drove me over the edge to register and make my first response at Steve’s site.

    I’ve read all the comments and think all are well-reasoned, albeit somewhat shooting in the dark. My read is multi-fold. Is it an X-1 killer or simply upping the ante to/for the X2? Leica can’t sit idly by and let Fuji (or Nikon?) eat its lunch. Imagine what this will do to the X1 prices on the secondary market.

    Also, alluded to earlier, the Fuji – Nikon relationship can’t be ignored. Recall, Fuji’s DSLRs mount Nikon optics and Fuji is very comfortable sleeping with other manufacturers in the boutique photographic marketplace. Remember, the Hasselblad multi-format, film, panoramic camera was cross-branded as Fuji in Japan.

    I pose the question whether this could be the precursor to Nikon’s long-awaited entry into the high-quality, “compact” digital market. Letting my imagination wander, perhaps Nikon would market an interchangable lens version. Take that, Leica!

    Just my $0.02 – and I don’t know any better than anyone else. What I do think, though, is that we’re rapidly approaching digital photographic nirvana. If we can afford it, that is.

    Regards to all,

    Kookie B.

    • hi Kookie,

      Ref your comment…

      Letting my imagination wander, perhaps Nikon would market an interchangable lens version. Take that, Leica!

      Leica already has something like what you mentioned. its called a Leica M9. I dont think Nikon’s version is going to kill the m9 or any other (Olympus, Panasonic, etc).

      Totally agree with you that we are rapidly approaching digital photographic nirvana. In fact we are already in digital nirvana.

      If you dont believe this, try using an Olympus ep2 or Lumix G1 with their superb digital viewfinders, then switch to a film DSLR. Then shoot 100 pictures and comapre the results between digital and film. I predict much better results with digital systems because digital allows you to see what you are getting, immediate feedback. No waiting (plus too many other benefits to mention). Thats nirvana right there already.

      • If you know what you are doing which doesn’t take very long if you are not able to look at a screen – then you don’t need instant feedback.

        The technical side of photography is piss easy. And is not where the good photos come from.

  9. At last a Camera that a lot of people have been waiting for – looks sweet and of superior quality to the cheap feeling leica X1 which is a lot more expensive (£1,400) than the fuji X100 at £900 UK.

    I Did consider the Leica X1 but after a trying one out on test before purchase I decided that the focus was too slow and it had a crappy live view screen for such a pricey camera also the leather was peeling off the model I was testing out, so a Panasonic GF1 was what I decided on in the end which has been very good on the whole but not as good in picture quality as the leica which I put down to sensor size and the leica lens.

    From the sound of things and for a high but resonable price the fuji is going to be a real winner.

    If the full review of this new camera is good, its the one I will PX my Panasonic GF1 to get.

  10. My wishlist for this fuji camera:
    Please Fuji,
    Make the shutter SILENT.
    Also please make auto ISO work like the ep2 and not like canon 5D.
    Please have spot metering AE lock and AF lock in one half press of the shutter button.
    Please make AF really fast, we dont need 99 AF points, just one great AF point will do.
    Please make IS built in or else make high ISO of 6400 really clean and detailed.
    How about making the lens even faster like f1.4 or f1.8 without increasing bulk.
    Could we have one in black, or gun metal grey?

  11. Not bad. Not bad at all. The image samples I’ve seen don’t light my fire – but they are no doubt from test mules (hopefully).

    I’ve been considering the Leica X1, but given its fragile nature, I’d prefer something like this.

    Looking most forward to your review Steve.


  12. Talking about hybrid.
    On june 24 in 2005, more than a year before the M8 came out, I sent Leica an e-mail with an idea for a hybrid viewfinder/rangefinder in the expected digital M.
    I wrote: “Take a part of the digital image (instead of the usual little optical rangefinder image) and mirror that in the middle of the viewfinder – to use that for focusing.”

    The answer I got (in german – my translation): “Thank you very much for this interesting proposal. We will discuss it in our innovation-committees to study the possibilities. As a little thank-you we send you a copy of the newest issue of our magazine ‘Leica World’. With kind regards.”

    But using a CCD (and not a CMOS) they couldn’t go that way on a M, I presume.

  13. That’s correct. It is Fujitsu indeed. Did Erwin say it’s Fujifilm? I can’t imagine Erwin would make a mistake like that…

    I checked his blog entry, and it is very ambivalent what he writes about Fuji and Fujitsu. He kinda implies some connection to make a point that is very muddled, like sometimes Erwin’s thoughts are. I think every Leicafanatic should read Erwin’s blog, however, and then move to Steve after that. The best combination of background knowledge and then some practice and fun. Best online school combo on the web.

  14. >>>I recommend giving a look-n-see at Erwin Puts’ Blog regarding the Fuji X100. He makes a compelling argument for Fuji being more of a ‘real’ partner with Leica than Panasonic is. (Fuji supplies critical S2 Components, I guess)<<<

    As far as I can see, Puts got this wrong: it seems it's Fujitsu, a large electronics company with no relation to Fujifilm, that provides some inputs for the S2.


  15. If the x1 had a optical viewfinder (one already attached to the body, not the expensive external model) I would buy one over this…Fuji is winning right now though…see you in March.

    Anyone want to buy an E-P2?

  16. I just discovered that the optical viewfinder only shows 90% of the picture… really? I find that to be both strange and ridiculous! I don’t understand why they would do that and I hope it changes when this camera goes into production.

    • A reasonably priced digital rangefinder with a reasonably (to us full frame shooters..) sized sensor, reasonable quality AND an optical viewfinder, instead of just the “tourist lcd display”.

      Why has noone ever thought of that before?

  17. About more that a half year to go for this camera !?? What we see here is still an empty ‘box’… Sure nice design, but… is not a camera at all, this is good working marketing webshit.

  18. On paper the specs look really good – something I would have expected from LEICA for sure.

    I do have the X1 but from the first day I have not been happy with the AF-speed and as in additional use to my M9 with the 50/90mm on it, I would have love not only to have a small camera with 35mm but also with a HD-video mode too…that’s what I’ve been missing with the X1 for sure.

    • Quote from Engadget’s article:

      “Fujifilm’s Adrian Clarke (…) affirmed that the company was aiming for a March 2011 ship date, with a retail price to hit near the $1,000 mark.”

  19. its a wrong preasumption, that Leica charges people for the name which often is made buy people who dont understand economical principles and how production works.

    Leica proiduces many things by hand, which means more people are more directly involved into the production of Leica cameras than in other companies. Leica produces some cameras in Germany and salary also is higher their, etc… so there is a good reason from a production point of view for the higher price. There also was a time – the young ones might not remember – where german quality had a high reputation. Leica still is fullfilling this reputation.

    Today – when every article get produced as cheap and fast as possible in China or another Asian country, people forget these things easily.

    Of course its one thing to understand these facts and another to be willing to pay more for a german product (like ie Leica).

    But – and thats my point – nowadays no company can afford it to sell products more expensive only based on its good name only.

    • I’ve heard rumours that wages in Portugal are significantly lower than in Germany. I’m guessing that that would not be a relevant factor to a company like Leica… 🙂

    • Leica produces in Portugal since the 1970s. The X1 is manufactured there. So are all M components. Electronic componentry are bought off-the-shelf in China and Taiwan. Only final assembly (!) of the M9 and S2 are done by machine in Germany, with manual labour (“German craftmanship”) applied to cosmetic elements and final touches. Lens elements are manufactured at Schott, which also supplies Zeiss and Schneider Kreuznach / B+W. Don’t read too much into “Made in Germany” today, and yes, there is a premium people pay because “Leica ownership” is as much valued as “taking photos with a Leica”. Who knows, maybe there is even a HCB deity devotion tax that is included with every Leica accessory… could explain why you pay that much money for a 2nd rate leather strap as extra.

  20. You guys all have lofty goals for this camera. I just hope there is no shutter lag. Even a fraction of a second delay from pressing down on the button to tripping the shutter will kill this camera.

  21. Hey Folks,
    I recommend giving a look-n-see at Erwin Puts’ Blog regarding the Fuji X100. He makes a compelling argument for Fuji being more of a ‘real’ partner with Leica than Panasonic is. (Fuji supplies critical S2 Components, I guess). I’m betting this guy probably has better connections to the ‘Leica Mothership’ than Steve himself has :-)! The conclusions I draw from Erwin’s comments on the X100 and the M9Titanium is that, in my own opinion, the X100 probably is serving as a way to see how well or NOT WELL the X100’s hybrid Optical/EVF Viewfinder translates to the User and to the Manufacturing environments. If the camera or the first of it’s kind viewfinder falls on it’s face in some manner, Fuji will get a bit of a pass on things. If Leica were to go through the very same teething pains they could easily have an M8 PR debacle on their hands – or worse. The M9Titanium incorporates the same LED Brightline Illumination as the X100 and it serves as a test bed for a total redesign of the M9 Top Cover Design. Were the M9 Follow on Camera be intended to include this new Optical/EVF Hybrid and it failed in some manner, it would be in Leica’s flagship product with similar flagship price tag. Fuji can stir the pot and explore the manufacturing realities and user responses to this viewfinder, make a few bucks, too, and Leica will have hedged it’s bets without risking it in their flagship camera.
    I think it’s an interesting theory anyway.
    Richard in Michigan

  22. Hey Steve…Hey forum,

    I have to admit that when I saw the X100 (you’ve gotta love that little dig) I looked over at my X1 with a little trepidation. The X100 does look very, very interesting and in truth is what the X1 should have been. But (isn’t there always one) I’m sticking with the X1. I am happy with it warts and all. The image quality is stunning and the feel of the camera and owning a Leica is something you cannot buy.

    That being said I can’t wait to see what the X100 can do, I want it to do well because nothing is better for us as photographers than healthy competition.

    When I do look to get a new camera in the future, I’m leaning more towards there being a Leica X2, now that the gauntlet has been laid down.

    Your move Leica.

  23. It sure looks great and seems to tick a lot of boxes. Especially the viewfinder looks very promising.

    But it does seems a little big and Fuji doesn’t exactly has a track record for digital cameras with great IQ.

  24. I think it does MF?

    according to this video:

    and this blurred image that shows a focus mode switch in the side of the camera (sorry for the image size…):


    • I am really curious about how it actually does manual focus. There are many cameras out there that do it through and EVF, but I have not seen anything as good or close to as good as an OVF.

      Im guessing that this camera will implement manual focus through the EVF instead of OVF. From my understanding, focus on a rangefinder is achieved by superimposing 2 images on top of each other, using triangulation to focus onto the desired subject.

      Can this be achieved with overlaying an optical image with an LCD image? I don’t see how that would work to tell you the truth.

      So I guess is comes down to how good the EVF is on this camera…

  25. well, I have been doing some reading and just thought I would share my thoughts…

    Like many of you, I was excited when I read Steve’s post. This camera looks exactly like what I want. But looks can be deceiving…

    In a compact camera with no interchangable lens I want portability and convenience. The problem with the X100 is its size. Everything else is great, escpecially the f2 lens! But it just isn’t as portable as the X1.

    Of course, there is one thing that would have made me forget about the size of the thing and buy one… Manual focus through the optical viewfinder. After some reading I would expect that this will not be available on this camera. Having shooting information visible in the viewfinder is great, but I don’t think its worth sacrificing the manual focus. I say forget the information and get back to concentrating on what is in the image frame rather than the figures. Besides, you should know what your settings are before you eye makes its way to the viewfinder 😉

    • Manual focus is available too. Focusing is done by a ring on the lens and visual focusing through the viewfinder – but no rangefinder (no idea how it works – the info is on the news page of the website now).

  26. I agree with Silos. The used M8 would do the thing. Unless Leica surprises me this week, I am about to buy the X1. With Digilux 2, Leica M9 and now close to the final amount for X1 I do not need anything more. I am not getting into Fuji after all. Anyway – am waiting for Steve’s test results.

      • In part, yes, but also the fact that the Leica is hand built by magical elves, who charge a premium for their time 😉

        Seriously, the oft mentioned ‘Leica Tax’ does seem to apply when comparing prices with very similar Panasonic models.

        • People are willing to pay twice the price for the Leica equivalent to the LX5 (even if one can argue that it is not really a Leica). The X1, is a Leica. So, the legendary name can make people throw the money. Fuji…not sure. The X100 will have to be as good or better than what is available. That means a fast autofocus (GF1 or NEX-like), high ISO as good as the NEX. It seems that the lens should be at least as good as the Sony (many people, including Steve, say that it is soft) and, better, as good as the Panasonic 20mm f.1.7. Furthermore, since the X100 will be directly compare to the X1, it will have to display IQ in the same range. I would be surprise if the X100 is not better than the X1 in all aspects…but the lens (this may save the X1)

  27. A digital fm3 would be amazing! My old FM2n is by far the best camera I’ve ever owned! Look on nikon rumours, there’s talk of unveiling some kind of prototype “Q” mount camera system at photokina, but it’ll not be available for realease for a ling time.

    This is a really interesting time for digital cameras. Old school is definitely back in fashion 🙂

  28. This one sweet looking camera!

    The 12mp doesn’t worry me as the reduced density of pixels on a larger sensor compared to 14 mp should lead to higher image quality, larger pixels being able to absorb more photons. That said I just wish it supported interchangable M lenses which woudl kill my M8/9 lust dead in an instant.

    Looks like Leica are going to have to be very innovative with an X2 as the rules of the game just changed 🙂

  29. @DJ a bw only digital version of the fm3a family of fm/fe’s with the same physical shell would be awesome! Why no frame adance lever on these? Do we have to have an auto motor??

  30. It would be a mistake by fuji to make this too expensive and exclusive. it would pit off a lot of buyers. At at the end of the day, fuji have the infostructure to churn these out off a conveyer belt not pain stakingly hand make them like Leica. If they get this cheaper than the x1 and used m8 but sit it just above all the micro 4/3s, it’ll steal a boat load of people who want micro 4/3 or entry level slr’s and be one successful camera.

    Ps I can’t wait for a nikon one 🙂

    • DJ,

      I agree that the pricing is critical. More than an X1 could cripple it. Your pricing point seems about right, and I think they’d clean up, but as it appears to be very similar to the X1, I think it’s a mistake.

      I can wait for the Canon one, as I have my X1.

  31. If the autofocus is as fast as the m4/3, and the shutter near silent…it could be the ultimate streetphoto machine…fantastic high iso + f2!

  32. I’m not so sure this will be priced lower than the X1. They have made a camera that fills a void bewteen X1 / u4/3 type cameras and the M9. I’d say it’ll be more than the X1.

  33. Definitely interesting, although I think that the finish is a mistake, looks pretty horrible and the back to front aperture ring is the biggest mistake. Did no-one pick that up! Pricing looks a little high too.

    However, all this is secondary to IQ, which we won’t know about for a while.

      • Richard,

        Coming from a Leica, to me, the ring is the wrong way around.

        SLR/DSLR wise, it’s been a long time since one of those have had an aperture ring. I can’t actually remember which was around the ring was on my old Pentax’s, and no Canon EF lens has ever had an aperture ring.

        • I have been using an xpan2 of late and it is the “reverse” for me as well…. you adjust pretty quick. What was harder to adjust was having the aperture ring at the front of the lens – I always grab at the front to focus and endup grabbing the aperture ring and not the focus one…

  34. Its now about time Leica reinvented the CL as a replacement for the X1. Would n’t it be great to see a full frame CL 40mm f2 lens with proper RF viewfinnder ! great film camera ! could be great in digital.

  35. The way this looks like Contax G2 makes me think it really has something to do with Cosina, Do you think Voigtlander will make a black version like the Bessa III/Fuji GF670? A black digital G2, 35mm f/2 and 85mm f/2 with a way to manually focus off the sensor when need be would be the last camera I’d ever need, this seems to be it sans portrait and compressed landscapes.

  36. Just a interchangeable lens mount and probably a killer product line. It’s not about killing Leica. It is about entering the most hotly contested space in photography right now.

  37. This camera is everything that the X1 should have been, I sold mine after 2 weeks to get an M8, man the X1 was a joke when it came to speed of use.

    This camera will probably be in Panasonic G1 territory in terms of price though, and lets not forget, Fujinon lenses are what are stuck inside new H series Hasselblads these days…

    • Yes, Richard, and that lens will probably make up for a bit of the loss with the AA filter and the 12MP thing (which means nothing anyway). I may even sell the M9 I rarely use to buy this and put the change in my pocket. For the amount of time I spend shooting digital, this X100 is a little easier to justify. I like the fixed lens approach too. I’ve had a Summicron DR attached to my M3 for two months now and it’s perfectly okay. It’s also easier to carry two bodies than swap lenses. Hey, if they come out with a fixed 50mm model, and the price is $1200, one can buy a 35mm, a 50mm and still have saved $4600 compared to the M9. Of course, I would rather buy two M3s with two old Leica lenses and shoot film but that’s another story…:)

      • Did just that with my M8 as I’m using M2 most of the time, sold it for more than I paid almost a whole year ago too, good deal no?

        My plan with the proceeds was to buy an M3 and stick a 50mm on it permanently leaving my M2 with a 35mm on all the time and buy something like the GF-1 for my limited digital needs but this Fuji has blown the Lumix plans out of the water I think, depending on it’s pricing in the UK that is of course – So often we tend to pay the same figure in £ that you pay in $ in the USA which hurts big time! 🙁

        • I sold all my digital stuff 3 years ago after I bought it all after getting back into shooting after 13 year break. I looked at it sitting ont he shelf depreciating and the fact that all my best shots came from my f80 and 35/2. If you don’t use it – sell it.

  38. Only one thing is missing from this….

    Make it black and white only – get rid of the silly bayer system and AA filter – then it would be a real 12megapixel and not 12/3 (bayer) – some AA fuzziness = less than 4megapixels of acutal detail.

    Then I may have something to tempt me to buy a digital camera. Until then – they will still be pieces of tech that get in the way of nice shots. It looks and I hope it is manual focus. It will need a RF patch or ground glass for that and I didn’t see anything towards that end…..

    • Richard

      It’s AF, not manual. It has no extra windows for any rangefnder mechanism. It’s actually a large sensor compact with an optical viewfinder and proper dials. Actually, the viewfinder looks very interesting, but I think the price will not be as friendly as people expect, which is a shame, because priced right, I think it’d sell in boatloads.

  39. Surely Leica must be planning to use a similar OVF/EVF in the M10? They must at least use an electronically illuminated frame lines which appear for each focal length and superimpose other shooting information?? No one’s asking for a overly complicated digital M but surely where technology can improve on film Ms – like specific electronically illuminated frame lines for each focal length – and preserve simplicity, Leica must do the right thing.

    When are we going to get an interchangeable lens version of this form Panasonic or Olympus? A built in EVF, ranger finder style body, quality metal construction and a set of decent primes for M4/3 is the most obvious idea possible. Also, what are Nikon/Canon doing? Someone in the R&D department must have mentioned that they haven’t produced a beautiful (in terms of design/material/emotional response) camera in perhaps 30 years…

    • Thanks for posting the link.

      I think size wise, it’s closer to an M than the X1. I think that the manufacturers are having a problem putting a zoom onto these large sensor compacts. If they could have done it, I think they would’ve by now. We’ve had several Sigma’s, the X1 and now the X100, all with fixed lenses.

  40. When I first saw the picture I thought it was a joke, never expected any company to make something as nice as this. It will be very interesting to see some real life tests. It looks like old fashioned build quality and that is meant in the most positive way. With a modern 12MP APS-C sensor and a sharp f/2 lens I think the results will be wonderful. If it lives up to expectation I will have to consider getting one, even if it would mean selling my 7D.

  41. Did you hear that? It was the sound of a large amount of my M8’s resale value flying out the window. And my EP-1? I have been trying to sell it for 4 months already, now it will never go.

  42. why such a viewfinder when its a auto-focus camera? The viewfinder Would have made more sense if it was a manual focus camera.

    • Some people really don’t like the way you have to compose with a screen. Many prefer a viewfinder, Less obtrusive too.

  43. This is a beautiful camera with spot on specifications I certainly won’t be giving up my x1 that easily tho 🙂 This awesome piece of kit will most definitely up the auntie for an x2 or x/m hybrid next year.

    I think this will be £799, so aprox $1249 if my calculations are right. Well done juji, this is gonna sell like hot cakes and a lot of evil and micro 4/3s cameras are gonna be following suit very soon 🙂

  44. I have already cancelled my order for P7000, lets wait for the price of this baby.

    I hope its not in range of the Leica X1, even with that in mind I will get one for sure.

    This looks like a real keeper.I like the brochure which focuses on the Macro as well.

    Well done Fuji

  45. definitely the most interesting announcement since 2 years. i will be switching from my E-P1 w/ Lumix Pancake immediately to the new FUJI once it is released. have been waiting for a better sensor and the manual controls for a long time

  46. The aperture dial rotates the wrong way. F2 is where F16 should be and vice versa. That will be a pain when switching to a standard layout. Strange decision.

      • I think you’re wrong, the scale isn’t fixed but the dot is (that’s why it’s exactly in the middle). It seems backward, but operation is the same. That’s what the tabs on the side of the lens are for… Only speculating though.

        • Ditto, but wouldn’t it be correct right if the red line wasn’t fixed? I think you’ve crossed the i’s and dotted the T’s with the same outcome. If the red line moves and scale is fixed it would be the same rotation as Leica lenses. Turn your leica lens all the way to the right and that’s wide open, same if the red line moves on the Fuji.. that’s if the grip on the lens moves, if it’s the tabs then we are in trouble. In fact looking at the website more closely it seems it could be the tabs that change the apature and the grip is just that, a grip…

    • I’m not sure which part of the dial rotates, but in any case, there’s no such thing as “standard”. Nikon, Pentax and others have always had f2 on the right (from behind the camera). Leica, Canon and others have always had f2 on the left. It’s entirely a matter of tradition for each company.

    • Yes I noticed that too! Don’t suppose it makes a huge difference.

      Also noticed – filters for different film types – including Fuji Velvia – yay! If they can reproduce the look I got with Contax G lenses and Fuji Velvia I will be well happy – unless the price is too high of course. It does mention a ‘lens coating’.

      As for pricing – it would make sense to pitch it less than the Leica X1 – but then the Leica X1 is about £2,000 GBP if you get the grip and VF and about £1300 stand-alone – so maybe they will sell it for £1300 or less (as it already has a grip and viewfinder built in). I can’t see it being less than £1,000 GBP though.

      Does anyone know the weight? Searched the website and can find nothing – dimensions yes, weight no. That could be a dealbreaker for me. I wouldn’t want anything heavier than 450g (similar to Contax G1) in something that small. But it isn’t made of titanium so I guess it could be heavier. I have small hands and weak wrists!

      I also thought it had a look of the Contax G1.

      All I need now is the equivalent of my old Contax T. Very small but sturdy compact – bolt on flash unit, fixed 38mm stunning lens – but something that small wouldn’t have a big enough sensor.

  47. I have had mixed feeling about this after reading the announcement. While Fuji is a first rate optical manufacturer, their large format lenses are the equal of any other companies best lenses, I was a little disappointed by the 12MP sensor. In my mind 12MP is the minimum acceptable resolution and behind the times. So it seems to me that considering the Sony NEX cameras have 14MP and interchangeable lenses, in order to be successful the Fuji will need to be priced similarly. If the speculation of $1700 proves to be close to correct, then I think the Canon 7D with 18MP and interchangeable lenses becomes a more viable option.

  48. Yes! Yes! Yes! Just when I thought I could not be exited about a digital camera anymore, there comes a camera that makes me really excited! This look so right!

  49. after finally being able to look at the site i would pay a lot more then 600 bucks for that camera, well past the thousand mark although NOT 2 grand. Common fuji, time for a comeback, slap leica in the face !

  50. The true whizz-banger about this IMO is of course the finder, and, could it be the start of a new wave of electric style optical viewing systems that can be adapted to an interchangeable lens system camera?

  51. I did a quick search on google Japan and this is what I found about the price of X100:


    Based on the exchange rate today the price should be between $1400 and $1750.

    • This is most upsetting… understandable, but upsetting. Far too expensive to be a “second camera” for most users, which is how Fujifilm identified it (“appeal to the millions of DSLR users who need a slim back-up camera for high quality in-fill shots when the use of a bigger SLR system is either inconvenient or impractical”). It may, indeed appeal, but phew I cannot imagine a large market for $1750 secondary camera.

      • Yeah, probably too expensive for most users as a second camera, but remember there are plenty enough people to keep Leica in business with their $7k cameras and $3-11k lenses. There’s a tier below that level that have been waiting for something like this Fuji and are probably prepped to pay around $1500 for this rig as a second camera.

        I can’t afford to buy new Leica gear (I’m used all the way), but I could definitely manage a little pocket pain to get this Fuji new, esp if it’s quite a bit cheaper than the X1. I actually kind of hope it isn’t as good as it looks ;-).

    • I read somewhere else that Japanese companies have high list prices–the Nikon 105 f/2 is also listed at 150K yen, but sells in the US for $900, less for gray market. I forget the link, someone at Photokina asked a Fuji rep–says around $1,000. There’s reason to hope.

  52. I saw this about a half hour ago in Leica Rumors. I bet this runs cheaper than the X1. I wonder what the quality will be like? My sister had a Fuji camera that was crap. My 1st camera was a Fuji ST605 manual camera and it was awesome. I know the D-SLR Fuji cameras are wonderful cameras as they have the best colors coming out of them and a lot of wedding photographers use them. This is a sweet camera. I hope you get one to test!

      • after looking close at the features, I agree with you. $1300 seems more plausible. That viewfinder looks rather complex–and everything seems well implemented. That can’t come cheap, especially considering this product demands entirely new (or heavily adapted) manufacturing lines.

        I’d still buy it at $1300, but I think they’re going to limit their market a lot. Instead of sweeping a niche, they’re just going to take a small slice (like leica).

        For example, I know you liked it, but I thought the X1 was a ripoff.

        • The Klasse W ans S with f2.8 lenses (premium build compact film cameras with excellent optics) were priced around USD 800. I estimate prices to be around 1400-1700 USD. The strengthening Yen won’t help USD pricing either.

  53. I want it, and I might buy it. I just put aside my tripod purchase (give or take 600 bucks with head) to wait and see what this comes in at, I would love it if this camera turns out to be good and around the 600 – 700 mark in price. If it goes past 800 then im probably out though.

  54. Guesses on price??? I’d be all over it at $1000 or less. This really is THE camera I’ve been waiting for–a digital Konica Hexar. Perfect for my style of shooting (can’t afford an M9). I’d buy a small tripod, a compact flash, maybe a radio trigger and be good to go! FINALLY!

    By the way, look at the lens chart–look out Summicron!?!?! Before you all you Leica fans get upset, the Hexar 35mm signature looked remarkably similar to the summicron (4th gen) as well.

    I’ve been using my d700 with a 35mm for about a year. I’d much rather carry this around.

    Note: IF they price these around $800 or less, they won’t be able to keep them in stock. Let’s get a poll going, what would you pay for this camera? (for you leica nutz, buy a red sticker and put it on)

  55. Hi,
    first stop is ISO…. it starts from 200, not from 100. then is HD video…. 720, ok but what about frames? 24 or 30? then sound quality? only build in mic 🙁 and how about optics(lenses) fuji no lenses for them, like The Leica have some awesome glass !!! then is Optical Viewfinder 🙁 only 90% so….. sorry no offense it `s only facts …..

    • There’s a lot of confusion in this comment.

      It has a built-in 3-stop ND filter, so you don’t need a fake ISO 100 setting. The OVF is 0.5X mag on a 35mm lens, so no way is it 90% coverage. WRT lenses, I’ll put one of the Fuji pro lenses up against a Leica optic any day — and I’ve shot almost exclusively Leica (and Zeiss ZM) for over a decade.

  56. The only problem is that I don’t think you can possibly have a rangefinder style camera (with optical viewfinder) and have an interchangeable lens system. Lecia does it very old school with crop lines depending on the fix lens you are using…but still no zooming.

  57. If this thing had an interchangeable lens mount, it would be absolutely perfect.

    I think we will be seeing more of these — I suspect the Lumix gf2 is going to be similar.

  58. Wow, finally some rangefinders are coming…
    Saying this I’m also hoping that it will change the trend of the nine freaging grand that is being gouged by the M9

  59. Seems like a killer camera.
    Too bad it doesn’t have an M mount, this would have just been the perfect camera.
    Don’t know if you have noticed, but on the bottom of the view finder there is the distance scale (in green) and the focus point (red bar) surrounded by a white area. I think this is the DOF, meaning you can see the DOF in real time when you change the focus.


  60. Wow. I’m so excited. I wish it had interchangeable lenses, but other than that, I don’t think there is a spec I would change. It just needs to be incredibly responsive with a fast buffer.

  61. First time I looked at the fuji forum on DPreview after seeing this hit the news. Looks like the camera I picked up in Vietnam back in 65. But it will have to perform better than my GF1, a lot better for me to go out and buy a new camera. Still, I know that this is what we have all been wanting. What took them so long?

  62. Leica’s showing something new tonight. I’m guessing nothing in response to this. I’m so excited I can’t even sleep. 😀

  63. Reading up om this, this thing is pretty much everything I want in a camera.

    Btw, can anyone guess what the film release on the front is for?

    • Think that’s probably for switching between optical and electronic viewfinder mode, based on the press release over at dpreview.

  64. Geese, you have to wonder if Leica has just got beaten at their own game; Andreas Kaufmann has intimated that there were/are possible ways of turning a optical finder to more than just mechanical.

    Boy, can you imagine if they have been one-upped? Or maybe Leica has a completely different idea in mind. If it works as well as they say, hats off to Fuji. Lucky for Leica it’s not full-frame!

    • Wasn’t there a rumour a while back that “Japanese Company X” would be launching an RF digital camera later this year? I seem to remember a few threads on RFF a few months back.

      Well cat’s out of the bag now and it’s not an RF camera but they’ve sure produced something that is as good by the looks of it and as you say created an excellent viewfinder by the looks of things. To be fair this is what the Leica X1 really should have been and I’m sure Leica cannot be happy because this camera is going to get a whole lot of attention at Photokina this week. 🙂

  65. Amazing!!
    Finally a fuji product that should give real iq, was looking at their f300exr and thought what a pity there are so good at hardware and kept disappointing iq with small sensors, until now!!
    This will be the real true replacement for my legendary pocket f31fd, can’t wait to see it for real!!

  66. This looks nothing like an X1. This little beauty looks like an RF camera of old. I still prefer the X1 for portability. The X100 is almost 1″ thicker than an X1.

    • Walt, I agree with you. I am tending to think of it as a M with a fixed lens and AF. Looking at it that way, it’s a bargain.

  67. Stunned!

    I think Fuji have been listening and reading the RF communities thoughts, viewing RFF etc, noticed how popular the M9 is also and though long and hard on this one and have designed one of the all time greats (so long as it performs as good as it looks).

    It’s like the Leica M3, Contax G1/2 & Konica Hexar had a lovefest and this is the beautiful baby as a result. 😀

  68. Yeah, looks to me like they’ve gotten everything just about right. This is the first digital camera I’ve been excited about in a while. Here is the comment I left on the Fuji site:

    “Wow! If this camera performs at a level commensurate with its looks, specs, and features, Fuji is going to have a huge winner on its hands. I can see it being popular with the Leica folks (such as myself), as an alternative to the X1, and possibly even the M8/9.”

  69. I’ve seen it on Dpreview too. Finally someone is getting what we want. We just want to take pictures, and we only care about shutter speeds, f-stops and focus xD Well, if this little baby has manual focus i must have one =) It’s too bad that it doesn’t have interchangeable lenses, but the 35mm fujinon lens seems pretty nice =)

    • I still bet it’s half the price of the X1 and at that level, probably worth every penny. Too bad for the movie mode though 🙂 If I was to design a new digital, I would put a tiny and cheap LCD screen just to navigate very few menu functions and treat it just as film. Can’t see the pics until you get home! Forget looking at that screen after every shot, buddy 🙂 Now, that’s retro!

  70. I am a big Fuji Fan. I have a Fuji F10 6 mp camera which is still in use. I also have the Fuji F200EXR which has a great sensor and high dynamic range. Can’t wait to see this. I remember how great the Fujifilm DSLR was.

  71. Wow..I wonder why it took someone so long to figure this out. Let’s come out with a capable compact digital that has the one simple control that is on every M and really the only thing a camera needs..shutter speeds. They even threw in a dial for exp comp and that’s sweet. Considering that that Fujinon is going to be a killer sharp lens and the whole package looks and behaves like an analog, including the aperture on the lens (another major leap forward there, wow) you bet this is the X1 killer because most likely it is going to be half the price too. Got to hand it to Fuji because if this camera delivers, they will sell boatloads of it. People are sick of complicated, menu driven digitals and this is a breath of old/fresh air 🙂

  72. might be an interesting sidekick to my M9… i like the manual controls… old meets new school!

    still looks like it’s auto-focus, though. oh well. thanks for the news, steve!


    • 5 or 6 cameras ago i owned a fuji (one of those credit card sized ones) that i gave to my mother-in-law. she still uses that sucker! it’s quite the workhorse… seriously considering pickin’ one of these bad boys up!!!

    • Looking at CNETs photos, theres a switch on the finder side with


      That implies that there is manual focus i guess..

  73. Awesome!!

    I was thinking in a viewfinder similar, and fuji make my dreams reality!!!

    Looks better than the X1, but i don’t like the X100 vulcanite

  74. Saw this on dpreview about half an hour ago and, Wow! Really like the look of this! I really hope you’ll get your hands on one ASAP for a review! Also hope that the price will be low. Maybe even so low that I could afford to buy one! It looks very interesting!

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