Fun Friday Links! October 1st, 2010

I’m back again with some cool and fun photography related links and some used deals! Enjoy!

Cool links…

Just found this site and have been digging some of the photos on it. Check it out 🙂

How about a cool lens add on for you Iphone? Check out Jelly lens!

One of my fave blogs talks about film in a 2007 article. Interesting reading over at Kirk Tuck.

So cool. How about some cardboard cameras?

How to get a speed boost in Aperture 3.

A new Leica camera! Wow!!! 🙂

Ok, this one is real, but RARE. Only 6 made ever. Check out this Leica MP2…

Found a new Leica M9 review that is pretty cool to read. One from the guy that runs Canon Rumors! Sounds like the RF bug has bit him 🙂

A Photokina Report in Pictures by Felix

A really cool Nokton 1.1 lens review using an M6 and good old film!

There is a very real resurgence for film!

Gotta check out Seals new video for “Secret” shot using 35mm B&W film – beautiful. Also, if you download his new album on Itunes (The Deluxe Version) you will get some bonus goodies like some of my fave images I shot of him in Europe this summer! Go to Itunes and grab it!

Used Deals…

B&H Photo has a “9” condition Leica M8 in black and in the box. Check it out…

They also have a nice M6 TTL…also in the box.

Also, Ken Hansen has M9’s, X1’s and all kinds of lenses in stock. You can email him at – Tell him I sent ya!

Of course, B&H still has black M9’s in stock. DALE Photo has GREY in stock!


  1. I been following Canon Rumors Guy before this blog and when the RF bug started to bite here I thought I could go to CRG to find reason to stay on canon and save money, well what do you know, his posts have been full of M9+Noctilux images -__-

  2. Kirk tuck has pretty much IMHO the best photo blog on the web, real life practical advice from an experienced Pro who knows what he is talking about and a lighting Guru. When Kirk speaks it pays to listen, he’s usually bang on the money. Bought me a Kindle thanks to Kirk, dead right again he was it’s an awesome tool for the serious reader. 🙂

  3. Nice Links,

    esp the Canon one. and It proves one thing:

    Never ever touch, use or think of a Leica M9. Once You do, you’re lost!

    And I can tell from experience (oh that price tag…).. Well in 2011 it will be mine…


  4. We sell the Jelly lenses where I work, they actually work, so much fun lol for any phone with a camera, and even some point and shoot cameras.

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