1. Reminds me of a French Canadian alpinist who found a camera on the Everest (I cannot remember if it was not on a dead body actually) and he found the family of the guy in Lithuania or another of the Baltic states to give them the pictures. The guy was either dead or had disapeared. Anyways, the Canadian guy did not make it to the top due to weather and whatever else convinces you not to go forward, and he went out of the beaten track, I think he got attracted by the Down coat of the guy and found the camera. Everest climbers do not go out of their path for a dead body each breath is calculated… Anyways it was a true weird story.

  2. In his recreation vid, does the film he finds look like Kodak?
    And I like that I am now a pro photographer, I use HP5+ all the time!

  3. very cool pictures, and he is a good narrator. Wether its fake or not we will never know but its very neat, and if not fake you would assume only a matter of time now.. most of the world is bat shit for youtube.

  4. Cool story indeed! But it instantly reminds me of Vivian Mayer story, and it seems to be a cheap knock off? Dunno maybe I’m wrong but thats the feeling it gives me…

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