What is it about new cameras that make us crazy? It’s called G.A.S.

What is it about new cameras that make us crazy? It’s called G.A.S.

by Steve Huff

2012 – It’s madness, it’s mayhem, it’s one of the most exciting years in digital camera releases EVER and I can see it…we are all going crazy and are filled with excitement for all of these new camera releases..yes my friends, G.A.S. is alive and well and damn, we don’t even know what Leica is announcing this year yet! All I know is that when I get a hold of all of these new cameras (and yes, I am buying them all to test) I will be like a junkie getting his fix. But why is that? Why do we get excited about new cameras, new lenses, new equipment? One thing to know is that this “disease” is NOT just in our hobby. I see it in EVERY hobby.

G.A.S. or otherwise known as “Gear Acquisition Syndrome” is real and it is alive and well, more so than ever. From the mirrorless craze to the Leica love, we all want a camera that we can depend on, grow with and love but when we find it something new arrives and the cycle starts all over again. I guess websites such as this one do not help the situation but what can I say? I ‘m just as much a gear head as many of you.

The manufacturers of these cameras know all about G.A.S. and they are not helping to cure us with the latest round of new cameras coming out in the next 30-60 days. Cameras appear  to be popping out of the woodwork and it is driving many of us MAD, including ME! The new Sony NEX-7 is JUST NOW starting to ship to the masses after a several month delay due to the flooding and just today I received my Zeiss 24 1.8 but still no body, but I expect that to arrive SOON. The Fuji X-Pro 1 is now moved up to a March 7th expected ship date by B&H Photo, which is coming QUICK. I had mine pre-ordered on day 1 so I hope to get it soon.

The Olympus OM-D is set for April but may come out a little sooner and with their new lenses including the new 75 1.8 with all metal construction, it appears the Olympus may be the hottest ticket yet for someone wanting a complete and mature system.

The new Olympus 75 1.8 all metal construction lens – WOW. Imagine this with the 12 and 45. Perfect trio! A fast 24mm,  90mm, and 150mm! 

I am already starting to see the Olympus 45 1.8 selling out again from those who have pre-ordered the new E-M5. With a camera such as this and these new lenses, there will be little left to be desired in the M4/3 world. Add in lenses like the all metal “Leica-Like” Voigtlander 17 0.95 and 25 0.95 and wow. I have a feeling that this OM-D will be amazing as an overall system. As for those few who are comparing it to the Panasonic G3, don’t. The only thing they have in common is the megapixel count and swivel screen. The Olympus adds weather seal, better design, more solid build, better controls, 5 Axis IS, faster almost double FPS, the fantastic Olympus JPEG colors, art filters, and the ability to add the optional grip. I’d take the Olympus in a nano second but this is where the G.A.S. is setting in. See, the G3 is a perfectly good, perfectly capable camera but the OM-D has that something…that one thing that is tugging at my heart that says “NO, YOU WANT ME!!!”, and YES I DO.

Let us not forget then we have the black sheep of the new camera releases…the Pentax K01. In my opinion, I feel the Fuji will sell EXTREMELY well but may be buggy (just a guess), the Olympus will be their best M4/3 seller yet and the NEX-7 will of course do great as it has been doing (if Sony can get them out the door). The Pentax will most likely sell the least but maybe it will be the best of all in regards to image quality! We can never know until we get a hold of them, and get a hold of them ALL I will! My excuse is that I HAVE TO so I can let YOU GUYS know all about it! Besides, I write my reviews and sell what I do not need or can not keep at a minimal loss, all in the name of keeping all of you guys informed of my findings.

Oh, I almost DID forget – we also have the upcoming Nikon D800E, which I know will be a spectacular DSLR, if a DSLR is what you desire. B&H Photo is still taking pre-orders for the D800E and they say it should ship April 12th.

So hang in there everyone! New cameras, lenses, and reviews are coming soon! Lot’s of exciting things heading our way and just think, we have not even heard Leica’s announcement yet 🙂

As for whats coming up immediately for me and the site, I plan on re-visiting the NEX-7 as soon as mine arrives, soon. My review for the camera was ALL JPEGS because when I reviewed it months ago there was no real RAW support, and the Sony software was awful taking forever just to process one image. I am hoping to compare the RAW of the NEX-7 against all current comparable cameras, even the M9.

I also am adding to my SLR Magic T0.95 review by doing a head to head against the $1100 Voigtlander Nokton 1.1. This should be interesting! Also have a new bag review on the way and much more so keep checking back here every day!

So see how I started this article out talking about G.A.S. and it has now ended up probably giving all of you guys even MORE OF IT. Sorry!


  1. I had a lot of gas or a while but was actually trying to settle on the best kit. After 5 years with a Fuji S2 Pro I opted for a Sigma SD14. Fantastic images but had to stick to ISO 100. Too limiting. Did like the 17-70 lens. Then had a Sony a 350 as a temporary camera. Easy menus, good metering and nice colours. Poor live view and grainy noise at low ISO’s were disappointing.

    Next in the search for the best affordable landscape camera I opted for a Canon 5D (MK1) with 24-105 lens. Bought second hand 2 years ago in mint condition and still very happy with it. Be nice if it went above ISO 1600 but I prefer the smaller file sizes and weak AA filter when compared to the MKII. Lousy LCD though – but you get used to it.

    Also bought a Canon 60D, especially to use with the 70-200L IS f4. Sort of similar to the Sony a350. Images a bit cleaner but there is shadow noise at lower ISOs and has a similar loud and unpleasant shutter sound. Clear menus and in viewfinder info. Poor live view but good video. Not my fav camera but does the job. Good metering too. High ISOs not very good.

    On the compact scene I had a Canon a650IS which was pretty good at the time. Eventually replaced by a G11 which had impressive image quality in good light. Replaced by the X100 which wowed with it’s viewfinder and amazed with it’s image quality. Menus a bit confused but once set up no need to go there and now much better with being able to assign functions to the RAW button and to access auto ISO easily. Yes it got the dreaded sticky aperture blades. Fuji fixed it buy replacing the lens and other internals. Now all OK again.

    Haven’t seen a new camera I would want. D800 maybe but file sizes too huge as is the cost.

    Was also juggling lenses too. Bought a 17-40L. Kept it. Had a 100-400 – sold – too big and soft. Tried the new 70-300L. Disappointed. Soft at 70mm and at 300mm and heavy so no advantage over the 70-200L. Bought a 18-55 for the 60D and a 50mm 1.8. Also a 18-200 – not bad at all but too heavy and seldom used so selling that.

    Now my GAS is settled I can concentrate on the photography. For now.

  2. You’re right – with those who are dedicated, the frenzy occurs in every hobby. I have a friend whose father got into fly tying for trout fishing. A seeming docile and innocuous pastime, poor guy almost wound up in divorce court.

  3. One doesn’t find one’s ideal photographic tools at once, but a light DSLR (like my first, a Pentax K-x) for the long lenses (my first, ever, was a 400 Tele-Megor – sic!), but my first that I purchased new was a Tamron 70-200/2.8 Macro, for the K-x. Now, I mostly use a Sigma 150-500 & my Pentax K-5, unless weight is a consideration.

    For more portable, “street photography”, I often use a compact (XZ-1, or HX9V), or my NEX-5N with my E 16 (or the superb Zeiss 1.8/24) on. Often I bring my superb FA43 lens, with an E Mount adapter and a PEN adapter. That way I can either slap it onto K-5, my wife’s OM-D, or the NEX (using M mode).

    The wife has a slightly different set up, with more camera systems: Olympus MTF (E-PL1), Pentax (K-5), NEX, Nikon 1, and her mix is NEX with E 18-200, K-5 with her DA50-135, or her DA55-300, and the Nikon V1 with the 10! For the Olympus the choice is wide open, as maybe her on-order OM-D will arrive soon, and maybe she’ll love her new 12-50, maybe she prefer her 9-18 with it, or the Pana 20. Time will tell.

  4. As someone suffering from G.A.S. I can honestly say that for some part it has reduced the fun and joy of my hobby photography.
    It is allmost like being adict- we often know that we dont really need the new toy or that it wont improve our photography but then we still want them.
    It ends spending more time with test-shooting, comparing, checking focus and quality of new lenses, compare and discuss the results on the internet – instead of taking images/photographs.
    Its days before a journey to have to decide which camera do I bring and how many.
    I often buy the “latest and greatest” get excited, and then 3 months later I realize that the equipment I allready had was just fine.

    Ist it strange that some years ago we discussed if f1.8 is fast enough or if we should rather buy a f1.4 lens and were so excited about ff-sensors and about the nice big viewfinders, and discuseed if we would need a grip for a slr to hold it more stable.
    And today we use zooms with f6.3 on m4/3 sensors, look through electronic viewfinders, 100g weight difference between 2 bodies seems allready making the camera big and heavy.
    Specially the mirrorless generation (I also own 2 of those things) is something where I doubt the real progress/advantage.
    I believe that in many cases we should ask ourselfes more often which features of new products would be a real benefit and which just sound interesting because they are new and everybody is using it now.

    • Tom seems to be a very vise guy, and agree fully with the conclusion ” I believe that in many cases we should ask ourselfes more often which features of new products would be a real benefit and which just sound interesting because they are new and everybody is using it now. ”

      From experience I know that it is better to find one camera-lens combination you really like, and know, than to have a whole room full of lenses you never like. I believed in compacts for a long time, and the first digital I had set the standard in colour-richness, and resolution (it was a Konica KD-500W). The next had better resolution (more pixels), better lens (with better zoom, & better macro), but otherwise worse (heavier camera, and noisier sensor). And so it has gone on, even if the pace has increased with my economic resources. My first digital was on sale, none after that has been, as I’ve become interested in what’s coming next (aka hooked).

      I definitely think a sharp lens is better than a fast one, would I have to choose. I think my wife’s collection of lenses and cameras is far better than mine, but that partly depend on her getting to know firsthand of my experiences and mistakes (I am wary of Fujis, my experience with Olympus is not all sunshine – the sound stuff is superb) and she has as yet just bought one camera that quickly became a non-favourite – Nikon P5100).
      More later …

  5. Risking another ‘dumb’, ‘pointless’, or ‘pathetic’ question : wanting a FF, should I buy the m9-p now or should i wait for a only maybe upcoming M10 and in the interim live with the “shortcomings” of my r-d1. However if I DO venture down the path of M9-P, how easy would it be to sell again, and with what rate of depreciation when/if the M10 preorder opens?

  6. For some reason (just looking at Terry O’Neill’s site, after having looked at a 2nd hand 2.0/28 Ai-S) we (me included) all think we’d make that great, redefining image, if only we’d get that next piece of equipment.

    Well, maybe.

  7. Placed my order for OM-D E-M5 + 12mm f/2.0 Lens. A bit of a detour on saving for my M9-P.
    Talking about G.A.S. I’ll just blame Steve. 😉

    • Dear me! It happened just again, rats: Just pressed the ‘BUY!’ button for a OM-D EM-5 for the wife (as the E-PL1 is getting a bit old, and not really as good any more), with the 12-50 & the grip (from ffordes in the UK – they are paying the grip for the first customers)!

      Anyone knows when they’ll arrive in the shops?

  8. I use my Zeiss 1.8/24 most of the time I carry my NEX, but also tried it successfully with a few Pentax lenses: the FA43/1.8, a classic lens, about the same size (with its screw-on hood) as the 1.8/24. Then the glorious FA77/1.8 (also the size of the Zeiss) & the superb Tamron SP 90/2.8 Macro. Even the old Pentax-M 400/5.6 shines with the NEX on its rear end.

    To this I would add the E16, Sony’s own lens for the E Mount, as there is nothing comparative out there (as far as I can tell). Surprisingly good, if not the fastest on the block, is the wife’s E18-200, but that is one big lens, and massive as well!

    If I would be going on a trip I complement the NEX-5N with my K-5, which I’ld have a zoom on, say my SIgma 150-500, for bird photography, and I bet the wife would have Tamron 17-50 on her K-5, and the aforementioned E18-200 on her NEX.

    For candid photography I’ll use my XZ-1, and I bet the wife takes her newly purchased Nikon V1. If it really dark I’d stick to the NEX with the Zeiss, if it is very wet I’ll return to the ZX-1, if I happen to have brought its UV housing (excellent design, transforms this camera to single-hand operation).

  9. Nahhh …no feed into the western consumerism keeping up with the Joneses thinking …A complate system for me is a 28 or 35 equivalent, 50 equivalent and maybe something longer but thats pushing it.

    A new camera doesn’t make you a better photographer. That said my D5000 is getting fairly “long in the tooth” and that OMD is lookin sweet, but who knows yet, it may be a dog. As for the complete system …well Nikon doesn’t have a 28 or 35 equivalent in AF for under $2000 and m4/3 has plenty …and I gotta say, that huge 75 1.8 photo makes we want to go over the Joneses for dinner… 🙂

    What do you giys do that you can spend so much on camera gear?

    • John, who asks: “What do you giys do that you can spend so much on camera gear?”

      Some do earn lots, especially after the kids have moved out and get along on their own just fine, no longer needing parential support.

      In my case of opportunity to buy while I can, as I am getting close to retirement, with slim prospects for a good economy in years to come. So I spend now, and regret later. When I inherited some money (being the last of my tribe, one could say), not really enough to start a interest-giving fund, or anything, I decided to make some investements, that I, and the wife, could enjoy after retirement: Some serious camping gear (including folding kayaks); a new car (a Toyota Verso-S), easier to pack; and as professional camera gear I could afford, and a new Apple computer, or two.

      Depending how long my lifetime will be, I hardly think any of the camera gear will fail before I fail. If it is a DSLR, or a kit lens, I have a few spares (who hasn’t after a few years, as often a new camera with a kit lens costs the same without).

      I spend very little on anything else, except some on DVDs, food, and the flat, of course. An income of under two thousand dollars a month isn’t much here in Sweden, but its OK, but not enough to go shopping cameras every-so-often!

      For years I didn’t use any cameras, even if I had them somewhere, as I really couldn’t afford buying film and process it. And I didn’t feel any loss – it was like a fad, that comes and goes. Since I met my wife. ten years ago, my life improved in every way, and to our shared delight, we both like reading, paddling, camping, and movies – and I have introduced her to some of my other interests, like aircraft and birdwatching. And photography popped up again (her first husband was a photographer by trade, much of his life – R.I.P.), and now we are two sharing this fad, that hopefully will last our lifetime! If it doesn’t, it doesn’t, that’s all I have to say!

  10. ” I guess websites such as this one do not help the situation but what can I say? I ‘m just as much a gear head as many of you.”

    At least you were honest! Yes, I think your website has taking a serious turn to G.A.S. The sad truth is it doesn’t help photography, it wastes more money. There will always be something “new and better” just 6 months away. We don’t see it in cars as popular as it is on cameras is because the price of entry is relatively speaking far lower, and you get the illusion of “creating something” that lasts longer than a race.

    Of course whether that something is a photograph or a snap is a different story.

    I find this is parts puzzle solver, parts GREED, parts OCD nit pick, parts marketing, parts “Sports”. Nothing to do with photography. Zero.

    • I agree. I’ve only been reading/following this site for a little over a year and its become a bit of the “let’s see what Steve falls in love with today” show.

      That being said, I really enjoy the other contributions.


  11. To be honest Im a little bored that all of the new cameras are lacking in some vital way when compared to the honest simplicity and connection to the world given by an M6.This connection with the instant seems to be too difficult for the digital world ,life has become diffused through too many circuits and much as Id like to join in, all these cameras seem to be a backward step.
    As for loving the gas Steve ,all it does is line a few unworthy pockets.

    • @Neil: Would you care to elaborate on this: life has become diffused through too many circuits”?

      I’m not sure what you mean here.

    • Seriously, who cares? People earn the money they earn and that’s their prerogative what they do with it. I remember back in the film-only days, people were dying for a time when they could take photos without dumping tons of money in processing. All the equipment you had to buy to do your own — trays, chemicals, darkrooms, enlargers, lenses, reels, paper, etc…$$$$$$. So, what is the difference? I know I love looking at my results immediately so I don’t go home after two weeks of travel and find something really bad happened to my negatives. Digital rocks, you have to scan film to digital anyway, so why not enjoy? I am about to buy my first kit in 25 years, the new Oly. I can’t wait. I hope it is all I need for another several years. Long live digital!

  12. For better or worse, I elected to acquire a Canon 580EX II flash and a 135mm f/2 L lens early in 2012, effectively spending all of my available funds until at least late 2012, when I can work some holiday season OT (overtime) again. My GAS for most of the rest of this year will have to be mild, and any new camera system will likely not happen before 2013, if then. In a way, being broke is liberating, as I am compelled to just get out and use what I have, rather than fret about what a new camera or lens would enable me to do.

    Of course, I also need to remember that Canon’s highest-end flash, and one of the sharpest lenses made by any maker, are tremendous blessings! Life is good!

  13. GAS …….. The thing I think we have to keep in mind is that there is room for everyone . . . . We all know what GAS is about (perhaps with the exception of those idiots who suffer from it the worst) and i suspect it would be fair to say that to some degree we’ve probably all suffered from a dose of it ourselves. Still It’s hard to wrap ones mind around fact that there are people who will spend more money on a camera that they will use to make dismissible pictures of their kids and cats then many people on this planet are able to make in a year of toil . . . we live in a world where some will never have anything resembling “disposable” income while others will prance in front of a mirror checking out how cool and retro they think they look with their new braided camera strap . . . . perhaps b&h should put in a full length mirror? Anyways . .. . like i said at the out set there’s room for everyone . .. . the fashionista dilettante photographer who makes vapid pictures of their cat in order to study the bokeh in a completely meaningless image and others who are actually committed to making photographic images and realize that some nuance of evolution in camera gear is not going to significantly affect the depth and quality of the images that they make. So look, not everyone can make interesting pictures, face it, yours probably suck, but, you can buy cameras that make you look like you could make an interesting photograph and that’s better than nothing. Right? OK, enough of this. there’s new new gear to be acquired. Grab your credit card and lets go shopping!

  14. My brain is going crazy, wondering between the Nex-7 and the OM-D. Had a EP-3, wasn’t satisfied, a lot because of the lack of viewfinder. But I’m wondering if the 50mm Sony will have better bokeh than the 45 M. Zuko. OM-D seems to focus better, but manual focus edge would go to sony for peaking. (that said I’m not a manual guy really)

    Maybe I’ll place the pre-order and cancel it if tests show the Nex-7 to be that much better.

      • Kaïs: you are a rude person. Let people do whatever they want and don’t interfere. Or else, you might come across as someone who loves to visit photography blogs and insult people – instead of going out and enjoying photography. And you wouldn’t want that, would you?

        • Oh yeah ! I’m a rude person. A very very bad person…
          Did I hurt you ? Don’t you like me ?
          Poor baby…

          When people talk too much without doing nothing, that bothers me.
          When people spend hours, days, weeks criticizing gear that is not even on the market yet, that bothers me.
          When people think that the XYZ camera will have a better IQ than the ZYX camera, that bothers me.
          When people think that a new camera will make them better photographers, that bothers me.

          When people don’t like me, that doesn’t bother me at all, I’m happy then.

          Here, in France, when something seems wrong, we say it.

          Now, if you’re an over sensitive guy, if you can easily be overwhelmed by your feelings… That’s your problem, not mine.

          Have a nice day Ron. It’s sunny here in Paris, I’ll try to send you some photos of this great day.

  15. Sadly I always find reasons to justify my G.A.S. with some, erm, “facts”. Take the E-M5. I’d love to keep my E-PL1, because it’s small and quite capable. The only reason why I keep my EOS 550D with all the fast lenses, Battery Grip, Flash etc is because I often need to take High Iso shots at work. The E-PL1 doesn’t cut it there. BUT the E-M5 probably would?

    See? Perfectly good justification for buying it. I could keep my E-PL1 AND Canon gear, but where’s the fun in that? 🙂

  16. You’re definitely on the right track, Kais. Those with G.A.S. are unhappy with the quality of their photography and believe new camera bodies and new optics will make their images better. Thinner depth of field…ahhh! Better bokeh…ooooh! Higher ISO quality…yowza!!! As a generalization, the GAS photographer is one who is always “experimenting” with his equipment, and usually can be detected on websites by all of the images they post showing naked tree branches that are crisply sharp and lacking chromatic aberration!

    The G.A.S.- free photographer will instead concentrate on improving form and content in their picture-taking. Learning to engage subjects, getting in closer on the street, capturing the interaction of people in our contemporary culture. Making exciting and dynamic compositions within the boundaries of four edges. Working multiple planes and depth of field with the hope that a photograph is produced which one can be proud of.

    The GAS-free photographer realizes that photography is 99% failure and 1% success, and that the excuses and accomplishments lie not in the equipment, but within the photographer himself. Those suffering from GAS haven’t made that realization yet.

  17. My most recent weak moments were an as new black FE2 body, and last night a 1.8/50 Ai-S for 60 euros…
    I’ll let the D800 pass I think. 36 mp? What am I gonna do with that?

    • You certainly will kill your current hard drive with it. I was going to get the Nikon D800, and then when I saw the pixel count, I shuddered as to what would happen to my poor iMac. No thanks.

  18. Hi Steve.
    That’s a funny article… G.A.S…
    Let’s divide the readers into 2 groups : the G.A.S. men and the G.A.S free men.
    How many of you are buying, re-buying, pre-ordering, ordering cameras like they’re changing their shirts…

    A G.A.S. man is spending his money faster than Daniel Milnor is reloading his M6.
    Will a G.A.S. man really use his camera ? Will he really dig into the menus, the handling… Will he carry his 4 or 5 cameras with him every day in his bag ?
    H-E-L-L N-O !!!!

    He’s acting like a collector. It’s good to have so he has. He’ll waste hours on this site discussing about IQ, DR and charts he saw on DxO Mark, he’ll argue about cameras he never held (for sure, the camera is still a concept)…
    He’ll take a mortgage to buy a Noctilux just to take a photo of his cat at 0.95 and will think : this is art !

    The G.A.S. man will have one, two cameras max. He made his choice a long ago so there’s no need for him to wait for the next “Leica killer”.
    He has his camera with him, every day, always. He spent so much time with it that he knows every thing about it. He could almost set the ISO, the exposure, the speed without looking at it and shoot and get the photo in focus without looking through the viewfinder.
    Does he care about a chart, a review ? HELL NO ! Because he KNOWS what he’s got and he doesn’t need faster, newer or smaller.
    He’ll use his gear to the bone. USE.

    So, what man are you ?

    • A bit harsh, its not so binary. Its much more harmless I think, the worst thing would probably be a concerned better half.

      I think a lot of us are ‘suffering’ from this, and its not limited to cameras. Phones, tablets, PCs, av gear and it goes on. And even the worst offenders will use the kit, some move on faster others less so.

      The blogs, forums and gadget sites are fueling this collective obsession . Its not hurting anyone or negative, and folks get real pleasure with new new shiny toys.

      • For sure, Raul, it’s hurting no one but it’s an enormous waste of time.
        I used to be a geek, a hardcore one : a new smartphone each week, a new laptop each month… If I had to count all the money I spent in phones and stuff, that would be the price of a Porsche Cayman if not more…

        But money is not the problem here : one is free to spend his money as he likes. It’s great to buy gear : the second-hand market gets recently bought stuff, the companies get funds for R&D.
        But about creativity ? What about seizing the right frame at the right moment ? Just focussing on the image, not be distracted by the tool.
        What about photography ? Is it just a matter of gear ?
        Is it a game of “hey dude, I got the biggest one !” ?

        If they could take just half the time they spend reading specs, reviews or charts to get to know their camera, then and only then, they’ll improve their skills.

        As I said in another thread, I could easily buy a H4D and a S2 and use them as paperweight. Will it make me a better photographer ? Am I spending nights reading DxO Mark charts ? Do I abandon my camera when the version +1 is announced ? Do I need to proof myself something ?
        No. No. No and… No !!!

        Anyways, I’ll keep on laughing at guys saying : I have the M9, should I sell it and buy the M9-P ?

        This is so pointless or should I say pathetic…

        My 2 cents…

  19. It’s true it’s a terrible syndrome and harder and harder to resist. Happy to say though, I bought an M9 and Noctilux 0.95 with has cured me of GAS.

    • Don’t worry you will be re-infected when the M10 arrives, because then you will see all the deficencies of the M9 🙂

  20. I can understand the G.A.S syndrome, in my case I salivate at anything that harks back to retro, especially the Fuji Pro, and whilst not to the same extent, the lovely looking Olympus OM-D. Heck, I even purchased a Panasonic LX3 because it sported the name “Summicron” on the lens! But what I can not understand is why anyone pre-orders a camera, sight unseen, untested?

    But as a Leica film man (IIIf, Leicaflex, M3 and M6) before I went digital, I found Leica retro didn’t work for me with the digital M’s. I was very disappointed as I did really want to like it. Now if they had been able to incorporate a low noise mechanical wind on lever, a la M series film models, instead of that horrible noisy one in the M9, well, who knows?

    • If you know and trust the brand, I don’t see any problem in preordering. I ordered the D800 because I know by experience that Nikon always deliver things that just works and usually better than expected.

  21. I know there is the wonderful panny 25/1.4
    But I would love to see Olympus build this lens in the same construction as the 12 and 45….
    That way I can have my stylish holy trinity 🙂

  22. My OM-D is on pre order love it! I already have a full kit! 12mm, 25mm PanaLeica, 45mm, and gonna buy 75mm and it will come with 10-50mm power zoom :D. Plus gonna take a hard look at 17mm Voigtlander.

  23. My GAS symptoms were gone for the last few months with the plan to wait and see what Leica will show us later in the year. And then comes this blody OM-D with the announcement of a few more sweet prime lenses, offering everything I always wanted in a mft body and system. Here we go again, severe GAS attacks are back. I know how it will end, fighting the symptoms is futile;).

  24. Steve,

    Am fighting gas real bad as have EP3 and 12 adn 45 primes as well as Panny 20. And love it…but OM-D is pulling at me hard because of the viewfinder….to cure it for now my medicine is a suggestion of a good bag for the EP3 and three lenses? Have looked around a bit and have not seen anything that isn’t junk…a new case may put that OM-D on hold (have to keep telling myself that picked up the camera for size and OM-D is a bit bigger). Thanks and love your sight by the way!


  25. Well Sony cured my GAS…. I pre-ordered the NEX7 and O opted out when they called to say it would be late. Now, I will wait untill PhotokinA and every 2 photokinas thereafter. 4 years will give me the chance to go for what I want rather than what I can afford. but if I was Leica, I would leak a few Infos because if the x1-pro gets raving reviews, they may lose a lot of business…

  26. Panasonic is feeling the ground swell of interest in the OM-D and trying to preempt some of it with stunning discounts on some popular lenses when purchased with a GX1: $100 off the little 14/2.5 (that’s 1/3 off), $100 off the 20/1.7, $150 off the 25/1.4, and $200 off the very highly thought of 7-14 f/4 super wide zoom. I’ve been trying to figure if having both a GX1 and E-M5 can be rationalized (forget it making any sense). The thing stopping me is that Nikon isn’t done announcing cameras.

    Rumor has it we’ll see an “replacement” for the D300s announced shortly and there are sources reporting very vague rumors perhaps of questionable authenticity that suggest it might not actually be Dx, but an “entry level” Fx model. Sort of a beefed up D7000 with a 16mp Fx sensor at a bit north of $2K. Before I make any more silly moves (like I really need or can afford that OM-D!) I’m gonna have to see how that plays out.

    Does GAS make your head hurt? 😉

    • Ah ha! The D300s replacement will I think NOT be Fx, instead Nikon have lowered the price for the still in production D700 to $2200 as of 3/1. But that still brings a very capable full frame sensor on the market at just north of $2K. And who says they might not (later) update that camera with the D3s sensor? One suspects having done this, however, that the D400 will be the 24 mp Dx we thought and that at some point the D4 sensor may find it’s way into a D800 body…

  27. Hey Steve,

    Ok, I admit like all the other gear heads checking in that I have really bad G.A.S. and every night when I check back in to see what’s been posted on the various releases, or soon to be released cameras, I’ve read a few missives on the X Pro-1 on your site but haven’t seen you really wade into the deep end of the pool on the new Fuji and I am sure that I’m not the only one who’d like to see the banter button turned up to “11” on this baby.

    I realize that this new instalment from Fuji is a bit like the Ivory Billed Woodpecker, i.e. – it rarely has been seen (and this may also not be the right metaphor as the bird may even be extinct) but from what you’re hearing, and maybe seeing, how do you think it’ll rack up against the new Oly DM 5, its lenses, what it captures, its stills & video, what it’s best used for – “street”, landscape, etc., value for money, strengths/weaknesses?

    Ok, there I’ve said it. I am sure the world of Pro-enthusiasts will weigh in and I am hoping that you will too!

    Thanks & best!


    PS – Thanks for providing this forum for us, it’s a fabulous site and a great stopping place!


  29. Great article!
    G.A.S also applies to persons such as myself!! 🙂
    But I’ve a retro sort of G.A.S, so far this year I’ve bought myself a mint OM2n body plus 50mm Zuiko, an Olympus PEN F plus 38mm f.18 (mint) then I had to get myself a Pen F gothic original lens cap to go with it (all the way from South Korea) and one of the straps you mentioned (Barton 1972) to go with the Retro theme! And finally a Rolleiflex 6008i with a 80mm Planar and a 50mm Distagon. Phew! Now I’m skint, totally brac for the rest of the month! Thanks to GAS !

    • I forgot to mention, a yashica 230af plus 3 lenses. and to put it into perspective, every item I mentioned combined cost me less than an OM-D ! value for GAS I say

    • I have a PEN F and I love it! Love that I can get 72 Photos from a 36 exp. roll.
      I am curious. What is an affordable film scanner that is good quality? Any suggestions?

  30. I really suffer from GAS. My current gear: Leica M9P, Leica M8, Leica X1, Voigtländer R4A, Canon G12, Olympus EP-1 and many Leica, Zeiss and Olympus lenses. And now on order: the OM-D. The sad thing is that I somehow cannot part with any of the older cameras. I know I should, but I just can’t.

  31. While I do suffer from GAS, I’m also gifted with the double-edged WWS (Watchful Wife Syndrome) which is wonderful in EVERY way, except for how it intersects with GAS. As a new Sony A35 owner, I’d say that for the next couple of years I’m limited to some old Minolta glass, which is fine with me. Maybe the A37 can replace the A35 in the dark of night without being noticed if they don’t change too much. 🙂

  32. I am working on restraint. I want to see what the actual production models can do before I spend my hard earned money. I can wait 6 months ( I hope). I felt I got burned with the Fuji X100. I loved the camera but the build quality was not there not to mention buggy focusing even with the software updates.

    • Really? I am completely happy with my X100 (especially with the latest firmware).
      Had a look at OMD – E5 (or whatever it is!). Too small with tiny buttons and messy menus.
      Viewfinder not as good as the EVF of the X100.

  33. At least there is eBay to ease the conscience when afflicted by GAS… I’m much tempted by the little X10 (never have photographed street lamps much, so no fear of orbs) and may sell my 3 Lumix bodies for an OMd, an m43 camera which seems to have it all. Oh, and then there’s the GRd IV….

  34. As a recovering addict,I can safely say my new addiction is photography! Pre ordered the Oly om-d and can’t wait for it to show up.Steve turned me over to Olympus from Panasonic and so glad he did! Thanks for the awesome reviews!

  35. Let’s not forget the NEW Fuji X100 Limited Edition camera (all black body) expected any day now!

    It is sure to a classic !

    • Actually the cameras pictured – I took that photo but neither camera is mine. Those belong to Seal, and as you can see that is an M3P limited edition camera and on the M9P you see a chrome Noctilux ASPH. The hot shoe cover can be found at popflash.com

  36. I solve my G.A.S. with Beano. LOL. Seriously here is my G.A.S. in action: my Olympus epl-1 just arrived today. My minlota 50 1.7 lens for my Sony a33 is on the way. I’m waiting patiently to receive my incase Ari bag. I also am gonna head down to my local shop to pick up some film for my om-1 and om-4. So GAS doesn’t always show up in the form of the new shiny goodies. LOL still a sickness.

  37. I think that we should never forget why we need cameras, it is for making beautiful, meaningful and expressive pitcures. G.A.S is what it implies, simply gas, ignitable but not useful unless ignited at the proper environment and conditions. Manufacturers are quite busy tickling our feelings but they do not deliver what they promise. Be patient and keep on taking pitcures, even a simple point and shoot can do the job if you may imagine the pitcure.

  38. That’s why I put myself into “ZEN” mode….. waiting for the next half of the year to see what really happen when there are more really world review about these new gears on the block.

  39. Funny you mention the G3. I almost talked myself into re-acquiring one, but I know that the E-M5 is what I really want. The G3 was perfectly fine when I originally owned it, but it just didn’t inspire me to take it with me everywhere.

  40. A lot can be said for keeping it simple. One camera, a few lenses can really improve your photography. Nobody was suddenly making interesting pictures because they got a new camera.

    Trust me I’m not anti-gear, quite the opposite. But I do have to fight the urge to better my work…

    Like recently…I had to convince myself that the X-Pro1 can wait, because I have an X100 and it’s more than fine for what I need.

  41. Yes, many of us definitely suffer from G.A.S including me.

    I had a hell of a time after ordering the D800 – I sold the D700 right after the announcement to get some money for it – but then I saw the photos by Ibraar from Pakistan taken with the G2 and thought hell no, I’ m shooting film from now on.

    It is much cheaper to shoot film because you don’t shoot like a machine gun and generally get more keepers. IQ is generally very good and often better than the Disney Technicolor you get from digital.

    But, but, but I suffer from G.A.S and want the D800 with it’s close to medium format output. Also it is so much easier to get the pictures out of the camera from the CF card, instead of having to deliver the film for development and picking it up again and then having to do the scanning.

    I really wish someone would manufacture a digital camera where the output was comparable to film.

    • 🙂 anders, you could spend £11k on a h4d, or you could enjoy film for much less. read my post below for more info.

      • Thanks Ibraar. I’m seriously considering to cancel my order. Already started shooting a little with my F100 yesterday. What a great camera which is on par with or better than any newer Nikon DSLR, with it’s great body shape and wonderful large and bright viewfinder.

    • Get a Fuji S5, then you have a whole bunch of film types in the camera the option not to have Technicolor, full image quality in jpegs and you can use your Nikon lenses. enjoy and thank me later!

      • Yes. I actually question the wisdom of selling my S2 Pro.
        Sometimes it is only after you have sold you realise how good it was.
        Those S series CCD sensors had lovely highlight roll off that is hard to get except in film.

  42. Fuji will sell EXTREMELY well but may be buggy
    … like the x100, which is right now under repair… because of the aperture problem or the x10 which has this nice orbs… i really hope that the x1-pro will be bugfree, because i´m really in interested in that one… but hey if it´s buggy, i have to buy a m9… for better or worse

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